Pregnancy Symptoms But Negative Pregnancy Test?


When you have pregnancy symptoms but negative pregnancy test you start panicking. Worrying never solves a problem and it only creates a tension. Stress in itself delays the period and might even affect early pregnancy.

It is best to repeat a test when you have pregnancy symptoms but negative pregnancy test. Seeing pregnancy symptoms like nausea and constipation can make any woman believe that she is pregnant.

It is difficult to understand whether you are experiencing is PMS or early pregnancy signs. You might take a pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy. But if you get negative pregnancy test no period then you can make no conclusion.

What To Do Now?

Before you go to the doctor, wait for few days to repeat the test. There could be a miscalculation because you may expect your period earlier. When you have had a busy month you may have delayed ovulation. In that case you’ll get your period late and negative pregnancy test.

Another possibility is that you are using a box of expired pregnancy tests. Not following the pregnancy test instructions can also cause a false negative pregnancy test.

Negative pregnancy test for long could simply mean that you are not pregnant. Cramps no period negative pregnancy test is not necessarily because you are pregnant.

Nonetheless you could have an Ectopic pregnancy. In that case you need medical attention as it can harm your health and cause complication for future.

Pregnancy Symptoms But Negative Pregnancy Test?
Pregnancy Symptoms But Negative Pregnancy Test?

Am I pregnant or not? Why does the test keep being negative?

If the test keep being negative then you are most likely not pregnant. Any normal woman after getting a negative pregnancy test will be more cautious next time. Unless you are using an expired pregnancy test then you are not pregnant.

There are many reasons for period late negative pregnancy test. Simple illness like flu and cold can delay ovulation. But if you have pregnancy symptoms then you may think that the pregnancy test is wrong. You can’t say this unless you confirm your pregnancy.

Occurrence of pregnancy symptoms in not enough for considering yourself pregnant. Early pregnancy symptoms are ambiguous and are similar to PMS. Frequent urge to pee could be because of any medications. Mood swings have reasons more than we can cover.

I took 2 pregnancy tests both negative

If you repeat a pregnancy test and yet get a negative pregnancy test then you may lose hope. If I feel pregnant why all tests say negative? It’s like that pregnancy tests are conspiring against you. But all pregnancy tests cannot be wrong.

If you continue to make a mistake during pregnancy test then you need to take hospital pregnancy test.

Another case could be that you take pregnancy test at wrong time. Pregnancy Test at night or morning is a big factor in deciding the accuracy.

Sensitive pregnancy test is also essential for detecting early pregnancy test. Having no period but negative pregnancy test is a strange condition. There are many reasons for it.

No period negative pregnancy test 10 causes

  1. Low hCG levels: All women are different. Most women take about a week to reach sufficient level of hCG in urine. But there could be cases when someone takes longer than that. There is no problem if you get a positive pregnancy test at 3 weeks. Low hormone levels are a sign that your hCG is not doubling within 48 hours. You will have pregnancy symptoms but negative pregnancy test. If the hCG hormone is not enough even most sensitive pregnancy test won’t be able to detect pregnancy.
  2. Breastfeeding: During breastfeeding the menstrual cycle ceases and so you don’t get period. During pregnancy a phenomenon called Lactational Amenorrhea takes place. You may feel nausea and other pregnancy symptoms because your body is undergoing changes. In this case you will get no period negative pregnancy test.
  3. Medication: Certain medications like anti seizure drugs and anti epileptic drugs can cause false negative pregnancy test. A woman has pregnancy symptoms but negative pregnancy test because of medications. If you are taking antidepressants prior to pregnancy you need to talk to your doctor about it. Dealing with depression while pregnant is a critical subject.
  4. Ectopic pregnancy: Ectopic pregnancy is result of embryo implanting in the tubes instead of uterus. Ectopic pregnancy has pregnancy symptoms but negative pregnancy test. The hCG levels are low. You will have symptoms like dizziness, nausea and cramps. The hCG levels will not double rapidly and so you will get negative pregnancy test.
  5. Less sensitive pregnancy test: Using a less sensitive pregnancy test doesn’t allow you to test early. Pregnancy symptoms but negative pregnancy test can be because the kit is incompetent. Signs of pregnancy may start early in case of some women. So it is not essential that your pregnancy test is able to detect pregnancy that early. It is important that you check the sensitivity of pregnancy test while buying one.
  6. PCOS or other diseases: Ovarian cysts or any other disease can cause no period. Pregnancy symptoms like cramps and nausea are common to these diseases. Getting pregnancy symptoms but negative pregnancy test is a sign that something is wrong. You need to tell your doctor if you continue to get negative pregnancy test.
  7. Defective or expired pregnancy test: A defective pregnancy test cannot detect pregnancy because it lacks the required components. Expired pregnancy test has lost the functioning and later won’t be able to detect pregnancy. Using either defective or expired pregnancy test will give false negative pregnancy test.
  8. Using dilute urine: A dilute urine sample has low levels of hCG. During early pregnancy your body doesn’t have enough hCG. Early morning urine has a higher level of hCG. This is because overnight kidneys reabsorb the water. This is why it is best to take pregnancy test at morning.
  9. Not taking pregnancy test properly: If you don’t follow pregnancy test instructions then you can get false negative pregnancy test. Pregnancy symptoms but negative pregnancy test is a sign that you are not following the instructions. Every pregnancy test is different and you need to follow the instructions specifically.
  10. Stress and malnutrition: Any lifestyle changes or habits can cause pregnancy symptoms but negative pregnancy test. If you are under stress your period will be late. Stress also reduces the chances of getting pregnant. If you are not having a healthy diet then you will not ovulate at the right time.

Nausea and other pregnancy symptoms with negative pregnancy test could be because of other disease.

False negative pregnancy test is very common when you take pregnancy test too early. A false negative pregnancy test will go away with time when you repeat the test.

Is it possible that pregnancy tests fail?

Yes it is very likely that pregnancy test fails. This is when you don’t follow the instructions. It could also be that you are using an expired pregnancy test.

You might not want to hear this but it could be because you are not pregnant. No period and pregnancy symptoms is not enough of a proof for pregnancy.

Many other diseases have similar signs and can delay period.


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