Implantation Pain: How Does It Feel Like?

Implantation pain is like a mild tingling sensation that you may feel during egg embedment. Few women describe it saying that they felt like what it is during gas distress.

But just like the variability in the intensity of period pain, implantation pain is different for every woman. So, how does implantation pain feel like?

Many women confuse PMS cramping with implantation cramps when badly hoping to get pregnant.

Some women are so used to menstrual cramps that they don’t feel any pain at all. Others might experience the pain of moderate intensity in the abdominal region.

Severe pain can be a sign of threatened miscarriage or Ectopic pregnancy. In such an undefined situation you would want to know the limit of pain during implantation .

How heavy should implantation pain be?

Well, implantation pain should not be substantial at all, and in fact, it is not a pain. You feel your stomach tightening and some sensations.

You won’t feel like a wriggly thing inside nor will you have pain that makes you cry.

The pain because of implantation won’t last for more than a few hours. The feeling of implantation is not apparent, and most women don’t feel any pain during egg embedment.

Implantation Pain: How Does It Feel Like?
Implantation Pain: How Does It Feel Like?

What are the causes of implantation pain?

Whenever someone talks about implantation pain, it can be safely considered that she means Implantation cramping.

The sites of implantation cramps are not limited to the abdomen. You can have leg cramps, backache, breast pain, and even headache.

The little embryo creates a lot of chemical confusion inside the body. The factors released during this time cause toxicosis in mother. 

It can give different results in the case of different women.

Where is implantation pain felt?

Where is implantation pain felt? pain due to implantation is felt more in the lower back and abdominal area.

Implantation cramp locations include:

  • Lower backache: Implantation occurs mostly in the lower back region of the endometrial lining. It causes lower backache. You might not be able to sleep properly and have a severe backache.
  • Breasts pain: The new hormones being produced in your body cause breast soreness. They will itch and hurt even on the slightest touch.
  • Abdominal cramps: Implantation cramps are most commonly experienced symptom. Abdominal cramps last for some time during implantation.
  • Headache: The fatigue and change in kind of hormones can trigger a headache. During implantation some women complaint of unexplained lethargy and headache.

What does implantation pain feel like?

Implantation feels different for different women. Some say that they felt like gas distress while others only had mild tingling.

Other women might even tell you that they had a lot of pain. It depends on the pain threshold of a person, how she describes the pain.

A general description of implantation cramp would be a feeling of stomach tightening and mild cramps later on.

During stomach tightening, the attachment of blastocyst begins. After that, the uterine wall contracts to allow implantation, and so you feel cramps.

Implantation mostly occurs at the back wall, and thus you will feel a little downward pull.

There won’t be any feeling of piercing or cut, but bleeding might occur in some cases.

Only 33% of pregnant women have bleeding during implantation.

It is normal whether you bleed or not during implantation provided the internal process goes right.

How heavy should be implantation cramp?

Implantation doesn’t cause pain because it is merely a small bunch of cells which attaches to the endometrial lining.

The trophoblast layer of the embryo invades the lining and facilitates the egg embedment.

It is a multiple celled structure called blastocyst that implants in the back wall of uterus lining mostly.

You can imagine it is like the tenth fraction of needle tip touching you. But the embryo produces many chemical factors during implantation that cause cramps and pregnancy toxicosis.

Implantation cramps are a lot milder than PMS cramps. If you consider PMS cramps as 100, then implantation cramping won’t even get a 5/100 degree.

In the case of Ectopic pregnancy, the pain during and after implantation gets unbearable. Chemical pregnancy also causes a lot of bleeding and implantation cramping.

After implantation, the pain must subside, but in case of such abnormal pregnancy conditions, the pain goes on increasing.

How long does implantation pain last?

Implantation itself lasts for 48 hours, and so the pain must go away as soon. Even if you take a margin for after effects of implantation any cramping beyond two days is not healthy. Implantation pain must not last for more than two days.

Some cases won’t have any pain or mild cramps for a few minutes. The process of implantation is rapid as the wall cannot bleed for long.

Unlike during the period, the wall of the uterus has to stay intact. Blood capillaries can bleed for a while.

Does implantation always cause discomfort?

As mentioned some women never come to know that they had implantation. It is because it is not at all necessary that you have discomfort during egg embedment.

In a normal early pregnancy stage, implantation will only cause bearable pain. The egg embedment is a clement process, unlike the harsh period.

When a woman has a tubal pregnancy where implantation occurs at the wrong site, then she will have unbearable pain.

Pain during implantation is not limited to abdominal cramps. Breast soreness and backache happens after implantation and may last for long.

The early pregnancy processes are energy intensive and then the second such phase happens during nursing.

Headaches and pregnancy toxicosis also causes different kinds of pain during implantation.

Is pain during implantation abnormal?

Unless the pain is terrible, it is not abnormal. Excess intensifying pain in your abdominal area is not normal.

Ectopic pregnancy has a symptom of painful cramps near ovaries because the implantation occurs inside the tubes.

It may be because of blockages or scars uterus. A genetic defect in the embryo can also lead to implantation at the wrong site.

What is the difference between implantation cramp and period pain?

Implantation cramp and period pain differ in many things. During implantation, you have mild pain while period causes excess pain. Implantation happens before period date. It is after a week from ovulation date.

Period or menses phase of menstrual cycle occurs after 9-12 days after ovulation.

The luteal phase happens before the period that has an upsurge of progesterone. It maintains the lining of the uterus.

Other Similar Pains

  1. Hormone fluctuations: Any change in reproductive hormones can cause pain. The menopausal women have Atrophy of vagina that causes thinning of walls. They may have pain before undergoing menstrual cycle cessation.
  2. Ligament stretching: While excessive exercise or any sudden jerk, your muscles can stretch. While they return to normal position the ligament that connects it can remain stretched. Ligament stretching near the abdomen can cause implantation like pain. It is nothing to worry about and will go with time.
  3. Ovarian cysts: Serious causes of implantation like pain include PCOS and cysts. When you have cysts in your ovaries, the can create a blockage for normal functions. Also if you do any strenuous exercise, the cyst can twist. It may also happen that the ovary twists on itself cutting the blood supply. The pain will have no relation with the period, and so you might confuse it for implantation cramp. But the intensity of such pain is very high to go unnoticed.
  4. Kidney stones: Kidneys are near the ovaries, and so you may feel that there is ovary pain. But the real cause will be kidney stones. You will have other symptoms like pain during urination and burning. These don’t ever happen during implantation usually.
  5. Ectopic pregnancy: Tubal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy is when the implantation process does not happen correctly. The embryo keeps growing inside the tubes and can even burst them.
  6. Appendicitis: Appendix is present close to the uterus. Inflammation of the appendix requires removal. Appendicitis causes pain that you might consider as implantation pain. With time the pain gets worse, and you know that you need to consult a doctor.
  7. Food poisoning: Any abdominal cramping if thought from a pregnancy point of view can feel like implantation. Poisoning also causes stomach ache, and you might forget that possibility when trying to get pregnant. Food poisoning cramps can be mild to very painful.


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