Implantation Bleeding – Early And Late Period


Early and late period by a day or two is not even thought as a problem by most women. Very rarely do women get their period exactly for the same time on the same date every month throughout the year. But after unprotected sex everything seems abnormal if you don’t want pregnancy. Even if you want to get pregnant you seem to lose your judgment about spotting before period. Implantation bleeding – early and late period is a confusion you can never solve.

Implantation Bleeding - Early And Late Period
Implantation Bleeding – Early And Late Period

Implantation bleeding or early period

Usually, Implantation occurs 7 DPO and period takes double the time to start. But sometimes the aunt’s flow surprises you by coming a week early. So is it implantation bleeding or early period? Implantation bleeding and period differ in more than one thing. Timing of the spotting is just one of the criteria to distinguish implantation or period. If the flow of blood is heavy then it is most probably early period. The color of menses is bright red as vagina throws it out. Implantation spotting can be light or dark brown. Only few drops of blood come out of vagina as implantation bleeding.

How to distinguish implantation bleeding and early period?

¬†You can distinguish Implantation bleeding and early period by looking for implantation symptoms. The other signs of implantation such as cramps also distinguish it from early period. During implantation the cramping is mild and doesn’t hurt much. Menstrual cramps are extremely hurting and they continue for a longer time. Implantation symptoms include changes in cervical mucus. After implantation which is only 24-48 hours long, the cervical mucus glands discharge watery fluid. Whereas after period the vagina is not as wet like after pregnancy. The mucus plug is essential for protecting the growing embryo. It seals the cervix end to prevent entry and exit from that point. The rest has cover of the placenta that starts forming after implantation. Pregnancy tests after implantation are positive and cannot be positive after period. The egg flows out along with the endometrial lining during period so pregnancy is not possible.

Early period or implantation bleeding is a common question by women who have light period. The first day of period is more about cramps and breaking of the uterine lining and less about heavy blood flow. The next day the flow gets heavier and the cramping over the period of time subsides. In case of implantation the cramping totally vanishes after the first day.

Period three days early or implantation bleeding?

Implantation can happen anytime between 7-12 days after ovulation. So it is only 3 days before period if it late implantation. In some cases implantation can be so late that you miss period during next cycle. If you don’t take a pregnancy test you will not even come to know that you are pregnant for a month. This is because the baby bump doesn’t grown much and you can dismiss the pregnancy signs unaware of the cause. It will be dangerous for your baby and you if you keep taking pain killers or other drugs. Period 3 days early is possible but implantation bleeding look like period is not. Period will always be heavier and will last longer. Implantation bleeding will be light and get over within two days at most. You need to consider all points of differences between implantation bleeding and period.

Short early period or implantation bleeding

Now a woman who doesn’t want to get pregnant or who is anxious about early pregnancy loss will not accept reality. Short early period or implantation bleeding disregards two points of difference. One the duration of period taking it as short early period and second the timing by considering that it is early period. Still you are left with other ways to figure out implantation bleeding or early menses. You can record you basal body temperature and if you find a dip then it is implantation. Following this there will be a rise in BBT back to normal. The triphasic BBT confirms that you are pregnant.

Why implantation happens only a week after conception?

Implantation occurs only after the zygote reaches a 64 celled stage called blastocyst. The first division after fertilization takes 30 hours, more than a day. The next takes another 10 hours after it. The fourth division completes after 3 days from fertilization. Over the time a mulberry like bunch of cells structure caller morula forms. Later on the morula goes on dividing to give rise to blastocyst. The human fertilization occurs in the fallopian tubes. During cleavage or division of the fertilized egg the embryo travels down the tubes to reach the uterus for implantation, opposite to the way a sperm travelled for fertilization.

On the seventh day after fertilization the embryo reaches the site of implantation. Now it attaches to the lining of uterus using the trophoblast fibres. The secretions from the uterus lining help it sink inside. Then it extends projections for obtaining nutrition. After 48 hours from start implantation completes.

On adding the time of post fertilization events you get about a week. So implantation happens only a week after conception.

How to distinguish between implantation bleeding or irregular period?

Implantation bleeding or irregular period can be similar if you have only spotting. But the color of implantation bleeding will still be different from irregular period. Irregular or regular period is fresh blood coming out of vagina. Implantation spotting is old blood that comes out of vagina after staying there for some time. The reason for this is the quantity of blood is so less during implantation that it takes time to flow through. While in case of period it is a continuous flow.

For distinguishing implantation bleeding and irregular period you can check out your ovulation date using online ovulation calculator. If the spotting is about week after ovulation and has a brown color then it is because of implantation. Obviously it requires that you have had sex before you expect implantation. If you did not have sex for a long time neat ovulation then it can be irregular period. Along with that you need to look for symptoms like cramping and pain. Even during irregular period the pain is excruciating. So if you are in pain then you may be having irregular menstrual flow.

Late implantation bleeding

Yes late implantation bleeding is when it almost takes place during menses. You will not miss your period. All women are unique and so different things can happen. Late implantation bleeding is because of various reasons like slow division of egg. This prevents the consecutive events and in turn delays implantation. After fertilization early pregnancy factor releases and many other chemicals are essential for growth. Any defects during this stage can cause late implantation bleeding.


  1. My cycle was 2 days late but on the 3rd day it started with clear mucus with spots of blood in it then brown discharge. It lasted 4 days but on the 4th day it was only brown discharge then nothing. Before this I’ve been nauseous, lower back pain, headaches, and I’m sleepy. Took 2 pregnancy tests 1 was a false positive then the other was negative. Still on day 4 and still cramping but its brown discharge and has been all day. What’s going on?

    • Consider repeating a test after you miss period for 2 weeks. Implantation bleeding can be late due to late embedment or miscalculation. A test after 4 days of missing period is too early.


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