Implantation Bleeding – Early And Late Period

Implantation bleeding – early and late period is something most women fret about. In this article, we will help you differentiate between the two. 

Early and late period by a day or two is not considered a problem by most women.

Very rarely do women get their period exactly for the same time on the same date every month throughout the year.

But after unprotected sex, everything seems abnormal if you don’t want a pregnancy.

Even if you’re trying to get pregnant, you seem to lose your judgment about spotting before period. 

Implantation Bleeding - Early And Late Period
Implantation Bleeding – Early And Late Period

Implantation bleeding or early period

Usually, Implantation occurs 7 DPO (Days Past Ovulation) and period takes double the time to start.

But sometimes the aunt’s flow surprises you by coming a week early. 

So is it implantation bleeding or early period?

Implantation bleeding and period differ in more than one thing.

The timing of the spotting is just one of the criteria to distinguish implantation or period. 

If the flow of blood is heavy, then it is most probably early period. The color of menses is bright red. Implantation spotting can be light or dark brown. Only a few drops of blood come out of the vagina as implantation bleeding.

How to distinguish implantation bleeding and early period?

You can distinguish Implantation bleeding and early period by looking for implantation symptoms.

The other signs of implantation such as cramps also distinguish it from an early period.

During implantation, the cramping is mild and doesn’t hurt much.

Menstrual cramps are immensely painful, and they continue for a longer time. 

Implantation symptoms include changes in cervical mucus.

After implantation which is only 24-48 hours long, the cervical mucus glands discharge watery fluid.

Whereas after the period the vagina is not as wet as after pregnancy. 

The mucus plug is essential for protecting the growing embryo. It seals the cervix end to prevent entry and exit from that point.

The rest is covered by the placenta that starts forming after implantation. 

Pregnancy tests after implantation are positive and cannot be positive after the period.

The egg flows out along with the endometrial lining during a period, so pregnancy is not possible.

Early period or implantation bleeding is a common question by women who have a light period.

The first day of the period is more about cramps and breaking of the uterine lining and less about heavy blood flow.

The next day the flow gets heavier and the cramping subsides gradually.

In case of implantation, the cramping totally vanishes after the first day.

Period three days early or implantation bleeding?

Implantation can happen anytime between 7-12 days after ovulation. So it is only 3 days before period if it late implantation. 

In some cases, implantation can be so late that you miss period during next cycle. If you don’t take a pregnancy test, you will not even come to know that you are pregnant for a month. 

This is because the baby bump hasn’t grown much and you can dismiss the pregnancy signs unaware of the cause.

It will be dangerous for your baby and you if you keep taking painkillers or other drugs. 

Period 3 days early is possible but implantation bleeding look like period is not.

A period will always be heavier and will last longer. Implantation bleeding will be light and get over within two days at most. 

You need to consider all points of differences between implantation bleeding and period.

Short early period or implantation bleeding

Now a woman who doesn’t want to get pregnant or who is anxious about early pregnancy loss will not accept reality.

Short early period or implantation bleeding disregards two points of difference. 

One, the duration of period considering it as a short early period and second, the timing by considering that it is early period. 

Still, you are left with other ways to figure out implantation bleeding or early menses. You can record your basal body temperature, and if you find a dip, then it is implantation. 

Following this, there will be a rise in BBT back to normal. The triphasic BBT confirms that you are pregnant.

Why implantation happens only a week after conception?

Implantation occurs after the zygote reaches a 64 celled stage called blastocyst. The first division after fertilization takes 30 hours, more than a day. 

The next division takes another 10 hours after it.

The fourth division completes after 3 days from fertilization.

Over the time a mulberry like a bunch of cells structures caller Morula forms. 

Later on, the morula goes on dividing to give rise to blastocyst. The human fertilization occurs in the fallopian tubes. 

During cleavage or division of the fertilized egg, the embryo travels down the tubes to reach the uterus for implantation, opposite to the way a sperm traveled for fertilization.

On the seventh day after fertilization, the embryo reaches the site of implantation. Now it attaches to the lining of the uterus using the trophoblast fibers.

The secretions from the uterus lining help it sink inside. 

Then it extends projections for obtaining nutrition. After 48 hours from start, implantation completes.

On adding the time of postfertilization events, you get about a week. So implantation happens only a week after conception.

How to distinguish between implantation bleeding or irregular period?

Implantation bleeding or irregular period can be similar if you have only spotting. But the color of implantation bleeding will still be different from the irregular period. 

An irregular or regular period is fresh blood coming out of the vagina. Implantation spotting is old blood that comes out of the vagina after staying there for some time. 

The reason for this is the quantity of blood is so less during implantation that it takes time to flow through. While in case of the period it is a continuous flow.

For distinguishing implantation bleeding and irregular period, you can check out your ovulation date using an online ovulation calculator.

If the spotting is about a week after ovulation and has a brown color, then it is because of implantation.

Obviously, it requires that you have had sex before you expect implantation. If you did not have sex for a long time near ovulation, then it can be irregular period. 

Along with that, you need to look for symptoms like cramping and pain. Even during an irregular period, the pain is excruciating.

So if you are in pain then you may be having irregular menstrual flow.

Late implantation bleeding

Yes, late implantation bleeding is when it almost takes place during menses. You will not miss your period. All women are unique and so different things can happen. 

Late implantation bleeding is because of various reasons like the slow division of egg. This prevents the following events and in turn delays implantation. 

After fertilization, early pregnancy factor releases and many other chemicals are essential for growth. Any defects during this stage can cause late implantation bleeding.


