QuickVue Pregnancy Test

So you’ve missed your due periods and wondering about getting a QuickVue Pregnancy Test?

QuickVue Pregnancy Test is a famous and reliable brand. But I am sure you would want more information about it.

So here we go… 

Description of QuickVue Pregnancy Test

The QuickVue is a dropper pregnancy test kit. You get three droppers and a pregnancy test kit. The QuickVue Pregnancy Test has a well for dropping the urine sample using a dropper. One dropper is for the first drop and so are for the next two drops.

The QuickVue has a single result window. The hCG strip of pregnancy test shows pink lines for displaying the result. The test can detect hCG levels around 20 mIU/ml. This is the hCG level reached even before your expected period day. Its sensitivity is higher than many home pregnancy tests.

Human error minimizes by the provision of the three droppers. This makes the test procedure easy and very precise.

QuickVue Pregnancy Test Review
QuickVue Pregnancy Test Review

Symptoms and signs for taking the QuickVue Pregnancy Test

  1. After having unprotected intercourse
  2. Thick brown discharge of cervical mucus oozing out of cervix at many times in a day, it is a gooey white discharge
  3. Prominence of vaginal regions and widening of the cervix
  4. Abdominal cramps (implantation cramping) and pain in ovaries
  5. Getting extreme and frequent mood swings and feeling irritable all the time
  6. Feeling nauseated and vomiting fluid that is not having any food
  7. Sleeping too much or not being able to sleep perhaps due to worrying for no reason
  8. Getting the urge to go to the loo often but you don’t pee much each time
  9. A desire to have a lot of a certain taste like sour
  10. Lethargic and having severe headaches or a heavy head

Components inside the QuickVue Pregnancy Test

You get a pregnancy test strip and three droppers inside the test box. There are different packs with more than one tests too.

Things you need while using QuickVue Pregnancy Test

You need the QuickVue Pregnancy Test kit and a cup to collect your early morning urine sample.

How to use QuickVue Pregnancy Test?

How To read QuickVue Pregnancy test?

  1. Keep everything you need for taking the pregnancy test a night before and set a reminder. Women tend to forget that they had to take the pregnancy test and drink caffeinated products. Drinking caffeinated products or a lot of water will dilute urine. This in turn affects pregnancy test results.
  2. Get up early and head for taking the test.
  3. Collect your urine sample, the entire volume in a big clean glass.
  4. Now carefully unpack the pregnancy test pack and remove the contents.
  5. Take out the droppers using their bulb, don’t touch the tips. One dropper is for each drop. So you get three drops in three droppers.
  6. Drop the urine drops inside the urine sample well in the pregnancy test kit.
  7. Wait for three minutes for the result to develop.
  8. Read the results within 10 minutes.
  9. Discard the Test kit after use.

Precautions while using QuickVue Pregnancy Test

  1. Why does the QuickVue Pregnancy Test have three droppers? The answer to this is actually a precaution while taking the pregnancy test. You cannot and shouldn’t use a single dropper for three drops. This is because when you collect urine for the first time the dropper is fresh. After that, you see very tiny bubbles still inside the used dropper. The next dropper is for the next drop of urine as a fresh sample. Similarly, take the third drop.
  2. Drop the urine sample from a low height. Dropping the urine from a height will affect the pregnancy test results.
  3. Be very conscious about the ticking off the clock while taking the pregnancy test.
  4. Collect the urine sample in a clean cup. Don’t take a shallow cup.

Color codes of QuickVue Pregnancy Test

  1. First Pink line – Control line
  2. Second Pink line – Test line
  3. Colorless lines – Evaporation lines

Pros of QuickVue Pregnancy Test

  • Easy to use and easy to read
  • Three separate droppers make the pregnancy test procedure precise
  • Affordable yet accurate
  • Over 99% accurate from the day of expected periods

Cons of QuickVue Pregnancy Test

  • The pregnancy test allows only a single type of pregnancy test procedure

Interpreting the results of QuickVue Pregnancy Test

  • QuickVue Pregnancy Test Negative results:  A single pink line is the control line. The test doesn’t depend on this. It only shows that the PT is in working state. If this remains as the final result then the conclusion is that it is a negative pregnancy test result which means you are not pregnant. It is Negative
  • QuickVue Pregnancy Test Positive results: Two pink lines means a positive result. The second line is the Test line. It indicates you are pregnant and it is Positive. Faint positive also means that you are pregnant. Very faint positive test shows that you took the pregnancy test too early.

Most important caution while using QuickVue Pregnancy Test

The most important thing to remember while using a pregnancy test is that no home pregnancy test is a substitute for a doctor.

A pregnancy test is only limited to detecting one single chemical in your urine. There are far more accurate pregnancy tests which consider dozen of symptoms and signs.

One should always get a doctor’s appointment to get the test results cross-checked.

How does the QuickVue Pregnancy Test work?

The pregnancy test has hCG antibodies attached in the result window region.
When the urine has an adequately elevated hCG level, the hCG antibodies detect it. The dye in the pregnancy test strip reacts and gives a color.

The positive result is the colored lines. Once the hCG antibodies and urine hCG form a complex they give a color to the test.

The control line doesn’t indicate hCG in urine and is simply reacting with urine contents.

QuickVue Pregnancy Test Accuracy

The Test can detect hCG levels around 25 mIU/ml. It is 99% accurate and can detect pregnancy a day before your missed periods.

QuickVue Pregnancy Test accuracy is maximum after crossing the day of missed period. It’s sensitivity is for hCG levels attained in a week after implantation.

The hCG levels are fairly sensitive. It is an easy to use test with the accuracy of the most complicated and advanced pregnancy tests.

QuickVue Pregnancy Test Reviews

The QuickVue Pregnancy Test is good for both kinds of women who either want to get a baby or those who are yet not prepared to be mothers.

It is easy to use and has three droppers. The test gives results within 3 minutes and is fairly quick.

It is a reliable pregnancy test. It’s accuracy and sensitivity make it one of the best pregnancy tests.



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