What Happens When You Miss A Period?

When you miss a period you take it as a sign of pregnancy. Does a late period mean you’re pregnant? No, there are a number of reasons for negative pregnancy test no period other than pregnancy. Being sick, taking pills, working out a lot or having PCOS are few from the list of conditions that delay period. If you’re pregnant and miss a period then your body has just begun making hCG.

What happens when you miss a period? When you miss a period, the first thought is that you could be pregnant!

Pregnancy is only one of the many possible reasons for the missed period.

In this article, we will understand in detail what happens when you missed a period.

Does a late period mean I’m pregnant?

Missed period and negative pregnancy test is a condition which shows that it is not because of pregnancy.

Testing early can give a false negative pregnancy test.

A late period indicates pregnancy if you have pregnancy symptoms.

In other cases, it could be because of any disease. A pelvic inflammatory disease can cause late period negative pregnancy test. Sexually transmitted diseases, birth control, and exercise also can make a woman miss the period.

What Happens When You Miss A Period?
What Happens When You Miss A Period?

Late period negative pregnancy test

A period can be delayed because of many reasons other than pregnancy. When a woman starts taking a birth control her period cycle comes late.

The new hormones change the pattern of the cycle. Other reasons for late period negative pregnancy test are:

1) Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is because of prolactin hormone. Prolactin suppresses all other hormones, and thus there is a temporary suspension of the menstrual cycle. 

Lactational Amenorrhea is the name of this phenomenon. Breastfeeding mothers will get negative pregnancy test no period.

2) Stress

Stress can cause infertility in women. Constant stress induces the release of factors from the brain that suppresses the reproductive hormones. 

This is why when you are under a lot of stress then you have a late period.

3) Excessive workout

Women who do strenuous exercise and lift heavy weights may have a complete absence of period. In this case, there is no relation of the late period with the menstrual cycle. 

Athletes lose their fertility as their bodies shift the metabolism.


A disease called PCOS leads to the development of cysts in ovaries. They are tumor-like masses that lies sessile. These cysts block the normal reproductive pathway of eggs. 

It causes negative pregnancy test no period. What happens when you miss a period? In this condition, the lining of the uterus may come off as spotting.

5) Illness

Any casual illness can also cause late period or anovulatory cycles. If your body was fighting an infection, then the hormonal cycles will not be efficient. 

It is essential that the hormones that guide ovaries and uterus release rhythmically during the month. 

If this does not happen, then you will miss your period. Menstrual cycle will start again as the body recovers.

6) Anovulatory cycle

An anovulatory cycle is in the case of women who have irregular menses. They get their period more than once throughout the month. Such cycles eventually lead to no period and a negative pregnancy test. 

Without ovulation, fertilization is not possible and so pregnancy won’t happen.

7) Continuous birth control

Some women take birth control continuously and get period only four times a year. They continue taking birth control pills continuously and don’t get period. 

This is not suitable for the body while trying to get pregnant.

8) Ectopic pregnancy or tubal pregnancy

The egg wall guides the trophoblast to the right site for implantation. But if there are any blockages in the tubes then the egg cannot travel to the uterus. If implantation occurs at any place in the tubes instead of uterus then the condition is the tubal pregnancy.

A tubal pregnancy is not viable but delays period. Women will get a positive pregnancy test and later start bleeding.

9) Obesity

Weight fluctuations and eating disorders can delay period and have no relation with the negative pregnancy test. Indirectly they do affect the fertility of woman but in the No period negative pregnancy test scenario they have no role. 

Obesity prevents the normal functioning of the ovaries. This is why it is another reason for late period negative pregnancy test.

10) Thyroid diseases

Thyroid dramatically affects the fertility of a woman. A woman with thyroid dysfunction can miss her periods for months. 55 days late negative pregnancy test is a result of hypothyroidism. Period late for two months is because the thyroid gland is not working correctly.

Negative pregnancy test No period

Negative pregnancy test does not always mean that you are not pregnant. It can also be because you are taking the test too early.

If there are no symptoms of pregnancy, then you can look for other causes of late period negative pregnancy test.

A false negative pregnancy test is the case when you are pregnant, but still, the pregnancy test shows negative results.

Testing using an expired pregnancy test can give a false negative pregnancy test.

Being on antidepressants can lead to false negative results of a home pregnancy test.

No period negative pregnancy test case can also be because you are not following the instructions of the pregnancy test.

Negative pregnancy test no period may be because you are suffering from PCOS.

Using a diluted sample of urine also causes a negative pregnancy test. The early morning urine has enough hCG for a pregnancy test.

Early pregnancy tests can detect lower levels of hCG. A pregnancy blood test is also another way of early pregnancy detection

A new super early pregnancy test is done by the early pregnancy factor. This factor releases after 48 hours from fertilization.

Pregnancy detection a day after sex is possible by this method. But pre-implantation failure allows this test accuracy rate of only 88.8%. There is a false positive percentage of 17.1%.

What happens when you miss a period?

When you miss a period, you begin worrying about being pregnant if you don’t want it. For women who are trying to get pregnant but continue getting negative pregnancy test this is a major reason to be disappointed.

When you miss a period because of pregnancy, it is because the progesterone levels are rising in your body.

The placenta precursor layers initiate the release of progesterone from corpus lutem. It protects the lining of the uterus and prevents menstruation.

Progesterone pregnancy hormone is responsible for maintaining the endometrial lining and causing its growth throughout the pregnancy.


  1. Hi I’ve never experienced anything like this before so I’m super lost. Unprotected sex occurred between July 7-14 not positive which days. I was suppose to get my period on the 18 as that is when it occurred last month. So I’m 9 days late for my period. On the 9th day at the end of the day I did get some cramping and super light pink colored blood when wiped. My periods have always been regular. What should I do?

    • Take a test after bleeding stops. If you’re TTC then take it easy and tell your doctor if there are any painful symptoms. Otherwise wait until spotting stops and take a test after that.

  2. Pls I was suppose to start my period on March 26 and I have unprotected sex on 26 /27 but I was on drug then amoxylin. Every sinces then have not seen my period?


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