  1. My cycle was 2 days late but on the 3rd day it started with clear mucus with spots of blood in it then brown discharge. It lasted 4 days but on the 4th day it was only brown discharge then nothing. Before this I’ve been nauseous, lower back pain, headaches, and I’m sleepy. Took 2 pregnancy tests 1 was a false positive then the other was negative. Still on day 4 and still cramping but its brown discharge and has been all day. What’s going on?

    • Consider repeating a test after you miss period for 2 weeks. Implantation bleeding can be late due to late embedment or miscalculation. A test after 4 days of missing period is too early.

  2. My cycle was 2 days late but on the 3rd day it started with clear mucus with spots of blood in it then brown discharge. It lasted 4 days but on the 4th day it was only brown discharge then nothing. Before this I’ve been nauseous, lower back pain, headaches, and I’m sleepy. Took 2 pregnancy tests 1 was a false positive then the other was negative. Still on day 4 and still cramping but its brown discharge and has been all day. What’s going on? Hellpppp

    • If you think that the pregnancy test was false positive and negative then consult a doctor. Period with mucus and brown discharge for four days is not implantation bleeding normally.

  3. I had light pink spotting only when I wiped on the 28the of last mth exactly a week from af. I was nauseated that night next day frequent urination and a really bad headache along with mild cramping. Friday and Saturday bad headache and felt like I had a cold. Sunday and Monday sore boobs and today mild cramping and still sore boobs. I felt a little nauseated all those days as well. What does this mean?

    • You have mentioned you had spotting last month. Probably that means you did not get your period. Symptoms that you’ve mentioned are early pregnancy symptoms. But it can happen due to other reasons like a flu or missing pills or yeast infection. Consider taking a pregnancy test or meeting your doc.

  4. My period was late for three days then on the fourth day day it started with brown discharge and then continued with light red blood for four days (4th march to 7th march) but not as my regular flow.. should i call it a light leriod or implantation bleeding? I took a test on the day of my missed period but it was negative. I really confused!

    • Taking test on day of missed period can be really early sometimes. Wait for two weeks and take another test if you are seeing pregnancy symptoms. Otherwise light period is not abnormal in a sexually active woman.

  5. My period was late for three days then on the fourth day it started with brown discharge and then continued with light red blood for four days (4th march to 7th march) but not as my regular flow.. on and off bleeding. Should i call it a light period or implantation bleeding? I took a test on the day of my missed period but it was negative. I am really confused! I am ttc for four months.

  6. ive had brown spotting on my regular period date and no periods, this spotting lasted for 4 days , i took a test during these days it was negative. still havent gotten my period . what do i do ?

    • You can miss a period if you were sick or are taking contraceptives. Wait for sometime and consider taking another test. Look for pregnancy symptoms more carefully.

  7. Hi,
    I felt cramping on 3/17 which I noticed because I never really cramp prior to my period especially not a whole week before. Then had some dark brown spotting a day or two later and have had nausea every day, fatigue, sore and swollen breasts, have been moody and VERY emotional, like break out into tears for no reason emotional, food aversions, head ache, felt like I had a low grade fever, felt sick with one beer, literally every early pregnancy symptom in the book! I am now two days late but had two negative tests, any insight? I’m going crazy googling anything and everything! Any insight you can provide would be soooo appreciated! Thanks so much!

    • All the symptoms that you’ve mentioned are not as decisive as a pregnancy test. If you are on contraceptives then situation is more complex. Two days late period negative pregnancy test is not a big issue. Women take as long as three weeks due to get a positive pregnancy test.

  8. my gf’s mens is late by 7 days and yester day is the seventh day.she had brown discharge then after an hour or 2 she said theres a spot of bright red blood.then a few hours later again theres still brown discharge its much less than earlier and this one has clots.then a few hours later again theres pinkish blood that soaked through her pad theres many of it and another few hours later like 11:30 pm march 28 she said theres dark red blood in her pad like dark red no clots…is this implantation bleeding? note that shes 7 days late thanks in advance

    • oh and shes having lowerabdominal cramping and back pain she said it hurts and its like menstrual cramping though she didnt have the back pain before

      • Her confusion between menstrual and early pregnancy cramps is true. It is difficult to distinguish between the two. Positive pregnancy test, blood test, morning sickness, and missed period are more decisive indicators of pregnancy.

    • The frequency of spotting is slightly higher than what is normally expected for implantation. Wait for two days and if spotting continues then consult a doctor. You can take a pregnancy test next week to detect pregnancy.

  9. I am now a week late on my predicted period and my boobs been sore around the outer parts and I’ve been bloated. On the 7th day of missing, I started my “period” and it was a vibrant red but is very light and stopped after an hour or so. Am I pregnant???

    • If you’re sure that it was “period” then the symptoms were just because it was a late period. Vibrant red spotting for an hour ideally shouldn’t be implantation bleeding. Brown spotting is implantation bleeding.

      • I’m on my second day now and it’s quite light compared to my periods before and I been having fever like symptoms plus cramping what can this be?

        • Cramps occur during period and you may even feel feverish. If you are on your second day then it is most probably period. We can’t diagnose anything. Consider taking a pregnancy test or get a doctor’s appointment if symptoms are causing unusual pain or discomfort.

  10. Hi I’m back, because I still have no answer! My last normal period was still feb 3rd! I never missed a period besides when I was pregnant 2 times 4 and 5 years ago. My periods are usually a heavy flow! So that’s why what is happening to me is completely abnormal! I spotting a few days my period was due in much! Very light spotting! But this month on April 1st I been spotting everyday and still is! The bleeding is not heavy and it only appears on the tissue when I wipe myself! It is pink, sometimes , brown, sometimes orangish color and now it’s just light pink! So far in a couple of hours this would be the 10th day of spotting every day since April 1st! Pregnancy are negative! But what could cause this light spotting for over 9 days straight ??? I know it’s not my period plus it’s too long!

