Early Signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

If you’re reading this article, then the chances are that either you’re trying to conceive or had unprotected intercourse. Now, you’re trying to find early signs of pregnancy before missed period so that you can plan your course of action.

Signs of early pregnancy before missed period are a set of symptoms seen in a pregnant woman before she missed a period.

These signs make it possible for a woman to take a pregnancy test at the right time. An unwanted pregnancy also comes in to notice by early pregnancy signs before missed period.

Early signs of pregnancy 1st week

A woman who is aware of her body can see the slightest change in herself. It is undoubtedly an advantage, but in some cases, it might make you worry for nothing. A self-aware woman can pick up the slightest change in herself and detect pregnancy before missed period.

It is easy to see external early pregnancy signs like bloating. After having unprotected sex, you feel bloated for a day. However, if this bloating stays for long, it may be a sign of pregnancy.

Another unusual thing like going to the bathroom more often also is an early pregnancy sign before missed period. The frequent urge to pee is a sign of pregnancy. 

The bloating pushes the bladder, and hormonal flux makes you feel full. It lasts for a few weeks of early pregnancy. 

Later in the second trimester, it is not as frequent. Again in the third trimester, as the uterus grows in size, it forces your bladder to feel full all the while.

Congestion of nasal passage is also a sign of pregnancy before missed period. It is due to hormonal fluctuations. 

The nasal membranes swell, and you develop an aversion to certain smells.

Early signs of pregnancy discharge: Cervical mucus changes during early pregnancy. The cervical discharge during early pregnancy is in abundance. The early signs of pregnancy discharge look mucus like discharge.

Almost immediately after conception, the vaginal walls tend to thicken up due to the growth of the cell lining the vagina releasing white milky discharge from the vagina.

The discharge is usually harmless and may sometimes continue throughout the pregnancy. But one should consult the doctor for bacterial infection if the discharge initiates a burning or itching sensation.

An early sign of pregnancy quiz can help you in detecting pregnancy before missed period. All early signs of pregnancy listed help a woman decide whether she is pregnant. The quiz helps detect the earliest signs of pregnancy.

One very early sign of pregnancy before missed period is the absence of PMS. The early signs of pregnancy 1st week overlap with the time of due period. 

If you do not experience nausea and all the discomfort of the period it means that you may be pregnant.

Here are some of the early signs of pregnancy before missed period. If you experience most or all of the following mentioned points, it is advisable to get a pregnancy test as soon as possible:

Early Signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period
Early Signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

Common signs of early pregnancy before missed period

Spotting and cramping

Spotting & Cramping
Spotting & Cramping
  • When you conceive, the fertilized egg attaches itself to the wall of the uterus. It causes bleeding which might resemble menstrual bleeding. The color is brownish red, usually different from regular period blood. Early pregnancy cramps are more painful compared to the pre-menstrual cramps.
  • Spotting and cramping are early signs of pregnancy. Sings of early pregnancy before missed period cramping is easily noticeable. They resemble menstrual cramps and blood loss and are usually mistaken for the start of the period.

Breast changes

During early pregnancy, breast size increases, nipples become dark and tender.
During early pregnancy, breast size increases, nipples become dark and tender.
  • During early stages of pregnancy, just like other body parts, breasts of a woman also tend to change. The changes in breasts start happening just after conception. These changes can be felt and are noticeable.
  • The breasts tend to increase in size. The hormonal level rapidly changes due to which the breasts may become sore, swollen, heavy or full.
  • The area around the nipples, called areola, may also become dark and feel tender to touch. Sore nipples early signs of pregnancy before missed period are noticeable when you can’t put on your regular bra.
  • All these changes take place in the breasts to prepare it for breastfeeding.
  • In the third trimester, as the date nears some pregnant woman leak colostrum. It is the thick yellowish milk that the breasts produce for the first time.

Fatigue or tiredness

During pregnancy, you may feel tired more often
During pregnancy, you may feel tired more often
  • During pregnancy, a new being is developed and formed inside a woman’s body. To initiate its healthy growth, the body starts producing more blood than usual to carry nutrients for your baby.
  • Increased progesterone levels along with changes in other hormones tend to be the reason for the tiredness. 
  • The decrease in the blood sugar levels and blood pressure can also cause a person feel fatigued.
  • Emotional changes such as anxiety can also be a cause of decreased energy.
  • It is advisable to eat food rich in protein and iron and avoid caffeine. Taking plenty of rest, standing up slowly and avoiding any exertion is mandatory. Read about anemia during pregnancy.

