Leg Cramps During Pregnancy: Causes & Home Remedies


What causes leg cramps during pregnancy?

Leg cramps during pregnancy have been unexplainable because a single cause isn’t pinpointed. There are many possible reasons for it such as hormonal imbalance, weight gain, and change in blood circulation rate. Pregnant women have a hard time falling asleep at night due to the painful spasms in legs in calf and feet.

In severe cases one has to seek medical help, otherwise, pregnancy leg cramps are curable using some basic home remedies. Pregnancy leg cramps are not different from normal leg cramps in the feeling, however, the intensity and cause of pain are different.

Best 15 natural remedies for Leg cramps during pregnancy
Best 15 natural remedies for Leg cramps during pregnancy

Home remedies for leg cramps during pregnancy

Here we have best 15 natural remedies for pregnancy leg cramps:

  1. Massage your legs with hot oil before going to bed: Massaging helps to move the substances that cause the leg cramps such as lactic acids. They get accumulated in your muscles due to excess strain and do not get degraded until long. The only way to accelerate the process is by manually pushing them off the localized region. The hot oil massage will soothe you more than a hot compress.
  1. Wear soft footwear and preferably the one that has been specially designed for pregnant women: Wearing uncomfortable footwear has more to do than just cause you trip and fall. And even tripping can be hazardous in early pregnancy. Misfit footwear will not only worsen your leg cramps but also affect your uterus position. It might even create troubles for you after your pregnancy such as twisted pelvic bones. A right pair of footwear will avoid pregnancy leg cramps getting from severe.
  1. Don’t stand at a stretch for more than a few minutes: We know that you are not from stone-age and have a multitude of things to deal with even during the course of your pregnancy. One of the major causes of pregnancy leg cramps is movement of fluids to the legs. They then slower blood circulation. This even prevents the retrograde flow of the fluids. It is the cause of the swelling you see in your feet.
  1. Staying hydrated prevents pregnancy leg cramps: Drinking sufficient amount of water is recommendable for everyone. It gets even more beneficial when it is simultaneously for two lives. Drinking water will keep your tissues hydrated and prevent pregnancy leg cramps. Also, your blood circulation will be better and so the fluids will keep moving and maintain a healthy balance.
  1. Practice Yoga for relieving pregnancy leg cramps: Yoga helps to stretch every muscle and does that without any aggressive workout. It will help to keep your legs agile and also benefit you in endless other ways. There are special pregnancy yoga classes for pregnant women and they have special yoga postures for pregnancy leg cramps.
  1. Soak your legs in lukewarm water with Epsom salt: Magnesium salt has the properties to cure any sort of leg pains. Pregnancy cramps are no exception to Epsom salt and it treats them. Take a big tub filled with lukewarm water and add three spoonfuls of Epsom salt and soak your legs. There is another thing that happens due to saline soak for pregnancy cramps. As you must have seen that your feet swell at the end of the day. They have got a lot of fluids. When you soak your legs in a highly concentrated solution then this fluid moves out by the process of osmosis and your feet will feel lighter.
  1. Walk with barefoot on dewy grass in morning: Walking on grass with bare feet has many benefits like curing respiratory troubles. There are many theories as to how this happens. Walking barefoot on dewy grass in morning will help prevent pregnancy leg cramps. The mild pricking acts like a sort of massage therapy and it is the most natural form it. One should make a habit to walk barefoot on grass during her pregnancy for at least 20 minutes every morning to prevent pregnancy leg cramps.
  1. Always sleep with a lot of pillows under your feet: Elevating your feet with pillows underneath can help to drive the fluids back and also will make you feel comfortable. Make a small pile of ultra soft pillows for placing under your feet to treat pregnancy leg cramps. It will also help reduce the uterus from sagging down. Sleeping with pillow will certainly prevent pregnancy leg cramps.
  1. Wear stockings and supporters for preventing pregnancy leg cramps: Wearing stockings or calf supporting PJs can help avoid accumulation of fluids in legs. This prevents pregnancy leg cramps to a major extent. However, make sure that your stockings are not tight to prevent blood flow. Also, avoid wearing synthetic stockings as your skin becomes extremely sensitive during pregnancy.
  1. Apply clove oil for healing pregnancy leg cramps: Clove Oil has many healing properties due to the strong alkaloids and other enzymes present in it. These chemicals are beneficial for treating pregnancy leg cramps. Applying clove oil while massaging your feet can really alleviate the symptoms of pregnancy leg cramps.
  1. Use apple cider vinegar for curing pregnancy leg cramps: Apple Cider Vinegar is being researched a lot for its medicinal properties. This vinegar that is easily available and is in your kitchen can help to reduce the painful swelling of pregnancy leg cramps. You can enhance the effects by doing both things together that is taking small doses of Apple Cider Vinegar and even applying some of it on your legs.
  1. Stretch and jerk your feet for alleviating pregnancy leg cramps: Most of the pregnant females become a couch potato. They spend the entire day sitting or lying down and filling in food. This is not good for your baby and you will regret it later when shedding off your pregnancy weight will seem like most difficult thing in the world. Stretching your legs and giving mil jerks to your feet in a fast repeated fashion can help you avoid having persistent pregnancy leg cramps.
  1. Don’t lift weight for avoiding pregnancy leg cramps: Lifting weight during pregnancy requires a lot of precaution. Only a correct position can prevent the damage incurred by lifting something light as a box. It is best to ask for help to get such shifting and lifting done. In cases of urgency always remember that you have to bend at your knees and you back shouldn’t bend. Increase in body weight during pregnancy causes pregnancy leg cramps. Further lifting weights can add on the agony.
  1. Use ice pack for soothing pregnancy leg cramps: Apply ice packs when pain becomes unbearable. This is generally for the pregnancy leg cramps that have chemical causes. Ice can prevent the action of the hormones and factors released due to allergic reactions. It will also desensitize the area for a while and so you won’t feel the pain. Ice packs for pregnancy leg cramps are natural pain killers.
  1. Avoid taking pain killers for relieving: Painkillers taken for pregnancy leg cramps are additive addictive substances. This means that every consecutive time you will need a higher dose. And generally they are for allergic pain and so taking over the counter painkillers for pregnancy leg cramps is not a good practice.

Hormones loosen cervix and pubis symphysis for delivery, towards end of pregnancy. Pubis symphysis is the cartilage joining pelvic bones. These hormones also act on your other parts and even on bones in the feet and legs. Thus your shoe size may increase after pregnancy or at least during pregnancy. Pregnancy leg cramps are excruciatingly agonizing but they are a good reason to get a good massage from your partner’s hands and have a queen’s time!


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