    • We welcome you as many times you need. If you only get it on your tissue then it could be any infection. The changing color of blood and the tinge mentioned are signs of infection. If your partner had an infection such as yeast then you could have contracted it. Spotting for a week is a reason to worry indeed. But spotting for a week is because of hormonal imbalance. And it happens to many. So, don’t worry and consult a doctor, hormonal therapies (pills) will cure it.

  11. My period was 4 days late took a HPT on the fourth day negative. Had minor cramps. The Fifth day woke up too yellow clear mucus with brown spots when I wiped. Still had mild cramping but only lasting that morning. The next morning it was bright red spotting that evening the spotting went to a dark brown no cramping could that be implantmentation or a period? Should I take another HPT?

    • Wait for a week before you take another pregnancy test – HPT. Yellow mucus with brown spots and then spotting, most probably your period is about to start. If you had sex near ovulation then it favors the notion of implantation spotting.

      • Brown spotting for 2 days nothing after our last conversation in April. Normal period is 4 -5 days with serve cramping. Negative pregnancy test at doctors office. Since breast have been sensitive, no cramping, bad headaches, nausea, back pain, acne, fatigue brown spotting again 6days before expected period with no cramping. Could this be implamentation bleeding or irregular period? Should i take a HPT again? Or just wait to go to the doctor end of the month.know that if i was pregnant i am only about 7wks need direction

        • Implantation bleeding doesn’t occur repeatedly. Negative pregnancy test from a lab is most reliable. It is possible that you spot during pregnancy and hCG levels take time to rise up. But eventually your doctor can make out whether you’re pregnant. If you’re 7 weeks pregnant as per your calculations you can get an ultrasound check to cross check pregnancy test results. Period irregularities have similar symptoms of acne, nausea, spotting. Hormonal imbalance is very common at some point in a woman’s reproductive stage of life.

  12. Hello I had protected sex the day after ovulation supposedly. In 5 days I began to spot red blood it went on for about 7 days. On the 4th day of spotting I took a pregnancy test which was negative. On the 8th day which was 2 days before my regular period was supposed to start, it got heavy like a regular period I had to wear pads and change them out, that stopped after 3 days (I’m usually 4 days). I have no pregnancy symptoms other than mild cramps. Could i still be pregnant? I am not ttc.

    • Protected sex after ovulation is less likely to lead to pregnancy. The duration of spotting along with heavy bleeding for three days indicates that you are not pregnant. A negative pregnancy test further validates the above conclusion. Take a pregnancy test after three weeks to reassure.

  13. Hi. I had implantation bleeding a week before im suppose to have my period. The discharge was very light and intermittent until it stopped after five days. i took three pregancy test already for a span of two weeks from missing my period but results say its negative. I’m two weeks late for my period and then i’m having heavy blood flow and painful cramps. What is happening to me? Did i have a miscarriage? why did i have two periods or discharge within one month?

    • You can have spotting due to hormonal imbalance. It is not two period in a month. The symptoms you’ve mentioned suggest that it was a period and not implantation bleeding. Three negative pregnancy test also mean that you weren’t pregnant. It is not uncommon for a woman to have spotting and hormonal imbalance. If you’re taking contraceptive pills consult a doctor about them.

  14. Hi,
    On February, I took a Plan B pill on 16th, and another one on the next day. after we done the unprotected sex and my predicted period was the last 2 weeks of the month, most recently. its just that my menstruation cycle is not always at the same date of the month (which gives me that I am irregular). After a month, on the 16th of March. something has changed; I keep on burping, yawning, get irritated on smallest thing and on people, dizziness happened, bloated, throwing up (not like throw up throw up, its in there but its not coming out but just a saliva), I keep on eating like always hungry and I gained pounds for just a week. I thought I should do a PT. So, I did. it turned out the result was negative. I was kind of relieved, but the symptoms was still there. After all that, I was still hoping for my period to come. and I thought it did. Because, on the 23rd of March at night, I went to the bathroom there was blood on my underwear, so I thought that was my period already. but, it only happened for 2 days? no cramps and I was just feeling tired. You know it wasn’t fresh blood. it was just spotting, discharged brown, and a light or pink color? . I’ve been searching and reading every pregnancy, ovulation, implantation bleeding, like everything that is connected on that matters.

    • A pregnancy test result supersedes all symptoms. Take another pregnancy test after 3 weeks. But if you’re having all early pregnancy symptoms then it is possible that you are getting false negative pregnancy test. You took contraceptive and had protected sex, pregnancy ideally must not occur. But contraceptives do fail. Some women do get period for first three months of pregnancy. If your confusion still persists then consult a doctor.

  15. On the 20th (2 days ago) a really bad cramps happened up to now. Back pain and abdomen was really bad. This is unusual to me and the pain is so unbearable. I went to the bathroom on that morning ‘cos I felt wet and there was nothing on my underwear. but, I peed and there was a dark menstrual clots like a lot and the blood was light, every time I wiped. it lasted until yesterday afternoon. this the first time that happened to me. I am so confused of whats going on to and I’m worried about my health. I don’t know what to think.

    • At times you miss your period or don’t have a heavy bleeding phase. Especially when a woman uses contraceptive and is sexually active. It is not necessary that you’re pregnant if you’re experiencing symptoms. But taking risk out of ignorance will worsen your health. Consult a doctor.