Mood swings

During pregnancy, a woman experiences mood swings.
During pregnancy, a woman experiences mood swings.
  • During pregnancy, a woman experiences mood swings. They are the earliest signs of pregnancy before missed periods.
  • Estrogen and progesterone cause fluctuations in mood throughout the pregnancy. Variations in the hormones are responsible for the inexplicable early pregnancy mood swings.
  • The changes in hormone level attack the neurotransmitters (messenger chemicals) of the brain. It leads to over exaggerated changes in emotions, from a laughter spell to a sudden anger outburst.

Frequent urination

Frequent urination is also an early sign of pregnancy before missed period.
Frequent urination is also an early sign of pregnancy before missed period.
  • A pregnant woman starts making a lot of hormones in early pregnancy to support the growth of her baby. A lot of hormones help during the formation of baby’s organs. The hormonal surge makes the pregnant woman feel full bladder all the time.
  • Bloating during early pregnancy before missed period also pushes the bladder and makes you feel full.
  • Frequent urge to go to the bathroom is also an early sign of pregnancy before missed period.

Sense of smell

During pregnancy, you will experience an heightened sense of smell.
During pregnancy, you will experience a heightened sense of smell.
  • Once you conceive, your olfactory sense goes into overdrive. You will be able to sense every odor around you.
  • Another critical thing is that you will associate these particular smells with your morning sickness. Even after you deliver your little one, these aversions will remain in your brain. They will continue to trigger a nausea feeling even after pregnancy. Make sure you don’t use your favorite scent candles to get over morning sickness. Else you will have to throw them away later or else experience unexplainable nausea.
  • Saline sprays can help ease the congestion. Saline spray is an aerosol with salt in it.


After conception, the pressure of an expanding uterus on bowels can cause constipation.
After conception, the pressure of an expanding uterus on bowels can cause constipation.
  • After conception, the pressure of an expanding uterus on bowels can cause constipation. When the little being is finely fitted along the surface of the uterus, it pushes the abdomen. The food is not able to move easily in the intestines.
  • It is a very common sign during early stages of pregnancy before missed period. As the levels of hormone progesterone increase, it makes the food pass more slowly through the intestines causing the feeling of constipation during early pregnancy.
  • Frequent gas, hard, dry stools and painful bowel movements are signs of pregnancy. 
  • A pregnant woman should drink plenty of water and eat high fiber foods.

Skin glows, and hair become shiny

The pregnancy hormones might lower down the melanin hormone (pigmentation hormone)  because of feedback mechanisms in the body
The pregnancy hormones might lower down the melanin hormone (pigmentation hormone) because of feedback mechanisms in the body
  • The pregnancy hormones might lower down the melanin hormone (pigmentation hormone)  because of feedback mechanisms in the body.
  • If the pigmentation hormone reduces and the feminizing pregnancy hormones increase you are bound to glow!
  • You might notice stretch marks, but this happens a little later.

Appetite fluctuations and food aversions

Appetite changes are an early sign of pregnancy before missed periods.
Appetite changes are an early sign of pregnancy before missed periods.
  • You will move to and fro between the desire to eat everything on the dining table to just going on a hunger strike. Appetite changes are an early sign of pregnancy before missed periods.
  • You might crave for a particular taste like those sour candies or raw mangoes.
  • You will find an abnormal pattern of appetite change in the early days of pregnancy.
  • Remember that a mother eats for two, so eat healthy for both of you.

Bloating During early pregnancy

Bloating during early pregnancy is another early signs of pregnancy.
During early pregnancy bloating is another early sign of pregnancy.
  • Bloating during early pregnancy is something that a woman easily detects. Early signs of pregnancy before missed period cannot go without mentioning bloating.
  • During early pregnancy bloating is because of two reasons. Flatulence and constipation cause bloating during early pregnancy before missed period.
  • In the first week of pregnancy, you will experience bloating after unprotected sex.

High basal body temperature

High basal body temperature is the first sign of pregnancy before missed period.
The first sign of pregnancy before missed period is High basal body temperature
  • High basal body temperature is the first sign of pregnancy before missed period. It is due to the changes going in pregnant woman’s body. They require a lot of energy and also cause heating of body.


