10 Shocking Teenage Pregnancy Facts

Teenage may sound cool to people who are just entering it. Social media and movies are enough to influence you. Peer pressure and fitting in the crowd is already a reason for panic. A teenager may feel like an adult but is still a child. Teenage pregnancy is not something to be taken lightly.

Being a parent is not a cakewalk. Nothing is lovey-dovey as it may seem when you see it from far.

Also as a parent you are responsible for more than one life.

The responsibility of a baby legally may be altered but a mother has to shoulder it mainly.

A baby’s upkeep and expenses are enormous. It is a significant amount that is difficult for a teenager to bear.

Studies, relationship with parents and social life are adversely affected when you become a parent during teenage.

10 Shocking Teenage Pregnancy Facts
10 Shocking Teenage Pregnancy Facts

Teenage pregnancy facts

  1. About 70 American girls get pregnant every hour. That makes it roughly 1680 girls every day. Out of this only 18% or less pregnancy were intentional. It just shows that no contraception method is 100% effective. Despite the lowering of abstinence and increase in use of birth control options teen pregnancy rates in US are still highest. Australia and Canada follow close by with half the number of teenage pregnancies.
  2. Almost 3 in every ten girls get pregnant once before they grow out of teenage. Girls who get pregnant before 18 have to drop out from college. Only 38% get a high school degree, and less than 2% get a college degree. Later on, the baby of the teen mother also doesn’t get well educated either due to lack of resources or interest.
  3. Only 2 out of 10 boys who impregnated teen girls marry them later. Others get away with the deed. Chances of getting pregnant are higher for girls who have had sex before the age of 15. Similarly, a boy who had sex first time before 15 years of age is 25% likely to impregnate a teen girl. The risk of a teen girl who lost her virginity before 15 is about 46%.
  4. Roughly 25% of teenage mothers have a second baby within a year.
  5. Out of abortions happening in US 18% are for teenage girls.
  6. African American, Hispanic origin teens, have a higher rate of teen pregnancy then native Americans because of poverty or ignorance.
  7. Any teenage girl having regular sex is likely to get pregnant nine times when she has sex ten times.
  8. About 600k teenage girls in the group 15-19 get pregnant every year.
  9. Nearly 15% of teen pregnancies end in miscarriage.
  10. Around 8% of all births in the US are from teen mothers. This figure is falling over past two decades. Mostly the teenage are mothers around 19.

Teen pregnancy rates

The rates of teenage pregnancies have been declining. Strangely after 1994, the lowest teen pregnancy rate was in the year 2011.

After that again the rates have gone up. Teen pregnancy is one of the biggest drawbacks for a girl in her teens.

Pregnancy at such an age affects school, vacation, education, and health. Teenage is the most productive and crucial time of a human’s life.

While the general reference of a teenager is anyone in the age 13-17, it amasses a big group.

Western Europe has a low teenage pregnancy rate mainly due to sex education and conservative backdrop.

In US sex education is mainly focused on abstinence. All the resources only talk about the baby making. Less of them talk about the management of teenage pregnancy.

A teenage parent has three choices parenthood, adoption and abortion.

A significant number of teenage pregnancies end up as abortion because of lack of information. Teenagers do not know about the ways for reaching out people who want to adopt.

Adoption.com tells you about the entire procedure for adoption. You can connect with people who want to adopt your baby through Baby Safe Haven.

Teenage pregnancy decision

Teenage is a time where you make life’s most terrible choices. Parenting is no joke to remain unaffected by bad decisions.

The first critical decision a teenager has to take is that whether they should tell their parents or not.

There are resources online like TeensHealth. They offer step by step guide for opening the news to your parents.

If your teenage pregnancy decision is to take up parenthood, then you can go to Birth and Babies website.

It is a complete portal for mothers to be, to learn the necessary things for the baby.

It may sound hard, but even after you decide to be the parent at a tender age, you need to complete your high school.

Penn Foster is a school where you can get a high school degree online. You can even go up to college graduation using the online resource.

Pregnant Eve’s Facebook page is the most reliable source for everything related to pregnancy.

It is for every woman who is undergoing such a situation. It has a vast support network.

You don’t have to think that the world ends here.

As teenagers, it is best to stay away from such peer pressure that makes you ruin your life.

Safe sex is necessary but not final; things can go wrong even after that.



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