  16. My periods are regular, last month (March) I started on the 23rd (lasted a week as usual.) I started taking birth control pills April 2nd & had sex on the 6th (used condoms.) I started bleeding a week after that, this light red that turned into a bright red but was watery with barely any tiny clots (no smell), for a few days when it stopped I got stressed with something & bleed more but it was never heavy. I usually have heavy thicker dark periods with alot of huge clots & just a few sharp cramps. I was very emotional, tired, body heat was warmer than usual, lower back sore, bit cramping mild kinda uncomfortable not sharp pains as usual, food idk if it’s a coincidence but nothing much appeals to me or not liking the smell of stuff I used love gives me headaches (don’t know if it’s a coincidence, emotionally was dealing with something stressfully embarrassing, I’m 18 & panicked since I don’t want to think I’m possibily pregnant.) I wasn’t suppose to start my period for 2 more weeks. Went back to Planned Parenthood on Monday 16th, was told it’s too early to test & it might be the pills I started. That my concerns were valid & to come back next Friday 27th (this week.) Desperate for anything I took a First Response test on Sunday 22nd, came out negative. I’m on my 3rd day (25th) of what was meant to be my period ( suppose start 23rd.) No bleeding, still tired, sore lower back (I try not to think about it since I don’t want to be pregnant.) I heard about implantation bleeding, I don’t know much but I bleed a week after sex and my mom told me it could be my period. But I wasn’t suppose to start for two more weeks & it’s usually on time. I had sex only that day for the first time in years so I’m worried cause like I said it’s usually on time & this other bleeding I never had before. I don’t know if other women have experienced this & actually turned out pregnant or idk I’m just worried.

    • You’re having erratic spotting and the symptoms you mention are early pregnancy signs. But, you are on contraceptive plus you used condom while having sex and had it after long period of abstaining. You got a negative pregnancy test but that was too early. Sore back can be because of many other reasons. First of all before anything else, calm down! You must have already given enough thought to whether of not his cum went inside you. You had sex in the first week after period, when the fertility window is still far. Chances are less likely that you could be pregnant. The reason your period is late is because you already had early spotting this month. Eat raw pineapple, lots of it, it’ll speed up your period. Women on contraceptive do skip their period, or have spotting in place of it. Take a pregnancy test after two weeks from now.

  17. I had sex, had implantation the next week for 2 days then from there I’ve had cramps and i came on my period 2 weeks late. It started off a light pink and then got bright red and looks watery. I’ve been dizzy and light headed, cramps, and nausea… what is wrong with me?

      • Failed? You got negative results? Yes, after implantation bleeding if you don’t miss your period, it is a sigh that it was random spotting before period.

    • Your period did come so now you can take a pregnancy test and check if you’re pregnant. The timing of implantation mentioned by you is correct.

  18. I had a period on March 22…then ovulated on March 26_ 30…me and hubby had sex on March 27,28,and 30th….then April 5 -8 spotted Brown and light pink …for the first time ever….and now I’m cd23 and negative hpt…period due in about 3 days… was that implantation bleeding and am I testing too early

    • After period on March 22 you can’t have ovulation on 26-30. Spotting cause is not relatable to your description. You’re testing early certainly.

  19. Hi ,
    I had bright red bleeding on the 23 of this month. It lasted 2 days. I only wore panie liners. My period was due on the 28 and only last 3 days . Did I experience an early period or inplantaion bleeding? Me and my boyfriend has been super nauseous for about a week?

    • Being nauseous for a week can be because of change in environment. Your male partner won’t experience the symptom if you’re pregnant. That is another sign that nausea is because
      of some other reason. Bright red bleeding is most likely early period and not implantation bleeding. Pen down whether you had unprotected sex near ovulation.

  20. My period is usually on time like clock work. It’s usually dark brown, heavy, and have clots in it and it usually lasts for about 5 or 6 days. This month, My period was late for 2 days. On the 3rd day, I started spotting bright pink and then a couple hours later it turned dark. Then it went back to bright pink. It did this off and on for 3 days. I haven’t taken a pregnancy test since I started spotting. Is it possible that I’m pregnant? I am not on contraceptives.

    • Implantation bleeding occurs before due period. But if you’re not on contraceptives and had pink spotting it could be late implantation bleeding. Considering the fact that your period is always on time and dark and heavy then this can be early pregnancy sign. Take a pregnancy test after a week.

  21. Hi there!.. I started spotting very very faint pink on some toilet paper only when I wiped for a day, then the two days afterwards were just very light brown spotting, only when I wiped. This was about 6 days before I was supposed to start my period. My period ended up being 5 days late and it just came on today, but this time I have no cramping. On the first days I’m always cramping really badly to the point that I can’t even get out of bed. My symptoms since the spotting have been dizziness/light headedness, tender/ WAY heavier boobs and abdominal aches, like I have just done 100 crunches lol…. could you still spot and have a period and be pregnant? It’s freaking me out and driving me CRAZY

    • Yes pregnancy spotting is normal. Some women do get period for first three months. Thus, absence of period or spotting are not totally reliable signs of early pregnancy. The spotting duration of 6 days is way beyond normal implantation bleeding. Take a pregnancy test if the latter mentioned symptoms continue.

  22. Hi, i had an early miscarriage on feb 01 this year.
    Day 1 of my last period was 31st March. Ive had period like pains and cramps since sat 28th April…..but no sign of my period. When i wipe ive had a brown discharge but nothing too noticeable. Took a test yday and today….both negative….. should i just hold off for another week or so. As i type this i have period like pains….. thank you 💛

    • You’re testing too early. Wait for another week if you feel that you may be pregnant. And 28th April is early to expect period as well. If 31st March was your first day then you might have had period during starting of April. You must wait for two weeks before repeating your pregnancy test.