Changes in cervical mucus is also an early sign of pregnancy.
Changes in cervical mucus is also an early sign of pregnancy.
  • As mentioned above changes in cervical mucus is also an early sign of pregnancy before missed period. As period approaches the cervical mucus becomes thick. If this does not happen and instead the discharge looks mucus like it may be because you are pregnant.
  • One should avoid scented soaps and other such products. Vaginal douching is also unhealthy.
  • Having a bath will help ease the pain and itching. If you have a green or yellowish discharge during early pregnancy before a missed period, tell your doctor. Pain, itching, and irritation are signs of sexually transmitted diseases.

Leg pain

Early signs of pregnancy before missed period include leg pain because of the hormonal gush in body.
Early signs of pregnancy before missed period include leg pain because of the hormonal gush in the body.
  • Some women experience leg pain during menses. Early signs of pregnancy before missed period include leg pain because of the hormonal gush in the body. You feel fatigued due to intensive work going inside your body. It is natural to fall asleep and take naps during early pregnancy. In fact, one of the early signs of pregnancy is taking naps.

Nausea, vomiting, and headache

Nausea and headache either follow or precede  vomiting.
Nausea and headache either follow or precede vomiting.
  • Movies have already elaborated on the early pregnancy symptom of vomiting. Nausea and headache either follow or precede vomiting.
  • Early signs of pregnancy nausea and vomiting later graduate to become morning sickness. The discomfort lingers for nine months.
  • Vomiting is one of the very early signs of pregnancy before missed period.
  • Eating berries and citrus fruits help treat early pregnancy signs of nausea and vomiting.

Blue lines on abdomen and breasts

Blue lines on abdomen and breasts are due to the expansion of blood vessels during early pregnancy.
Blue lines on abdomen and breasts are due to the expansion of blood vessels during early pregnancy.
  • During the early stages of pregnancy, you’ll notice blue lines on belly and breasts are due to the expansion of blood vessels during early pregnancy. These are also early signs of pregnancy test before missed period.

Remember that these are external things you see if you feel that you show these symptoms you need to meet your doctor.

Relying entirely on external signs for something like pregnancy can be a major blunder.


  1. Me and my partner had sex on the 10th or 11th of March. My period tracker said I’ll have my ovulation on 13th and I have 28 days menstrual cycle. Then I had spotting on the 26th and 27th of the same month, and then on 28th to 30th I had my period. And now I’m experiencing mild cramping, am I pregnant? Please help me sort things out, ’cause I really want to get pregnant. Thank you.

    • If you had your period chances are less likely that you are pregnant. But you can get period in the first three months of pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test after three weeks from your period day. Cramping and spotting are not merely symptoms of early pregnancy. Sometimes period pain can be mild than rest of occurrences.

  2. I’m not constipated it’s more of diherrea . But only been happening for a couple days once or twice .
    Nausea is taking over my life lol .
    Vomited couple times randomly laying down .
    Cramps are mild . But can get uncomfortable .
    No period since 03/11/2018 .
    Spotted on 04/08/2018 . Nothing since .
    Gassy .
    Adversion to alcohol … Can’t drink my favorite drink .

    • Most symptoms such as aversion, constipation, nausea and missed period hint that you may be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test soon.

  3. Hii my Lmp was April 14 and than i planned for baby but meanwhile i am having mild cramps, headaches, lower back pain, gassy. And on 30may i saw a pinkish discharge just a spot. On 2may (today) i noticed a egg white discharge. My period is due on 10 may. Could I be pregnant.

    • 30 April*
      15 days after last menstrual period, spotting cannot be implantation bleeding. Your ovulation occurs after 14 days, and implantation spotting as per the math must be after a week. Its too early to say. Wait until your due period. Gas and headache can be because of digestive trouble or PMS. Please note this isn’t a diagnostic statement.

  4. Ok so I’m suppose to have my period and I haven’t got it yet but last week I was in the er for spotting I did a test and they said it was negative and that it’s normal but I still haven’t had a period and I’m crampy am I pregnant?

    • If you’re spotting for over three days, it is ideally not implantation bleeding. Pregnancy test results are most reliable. Cramps can be because of ten other reasons totally not related to pregnancy, period etc.

