Can You Take A Pregnancy Test While On Period?

Can you take a pregnancy test while on period? Yes, you can take a pregnancy test if you’re having your period. Some women continue to have a period during pregnancy. After waiting for the missed period you might get anxious to test. Collect your urine allowing the blood clots to settle and you can take a test. Can you get a positive pregnancy test while on period? Yes, if you’re way ahead in pregnancy with enough hCG you will get a BFP regardless.

PREGNANCY TEST! How to take a pregnancy test? When should I take a pregnancy test? Can you take a pregnancy test while on period? Can a pregnancy test be wrong? How soon can you take a pregnancy test?

And so on and so forth there is a flood of requests from our readers to answer pregnancy test FAQs.

Can you take a pregnancy test while on period?

Yes. You can take a pregnancy test during a period if you see symptoms of pregnancy.

Some women might confuse implantation spotting as period and will have symptoms of pregnancy.

In such a scenario you’d like to take a pregnancy test to confirm your state. Implantation bleeding is due to the egg embedment.

Spotting during pregnancy happens for many reasons. The period blood in urine can settle down and give a clear sample.

You can store urine for 24 hours and it will still be perfect for a pregnancy test.

So collect your early morning urine and take a pregnancy test while period.

The reason why we recommend taking a pregnancy test during menses is that some women get period during pregnancy.

And this continues for the first three months.

If a woman continues to ovulate even during pregnancy then she is at the risk of superfetation.

This is getting pregnant while you are already pregnant.

It is important to tell your doctor if you see symptoms of pregnancy but get period.

Can You Take A Pregnancy Test While On Period?
Can You Take A Pregnancy Test While On Period?

Another possibility is that you may be suffering from some serious disease.

The toxicosis during pregnancy is similar to symptoms of many diseases like Endometriosis.

So taking a pregnancy test during the period will confirm whether you are pregnant or not.

This will open the ways of consulting the right doctor for treatment before further damage.

If you are on a period, can you be pregnant?

It is possible that you get pregnant during a period.

This can be due to misinterpretation of pregnancy spotting as period or chance event.

It can also be that you have breakout bleeding during pregnancy at the time of the expected period. This means that you are pregnant and are having a period after that.

Some women might have brown discharge during pregnancy which also looks like a period. If you don’t change your pad then even period blood looks brown.

Can you get a positive pregnancy test while on your period?

If you are having a period during pregnancy then you will get a positive pregnancy test.

After getting a positive pregnancy test you must get a blood pregnancy test at the hospital. Hospital pregnancy test will confirm whether you are pregnant by using a blood test. Blood serum hCG levels are higher than urine hCG levels.

You need to take precautions such as cutting down caffeine intake and quit smoking after you are pregnant.

You may need to take a blood group test and pedigree analysis for predicting any possible disorders in the baby.

Can you take a pregnancy test before missed period?

Early pregnancy tests are for this purpose. They have an accuracy of 60% before five days from missed period.

Implantation occurs one week before period and after it, hCG levels start rising. You can take a pregnancy test once the hCG levels reach the sensitivity levels of a particular brand.

Taking a pregnancy test before a missed period is necessary for detecting unwanted pregnancy.

A pregnancy blood test can detect pregnancy after 2-3 days from implantation. There is a super early pregnancy test that can detect pregnancy even before implantation soon after sex.

This factor releases in the blood of a pregnant woman after 48 hours from fertilization. But the preimplantation failures give it a high false positive pregnancy test rate of 17%.

So a beta hCG pregnancy test is the most reliable pregnancy test before a period.

How do home pregnancy Test kits work?

A home pregnancy test detects hCG levels in your urine sample.

This hormone comes in your urine after implantation occurs. The hormone further regulates other pregnancy hormones and progresses it.

When you take a pregnancy test it has an hCG strip. Even if you are using a digital pregnancy test there is an hCG strip inside it.

This strip has particles that can detect hCG in your urine. A pregnant woman has hCG in her urine.

Qualitative pregnancy tests only detect whether there is the hormone or not. A positive pregnancy test means that you are pregnant.

But there are cases of false negative pregnancy tests when you take a test too early. After a woman gets a pregnancy test result she wants to gauge all possibilities that can affect the validity of the result.

She might doubt if alcohol affects pregnancy test or can period blood affect results.

The pregnancy tests have such a high precision that very few substances interfere with the results.

Fortunately period is not one of them.

You can allow the urine sample to sit for some time and take a pregnancy test.

So…Can You Take A Pregnancy Test While On Period? Yes!


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