  23. Hey,
    So I was supposed to start my period on April 27th and started spotting on the 2nd and 3rd (which was a light pink color and only for an hour or two) I have taken 2 pregnancy test and both were negative. I did start working out again last month which I was reading could be the problem, but have never missed or been late with my period but by a day or two. I do have little back and stomach cramps but that’s about it. At this point, Google is not helping me. Not sure if I should just wait and see what happens.

    • Consider pregnancy a reason for spotting when you’re sexually active. Working out normally doesn’t delay period. It’s for athletic women or weightlifting. Spotting for some time after due period can be late implantation bleeding but when you’ve been sexually active. Recall and pen down your past month activities. Sometimes it’s just hormonal imbalance. Pregnancy symptoms count. PCOS causes spotting for many days. There are many possible reasons and an accurate diagnosis is best done by doctor.

  24. My period was suppose to start on yesterday I woke up with lots of watery clear discharge and then today I am having bright pink spotting that has literally JUST started I don’t have any cramping just a headache and a little nausea. My period is literally ALWAYS on time My husband and i did have unprotected sex on April 22&23 my last menstraul was April 9 and I’m just really confused

    • Bright pink spotting could be implantation bleeding. Take a pregnancy test next week or use an early pregnancy test kit. The date of unprotected sex coincides with your ovulation if your period is extremely tuned as you said.

  25. My period was to come on 4/15. It didn’t. I had sex 5 of the 7 ovulation dates. I am 24 days late and when I wiped I see blood. I have an appointment for Thursday but what could be happening. My period is like clockwork and has never been this late. It was missed all together in April. Slight cramping as well.

    • You could be pregnant. As you did have sex in every day in your fertility window period and your period is late then you could have conceived.

  26. Hello! First lets start off with I am very sexually active with my boyfriend. We use condoms from time to time, but on the regular no birth control is used. He normally does ejaculate inside of me. The thing is I was suppose to get my period April 20th. I didn’t think anything of it till 11days where I see some bleeding. That meant I missed a period the whole month of April. May 1st though I had very light bleeding nothing I’m used to. It would stop and start back, change colors no clots, minimal cramps would usually go away. It only lasted 3 days, which ended May 3rd. It never filled up the pad and I only would notice when I went to the bathroom. I do eat a lot, use the bathroom a lot. My emotions are all over the place. I haven’t took a HPT yet I will tomorrow until then…..Pleaseeeee help lol.

    • Consider these, Do you use contraceptive pills? Is your period always light? Taking a pregnancy test would be the best option.

  27. my period should start on 6 may as I always have on time period. I have symptoms as dizzy in the morning and breast sore about a week. Yesterday on 8 May I found out 2 spotting, 1st time with brown color and 2nd spotting is red (1 drop). I took pregnancy test on 6 but it found out as negative. Will I have good sign of pregnant?

    • Two drops of blood don’t count as period. So in that case you can still consider as your period is late. Take a test after a week. Look for changes such as frequent urination, watery discharge and changes in breasts. Frankly it will be very difficult to actually observe something satisfactorily assuring your pregnancy at this early stage.

    • Hi, my period should start on may 23, im always have on time period. I try to take HPT last may 31, but it was negative. But on june 2, nightime i experience lower back pain and cramping. Then next morning june 3, i see small brown spot. Then evening came when i urine, black blood came with small clots. I dont know whats happening,, me and my husband are trying to conceive since last 4 months.
      Please any advise.

  28. I had unprotected sex on the 30th and my period was suppose to come on the 8th. It was 2 days late and the next day i woke up with this brownish kind of blackish bleeding. What could this possibly mean?

  29. I had unprotected intercourse on the 301th and was suppose to get my period on the 8th. My period was 2 days late and since then ive been having weird symptoms. The 3rd day i woke up with some brownish kind of blackish bleeding. What could this posibly mean?

  30. I had light dark blood then a few hours later mucus and pink to barley any pink blood for hours then later I’m bleeding light bright red with small clots ??? This would be my third baby ??? Can anyone tell me what it means ??

  31. Normally my period is all out of wack but since the new year it has been on time so I thought that I was losing weight thats why it was coming on time me and my boyfriend are sexually active this week I had a two day brown periodwith mild cramps then the next day it was gone but then the day after that I had a red cycle the next morning but by the end of the day there was nothing there and I have had nausea and liwer abdominal pain can you give me some advice

    • Your due date information might help us comment. If the spotting was on period expected date and for three days maybe your irregular period is relapsing. Otherwise it can be implantation bleeding provided you had sex after 10-14th day of menstrual cycle, during fertility window without protection.

      • Just to add on what was asked by the previous lady. my partner and I are very active and we do not use protection. We have been trying for a baby for the past year. The last 4 months I consulted my DR and he prescribed some pills but we haven’t had any luck.
        My periods were supposed to be on the 18 of May but instead, on the 21 May I had light brown spotting from morning till late afternoon. The next day, had the same colour spotting. Then on Wednesday 23 May I had red blood in the morning till 12pm in the afternoon. Today, 24 May I had pinkish spotting in the morning then when I wipe myself after taking a pee its brownish. I haven’t taken a pregnancy test yet as I’m afraid of disappointments 🙁

  32. I was 8 days late for my period and I am never late I normally start the 5th of each month and finish within 4 days. I had unprotected sex on May 6th ( a little after my missed period) my period tracker stated that I ovulated April 22nd-30th. After missing my period on the 8th day I had a lot of mucus and been having a lot of mucus, however on this day it was a brownish/pinkish color and very thick. Prior to this during my missed period I was having symptoms such as sensitivity to smell, nausea, back pain, and very bad mood swings. After the brown mucus occurred that same night I started to bleed, this blow flow has been very light. I took a pregnant test about 3 days ago and it stated it was negative. How long should I wait to take another? Thank you 🙂

    • It’s pretty less likely that having sex after missed period day would cause pregnancy. If you ovulate on April 30th the egg would have been there only until 1st May. Symptoms of brown discharge, spotting or erratic bleeding could be because of the late period. A pregnancy test on 20th May or later early morning just after getting up.