  5. Has anyone had clear stringy mucus discharge thicker than what you normally get at ovulation and more stringy during their tww?? Today I’m 9 DPO so this morning I went to wipe and it was just one wipe of a light pinkish discharge . Also two days ago I went to the bathroom and wiped and saw like a glob of yellow cm. No it’s not an infection just wanted to know does it sound like pregnancy. I’ve also been cramping a lot these past three days …

    • We understand that you’re looking for fellow readers opinions. Just a little briefing, that 9 DPO is still early to decide whether you’re pregnant. Your pink spotting seems like implantation bleeding. But it’s highly unpredictable to comment rn. Two weeks wait is a necessary process!

  6. Hello. My period started last

    May 11 (heavy bleeding with cramps and sore body)
    May 12 ( medium bleeding)
    May 13 woke up with no blood in my napkin the mid day I started bleeding light)
    May 14 ( woke up with no blood in my napkin the mid day I started bleeding light

    Its not normal in my cycle. I feel quite dizzy before the period and experiencing sore body before period.

    My last unprotected contact was March 20.

    What could it be..

    • If you did get normal period in March and April then there is nothing to bother. You can take a pregnancy test if you’re feeling that you might be pregnant. Otherwise sore body and bleeding sporadically during period is nothing abnormal. Nobody bleeds continuously during period.

  7. My boyfriend and I had sex on May 7th and May 10th, on the tenth I bled a little red blood while having sex. Now I’ve been having a brown discharge since the 13th and today is the 17th. I don’t have tender breasts, I’m on birth control (never spotted on BC before this), and my period is due on the 20th of May… I’m a little confused about the sporting because it’s not exactly heavy: it’s kind of light. Today it is dark red.

    • Sometimes birth control can cause such spotting and discharge. Consult your doctor about them. Other than that you can get an early period if you missed a pill or IUD is getting old.

  8. I got my period April 20th it was supposed to come may 18th but I’m 2 days late. For the past week I’ve been fatigued I’ve had lower back pains really just aching all over. my discharge is creamy and white & it’s plentiful which it never is. & my breast are tender and I can’t stand to be around my bf. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. What could this be? My Dr appointment is 2 weeks out so I figured I would ask

    • Wait for two weeks to take a pregnancy test. Check your contraceptive if you’re taking them. Take rest and have some me time.

  9. last period was may 7- may 11 usually 30 day cycle had sex on may 16 and may 18 ovulation window may 17-may 21. mild cramping on one side and body heat hotter then normal and has been hot outside lately

  10. had my period on may 7 -may 11 usually 30 day cycle and had sex on may 16 and may 18 i have mild cramping on one side my ovulation window is between may 17 – may 21 is it possible to know now that i may be pregnant.

    • You’ve had sex before your fertility window most probably. But the closeness of the dates makes it difficult to rule out either. Take a pregnancy test after two weeks

  11. Hi I am feeling a kind of foot pain since one week , I cannot able to stand atleast for 1/2 an hour, I take rest for sometime and then work for again, in general this kind of pains are very common during my periods, my period is on 26 may,I am already late of 2 days period, I had actually had one failed IVF last month, this month we are trying normal, can I have good news this month I am very anxious.

    • Take a pregnancy test. It is difficult that your previous IVF treatment is now showing success. Leg pain during pregnancy occurs during later stages. Period leg pain won’t last long without aunt flow showing up. If you reach a week due time then take a pregnancy test.

  12. my last period 26 April normal circle 27-29 days my last un protected was 05 May now my back is painful like I’m going to see my period since 22 May and I’m felling some cramps in my stomach

  13. Hello. My last cycle started on the 6th of May and ended on the 10th of May. I was intimate on the 18th of May which was also my ovulation day. My breast have been sore and I’ve been more tired than usual, also I’ve been going to the bathroom more frequently in the morning hours. Could i be pregnant?

    • The signs you mention are early pregnancy symptoms. Take a pregnancy test after a week from missed period date to confirm.

  14. I cannot remember my last periods but I had sex on29th of April and for the lastc3weeks been having mucus discharge cramping tender breast and boating could I be pregnant

    • Take a pregnancy test to confirm. Bloating and mucus discharge are not enough to detect whether you are pregnant.

