Digital Ovulation Test

What is a digital ovulation test?

We all know that females are most fertile on certain days only. Digital ovulation test helps us to identify the most fertile days by keeping track of our hormonal levels.

Most tests track the luteinizing hormone (LH) only. But some like the Clearblue digital ovulation test also keeps track of estrogen levels. Digital ovulation test identifies the days on which we are most fertile.

This test is a smart use of technology and prevents us from skipping our most fertile days.

When using digital ovulation kits with dual hormone indicator, there are two phases of fertility:

  • High fertility
  • Peak fertility

High fertility is when estrogen levels are high. At this time high fertility flashes on the screen. Then the indicator looks for LH surge. If it can detect LH surge, Peak Fertility appears on the screen giving you a thumbs up to have sex and plan your pregnancy.

Some points to keep in mind before testing using digital ovulation test:

  • You cannot perform any test 48 hours after peak fertility. Once the peak fertility flashes on the screen, the holder will not be able to read other tests.
  • The ‘High Fertile’ days can vary in women. In some women, they last for 5-10 days or more than ten days and in the others for less than five days. Some women experience no peak fertility after high fertility days.
  • If you see more than 9 days of high fertility, you need to stop relying on this cycle as there are fewer chances of peak fertility days appearing.
  • Some females have an LH surge to low for the test to detect or do not ovulate at all so have no peak fertility days. If you miss Peak Fertility three consecutive times, then you need to visit your doctor.
  • Avoid excess intake of liquid before testing. To get the most accurate results, take the test and use the urine from after your longest sleep. Only test once a day.
  • Know your menstrual cycle length before testing to be sure that you are testing at the right time. Your menstrual cycle length is very easy to calculate. It starts on the day you have your period. The kit labels it day 1 and goes on to the day before the date your next period comes.
Digital Ovulation Test
Digital Ovulation Test

How to test using digital ovulation test?

  • Read the instructions carefully on the leaflet and pack.
  • Remove a test stick from its wrapper.
  • Remove the cap from the test stick.
  • Along the purple arrow on the test holder with the arrow on the ovulation test stick.
  • Insert the stick, and you will hear a clicking sound.
  • The ovulation test will switch on only if you insert the stick properly. Until then it will not start. This is a mistake most women do, and they think that the ovulation kit is defective.
  • If you are using it for the first time, you will see ‘new cycle’ symbols flash on the screen.
  • Wait for the ‘test ready’ symbol to appear on the screen and take the test immediately by peeing on it.
  • The absorbent sampler is a part of the test stick. Keep it downwards in your urine stream for three seconds.
  • You can also collect a portion of your urine in a sterile container and dip the test stick into it for fifteen seconds.
  • You will know that the test is analyzing the result as the ‘test ready ‘ symbol will be flashing on the screen.
  • Never hold the absorbent sampler in the urine pointing upwards.
  • Your result will appear on the screen within five minutes.

How to read your digital ovulation test results?

  • If a clear circle flashes on the digital, it indicates less fertile days. Coitus on this day might not result in pregnancy. This symbol will flash for eight minutes. Do not test again. Test the next day with the urine from the longest sleep.
  • If a smiley face appears on the digital, it means you have high fertility days. The test stick is capable of detecting the high levels of estrogen.
  • In the following days, the test will show a smiley face indicating high fertility days while looking for LH surge.
  • On the days of peak fertility, a static smiley face displays on the screen continuously for 48 hours.
  • After taking the ovulation test, eject the test stick and throw it in your normal house waste.

Why are digital ovulation tests important?

Pros of Digital Ovulation Test

  • These are important as they help identify the days when you have most chances of conceiving so that you can plan your baby making sessions.
  • Digital ovulation tests help to eliminate guesswork and stress and make it easier for us.
  • A digital ovulation test will help you to determine changes in the body that indicate ovulation.
  • It is easy to read what appears on the screen and helps to eliminate wonder. The question as to whether or not a woman is indeed pregnant.

Are Digital Ovulation tests accurate?

This is one question that bugs all of us. It can be frustrating not knowing when your high fertility days are going to come. But these tests are 99% accurate in detecting urinary luteinizing hormone (LH) surge. The LH surge occurs 24 hours or 36 hours before ovulation.

How does a Digital Ovulation Test work?

  1. The ovulation test kit uses sandwich assay technique. It is the technique which employs two antibodies that attach at two distinct antigenic sites on the LH molecule. They are like two puzzle pieces namely the alpha LH and beta-LH. These are small particles, and their two handles let us say A and B.
  2. If LH is present in the urine, then the antibodies (investigator particles) go and handcuff the LH particles. It results in showing an intense blue line indicating LH surge.
  3. The test detects whether LH is over a certain threshold and if it is, ‘surge’ symbols appear on the digital. This means that conception is most likely to occur if intercourse takes place in the next 1-2 days.
  4. Some amount of LH is present throughout the cycle, so the digital ovulation test is personal to every woman and measures her baseline.

Is Digital Ovulation Test better than traditional ovulation tests?

Digital Ovulation Test is way better than traditional ovulation tests as it eliminates the chances of human error and error in the data.

One in four women misread their traditional ovulation tests as so skip the days on which conception can occur.

Digital ovulation tests take this error away from the women by showing the results clearly on the screen.

The digital ovulation tests are reliable, clear, easy to use, trustworthy, accurate and undeniably unique.


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