Can Implantation Bleeding Have Clots?

Implantation confounds many pregnant women. One of the frequent questions is, ‘Can implantation bleeding have clots?’

Implantation bleeding is the spotting during egg embedment.

The zygote after conception goes on moving down to the womb. Finally, it attaches to the endometrial lining using trophoblast fibers.

The trophoblast is covering of blastocyst. It is a structure with a small inner cellular mass which later becomes the embryo, and the other layer has to transform into the placenta.

Can implantation bleeding have clots?

No, it is not possible that such a small structure causes damage that leads to bleeding with clots.

The embryo attaches to the lining. During the period the entire lining of the uterus comes off causing bleeding. There are clots of the lining that disintegrates.

Every pregnancy has some risk of miscarriage and congenital disabilities. But upon seeing spotting don’t panic that you could be having a miscarriage.

Most women who have had a healthy pregnancy also had bleeding at some point. Spotting during pregnancy is common and normal.

Post ovulation spotting is a symptom of implantation which is the first step leading to pregnancy.

Can Implantation Bleeding Have Clots?
Can Implantation Bleeding Have Clots?

Is heavy implantation bleeding normal?

Heavy implantation bleeding is not normal and having clots doesn’t even come as an option.

During the period the previous lining has to come out of your vagina because the same lining cannot be maintained for so long.

There is no confirmation as to when will pregnancy occur. So it is a cyclic event regulating the fertility period and dry days. And the menstrual flow is essential for preparing the uterine muscles for contracting during labor.

Menses have a continuous flow of blood along with clots because of the lining disintegrates.

The falling level of the hormone causes the lining to disintegrate and later come out in a period of three to five days.

Does implantation bleeding have clots normally?

Implantation bleeding is not because of the shedding of the lining or any tissue. Thus there is less possibility of having clots in it.

You should consider all other symptoms along with spotting during egg embedment.

If you have cramps and pain and nausea, then you could be having an early miscarriage.

But moderate bleeding even if red with one or two clots could be just blood coagulation. You should visit the hospital during early pregnancy because it is the riskiest phase.

Can implantation bleeding have clots in rare cases?

Implantation bleeding can have few clots in normal cases because of blood coagulation. Otherwise, there is no reason for having painful cramps or heavy implantation bleeding with clots.

These are in fact signs of abnormal conditions.

Heavy implantation bleeding and clots

Heavy implantation bleeding is a sign of tubal pregnancy. When the egg does not implant in the uterus, it leads to ectopic pregnancy.

Any tissue that grows in place of the embryo from the egg can cause Molar pregnancy.

A chemical pregnancy is an early miscarriage that also happens because of such abnormalities. If you have heavy implantation bleeding with clots along with pain, then you may have an abnormal pregnancy.

The reason for this is blockage or scars in the tubes. It could be that there are defects in the embryo.

Some women might not realize that they were pregnant and think it was a late miscarriage.

But delaying your doctor’s visit can cost you your fertility. In later stages. Such cryptic pregnancies require surgical procedures for removal.

They may even need the removal of the ovary and tubes. 

The earlier you realize the need for going to a doctor the better.

Implantation bleeding and risk of miscarriage

Implantation bleeding in the first trimester and risk of miscarriage is possible. 

About 50% of women who bleed during early pregnancy undergo a miscarriage.

Heavy bleeding along with clots is a sign that you may be having an Ectopic pregnancy.

Bleeding during the first trimester is more common than later trimesters. You need to look for symptoms like cramping, heavy bleeding, and lots of clots.

If there is pelvic pain and burning sensation then you may be having a chemical pregnancy.

It can also be possible that you were not pregnant and instead have ovarian cysts or torsion.

During the second trimester bleeding is not normal and is a cause for worry. 

There can be conditions like placenta previa or placental abruption. They are fatal to your fetus and you.

Third trimester heavy bleeding with clots is an indication of early labor. You need to tell your doctor if pregnant water leaks.


  1. I have tried long for baby. Then i decided for infertility thrpay. IVF is painful don’t knew. D octor say don’t tk pt. Can you have period with blood clots and be pregnant?

    • You can have period for first three months of pregnancy. After IVF false positive pregnancy test may occur. So your doctor must have wanted you to wait for some time.

    • Brown jelly like discharge early pregnancy may be because of BD mixing in CM. When you get pregnant some spotting blood may not come out and turn brown and later come out as brown discharge. Consult a doctor if the discharge is heavy or there is itching and burning.

  2. Does implantation bleeding have clots? Can I be pregnant if I had heavy implantation bleeding? My period was due two weeks before and then I had brown discharge. But it stop and then period Missed. Then again heavy bleeding, can I be pregnant?

    • Implantation bleeding is light. I’d you had heavy bleeding period like then you are not pregnant. It is still possible that you get period during pregnancy. But normally heavy bleeding with clots during implantation is not normal.

