Bleeding After Sex – Top 10 Causes For Bleeding After Coitus

Is bleeding after sex normal or does it indicate some underlying problem? When a woman loses her virginity, the hymen (a membrane partially covering the vaginal opening) breaks and bleeds. The bleeding lasts for few hours. It is like spotting after sex.

However, after repeatedly having sex over the time, women stop bleeding. This is because the passage widens and hence you experience lesser friction. The hymen may break due to sudden jerks and thus bleeding after sex is not a compulsion in any case.

There are many reasons for bleeding after sex. It is very important to know the reasons for bleeding after sex to be able to detect any early symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases. Here we have discussed each reason for bleeding after sex.

Reasons for Bleeding After Sex 

Bleeding After Sex
Bleeding After Sex

Now let us understand each of these reasons in detail down below:

  1. Vaginal rubbing is a reason for bleeding after sex: Bleeding can occur if the female experiences a sexual contact for the first time. This may occur due to the hymen rupture that takes place during first sex. When the vagina is in contact with the penis during the first sexual experience the hymen tears off. It causes bleeding after sex. The symptoms and the occurrence should subside within 48 hours. If not, visit your doctor or gynecologist for check up in order to rule out any injury or irritation. If the sexual encounter takes place before the probable dates of your menstrual days, the bleeding may indicate the onset of your periods.
  2. Cervical polyps causes bleeding after sex: Another reason due to which bleeding may occur after sex is cervical polyps. Cervical polyps are the finger-like structures that grow on the lower portion of the uterus. This region connects with the vagina. It may occur due to the blockage of blood vessels after a rough session of intercourse. It occurs also as a result of an increased response to the release of the female hormone estrogen. Other symptoms of cervical polyps are; heavy menstrual periods, bleeding in between periods, white or yellow mucus.
  3. Cervical dysplasia can cause bleeding after sex: Bleeding after sex may occur due to a precarious condition such cervical dysplasia. It is the growth of precancerous cells on the surface of the cervix. The growth is usually very abnormal. The seriousness of this condition depends upon severity of cervical dysplasia. They are of two kinds low-grade cervical dysplasia and high-grade cervical dysplasia. Low-grade cervical dysplasia usually gets better on its own and there is no need to worry. But high-grade cervical dysplasia has a high risk of converting into a fully grown cervical cancer. The causes may include; smoking, multiple sexual partners, and pregnancy before 16 years of age. You can get cervical dysplasia if you had sex with an infected partner who had STD.
  4. Endometriosis: There are tissues that usually line up your uterus, but in some cases, the tissues may grow outside of your uterus. These tissues may also grow around your Fallopian tubes, intestines, and ovaries. They are better known as implants. These implants are usually not very dangerous, but can be very painful and can cause some slight complications. This condition is Endometriosis. It happens more during the childbearing years when the female body is getting ready to host a baby. During menstrual cycle a lot of hormones released prepare the uterus for pregnancy. Each month the endometrium gets ready to welcome the egg when fertilization takes place. The egg attaches to the endometrium and starts to grow. But during endometriosis when the female doesn’t get pregnant, the implants or tissues act as the lining of the uterus. They cannot break down and escape like normal menstrual blood as it grows outside the uterus. This leads to tissue scars and irritation and bleeding. Endometriosis can be one of the major reasons for postcoital bleeding.
  5. Trauma: Vaginal trauma can be another reason for having bloodshed after an intercourse. Trauma in this regard is jolt to the vagina mainly due to a very rough sexual activity. Inserting sex toys can also cause bleeding after sex. It may occur when some large amount of force is applied in penetration. It can either be because of less amount of lubrication used for having sex or also because of excessive use of sex toys.
  6. Sexually transmitted disease: Bleeding can also occur after sex if the person has a sexually transmitted disease. Chlamydia trachomatis causes chlamydia, which is a sexually transmitted disease. It can affect your lungs, your kidneys and also affect the reproductive system. One should always wear a condom and take prevention from such diseases. Bleeding after sex can be simply dealt with using a sanitary napkin but the consequence of abnormal bleeding after sex are hard to treat. It is important that you take due precautions and inform your doctor about any unusual incident of bleeding after sex.
  7. Cervical Ectropion: There is a benign tumor like condition called Cervical Ectropion which may cause bleeding after sex. In this disease the cells that normally line the cervix start multiplying abnormally and spread to surrounding areas. The area becomes red and may bleed upon the slightest touch. Sex can cause bleeding if you have Cervical Ectropion.
  8. Atrophic vaginitis: This condition occurs due to lowered estrogen production. It is common in women undergone menopause. After menopause the estrogen and other female hormones are present in lesser amount. Atrophic vaginitis is because the vaginal lining becomes very thin and breaks and bleeds. Atrophic vaginitis can thus cause bleeding after sex in menopausal women. Estrogen is essential for buildup of vaginal walls. In absence or deficiency of estrogen the vaginal walls shed off upon mild rubbing.
  9. Cancer: Cancer of uterus and cervix can cause bleeding after sex. If a woman has cancer then she may have benign outgrowths in her vagina and they may bleed. Sex involves a lot of friction and thus in cases of cancer causes bleeding. Any genital cancers can cause bleeding after sex. Bleeding after sex with pain is a sign of cancer. Heavy bleeding after sex needs immediate medical attention.
  10. Endometrial polyps: Endometrial polyps are outgrowths in the uterus. The small hanging structures are mass of undifferentiated cells in vagina. They can be like sessile tumors. They cause immense pain during coitus and cause bleeding after sex. Surgical removal of endometrial polyps is the treatment for this condition.

Bleeding after sex is not normal. Spotting after coitus may happen for few hours. If the rate of blood flow after sex increases then something is wrong. Bleeding after sex and cramps after a week may be implantation bleeding.

If you had unprotected sex near the day of ovulation then bleeding after one week from sex can be implantation bleeding. Implantation is the process of attachment of baby’s cells to your uterus. Bleeding after sex is a major sign of STDs.

If you experience bleeding after sex without any symptoms of pregnancy then consult a doctor.


    • Condom is effective for preventing pregnancy provided you have it on only one partner, before precum appears and it doesn’t break. Bleeding like menses will most probably be period and favors possibility of not being pregnant.

  1. My friend finds it hard to make love with his partner because of her bleeding episodes after doing the deed. I find it alarming that this could be a sign of an underlying disease or polyps that grow inside her genitals. Perhaps he should consider taking her to a doctor for help regarding her case.


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