How To Make A Pregnancy Test Positive?

How to make a pregnancy test positive? For faking a positive you can draw a line on the kit. Using cola, baking soda, or LH OTKs are other ways you can make a test positive. Taking a pregnant friend’s help is not a bad idea to get a real positive test. Buying prank tests or used tests by women from Craigslist. Last resort is to get pregnant and get a positive PT!

Believe it or not, many women ask us, “how to make a pregnancy test positive?”

Many people think about having fun in crazy ways. One of the strangest things someone would want to do is to make a pregnancy test positive.

Faking a pregnancy test is easy and doesn’t require much effort. Unlike getting a real positive pregnancy test, a fake positive pregnancy test is easier.

How to make a pregnancy test positive? There are many ways starting from drawing lines. You can take a colored pen and draw a second line on a pregnancy test.

You can even cut strips of colored tape and stick it to make it look like a big fat positive. There is no harm in faking a positive pregnancy test if you are doing to bluff your loved ones.

Faking a positive pregnancy test for monetary purposes is illegal and comes under fraud.

There is no way you can fake a pregnancy, and sooner or later the other person will come to know the truth. If you want to scare your partner for having fun, then there is no harm in giving it a try.

How To Make A Pregnancy Test Positive?
How To Make A Pregnancy Test Positive?

How to make a pregnancy test positive?

1) Use a colored pen

The hCG strip of pregnancy test is removable. Every pregnancy test has an hCG strip. You can remove it and draw lines or plus sign using a colored pen. 

Draw the positive result as given on the cover of the pregnancy test. Place the hCG strip back inside. 

It will look like a real result. It is essential that you make the exact kind of positive pregnancy test.

2) Use a colored tape

Colored tape can be cut to give small thin strips. Sticking this tape on the pregnancy test gives a realistic feel to the pregnancy test. 

You can remove the hCG strip and place a thin colored tape to make it positive. 

Even if the positive result is a plus sign, you can make it look like that using a tape.

3) Dip it in soft drink

Women who have tried this way say that drinking certain beverages alters your hormones. They make the pregnancy test positive. 

Some women drink Dr. Pepper drink to fake a positive pregnancy test. 

How to make a digital pregnancy test positive? Digital pregnancy tests are hard to tamper. 

You can dip the hCG strip in cold drink and get a fake positive pregnancy test.

4) Apply a paste of baking soda and water

Baking soda pregnancy test is a popular homemade gender pregnancy test. 

But using baking powder isn’t an effective method of faking a positive pregnancy test. You can make a thick paste of baking soda and water and use it. 

Baking soda has many volatile components that can give a fake positive pregnancy test.

5) Ask your pregnant friend to help

The easiest way to fake a pregnancy test is by asking help from someone who is pregnant. 

You can store urine for 24 hours. So ask some pregnant woman you know to give you an early morning urine sample.

Then you can keep the urine in a container with a lid. Use this urine sample to make a pregnancy test positive.

6) Get a used pregnancy test

A used pregnancy test is no longer utilizable unless you want to fake a pregnancy test. 

You can take a used pregnancy test that has a positive result and shows it. It is the best way to make a pregnancy test positive. 

Make sure the pregnancy test is not dirty. It will be better to take a used pregnancy test with a cap on.

Only the hCG strip exposes to urine. With the cap on your hands will remain clean.

7) Buy positive pregnancy test from Craigslist

Online shopping has everything at one click. You can search for other such sites that sell positive pregnancy test. 

Craigslist sells positive pregnancy test at affordable prices. One can get a clean unused positive pregnancy test from Craigslist. 

This is a sure shot way of making a pregnancy test positive. Make sure the delivery comes in your hands!

8) Add color to urine

Adding color to urine will cause colored evaporation lines. They will look like a positive pregnancy test. 

You must get a pregnancy test that only shows vertical lines. Adding color to urine won’t help for pregnancy tests that have a plus sign as a positive result.

9) Wait for more than result reading time

Sometimes after result reading time passes a positive pregnancy test appears. 

You can try a try this for getting a fake positive pregnancy test. Leave the pregnancy test exposed to air for long. 

You may get a fake result within 10 minutes after result reading time passes.

10) Get hCG strips

Pregnancy test strips are easiest to fake. You get free hCG strips without any cover. You can do anything with them. Drawing lines become very easy in that case.

Faking a positive pregnancy test is a trap for yourself. Pregnancy symptoms are not easy to fake.

The people you are fooling will notice that there are no changes in you. You will be under watch and might have to stop doing many things.

It is not a good idea to save relationships by faking a pregnancy.

In fact, pregnancy is a responsibility and not a relationship-saving step.

Your partner may leave instead of waiting and caring.

There is no way to get away after faking a positive pregnancy test.


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