Implantation Bleeding Or Period?


Are you experiencing bleeding but are not sure if it’s implantation bleeding or quiz? Even after reading a dozen articles you might still feel clueless about how to detect whether you had implantation bleeding or period. 

You have come to the right page!

Sit down and relax and answer each of these questions. By the end of it, you’ll be able to figure out whether you had implantation bleeding or period.

The article has questions about your sexual habits and the characteristics of the bloody discharge you had. You can keep a pencil and paper to note down the conclusion you make after every answer.

We tried to include all possible questions but if you have any more, do tell us in the comments section.

Implantation Bleeding Or Period Quiz
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Implantation Bleeding Or Period Quiz

    1) What method of contraception do you use?

    There are various methods of contraception like IUD, birth control pills, and condom. Some might use the abstinence and withdrawal method for preventing pregnancy.

    The rate of success is not more than 99% in any case except sterilization. If you have your tubes tied, then there is no way you can be pregnant.

    All you need to do is report everything you have been experiencing to the doctor. Any other method makes you prone to getting pregnant.

    Condoms and birth control pills have higher chances of preventing pregnancy. But they can fail.

    However, if you are sure that you did take your pill or condom didn’t leak, then it may be a disease. Withdrawal method can also fail as you can get pregnant from precum. So unless you are sterilized continue ahead to answer other questions.

      2) When did you have sex?

      Even if you did not check your ovulation before having sex you can do it now. When was the last time you had sex?

      If you were regular and had sex many times, then continue with the quiz. There are chances that you miscalculate. It is best to check the possibility of being pregnant.

      If you remember the last time you had sex and how long was it before, then you can figure out your ovulation. If you had sex two weeks before period then you can be pregnant. Any spotting before period after sex near ovulation can be because of implantation.

      Implantation is the egg embedment that happens after a week or two from sex. So if you had sex two weeks before period then what you had was implantation bleeding.

      If you did not have sex during the week of ovulation, then you are least likely to be pregnant.

      Implantation bleeding vs Period
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      Implantation bleeding vs Period

      3) When did the spotting start?

      The duration of bleeding is also crucial in deciding whether it is implantation bleeding or period. If you are still spotting and it is the third day, then you need to consult a doctor. Implantation bleeding does not last for more than two days.

      The blastocyst is only of 64 cells and cannot cause much damage.

      Implantation only results in scanty spotting and stops soon. The spotting due to implantation starts after 6 days post ovulation 6 DPO. It is because the fertilization occurs in the tubes and the zygote takes time to move down the tubes.

      The spotting after implantation begins when the blastocyst invades the uterine lining leading to the crushing of blood vessels that ooze out blood.

        4) What is the color of spotting? 

        The color of bloody discharge also helps distinguish it from period. If you have brown colored spotting, the chances are that you had implantation.

        Bright red blood is rarely because of implantation. It is when the womb has active bleeding areas. As blood stays in vagina, it changes its color from red to dark brown hues.

        Later on, you get brown spotting instead of red period. Period is more continuous and so the blood remains red in color. There can be clots of darker colors in it due to the disintegration of the lining. Implantation bleeding will not have clots.

          5) How heavy is the flow? 

          Period flow reaches the maximum amount by the second day. Some women have a heavy period and soak a pad within an hour. But it eventually slows down, and it is over.

          During the last days and before the heavy flow, you get spotting during the period. But later on, the flow intensity changes if you have a period.

          Implantation bleeding will not change and continue to be light brown spotting. After a point, it will reduce and finish. An early miscarriage can continue bleeding until 10 days.

          Ectopic pregnancy or tubal pregnancy also leads to heavy bleeding that continues for days and occurs randomly. A chemical pregnancy is the spontaneous loss of pregnancy. It also appears like normal pregnancy and later bleeds incessantly.

            6) How long did the bleeding last? 

            Heavy flow for few minutes cannot be period. If you are not able to differentiate between a heavy flow and spotting, then check for the duration.

            How long does implantation bleeding last? It only lasts for few minutes or a day. If you have had spotting for more than two days, then it’s not implantation.