  33. My last period was April 16 to April 22 2018. My period was start again on the 12th of may today its 3 days late .. I’ve experienced cramping and frequent need to pee in the past weeks.. Yet today I started bleeding..on the pad was brown and very little. When I wiped it was pink i have had sex with my husband from the 20th to the 26th the 28,29of april and the 7,8,and 12th of may..any knowledge or advice?

    • As your menstrual cycle seems short span. You have had sex near ovulation days. In case you were not using contraceptive then you must take a pregnancy test. The early pregnancy signs that you’re experiencing along with missed period hint pregnancy. Two week wait from 12th May would be the right choice.

    • Information is not enough to comment about your pregnancy. Period late by 6 days isn’t sufficient to detect pregnancy. Early pregnancy signs, symptoms and calculation of sexual activity period overlapping the fertility window will help predict.

  34. hi. i am 27 years old and have been trying to conceive our second child for over a year. i had a ruptured ectopic in Feb 2018 and have been having issues with conceiving. i always get my period every month and my average cycle is 27 days. I am now 3 days late and today being the third day i started getting some reddish to pinkish spotting mixed with cervical mucus. this starts and stops through the day together with slight back cramps. the spotting is so minimal that that i have to wipe in order to see it. could i possibly be pregnant and if i am when should i take a test.

    • Take the test one week from now. Implantation bleeding is brown. But it occurs before due period. Late implantation is a possibility tho.

      • Hi There, i had tested On Sunday , Monday morning and yesterday with all negative results. I had a pinkish bleed on Monday and some bright red streaks yesterday but no period pain only some light back pain and twinges on both my sides. I am so confused.

        how long does it take HCG to rise if i might have had late implantation bleeding?

        • By the third week after missed period your hCG levels must rise. But some women get negative test until week 8 too.

  35. My period is usually irregular but for the last four months it has been regular. I am not on the pill. I was supposed to get my period on 5/4. Then 15 days later I started having dark brown bleeding. It is light not even enough to fill a pad in a day. I have also been nauseous for two weeks and have been eating a lot more. I’m usually have a heavy flow, berry strong menstrual cramps, lost of appetite before or during my period.

  36. I have ALWAYS had regular periods. Never been late besides pregnancy. This time I am 13 days late. Did a few home preg test and all negative. Nipples been soar about a week and the rest of breast were really tender yesterday and again today. Slightly nauseated off and on for about 3 days. Tonight I spotted a little. Obviously I will know if it is my period is starting if it gets heavy within a few days. However I had my tubes tied 17yrs ago so its prob my period finally coming right?

  37. I’m 4 days late my last period was the 19th April on the 4th day I started spotting small amount of pink discharge and mild cramps few hours later it’s gone have being testing getting bfn could I be still pregnant

  38. Hi there. I just want to ask. I had a very light few spots of blood on 12 DPO and had on off cramps for 2 days now on 13 DPO due tomorrow but I also have very sore nipples could this light cramping be implantation and could it be so late? When should I test as I did one this morning 13 DPO and it was negative.
    Thank you

    • Test after a week from missed period at least. Two weeks wait would get better results. Implantation bleeding can be late due to late ovulation, miscalculation or other reasons.

      • Thank you. My last period started 25th April. So I am due on today. But still no sign and some light cramping only. I’m crossing my fingers we will have a bundle of joy!

  39. hi please i need help. last month april 24, my period is done. Then after 10 days, May 4, i had brown spotting for 3 days. And now, my period is late for 6 days, what does this mean? im kinda stresses lately also.

    • Spotting can occur because of hormonal imbalance. Your period might be late because the same hormonal imbalance that caused spotting delayed ovulation and period. Take a pregnancy test now.

  40. Hi. I just had a miscarriage 2 years ago and we’re TTC. I have regular cycle. I had my period March 24-27, then April 21-25. I have a period 28 day cycle. My partner and I are sexually active. We had sex May 2, 6, 7, 13 & 18. My period was due last May 19th, but then I had it on the 20th. I had bleeding May 20. Brown blood came out from my V then stained my pantyliner. Had to wear pads just in case it gets heavier. However bleeding didn’t get heavy. So there. I had bleeding last May 20 and 21 with slight cramping, back pain and nausea. May 22, it was just a spot of blood on my pads then today, no blood at all. Tried to use pregnancy test almost 10 times but I get, bfn. No more bleeding now. I was thinking maybe I had nausea because of my vision problem these past few days. Btw, the bleeding for almost 2-3 days, were brown and not fresh blood. Could I be pregnant?