  15. I had sex on the 18 of may i started seing my period on the 19 and then it stop on the 23 and the i started seing alittle bit an the 24 &25 and the 27 i saw ia little bit then it stop but from then i started having tummy pain feeling dizzy am just wondering if it because of the 72 hour contreseptive i too our may b am pregnant

    • Emergency contraceptive does have side effects such as cramps, acne, breakout bleeding, irregular menstrual cycle and weight fluctuations. For actual diagnosis you will have to consult your doctor.

  16. Hello,

    I cannot seem to remember my last month period date but lately I’ve been really tired hard to get out of bed in the morning, body aches especially in my back and headaches. Also this may be TMI but I don’t poop regularly anymore I usually do at least 2 times and I can’t remember the last time I did.. also I’ve been discharging almost everyday and just yesterday I had a greenish discharge.. (no infections) just wondering maybe it could be pregnancy. ( my SO told me just yesterday he’s been trying to get me knocked up. )

  17. my period started on may 17 and it’s lasts till may 19 … from may 20 to June 5th me and my husband having unprotected sex daily.. I started getting my back pain from June 3rd and sudden severe lower back pain and I realised it on left side and the other day my left leg along with lower back pain was killing me.. after a day or two both the legs and thighs started cramping and that was too painful and uncomfortable that I couldn’t sleep properly .full on body pains . and till now june 11th I have legs and my lower back pain continue.. I have done home pregnancy test today morning and it showed negative my next period date is June 15th to 17th.. I feel dizzy sometimes.. bloated from many days.. my ovulation was from 28-2 .. can these symptoms be a early sign of pregnancy? if so does symptoms come this early?

    • Having cramps in your body can be indicators of energy spent in conception. Early pregnancy symptoms can start after few days from conception. There are pregnancy signs that women see before missed period. You must stay away from stress and caffeine or other drugs. Take a pregnancy test after a week from missed period early morning. Tho two weeks wait is better for accurate pregnancy test.

  18. I have a milky, white discharge, (cm). I have been tracking it, and it is very heavy. I have never experienced this before. I’m wondering if this is an early sign of pregnancy? I am due for my period on June 14, 2018. I ovulated on June 1, and may have conceived on May 30, 31, June 1, or June 2.

    • Take a pregnancy test after missed period because changes in cm are not reliable pregnancy indicators. You should look out for other changes. Indeed mucus near due date could be a hint.

  19. Hi..
    My last period was on 17th may n we had sex upto 4th of june…suddenly on 8th june i felt cramps in legs n got a pink spot in a tissue paper. Sometimes back n legs pain feel like hell but only when i lay on the bed… otherwise there is mild pain… these cramps are still there…. is there any chance that m pregnant or these are only signs of pms.
    Thank you

    • It could be that you’re pregnant. Back ache or cramps do happen during conception. Leg pain occurs late. Take a pregnancy test to confirm.

      • Hi…
        I have a question again. I observe a brown coloured discharge when i wipe and no more back ache…. is it still a pregnancy?

        • All these symptoms are not uniform for all. Brown discharge during pregnancy is a normal phenomenon but it could be a sign of threatened miscarriage in some cases.

      • Hi
        Lmp is may 28th June 2018 and 27 is my due date for period but still i didn’t get my period but pregnancy test was negative so I’m i pregnant ? 3rd of June we intercourse pls help me

  20. My last period was on 17th may n we had sex upto 4th june… suddenly on 8th june i felt back ache n legs pain and had a pink spot in my tissue paper… cramps are still there but spot was once only. Is there any chance that i m pregnant or its a sign of another pms

  21. hello,i had my period on 25th to 29th of may,then my ovulation was on the 3rd of june,i had sex on the 3rd,4th,and 5th,,,and am having breasth pain,

  22. Hello! My last cycle was May 25-27. My husband and I had sex on June 3rd and June 9th. My fertile window was from June 4th-10th. On June 10th I was having backache and right pelvic pain, cramps continued for a few days then came periodically. Backache continued, I was tired and gagging at some smells. Tiredness continues associated with lower backache and some nausea. I am extremely emotional! Expected cycle is June 25.

  23. Hi…
    I have a question again. I observe a brown coloured discharge when i wipe and no more back ache…. is it still a pregnancy?