  3. Can I take pregnancy test when I have implantation bleeding or pain? Is implantation bleeding time before or after period? How can a female known if implantation successful?

    • There is no good in taking a pregnancy test while implantation bleeding. The hCG levels won’t be enough for detection. Instead take pregnancy test after two weeks from implantation. Implantation occurs before period. A woman knows implantation is successful either by implantation bleeding, cramps or later by positive pregnancy test. Implantation bleeding symptoms are not very clear.

  4. I am having a light red blood come out also 2 blood clots. It is happening before my period is supposed to start the cramps don’t hurt like my normal period and it has not been as heavy as my normal period it stops and then starts again. Could this be implantation.

    • Think this way:
      1. If you did not have sex or had protected sex or had sex after or ovulation (fertility window), these clots and bleeding are signs that your period is near
      2. If you had unprotected sex near ovulation then it could be implantation bleeding, provided it is brown, less in amount like spotting, erratic and brief, without cramps and early pregnancy signs

  5. i had heavy flow for 1 day and more light after 2 days and it stop i dont have any idea if its a implantation or period it happened before my period will start . could i be pregnant ?

    • Implantation bleeding is light spotting, brown, less painful and erratic. Period is heavy bleeding mostly bright red or color of your blood. It is not possible to comment on the basis of information you’ve mentioned. Chalk out your sexual activity and fertility period or ovulation date. Did you have sex then? Are you on contraceptives? Are you having any cramps or pregnancy associated symptoms?

  6. So last month I had taken a plan b and maybe a week or 2 after i started my period. Now with my period coming up ive had light red clots me and my boyfriend had sex on the day of my ovulation but he did not finish. Should i be worried or is this just side effects due to the plan b?

    • The statement is a little hard to comprehend. Having sex on the day of ovulation has high chances of getting the lady pregnant. It is important that the male partner ejaculates. Taking a pregnancy test before missed period is not ideal.

  7. 4 day to my period,I started bleeding with few clots ,less painful cramping, abdominal pain,back pain and I am feverish
    I have been having unprotected sex with my husbad
    Pls what is wrong with me

    • Early period is not a problem. Most women have cycles of 28 days and you too might be getting early period. You can consult a doctor if your symptoms are worsening than a regular period.

  8. I am 21, just lost my virginity and had unprotected sex 2 times during my ovulation windows. The last day of my last period was June 9th. I also have endometriosis and was on depo for six years until this year and started having my periods back to being normal. I have tender breasts, vomiting after I eat and when I smell or taste certain things, acne, fatigue, and i have this spotting that has been sporadic where it’s there really only when I wipe and it’s very light. But I took a few HPTs and they all came back negative. Is it possible I could still be pregnant despite the negatives?

    • You’ve long being on a medication that affects female hormones. It will be difficult for us to comment on what exactly is happening. You must be knowing that you’ve to test early morning. Get a digital pregnancy test or get hospital pregnancy test done.

  9. I already took a pregnancy test a week after I missed my menstruation. The test was positive but then after I’ve been bleeding for two days with black colored clots.. Am I going through implantation? This was my first time to bleed after taking pregnancy test and had a positive result. Supposively if I’m really pregnant this could be my second baby.

    • Spotting while pregnant can happen to any woman at any time while she is expecting. Bleeding with clots after missed period date isn’t implantation. Exceptions exist and you could be one. Pleaser consult a doctor about it to avoid any problems later.

  10. I had unprotected sex a week before my period. Tomorrow is suppose to be the first day of the start of my period so it’s been six days but I’ve started having light bleeding today with a few small clots. The cramps aren’t severe but more like mild and I have been constipating a lot lately, am I pregnant?

  11. Hi..August 11,2018 I had intercoursed 6 days before my period start and still have my normal period it lasts 7 days..and this September 7 I had period and now in 3 days….can I be pregnant?

    • Can’t get what you’re trying to ask. You can get pregnant near ovulation. If you’ve had your period on September 7 then getting pregnant after three days is not likely. If you’re asking then can you be pregnant and get periods, yes you can.

  12. My cycle is currently 11 days late. It was due to start on 30 September. I have had 5 negative HPT. My last cycle started on 3 September for 5 days. BF and I had sex 4 days before and the day of ovulation (very early on, about 3 am). I had light pink spotting for 3 days starting on 21 September. I’ve had a few food aversions but no cravings. I’m very tired, very thirsty and slightly emotional. Heartburn, headaches, sensitive nipples. At this point, my cycle shows absolutely no signs of being on the way and this is actually supposed to be my fertile window (if my cycle would have started). I’ve always had a 27 day cycle and the only time I was late is when I was pregnant with my first child (she’s 5). I haven’t gotten any blood work done and was advised to wait until it’s been at least 14 days before I schedule that. What should I do?