  41. me and my bf had sex on May 11th and 12th I’m irregular i kinda have to go back a few months to explain because I keep track of my period so February I had no period March I did on the 11th then April it moved to the 28th so here’s May I had sex on the 11th and 12th unprotected of course lol on the 16th I had brown discharge and light pink blood just that day then the following day I had really bad cramps then stopped then nothing after then on the 22nd I had cramps again I’ve been having discharge as well the thick white milky stuff lol but I’ve taken the 6 day advance today but it was negative but my period is due on the 28th I’ve had some nausea and other little signs but I think my mind might be siking me out sometimes because I want this so bad. Any advice please help

    • You must wait for a week before taking the test. There is no other way to find out because your cycle is slightly irregular.

  42. Hey, Admin.
    My last menstrual was 4•12/13•2018 it lasted 7 days (ended 18th or 19th), I had unprotected sex 4•23•18 and again on 5•3•18. This month my I was exactly 7 days late, the following morning I went to the bathroom and noticed pink blood. The color gradually got darker (dark red/brown) and it lasted 4 days. Light cramping on my right side, frequent urinating and my boobs aren’t sore (which usually happens a week before my period) but are extremely heavier than normal and I’m tired often.

    I have taken urine test, ALL NEGATIVE. I went to a clinic and was tested, they said they were “unsure. At first it said negative but another line appeared once I let it sit but it was VERY faint. So we tested it twice and again the same thing.” I was then told I had very LOW levels of HCG in my blood and to test again in 48-72 hours.

    48-72 hours later negative test again. Is it possible I ovulated later than I thought? I drink A LOT of water (GallonADay) leaving my urine light in color even in the mornings. Is it possible that the water is diluting my urine, which is effecting my HCG levels? I’ve heard some women didn’t get a BFP until almost 4-6 and sometimes 8 weeks pregnant. Could this possibly be my case?

    Or is it possible that I had a chemical pregnancy? I did notice that it was less blood than usual but more uterine tissue than I’m used to seeing. There was a couple of blood clots, but they were very small but also not usual for me. Is it too early to test? I was told 2 weeks after implantation. Then I was told a week after missed peroid. Which one is it? THANKS.

    • Best time to take a pregnancy test is after three weeks from missed period if you’re getting faint test. Yes there are cases when women continue to get 55 days late period negative pregnancy test. Undoubtedly of the reasons for it is low hCG pick up. You must visit your doctor again. Try reducing the water your drinking for a day. And take the test next morning without going to the loo at night. Pregnancy blood test will reveal the results earlier and don’t depend on the amount of water you drink.

  43. My period was 3 days late i finally got it normally its heavy and only last 4 to 5 days wich it do but came back after 12 hours I am now on day 7 and is very light pink I have been sexually active more than normal could this be why?

    • Not necessary that sexual activity is causing the issue. Consult your doctor. Sometimes bleeding may occur again after stopping during period. But it is best to check up with your doc if you feel something is not right.

  44. I am three days late on my period the thrid day later on that night I went pee and had very light spotting with clear discharge. I been taking test but all negative I usually never miss my period it’s always on time so I’m confused?????

    • Don’t take test right now and wait for two weeks. Also sometimes your period may not be a flow and end up in spotting. Hormone fluctuations and other changes can cause such spotting.

  45. Hi I had my cycle on the 10th of march and ended on the 13/14th. had unprotected sex on the 19th and started spotting on the 26th with lower back pains. The spotting/bleeding lasted for 2 days. I slept the entire day of the 27th I’ve been off of birth control for 9 months now.

    • 5 days after period ovulation ideally is far off. Perhaps there must be miscalculation. Take a pregnancy test soon.

  46. My period is 4 days late. I’m having a pinkish bloody looking mucas discharge. My boobs are really sore. I have had a headache for days (I cant remember when I didn’t). I’ve been really light headed lately and more hungry. I took a test the day of my missed period. It was negative. 5 days ago(sunday) i woke up in screaming pain with tears running down my face. The pain was in my lower abdomen. I am still cramping there. And some in my back.

    With my daughter the test was positive 7 days before my missed period.

  47. My period is always constant, I had not missed one in my 20 years other than while on birthcontrol. I missed my period for a whole month, they usually come around the 27th, if not a few days before or after, but I started mine yesterday, slightly heavy but not as heavy as usual. I typically have severe cramps but I feel nothing this time around. I’ve been having the nausea and the fatigue, which I know isn’t a dead give away, but should I have hope? My husband and I have been trying to conceive for almost a year.

  48. I had sex with my husband 4 days and 1 day before my ovulation. My period was 2 days late, on day 3 I have been having light pinkish blood period with no cramps. I took 2 HPT a day before and they were both negative. I also had tender and larger boobs for about 5 days but the tenderness has stopped. Can i be having implantation bleeding?

    • Pink implantation bleeding occurs when there is fresh blood mixing with mucus. Implantation is early to take a pregnancy test. After implantation the placenta will develop which will form hCG. That hormone is detected by your kit. Wait until due date.

  49. ME and my bf had sex on the 23 of May now I had spotting for 2 days only when I wiped starting on June 3 and then the 3rd day nothing ..on the 4 day I started bleeding with cramps my period isn’t due until Friday my period is never early I always get it every 28 days

    • Look for other early pregnancy symptoms and take a pregnancy test. Spotting before period can happen at any point in life.

  50. My period was two weeks i took 2 test both came out negative on day 14 of my missed period I had sex with my boyfriend and I started to bleed light pink my period usually last 7 day and its pretty heavy this was light pink for about 3 day and stop what does this mean ? Should I test again ?

    • Get a blood pregnancy test. After three weeks from missed period you must get a positive pregnancy test with home kit too.

