Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

Curious about Pine Sol pregnancy test? 

You’re not alone! Many women who heard about Pine-Sol test were confused at first. ????

Many women still like natural ways of testing pregnancy. They still rely on old wives tales for testing pregnancy.

Spending dollars to get an over the counter pregnancy test seems so unpleasant to them. 

Do it yourself pregnancy tests also make testing pregnancy seem like an adventure. Some women have privacy concerns. Therefore, homemade pregnancy tests like Pine-Sol Pregnancy Test maintain their secrecy.

Pine Sol Pregnancy Test is just like the counterpart bleach pregnancy test. The only difference being that Pine-Sol doesn’t give out harmful toxic fumes.

Pine-Sol Pregnancy test has enough reviews and testimonials validating its accuracy. A pine-sol pregnancy test is easy to take and gives results within few minutes.

The advantage of this test is that it gives both a change in color and texture for the positive pregnancy test.

Pine-Sol has a natural golden brown color. This color changes to green or blue if the urine of woman has hCG.

The hormone hCG starts coming in the urine of a pregnant woman. It is not present in the urine of a non pregnant woman. Thus this hormone acts as a marker for pregnancy and is the basis of almost all pregnancy tests.

Pine Sol Pregnancy Test
Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

How to do the Pine Sol Pregnancy Test?

Taking the Pine Sol pregnancy test is very easy. Things you need while taking this test include two clean containers and a good quality Pine Sol.

Pine-Sol Pregnancy Test instructions

  1. Take a clean cup and collect your early morning urine sample. It is important to use early morning urine as the time taken for the test will depend on the amount of hCG. Early morning urine has a higher hCG level and is best suited for any pregnancy test.
  2. In the collected urine sample add a small amount of Pine Sol.
  3. Wait for any change in color and frothing to confirm the test results.

Pine-Sol test for pregnancy gives you results within few minutes if you have passed enough time after conception.

If you take the test before the missed period, you might get a false pregnancy test.

A pregnancy test with Pine Sol needs an extremely clean container. Using a dish or bowl which is in constant use might give false results with Pine Sol Homemade Pregnancy Test. A disposable cup is best for taking this test.

One should not use a scented Pine Sol for making homemade Pine Sol PT. When a colored or scented Pine-Sol reacts with urine, it might give as reliable results.

This test needs a fresh Pine-Sol. An expired, or outdated Pine Sol will corrupt the results. Only a high grade original Pine Sol is suitable for the test.

Pine-Sol Pregnancy Test accuracy

It all depends on how correctly you perform the test. Missing out on steps or taking the test too early will make it compromise its accuracy.

How accurate is Pine Sol Pregnancy Test?

No pregnancy test is 100% accurate. Especially in the case of homemade pregnancy tests, nothing can be simply based on their results.

One needs to cross-check their results with a doctor. However, factors like timing and sterility of apparatus decide the accuracy of Pine Sol Pregnancy Test.

Pine-Sol Pregnancy Test results

Positive Pine Sol Pregnancy Test looks like a bluish green color solution. Some women have also reported small bubbles and frothing in the solution.

Pine-Sol Pregnancy Test positive

Pine-Sol Pregnancy Test color for positive results might not be obvious. There is a big dilemma about the color code of Pine Sol Pregnancy Test.

Being a homemade pregnancy test, it was never studied by scientists, and so no relevant data is available.

One is only left at the mercy of reviews of Pine Sol Pregnancy Test. ‘What does a positive Pine Sol Pregnancy Test look like?’ is a question every woman asks.

What is the color of positive Pine Sol Pregnancy Test?

The natural color of Pine Sol changes from brownish golden to green-blue color to confirm that you are pregnant. So the answer to this question is that the color of a positive Pine Sol Pregnancy Test is bluish green.

Pine Sol Pregnancy Test negative

If there is no change in color and appearance of the Pine-Sol Pregnancy Test, it shows that you are not pregnant.

The only confirmatory response for a negative pregnancy test is no change in the test.

Negative results are like the pregnancy test kits. You have to wait till the end hoping for color change. 

If you forcefully add Pine Sol in urine, you may get a false positive result. The foam and fizz will be because of falling Pine Sol and not due to pregnancy.

Similarly taking the Pine Sol Pregnancy test before missed period will give a false negative result.

Your body needs time to build up hCG. The hCG levels above 25 mIU/mL found in a woman diagnose her as pregnant. If a woman takes the test too early then she will get the false test result.

Even after taking the Pine Sol Pregnancy Test one must go to the doctor for pregnancy blood test.

Ultrasound and hospital pregnancy tests are the only 100% confirmatory pregnancy tests.

All home pregnancy tests are only qualitative pregnancy tests and do not estimate the amount of hCG.

There are reasons other than pregnancy that can elevate the hCG levels. They give false positive pregnancy tests.

It is mandatory for a woman to see a doctor if she sees signs of early pregnancy after having unprotected sex.


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