Vinegar Pregnancy Test

Getting the news of your pregnancy feels blissful! Some women who are planning to get pregnant cannot even wait for a day after making love to take a pregnancy test and we are happy about it. Vinegar pregnancy test is one of the oldest homemade pregnancy tests. Plain vinegar can be found in most homes and is super cheap. Read on to know how to do a vinegar pregnancy test.

What is the Vinegar Pregnancy Test?

A Vinegar Pregnancy Test is a homemade pregnancy test that uses vinegar. Vinegar is a dilute acid and hence can react with the proteins of the hormone hCG.

What are the different types of vinegar pregnancy tests (PT)?

Two vinegar pregnancy tests are traditional vinegar PT  and Tuna oil vinegar PT.

  1. The traditional vinegar test only uses plain vinegar and gives a change in color only when you are pregnant.
  2. Tuna oil vinegar pregnancy test has a color diversion and gives a different color for both negative and positive pregnancy test.
Vinegar Pregnancy Test
Vinegar Pregnancy Test

How to do the Vinegar Pregnancy test?

Taking a Vinegar PT is very easy and the results are easy to read.

What do you need for taking the Vinegar pregnancy test?

You need the following things for taking vinegar pregnancy test:

Things needed for Conventional Vinegar Pregnancy Test

  1. Fresh white vinegar: Don’t use any other vinegar like apple cider vinegar because they already have color. Hence the change of color will be less evident in them.
  2. Two transparent clean bowls that can stand without toggling
  3. Morning urine sample
  4. A clean stirrer
  5. A white sheet or a white cloth

Things needed for taking the Tuna Oil and vinegar Pregnancy Test

  1. Fresh white vinegar
  2. Two transparent clean bowls
  3. Morning urine sample
  4. A clean stirrer
  5. A white sheet or a white cloth
  6. Measuring cups
  7. Tuna oil

How to do the vinegar pregnancy test?

Steps for taking Vinegar PT

  1. Collect your early morning urine sample.
  2. In a bowl pour and fill half of it with white vinegar.
  3. Now gently go on adding urine.
  4. Stir using a clean stirrer.
  5. After you’ve added an equal volume of urine to the vinegar stop adding more urine.
  6. Wait for some time but don’t leave the vinegar pregnancy test unattended.
  7. Place it on a clean white sheet.
  8. Observe for any color changes in the bowl.

How to do the Tuna oil and vinegar PT?

Steps for taking a Tuna Oil and Vinegar Pregnancy Test

  1. Collect your morning urine sample.
  2. Take a measuring cup and take 1/4th volume Tuna oil and 1/4th vinegar.
  3. Pour this mix into the bowl.
  4. Add 1/2 volume of urine to the mix of Tuna Oil and vinegar.
  5. Now place the bowl on a white clean sheet.
  6. Observe the color changes and draw results of Tuna Oil and vinegar Pregnancy Test.

How to read Vinegar pregnancy test?

How to read a traditional vinegar pregnancy test?

  1. In a traditional vinegar test color changes show that you are pregnant.
  2. If there is no color change then you are not pregnant.

How to read the Tuna oil and vinegar Pregnancy Test?

The Tuna oil and vinegar pregnancy test shows a color change for both the PT results.

  1. If the solution changes the color to orangish yellow then you are not pregnant.
  2. While the solution turns to green hues for indicating that you are pregnant.

How does Vinegar Pregnancy Test work?

  1. Vinegar is chemically acetic acid and is a diluted concentration. It is an acid so it can react with the proteins of the hormone hCG.
  2. A Vinegar PT is a complex reaction of hCG and vinegar.

This is the reason why it is so difficult to generalize the ratio of vinegar and urine.

One has to use hit and trial skills for coming to know the amount of urine and vinegar for doing the Vinegar Pregnancy Test in the right manner.

The Tuna oil and vinegar PT is an improvisation of this and has a better performance.

What are the pros of using a Vinegar Pregnancy Test?

Pros of Vinegar PT

  1. Homemade vinegar pregnancy test is almost free
  2. Allows you to repeat the test many times
  3. It is very basic pregnancy test
  4. Your pregnancy state remains confidential
  5. No harmful fumes or substances evolved
  6. Faster homemade pregnancy test

Pros of Tuna oil and vinegar pregnancy test

  1. It is improvisation of the traditional vinegar PT
  2. There is a color change for both positive and negative pregnancy test

What are the Cons of Vinegar Pregnancy Test?

Cons of Vinegar PT

  1. One cannot figure out the right ratio of urine to vinegar in the first go
  2. One cannot take a very early pregnancy test

Cons of Tuna oil and Vinegar PT

  1. Tuna oil might not be available easily

Why should I take the Vinegar Pregnancy Test?

A vinegar pregnancy test is the most popular homemade pregnancy test. It is the easiest homemade test and gives the results within few moments.

What to do after taking Vinegar Pregnancy tests?

A Vinegar Test is just a preliminary homemade pregnancy test.

After taking the Vinegar Pregnancy Test you need to take a doctor’s appointment and get yourself tested.

Homemade pregnancy tests are interesting. You can read about 23 different homemade pregnancy tests and decide which one suits you the best.


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