            Implantation is only 48 hours long process. During this, the early steps don’t cause much bleeding as the blastocyst only lies next to the uterus lining. After the first stage gets over, then implantation bleeding starts.

              7) Was there a fluctuation in BBT? 

              If you have been trying to get pregnant, then you may be recording your basal body temperature.

              In that case, you have another way to check implantation bleeding. If there was a very less drop in BBT, then it is because of implantation dip.

              Implantation dip is the fall of basal body temperature after ovulation BBT rise. Later on, the BBT rises back to normal. It is the triphasic pattern of BBT during implantation that is a sign of pregnancy.

                8) Did you have cramping? 

                During implantation, the cramps are mild and almost negligible. You’ll feel some tugging and tickling sensation in your stomach.

                There can be a feeling of a downward pull. Later on the cramping will subside. You will not even realize it unless you are actively observing implantation.

                PMS cramps are worse and menstrual cramping is unbearable. During PMS the lining actively breaks down, and the uterus prepares for the period.

                The breaking of lining leads to cramps and pain. Similarly, during an ectopic pregnancy, you will feel unbearable twisting and wringing pain in your stomach.

                Cramping getting worse is a sign that you are having some health problem. You should tell your doctor about it before taking any over the counter painkiller. They can be harmful to pregnancy if you have it.

                  9) Are you on any medications?

                  Medications like birth control pills or some other drugs can cause random spotting. Some women take birth control for months together. They see spotting randomly even when they are not pregnant. Few drugs can cause breakout bleeding.

                  Fertility drugs have hormones that alter the normal cycle. When the natural makeup of body changes, it is possible that there can be spotting.

                  When you are going to take any such medications, your doctor will tell you about any such side effects. The doctor will also tell you whether you need to stop taking the pill if you see bleeding.

                  If you are sure that your doctor did not write down any such side effects, then implantation is a possibility.

                    10) Did you take a pregnancy test?

                    A pregnancy test is the only method to confirm successful implantation. When to pregnancy test is another thing that you may want to ask.

                    The pregnancy test needs a particular concentration of hCG for detecting pregnancy. Most pregnancy tests can detect hCG levels around 25 mIU/mL.

                    After 5-6 days from implantation, the body had enough hCG for early pregnancy test kits.

                    If you get a positive pregnancy test after implantation bleeding, then it is not a false positive pregnancy test. Pregnancy symptoms confirm that you had implantation. You can also take a FREE implantation bleeding or period quiz.


                    1. Hi…. Actually I have a doubt…. My last periods on June 1st….after that we r trying to conceive…. But July 6 I have bleeding…. I don’t know is it a implantination bleeding or periods..before the bleeding I feel small cramping and after that I don’t feel any cramping. Normally I feel too much of cramping on first day of my normal mensus. Plz rply me I am totally confused…… Is it possible that implantination bleeding occur after expected period???? Is I am pregnant??? Plzzzzz. Help me…..

                    2. hi!my period delay for 10days after that I have spotting for 4 days color brown then it become red but it was still spotting because I only used pantyliner. I take pregnancy test and it was negative.there be possible that I’m pregnant?

                    3. Hi, there is a question that can be actually quite very confusing.
                      Which is in number 3. The question is “When did the spotting started?” and then inside it explains about bleeding.
                      Bleeding and spotting are different. Bleeding is a continuous flowing of blood out of the body while spotting is just a small discharge from the body.

                    4. Hello i want to ask only..i have my period may 22 and on 25 i take pills june 5 my last intercouse on june 6 i stop taking pillsbut after 5 days i contenue again even though no intercourse i finish one pack after 6 days i have my period for 7 days and after a week i have some spotting for 4 days very dark blood and light red and untill now still have no period but i feel some bloated abdomen and a bit hard on my lower abdomen but no pain what does ot means?thank you please i need your reply

                      • Spotting may be side effect of the pills you’re taking. Commenting about birth control pills and their effects on periods isn’t possible for us.