  24. I had unprotected sex May 12th . Today is June 19th & im currently 16 late on my period. I took a hpt on late day 10 & it was negative. I don’t wake up nauseous however after being Up for a while I’ll get nauseous . I’ve been constipated for a week now? & very gassy. I have this tingly sensation that happens in random parts of my feet & around my knees. Mild but uncomfortable cramping . & I cant eat much no matter how hungry I Am. these are my only symptoms . Am I possibly pregnant ?

    • The symptoms you have mentioned are all in the list of pregnancy signs. At times body takes longer to have enough hCG. Don’t stress yourself out, it’s not healthy for the pregnancy if you’ve conceived. Take a test after few days when you’re at 3 weeks late period.

  25. Had unprotected sex on June 3rd, he didn’t release anything, got my period on June 8th, and it lasted until the 11th. Now I’m sniffling and having abdominal cramps on opposite side from last month.

    • For getting pregnant the cum must go inside a female’s cervix. Unless the male partner delivers the sperms high up, chances of getting pregnant are low. Pain in any side of abdomen isn’t really a pregnancy sign. A positive pregnancy test will sort it out for you.

  26. Hello ,

    Around May 31st – June 3rd My Menstrual was on around June 7th , June 10th & June 11th Me & My Boyfriend had unprotected intercourse Lately I been having nausea if eat something I feel like I have to throw up , if in car I’m having nausea , having headaches back to back. If I’m standing for a long time my lower back starts to hurt and my appetite has went down. I get my menstraul around June 31st and I didn’t know if this was early signs of pregnancy ?! Also I didn’t expierence cervical mucus which I never expierence before my menstrual , lastely my chest have been tingly and slightly painful , mild cramping but no spotting

    • The dates don’t suggest chances of being pregnant. Symptoms stated say totally opposite. Have you got a pregnancy test done? If not gey a blood pregnancy test done.

  27. I last came on my period on the 5th of june and it lasted till the 9th I had unprotected sex within my period ever since then I’ve had serious bloating pain in my abdominal area (like a period pain) also feeling tired would it be to early to take a pregnancy test? As my period comes different every month

    • You had sex not during the fertility period. For your assurance take a pregnancy test. The pain can be a sign of other issues.

  28. My period was only 3 t o 4 Days to started out extremely light and ended extremly like like pink spotting. My period is usully 7-10 days, wicked heavy, with the abundant pressence of large clots. This “period” was also 3 weeks late. It’s been 2 weeks since then and I’m mildly cramping, my legs are acting the hurt, and I. Been getting headaches. I took a test before the s 3 weeks ago but they were all negative? Could I be pregnant? I am also only 21 so I do think it’s menopause.

    • Yes menopause isn’t for your case. But it could be stress, nutritional changes or just setting in the sexual activity. As you feel that you’re pregnant but are getting negative pregnancy tests, you must get a blood hCG test.

  29. Hi. I’m experiencing back and leg pain since last 3 days and had a brownish spot of blood 2 days ago. My last period was on the 23rd of May and then I missed my period. Just had a spot on my panties on the 27th June. Could I be pregnant?

  30. Hello, I had my period on the 10th of June, my husband and I usually use the safe period and withdrawal as our contraceptive and it has worked for years. I usually ovulate on CD 11 on CD 16 My husband didn’t withdraw, could I be pregnant. I am not having any signs and its two days to my period. I have a ten month old baby girl.

  31. Hello-
    I have a toddler and have always wanted a second child- had sex- few days before ovulation – and after 4 days I felt extremely tired, breast tender- this has all happened soon after sex- period was due yesterday or today- spotting – headache – some cramping but no full on period- I’ve been taking a few pregnancy tests for past three days- some tests day can’t determine beforehand period should begin- if I am pregnant – how manyore days till I could see. Positive test?

  32. My last period was on 17 of june and ended after 7 days… on 29 of june me and my bf had unprotected sex… next day morning i took emergency pill… and then the same day and next day again we had sex… its been 7 days … i didnt get my periods… should i do upt?

    • The time you’ve stated is out of fertility window according to calculation. Yes, you can take a pregnancy test for assurance now that you’re a week late.

  33. Hello as of today I am 14 days late on my period I got my last period on 05/30 and I was suppose start on 06/27 no period yet I had unprotected sex during ovulation, I tend to smell things a little stronger my breast fell full, heavy different frequent urination even if I don’t drink anything I feel bloated i crave things like yesterday it just came to my mind that i wanted a piece of cake from this bakery that i haven’t gone in a long time .

