What Can You Do During Implantation Bleeding Days?

What can you do during implantation bleeding days? You can do light stretches or sedentary work. Avoid physical or mental stress. Take enough rest and a healthy diet. Indulging in some hobbies and taking a leave while TTC is an option that deserves a thought. More important than what you can, know about things you must never do during implantation. Take sex off the table while you have spotting. Douching, tampons, and intoxicants are not safe at all.

Probably by now, you know that implantation bleeding unlike menstrual flow isn’t heavy. You need a liner at most.

A woman who soaks more than a one-liner in an hour isn’t having implantation bleeding.

In such a case, heavy implantation bleeding might have nothing to do with implantation.

Other reasons for spotting include medications and ectopic pregnancy.

What Can You Do During Implantation Bleeding Days?
What Can You Do During Implantation Bleeding Days?

Normal or abnormal implantation bleeding

Normal implantation bleeding is few drops of brown to dark red blood. Implantation doesn’t have adverse symptoms like cramping beyond tolerance.

Abnormal implantation bleeding is heavy or bright red blood. Implantation bleeding looking like menses may not be implantation bleeding at all.

Threatened miscarriage also causes heavy bleeding at the time of implantation. But in most cases, women go on to have a healthy pregnancy.

Implantation bleeding is like vaginal discharge after a week from fertilization. Some women might mistake period for implantation bleeding.

The timing of implantation bleeding coincides with the period.

Medically, implantation bleeding must occur before period date. After due date of period, what you get is menses and not implantation spotting.

If you have shortness of breath, nausea, chest pain and spasms of the uterus, then it may be a tubal pregnancy.

A tubal pregnancy is the result of implantation at the wrong place. Tubal pregnancy symptoms include vaginal bleeding and cramping that is unbearable. It is worse than menstrual cramps.

What can you do during implantation?

During implantation, you can do everyday activities that don’t stress your abdominal muscles. There is no need to take bed rest or to be sedentary during implantation spotting days.

Physical activities such as usual workouts and other chores need not stop. Implantation bleeding doesn’t require any treatment or bed rest.

A woman can go about her workout routine and actives like running while pregnant.

It is essential that you stay relaxed during implantation. Avoid stress and any sort of hyperactivity during implantation bleeding.

It can trigger the implantation bleeding to become heavy and lead to pregnancy loss.

What can you do during implantation bleeding days?

During implantation bleeding days, you can carry on with your regular life schedule. For obvious reasons, you must not lift weights. Do not block the blood flow by wearing tampons.

You must avoid sex during implantation bleeding days. Stress, anxiety, and depression during implantation can cause pregnancy failure.

A woman is chemically pregnant after fertilization. But only after successful implantation pregnancy confirmation is possible.

During implantation bleeding days you can talk to your doctor about blood group testing. If you have an Rh-negative blood group, then you can produce antibodies against your baby.

A mother with Rh-negative blood group carrying an Rh-positive baby recognizes it as a foreign particle.

If this is your second pregnancy, then the moment the baby’s cells develop your body will destroy them. It is known as Erythroblastosis fetalis. It was a very common reason for miscarriages and pregnancy loss a few years back from now.

Nowadays all you need to take is an immunoglobulin suppressing injection, and your baby will be normal.

If you did not expect pregnancy, then you can ask your doctor to do a pregnancy blood test. It will confirm whether you are pregnant and what you are having is implantation bleeding.

If the bleeding is due to other reasons, your doctor will be able to end the pregnancy. Unwanted pregnancy detection can be after 48 hours from fertilization.

Early pregnancy factor is present in pregnant women’s serum. Super early pregnancy detection is possible by EPF.

What can you do during implantation bleeding?

It will also depend on the intensity of implantation cramping you have.

If your implantation bleeding is heavy, then you may need to consult your doctor. Implantation spotting should be light and of brown color.

This blood takes a lot of time to escape the vagina. Bright red blood is not implantation bleeding.

If you are having adverse symptoms of implantation, you might need dilation and other procedures. In this case, it is not implantation and can be any abnormal pregnancy.

Tubal pregnancy and chemical pregnancy cause such symptoms.

What not to do during implantation bleeding days?

  • You must avoid douching during implantation. It is because douching causes infections and can even affect fertility.
  • Do not wear tampons during implantation bleeding because it will cause a blockage. It is best that the old blood flow away.
  • It is best to avoid having sex when you have implantation spotting. Sexual act can pressurize the abdominal region.
  • Heavy workout or lifting weights is not safe during implantation. Most pregnancy failures occur during implantation.
  • Pregnancy test while you have implantation is risky. You have a very high chance of getting a false negative pregnancy test. After implantation, the embryonic layers begin producing hCG. hCG is the hormone that pregnancy tests detect. If implantation did not occur, hCG hormone levels would be low.

Rest during implantation

Any pregnancy process requires a lot of energy. During the first trimester, you will experience the worst morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms.

Miscarriages mostly occur during the first trimester. Mucus plug and cervical mucus make you feel wet all the while.

A regular sleeping pattern is essential for maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Eating nutritious foods helps to sustain the pregnancy in a good state.

Hospitalization during implantation is not necessary. If you have heavy bleeding or bleeding that continues for more than three days, then you need hospital treatment or bed rest.

Nutrition and diet during implantation also don’t require any special additions. You must start withdrawing from alcohol and quit smoking.

Caffeine intake needs to be cut short you less than 200 milligrams a day. You need to drink lots of fluids and stay hydrated.

During the first trimester vomiting and diarrhea during early pregnancy makes you lose a lot of water. It is important that you replenish the water and ions.

Precautions during implantation are not very elaborate. You need to be calm and patient during the process.


  1. I had spotting back in April 2018
    No period in May
    Spotting in June
    Haven’t had these before
    In the past I had no period for 5 months but nothing like this has happened
    Am I experiencing implantion bleeding

    • No, implantation bleeding is not a cyclic event that occurs after intervals. It is only once you’re pregnant for two days. The erratic spotting or irregular period over three months signal sth else. Kindly ask your doctor soon.

  2. I am Rh negative, my partner is positive. Our first child I miscarried and then received Rhogam. Our second child is Rh positive and I received Rohan again once she was born. Now I am TTC again but my doctor will not give me rhogam until I am midway through pregnancy. Is this okay? I thought I can miscarry without rhogam in the beginning to protect me and baby? Thank you in advance.


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