  13. Hi, I m trying to conceive for a 3.5yrs. I didn’t notice like this in my previous cycles. I got spotting before my cycle going to start. Approx 4 -5 days before. I don’t care that much. Since, I m not aware..while using napkin it won’t fill. I can see only one drop in it. When washing it off I can see the spotting. When I m consulted to my doctor he said to take rest. For 1st day I got spotted and I used napking. Nothing is there. In that I got dark bleeding for a min. Once I wipped out doesn’t impact in my napkin. Only I noticed spotting that’s all. On next day I noticed one clot and thread like one with dark brown. That’s it for the day. On next day same thing happen one clot I ve seen. But here my issue was I don’t see any flow in my napking. Once I willing out it’s not at all filling in my pad. Can see only one drop in my pad for the day. But no more cramps, nausea, headache.. what’s does it means?? I need awareness. Could u please help me out asap..

    • We can’t tell you exactly why you’re having such spotting. You need to consult your doctor as you’ve been trying over 3 years. A little help might help you conceive. Don’t delay.

  14. Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex in the ocean at the beginning of this month and I started experiencing bleeding six days before when my period was expected I must add that I have irregular periods so not every month is the same but I’m having lower back cramping and the color of it is more dark red and brown than anything else and it’s lighter than normal (which I’ve had that before) and it’s enough to just about fill a pad and I’ve noticed few clots in it, could this be an early period? I’m kind of scared that it isn’t.

    • With irregular periods it gets really tough to get pregnant and avoiding it too. You must get a blood test. Regarding the bleeding with clots, it could be your period coming early.

  15. Me and my boyfriend had sex in the ocean at the beginning of this month and I started noticing bleeding yesterday as well as today which is six days before my expected period and (I must add that I have irregular periods so it’s different every month) the color is mainly dark red and brown and it’s enough to almost fill a pad. I’m also feeling lower back cramping, which is something I usually feel with a period but the cramping is more mild. I’ve also noticed few clots in the bleeding. Could this be an early period? I’m kind of scared.

  16. im experiencing mood swings, food aversions, light cramping but im 3weeks delayed in mestruation. i tried pregnancy test before and after i have spotting but it says negative.

  17. im experiencing mood swings lower back pain food aversion mild cramps but im already 3weeks delayed. i tried pregnancy test but its negative..days later i have spotting but it has clot..i took pregnancy test again but negative. what is wrong with my cycle?

  18. I had my last period Oct 22….had unprotected sex Oct 28,29 and Nov 1 which I was ovulating those period and my ovulation date due to my cycle day 28 was supposed to be Nov 4, don’t know why I ovulated early……. Yterday was my cycle day 27 I saw light pink blood, was dat supposed to be late implantation bleeding? Cos my period should start today

  19. Been spotting on and off for almost 3 weeks, my period is irregular and unpredictable. Doesnt fill up an entire pad but it soaks through my clothes and panty liners arent enough. For a few days it was really thick and dark brown, almost black even! Its usually brown but sometimes i notice how its red then it turns brown by the end of the day. Had 5mm blood clots in a couple of days as well. I took a HPT last week and it was negative. Is this implatation bleeding? I’ve been having bad headaches everytime after a meal lately, is that connected to it? Or is this just some hormonal imbalance because of the huge amount of stress?

    • Red period blood turning brown by the night is normal and happens to any blood. You wear the same pad for a day and every time you’ll have brown blood. That’s because your blood oxidises. Air attacks the blood and makes it brown. Stress can be a reason for bullying your hormones to drive your cycle crazy. Implantation bleeding is not going to continue for so long. As your cycle is irregular nothing can be made out. You either need to be patient with the symptoms or take a blood test at the clinic.

  20. I’m due for my periods on 27th Jan. However, I have got little pinkish bleeding on 22nd Jan for two days and then dark brown discharge with two big clots. The bleeding is not that heavy. I’m not sure its Implantation bleed or miscarriage. Its been 4 days its bleeding and its on and off with a backache and little cramps. When I had clots discharged cramp was a little bit more. What do you this it is?

  21. I had cramping in lower abdomen and after two days of my missed period, then I checked on upt ,it was positive but I had bleeding with clot an evening bt next day it stopped, the bleeding was not heavy, I feel very hot in the night and restless Ness ,
    It is normal ?

  22. I have had unprotected sex during my ovulation window I have experienced light cramping for 5 days and started spotting 4 days before my period was due the blood has been light pink and dark red and brown with one blood clot has not been enough to fill a pad and cramping is mild lower back pain and sore breast could this be implantation

  23. Had light spotting when I wiped all through the day and the next day it was slightly heavier with a few clots then went back to very light, I’m unsure what is going on but the last I checked before I stopped it was from pink to brown blood

  24. my girlfriend has an early period. it is lighter than usual which worried us, but it is her normal, bright red period color that it usually is. it has come with clots also. no pregnancy symptoms. also i can note that it is coming up on the 7th day of her bleeding. can someone please respond.

    • it worried us because it’s never been that light, but she’s having clots with no symptoms, and it’s been literally almost a week. i’m just really worried, thank you.


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