                    5. Hey , I need a lil bit of help. My last period was in June, haven’t had a period for July. I had unprotected sex the week of ovulation July 1st. July 20th around 12am I threw up white mucus , been feeling nauseous ever since. July 21st was my expected period but it never came all I had was period like cramps that were mild I thought my period was starting. I felt more wet down there. No period. This lasted for 5 days with no sign of my period. Today July 26th I experienced light pink bleeding only when I wiped. A few mins later I went to pee it was light pinkish light red. I put on a pad thinking my period was coming on even tho I was late. There barely any blood on my pad and I’ve had it on since around 1pm. Do you have any idea what could be happening ?

                      • If you’re sexually active then take a West. Otherwise any prescription you are on might be interfering. Hormone changes or maybe lifestyle changes. Ask a doc asap

                    6. My period was two weeks late and after I got it , it was pretty light , 2-3 days after it ended I started spotting pink and it’s still going on , help ????

                      • Spotting can continue for a week because it was a later period. Unless you’ve symptoms such as cramps and unbearable abdomen pain don’t worry. Also if the spotting continues for more than 4 days, ask your doctor.

                    7. Hi. My periods started on 1Aug I had the heavy flow the first day and next day early morning but after that at afternoon it almost stopped nd started to have spotting only uptill now… what could be the reason yes I took 2 painkiller because of the other issue but never take any medicine for cramps or other thing during periods…is it the reason bcz of medicine or any other issue??? Please help

                      • Medication can alter bleeding. If it was a normal pain killer, your period will soon get back to normal pace. In other case, pain killers affect your period. Certain medication effect your period and you need a doctor’s opinion about it.

                    8. Hi,

                      I missed my period for 3 days and now I am spotting. I took a test before hand and it was negative. Is this now my period or can I still be pregnant?

                      • A test in the week just after missed period can be false negative. Spotting isn’t a sign of miscarriage unless you’ve painful cramps and heavy bleeding.

                    9. Hi! I had my period from 27th july-2nd aug. And the next day on 3rd aug had unprotected intercourse although I took pills within 24hrs. Since 9th Aug i’ve been getting brown blood spots with cramps and light. Im really worried about it.
                      A quick response is needed. Thanks

                    10. My period was the 15th – 20th of July today Aug. 16th I’m four days late but I’m spotting now and mild cramping can I be pregnant or am I coming on my period now? I’m nervous

                    11. hi Aug 9 i had had my boyfriend penis against my vulva then I’m scared because what if there were pre cum on his penis . so next day i took a plan b pill next day i am not sure If I were ovulating or near ovulation. my period is suppose to come Aug 26 and my last period was July 29 but today Aug 16. i woke up went to the bathroom and see Brown but then like an hour late or 2 I see bright red no more brown I’m scared what’s with me

                      • Take a test after the spotting or discharge stops. Yes you can get pregnant with precum or just a drop of cum. If the penis touches the vulva near the opening you can conceive. Chances are rare tho.

                      • It’s late for it to be implantation spotting. One month late is enough wait for taking a pregnancy test. Please get a kit and check early morning.

                    12. Hi there. My lmp was 6th Aug. My husband and I used got carried away 19th August but he withdrew . My period is 4 days late but today I have tiny amount of pink /brown blood. I never have spotting so is this period or could I be pregnant?

                    13. 1) What Method Of Contraception Do You Use?
                      Norlevo 1.5mg
                      2) When Did You Have Sex?
                      My periods started on 1-Aug Ended on 5-Aug on 11-Aug i had unprotected sex
                      3) When Did The Spotting Start?
                      On 14-Aug there was milky whiteish discharge
                      And Today on 5-Sep when i was expecting my periods there was a blood not similar to periods but im having legs pain as in normal periods
                      4) What Is The Color Of Spotting?
                      5) How Heavy Is The Flow?
                      6) How Long Did The Bleeding Last?
                      Still bleeding today is first day
                      8) Did You Have Cramping?
                      9) Are You On Any Medications?
                      10) Did You Take A Pregnancy Test?
                      I took it on 3-Sep it was negative