    • Craving of a particular cake is different from pregnancy cravings. You can take a pregnancy test now that you are two weeks late. This is the right time and there are very less chances of false negative pregnancy test.

  34. Hi
    I had my periods on 3 june till 8 June. I had sex on 7 june.(unprotected) and then again on 12 June(unprotected). On 12 June itself I took ipill. On 17 June I started bleeding again. Bleeding happened for full 5 days and was similar to my periods. Another thing I also take Norate-A tablets for my irregular periods.
    I am not having any concrete symptoms but feeling extremely paranoid if I am pregnant…I have been constipated for past few days(it’s fine now). I am having headaches and white discharge…I don’t know if these are symptoms or just me overthinking…
    I have 28 day cycle because of norate..
    Please help.

    • It’s difficult to say anything based on the fact that you take prescriptions that involve altering hormones. You must take a pregnancy test.

  35. Hi
    I had my periods on 3 June till 8 june. I had sex on 7 June. I again had sex on 11 June. Both times unprotected. On 11 June I took ipill.
    I started bleeding in 17 June. It was like my periods with clots and lasted for 5 full days.
    I have pcod and hence have been taking norate tablets regularly.
    I have been feeling really paranoid lately. I have constipation, gas, slight cramps. My lower back also pains sometimes. This have been happening for the last 4-5 days.
    I don’t know if they are pregnancy symptoms or pms.
    Please help…
    P.s. I have not had any spotting between periods

  36. Hi! I had mini pill on the 3rd day of my period. I missed 2 pill on a different day. Until now i don’ have my period. Already took 2 HPT but it came out negative. I have this cramping like period and lower back pain and headache. I also feel that i’am hungry most of the time. Also bloated. Could i be pregnant? And when can i take HPT again?
    Thank you so much

    • You can get a blood pregnancy test any time now. For home pregnancy tests, wait for two three weeks after missed period.

  37. Me and my husband had sex every day on my fertile days on the 18-20 of july and I had light spotting on July of 18. My last period was on the 9th of July. It was a light pinkish discharge and lasted only two days with mild cramping. I am now having trouble sleeping at night because i feel awake, I am bloated, I’m moody (lol as he puts it), and constipated. I am wondering if it is all in my head because we are trying to conceive.

    • TTC couples have a lot of anticipation and it’s natural. Yes it could be psychological and there are high chances that it could be real!

  38. I have just about these symptoms but was a bit early from how my cycle is a supposed to work, I recently found out not all women ovulate like normal, I’m told I ovulated within my first 5 days after my period. But this was still very helpful.

  39. I have a period 19 may Bt I missed period to 10 days after that I take a test that is positive and after 1 day I have periods 1 july
    In this month I don’t have period Bt my lower back to leg is more pain ful should I pregnant or not

    • PMS has backache, sore breasts and leg pain. Some women cant walk on the first day of period. Take a test if you’ve a doubt about being pregnant. Perhaps your cycle is getting longer and periods are getting late. Consult your doctor about the reasons for it.

  40. Hi , my last period is july 26 and i have 28 to 29 CD . My boyfriend and i had unprotected sex on august 2 and we use pullout method 3 times. and on august 7-8 i have milky white mucus instead of egg white like mucus plus my breast sore now august 10 also im feeling mild dizzy, mild cramps and feel to throw up or just a feeling . do you think im pregnant ?

  41. hi please i just have some stuff to do with my boyfriend it not really that we had sex he just use his dick rubbing my private part then 1 week later i have my ovulation then after 3 weeks i saw my period but am having some little cramp and my stomach is little bigger than it was before please is that pregnancy

    • It’s earlier than months before you see any change in the size of your belly. Yeah if could be bloating or PMS swelling of abdomen. Rubbing aa male private part on vagina a week before ovulation is very less likely to cause pregnancy. Take a test.

  42. Hi. I had my period august 20 , had sex aug 29 .
    I have a 28 day cycle. Im having tooth aches ,tender breast, fatigue and bleeding gums. Cohld i be pregnant??

    • Tooth ache and bleeding gums are related to one more thing after dental issues and that’s stomach problems. So, it’s possible that your digestion is upset and that’s why you’re uneasy. You had sex way before ovulation. Nonetheless for the sake of exceptional cases, do take a test if you get two weeks late.

