Baking Soda Pregnancy Test

There are many theories about the pregnancy gender tests. Old wives tales have that baking soda pregnancy test can predict the gender of the baby. There is no scientific basis for proving that this is true.

The baking soda pregnancy test is based on the fizzing of soda upon addition of urine.

In some cases mothers who tried baking soda gender pregnancy test got accurate answers. Naysayers will argue that it is because of the 50% probability that anyway exists as only two answers exist. It can either be a boy or a girl. There is a 50-50 chance. Women who got right answers plea others to not dismiss it as a gimmick.

Baking soda pregnancy test is a very popular homemade pregnancy test after the Drano and red cabbage pregnancy test. Both of these also claim to predict the gender of the baby. Drano gender pregnancy test has the risk of producing toxic fumes.

Red cabbage pregnancy test involves a lot of work. You have to boil the broth and wait for the extract to come out. Then strain the leaves of red cabbage.

Baking soda gender test is easier and quicker. The accuracy of homemade baking soda pregnancy test is par with Drano pregnancy test.

Baking Soda Pregnancy Test

This test claims that it can predict the gender of the baby. How does the baking soda pregnancy test work?

The baking soda pregnancy test accuracy is based on the fact that some hormones change depending on baby’s sex. The only reason one can think of for the baking soda pregnancy test accuracy is the difference of pregnancy hormones. The baking soda powder has components that can detect these different hormones. How far this holds true is a mystery unsolved. 

Baking Soda Pregnancy Test
Baking Soda Pregnancy Test

Baking soda gender pregnancy test

This test is not only meant for gender prediction. Some say it can be a homemade pregnancy test too. A woman who doesn’t want to use an over the counter pregnancy test can take baking soda pregnancy test. According to its proponents, this is less effective as a pregnancy test because it has a barely visible reaction for a girl child.

How to do the baking soda gender test?

  1. Take a half tablespoon of baking soda.
  2. Collect early morning urine.
  3. Add this urine to the baking soda in a glass.

You can pee in the cup if you can avoid splattering. Make sure that you have a bigger cup because the mix will fizz. It can come out and fall. To avoid creating mess use a big glass.

Baking soda and urine pregnancy test results

The baking soda gender pregnancy test has a simple way of showing whether you have a boy or girl.

  • If the mix fizzed a lot after adding urine to it, then you are pregnant with a boy.
  • In the other case if it doesn’t fizz and lays flat, you may be having a girl.

Now, why maybe a girl? This is so because the baking soda does fizz a bit. Even if you add water, it will fizz. You need to judge whether the fizzing is because of stirring or is it because of a baby boy. It is not only tricky but impractical too. How does one differentiate fizzing of the same substance?

Another critical thing to remember about the homemade pregnancy test with baking soda is that you should use a fresh sample.

An old baking soda powder sample will have some moisture and it won’t fizz much. Get a new box and use it for most accurate results.

Do not stir the mix at all while taking the baking soda and urine pregnancy test.

The homemade pregnancy test with baking soda is controversial. This is because it has no scientific basis to validate the working.

There are many scientific methods for prenatal sex determination that are nearly 100% accurate.

Scientists have not taken the baking soda and urine pregnancy test accuracy into their consideration. They have not researched about the gender prediction by baking soda. There may be general case studies. But one cannot rely on them as there is no documented proof.

There are many other pregnancy gender tests. They are of both kinds prenatal pregnancy gender test and at home gender test. Old wives tales have many ways of finding the sex of the baby by just looking at the baby bump, but they are unreliable.


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