  51. I had my period April 8th-12th, then bleed again without cramping , light with some clots the 25th-28th. I felt different and something told me to take a test a 2 days later I stopped bleeding the second time and got a very faint positive line, received another faint positive the next day so I waited a week later and got a negative . Then on the 28th had a positive . On the 1st of June I got it confirmed via blood draw that I was with a 888 hcg level . I’m still wondering if I should count my first bleeding as my LMP or the second to get a idea of how far along I am ?

    • Your last period perhaps the April date, whatever came according to the DUE DATE, is your pregnancy start point.
      Nonetheless your dating scan by the 7 week ultrasound will estimate the nearly exact due date for delivery.

  52. Hello,

    My last period was 4/26 (4 days) I have a normal 40 day cycle. My husband and I are TTC and we had sex every other day in May. On 5/27 I had EWCM and had intercourse. Two days later, my nipples and breasts became so sore to the touch and the pain has not subsided- to the point where the shower is painful). No cramping, but about 1 week after suspected ovulation I was extremely gassy and bloated (no diet change and I exercise daily). I have taken SEVERAL HPT and all negative. I am currently 4-5 days late now (june 8) and today I had EWCM with a brown spot!!! My doctor won’t see me until next week, but I was supposed to be tested on the first day of my period to check for healthy HPT levels. Thoughts?? This limbo is so frustrating!

    • Undoubtedly limbo is frustrating. But the two week wait is for your good. EWCM with brown spot can be implantation bleeding. Your symptoms too sign pregnancy. Look for more symptoms like nausea and frequent urge to pee (most common). The hCG levels need time to reach the 25 mIU/mL range. You can take longer. Try changing the brand of pregnancy test. Else you’ll have to wait, because confirmatory pregnancy test is a blood serum hCG test.

      • Thank you! I have not been nauseous (I was with my first child but not until later about 10 weeks) but have been needing to pee constantly. How long after ovulating can implantation happen? I thought I ovulated on 5/27… could it be this long after that implantation bleeding occurs

        • Yes, nausea morning sickness occurs slightly later. Implantation according to theory must happen after 9-12 days from ovulation. Yes it is possible that implantation occurs later. Spotting during pregnancy happens for many reasons. All you must rely on a is a pregnancy test, preferably blood pregnancy test m

          • I also had EWCM glob with brown drop of blood twice yesterday (12dpo) is this normal for implantation? If so how soon would a HPT test be reliable?

          • Yes implantation bleeding is erratic. You can take a pregnancy test a week from now and the results will be most likely accurate. By the time your body will have enough hCG if you’re pregnant. Please note we are not diagnosing implantation, doing that is beyond the scope of helping our readers.

  53. I had my last cycle on the 17 of may then on the 3 of june I was spotting off and on for 3days . Then it stopped on the 7th it came on very dark red but light no clots and mild cramps and headaches. I usually have very heavy bleeding. Can this be
    implantation bleeding

    • According to date of LMP 17 May, it is slightly earlier to expected implantation. By 3 June you’ll might be having ovulation and fertility period. But if you feel that it is implantation as you have other symptoms like cramps and headache, then take a pregnancy test after your missed period date.

  54. My last period was from May 9th-May 13th. Average 33 day cycle. According to my Flo app I ovulated on May 28th and I’ve had unprotected sex around this week, day before and day after ovulation. On June 6th, which is 9 days after ovulation(which this is throwing me off) I started to bleed, heavy enough to wear a pad and seen some blood in the toilet bowl. went to bed and woke up with my pad being full to the point I leaked on June 7th, heavy bleeding for 2 days. Around 2 am, June 8th my bleeding has slowed down. I’m now using one pad per day. mild cramps only on my right side and lower back aches. I’m just wondering if you think this is implantation bleeding or an early period? My period is usually on point and never once has it ever come early. I was thinking of taking a pregnancy test but not until after the bleeding completely stops.

    • Absolutely right to take pregnancy test after bleeding stops. Such a heavy bleeding isn’t implantation spotting. During implantation few drops of blood comes from vagina. It is mostly brown and never would fill pads to the verge of leaking. Most probably it’s early period. But that doesn’t meant that you have to lose hope. Women get menses up to three months in pregnancy too. Take a test whence you can.

  55. Hello again, I’m back with another question. Sorry if this posted twice. I’ve been “bleeding” for six going on seven days now. I had one small clot anx one big clot then nothing else. I’ve been spotting for two days, only when I urinate though. Its not exactly pink or red, it’s a slightly brownish color, should I be worried?

  56. Hi,
    My period was to come may 22nd but did not arrive. Almost 3 weeks i had some cramping but then finally i started with spotting of light pink then blood with clots. Im curious bc i hv never skipped a period unless i was pregnant. I had symptoms of pregnancy as well. Do i just disregard pregnancy now! How do i know if this is a miscarriage or not? Confused

    • Take a pregnancy test after bleeding stops. If the bleeding gets heavy but you experience weird pregnancy symptoms consult your doctor.

  57. Hello, I started my birth control pack 3 days late, which means I basically missed 3 of the first and most impo Pills when i was ovulating. I started the pack late but continued taking like i always used to. June second was my most fertile day (following my Flo app calendar) and i had unprotected sex the day before and after plus couple of times in between before and after this dates. After doing a lit of reading I started seeing that all articles lead to you wouldn’t be protected for 7 days if something like that happened! A week after my ovulation day I started spotting, it is brown and some very very dark red. Could this be the main sign of pregnancy? The date are very accura!

  58. Hello i am confused i am going on 7 days late missed period and today i checked i have some very light pink spotting barely there my period is always on time never irregular. I have been nausious with everything i eat, fatigued, super sleepy, very emotional and have mild cramping idk what to do i have also taken 3 pregnancy test all negative. I am so confused help please.


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