You Are Pregnant!


After you get naughty intentionally for getting a little naughty one you want to know whether you are pregnant as soon as possible. Waiting for the right time is very difficult. But when you are pregnant how does one know? Some of your friends will tell you tricks to take early pregnancy test. Others may tell you about how they came to know about their pregnancy. You’ll read different stories about how do you know you are pregnant. But how can you be sure.

You might move to the box of cupcakes for consoling and order a pack of ovulation tests. But there are early signs of pregnancy that tell you are pregnant before taking any tests. Pregnancy tests themselves are a complete package of mystery. The evaporation lines and multitude of brands confuse a first timer more than the Bermuda triangle mystery.

You are pregnant
You are pregnant

How early can you find you are pregnant?

You can find that you are pregnant after you see signs of early pregnancy. Until there is some indication, there is no surety that sex will lead you to pregnancy. This is because there are many odds against you. You might not have sex during the fertile window or maybe you had a pill at the wrong time. The earliest you can find you are pregnant for sure is after implantation.

  1. Six days after fertilization the egg travels down the fallopian tubes and implants in the uterus.
  2. Then the placenta forms hCG hormone.
  3. Pregnancy tests detect this hormone that comes in the urine of a pregnant woman. The pregnancy tests have certain sensitivity.
  4. Only after your body forms that much hCG can it detect pregnancy.

It takes about a week after implantation for the body to form that much hCG. So after two weeks after implantation you can find out if you are pregnant.

What is the earliest you can take pregnancy test?

There are many pregnancy tests that allow you to test six days prior to missed period. But the accuracy rates at this time are only 54%. Thus it is best to wait until 2 weeks after ovulation to take a pregnancy test.

This waiting is important because it will ensure that you have enough hCG for detection by pregnancy test.

You can take a pregnancy test six days before missed period if you use First Response Pregnancy Test. This is the earliest pregnancy test in market. Nonetheless the accuracy mentioned on the pack of First Response Pregnancy Test is after missed period day.

So the earliest you can take pregnancy test is six days before missed period. But you’ll have to accept all the risk of facing disappointment due to false negative result. A false negative pregnancy test occurs when you are actually pregnant but your pregnancy test is negative.

When can pregnancy be confirmed by urine test?

Blood pregnancy test is the earliest pregnancy test. Blood hCG levels are higher than urine hCG levels and reach earlier. Confirming pregnancy tests using home urine pregnancy test requires the hCG levels above 25 mIU/mL.

The earliest you can surely take urine pregnancy test to check whether you are pregnant is after two weeks from conception. Conception and ovulation are almost overlapping. Slight up and down may happen but mostly they happen in close proximity.

Taking a urine pregnancy test after two weeks pass from missed period is the way of getting most accurate pregnancy test.

How many days you have to wait for taking pregnancy test?

You have to wait for at least missed period day to get accurate pregnancy test results. Taking pregnancy test before missed period day is too early. There are high chances of getting a false negative pregnancy test. In that case you might not take necessary precautions.

This can be harmful during early stages of pregnancy. This is because the early first trimester is critical time of pregnancy. Later the chances of miscarriage fall to about less than 5%.

For taking pregnancy test you must wait for at least implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding is the sign that implantation occurred. After implantation your pregnancy becomes more probable and sure.

Implantation is the process of attachment of embryo. When you see implantation bleeding which is like pinkish discharge you can take urine pregnancy test after that. Pregnancy test during implantation is not a sensible step.

It takes at least three days for hCG levels to be detectable after implantation.

Early signs of pregnancy

These signs of pregnancy before missed period are reliable indicator that you are pregnant. Signs you may be pregnant include heightened sense of smell. You might taste metal which is a weird early sign of pregnancy.

Pregnancy symptoms generally start after a week or two pass during first trimester. Before that it is difficult to distinguish whether it is PMS or early pregnancy signs. Am I pregnant? is the most commonly searched phrase. Could you be pregnant will depend on whether you are experiencing all symptoms of early pregnancy.

Signs of pregnancy are mostly shadowed by tell tale signs like vomiting, nausea, bloating and constipation. First signs of pregnancy before missing your period are the only things that tell you that you are pregnant.


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