  43. hi, I’ve been having back ache and feeling of heaviness just below my belly, certain smells like food being cooked makes me feel upset and I have been having a lot of watery milky cervical mucus, tmi. ive also been feeling dizzy quiet often and I’m almost always hungry 2hrs after Ive eaten. the sides of my stomach have been feeling stretched, my period is not for another 2 weeks. should i take a test?

  44. Can a woman get pregnant seven days after menstruation?
    Again, my last period was on the 5th to 7th of November. On the 10, I had sex and I also had sex on the 20th of November but he didn’t release inside me. He used the pull out method for unprotected sex and he pulled out, allowing the sperm to pour on the bed. I have non of these signs of pregnancy, just that I have added more weight, though I started having weight gain before I returned back to school and the sex occurred which I’m not happy about, as it’s a sin. I have a normal 28circle. I’m scared.

    • See, it’s a concept most women confuse about. You can get pregnant anytime of the month. Now explaining about each day and it’s possibility is not practical. Still let’s try to understand.
      A sperm can live inside your vagina for over 5 days. Once your menstrual flow is over a woman with a short cycle can ovulate within 5 days. Having sex before menstruation begins or during the flow can get you pregnant.

  45. hi madam we had a unprotected sex on December 17 to 19( 2018 ) and my last period was december 10th and period cycle is 24 days. i expected my period on 4th January 2019 but i didnot get my period but toady morning some dark brown color bleeding discharged and im not yet taken pregnancy test till now. but im very scared is it symptoms of miscarriage like that. but i need my baby please give me any suggestion

    • Miscarriage symptoms primarily include acute stomach pain. There has to be unbearable twisting and wreathing pain. Light throbbing or cramps and dark brown discharge in pregnancy occurs for several reasons. Don’t panic is number one. You have to take a test anyway. For resolving the matter take a test early morning. Stress can be the worst enemy of your baby. Stop oveethinking and just trust your instincts.

  46. Hi.. My LMP was on 25th December 2018. My husband and I intercourse on 4th, 8th & 12th January. After 1 week I having lower back pain and feel like vomiting but nothing come out. Please advice

    • You’re way ahead to take a test and confirm. Relying on these signs is not required. As you’re past the two weeks wait for positive pregnancy test, you must get it.

  47. Hi
    I had m last period december 29th and last 4 days and on january 15th i had a reddish brown discharge and on jan 27 to 31 i had cramp and i missed period until now am i pregnantpregnant? also took pregnancy tests 4times and all negative . thanks

    • If missed period is because of pregnancy then by now you must get a positive result. Can you get a blood test? Waiting and repeating the test is the only way to find out. At times it takes longer.

  48. I have been on birth control. I “ovulated” on around the 11th-14th of March. My birth control apparently keeps me from ovulating, but I always get ovulation CM and can tell when I’m ovulating. These are the dates I supposedly ovulated says my “period app.” I missed my period on the 20th-21st of March. But instead, got mucusy- light pink, light brown CM only when I wiped. Mild cramps. Next day I got brown CM only when I wiped. Not blood. stretchy brown CM that night. Then the next day I had tan/yellow stretchy CM. I’ve taken pregnancy tests and a blood test and they’re negative. Yesterday I had milky white CM on my cervix. Today I had clear, stretchy CM like fertile CM.. but thinking it may be leukorrhea? I may be just testing too early? I have absolutely every single pregnancy sign, it’s almost ridiculous that I feel in denial, because I’ve never had CM like this before. I should retest in two weeks???? Thanks.

  49. so i haven’t had my period for 4 months now, i token pregnancy test and all came back neg. but just this past weekend my bf and i had sex but i didnt take my pill tell after i rush to the restroom and took it., would i still have a chance of being preg.?

    • It depends on the pill. Emergency contraceptives can be taken within 72 hours. The chance of getting pregnant still exists. And as you’re on continuous contraception not had period for 4 months, your body must have not been as receptive for pregnancy. Some tuning after stopping contraceptive is essential for getting pregnant.

  50. Morning pills are often successful. If you had symptoms like severe pain in the abdomen most likely you won’t be pregnant. Precum can have sperms no matter how many times the male partner pees. The pill intake is a more reliable factor. Nevertheless take a test near due date to make sure.

  51. we had unprotected sex on the 30th and having periods on the 14th and this never happened in my menstrual cycle please help am I pregnent


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