When Do You Know You Are Pregnant?

When do you know you are pregnant? A woman knows she’s pregnant once she misses her period after sex. Seeing symptoms such as vaginal softness, aversion or cravings and nausea hints you’ve conceived. Unlike PMS you will feel sleepy during mood swings. Your baby will take a lot your energy leaving you feel tired and dizzy. Insomnia and nasal congestion are other signs that can skip getting your attention.

A woman trying to get pregnant wants to know all signs of pregnancy. She keeps looking for some clue that she is pregnant. You can determine when you are pregnant is by looking for symptoms. When do you know you are pregnant?

This question expects a general answer. It is impossible to generalize it entirely because every woman and every pregnancy is different.

There are many pregnancy signs. Early pregnancy changes are not easy to notice.

As your pregnancy moves ahead, the signs become prominent. It becomes easier detecting pregnancy.

When Do You Know You Are Pregnant?
When Do You Know You Are Pregnant?

When do you know you are pregnant?

Here is a list of signs to look for when you are pregnant:

1) Aversions

When you are pregnant, you develop an aversion to certain kinds of food. The things that you always loved now seem bland. You don’t like your husband’s cologne anymore. 

Dislike for certain types of smell and taste is a sign that you are pregnant. You know you are pregnant when you develop unusual inclination for things.

2) Heightened sense of smell

During early stages of pregnancy, you get a new nose. You can smell everything from a distance. You might not be able to bear aroma of cooking food.

This is because your nasal membrane becomes sensitive. It is because of hormonal fluctuations.

Nasal congestion during pregnancy is because of the hormones surging in your blood.

3) Frequent urge to pee

During early pregnancy, you feel that your bladder is full. It is not because you suddenly get a baby in you.

Frequent urge to pee during early pregnancy is also due to interchanging hormone levels.

4) Cramps

Cramps during implantation bleeding are mild. Premenstrual cramps are excruciating.

During early pregnancy, you may feel light cramps due to implantation. When do you know you are pregnant?

When you feel mild cramps instead of menstrual cramps on the day of a missed period you are pregnant.

5) Thick white discharge

White discharge from the vagina is a sign of early pregnancy. Thick white discharge is because of mucus moving to the cervix. It is for protection of your baby.

6) Constipation

Increasing progesterone levels make the digestive system slow. It results in constipation during pregnancy.

If you are feeling bloated and you’ve constipation, then you may be pregnant. A single symptom of pregnancy rarely occurs.

They are generally in combination. If you are experiencing more than one of these symptoms, then you are likely to be pregnant.

7) Tenderness in breasts

Breast tenderness during early pregnancy is because of hormones. The nipples become dark.

Most women keep pressing their breasts to check whether they are pregnant.

Tender breasts will be noticeable when you are pregnant.

8) Vaginal softening

The vaginal region becomes prominent. You may feel softening and loosening in the area. It is because the cervical tissues are dilating. This is when you know that you are pregnant.

9) Fatigue

During early pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes. It leads to fatigue. It is common to feel extra sleepy during pregnancy.

You might start taking an afternoon nap during early pregnancy. The first trimester is generally more energy consuming.

10) Nausea

Nausea is the most common symptom of pregnancy. When you have missed a period, and you have nausea, you know you are pregnant.

Nausea is because of many reasons. Morning sickness is the graduation of this nausea that will soon start.

11) Spotting

You know you are pregnant when you see spotting. You will not need liners for spotting during pregnancy. The spotting may be because of implantation. It can also be brown discharge.

12) Bloating

Bloating is swelling near abdominal area. It can be because of gas or for accommodation. Bloating during pregnancy makes you uncomfortable.

13) Mood swings

Mood swings during pregnancy are depressive. Unlike PMS you will feel sleepier. Persistent mood swings are a sign of pregnancy.

You know you are pregnant when your mood swings don’t leave you.

14) Shortness of breath

During pregnancy, you don’t have the strength for regular work. You quickly lose your breath and feel like sitting down.

If you cannot carry on with your regular work, it may be that a baby is taking away your energy.

Eat healthy stuff, and you’ll be fine. Your little parasite eats a little!

15) Leg cramps

Leg cramps during pregnancy will only get worse. You will have to spend time off feet more often.

Other signs that tell you that you are pregnant are low blood pressure, insomnia and dizziness.

If you experience these symptoms, then you know you are pregnant. A positive pregnancy test confirms that you are pregnant.

After that, you can get a doctor’s appointment for taking a pregnancy blood test. It is necessary to get a hospital pregnancy test to assure that you are pregnant.


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