                    14. hi There Ladies, i am new to this so i am hope you can help me otherwise i am going completely nuts.
                      i all started 2 weeks ago on ovulation day, i started getting all this unknown symptoms Bloated, craving salty foods, thirsty, more tired than usual, white discharge, cramps, usual coffee tasted funny, more bathroom trips, constipated, nausea on and off and Thursday and Friday my nipples was extremely sore.
                      that lasted a week, then last friday 4 days before my expected mens date i was super emotional, started spotting pink and very light red and brown, Friday night it went into a extremely light flow and sunday stopped.
                      normally period is right on time. i spot 2 days prior heavy flow one day, medium flow 2 days and then additional spotting 3 days after.
                      could this just be all hormonal or is there just a small tiny chance that i still might be pregnant,
                      i took 2 hpt that was neg but it was all prior to my “due” date so i know that i tested early plus i tested in the middle of the day after water and coffee and so forth.
                      I started spotting late yesterday afternoon and then nothing, just started again a few minutes ago, spotting differs between brown and light red.
                      apart from this my husband seems to be acting up was very emotional yesterday vomitted this morning (with our 1st he had more syptoms than what i did)
                      Any advise please please please

                    15. In need of some help, I normally have a 5 days period cycle, this month it was 5 days then stopped for 2 full days (no spotting no discolored discharge) then got milky pink spotting for 1.5 days. Normally I’d have brownish discharge after my period but never days apart and never this color it truly looked like previous implantation coloring(2kidsalready) been having some lower back aches and normally only before my period that happens, also extremely emotional this past week. I’m freaking out and don’t know if it’s maybe just normal or maybe I need to see a doctor or just simply take a test

                      • Take a test, if it’s negative then go to the doctor. Back pains these days with sedentary lifestyle can be because of other reasons. Period bleeding does stop in between and then starts again. That’s a common thing everyone experiences. About the discharge you see afterwards, nothing is constant. Next time you might have it again too.

                    16. Today I went to the doctors to go confirm my pregnancy it showed a faint line and said it was still positive and that I am 4 weeks pregnant but tomorrow it’s suppose to be the day I start my period and I am already having light blood which always happens the day before my period starts. What can this mean

                    17. Hello, I am very confused. I am 34 years old and I have never missed a period. I was excepted to get my period on October 13… waited and waited… then on October 18 I had some blood (light pink) when I wiped… thinking it was period coming flowing soon, I put a tampon…. everyday from October 18- October 25, I had extremely little to no blood… color varied from brown to light pink/red… additionally, I had vertigo The week of the 13th… off and on Mainly at night…. I’ve taken 2 pregnancies tests and both negative… this is all new to me and I don’t know what To think? Any advice…..

                    18. Hi! I’m just here to clarify if mine is implantation bleeding or just stress from studies. My boyfriend and I were messing around one time, we were grinding naked and he place a finger in me, but there was no penetration. This happened on the last day of my period, the 23rd. After a week, I noticed some brown spotting, the flow wasn’t as heavy as my normal period. The chances of getting pregnant is very low, since there is no implantation right? My period is expected on the 15th. I’m not sure whether it’s the stress of my exams that is causing the bleeding, of it is just implantation bleeding. I have shown signs like weight loss, but this started a month before we messed around. Please help me!!!! I am only 15 and I do not want to get pregnant!!!

                    19. Hey, I had unproctected sex Oct 27-Nov 2 and also on Oct 3 when I ovulated. On the days I had unproctected sex I used the PreSeed lubricate. I was supposed to start my cycle on Nov 17 but never did. I started bleeding on Nov 18 it was a light flow. I have bleeding with a light flow for the past 5 days and still bleeding on and off. As long as I been having my cycle it never was light and always lasted 7 days. I would like to know if is implementation bleeding or my period?

                      • Your period can be late, early and light at times differing from what it is normally. Implantation spotting color is a major factor to differentiate between chums and IB. Positive pregnancy test a week after implantation bleeding is another way to find out. For now it seems you just are having a lighter period.

                    20. Hi! Please, I need a clarification. I have been having an unprotected sex with friend but stopped the days of my period . My period came out at the right time and lasted for 5days. But, I noticed spotting 2 days after my period and have carried out test with a PT strip. It showed two lines, although, one line is faint. Can it actually be pregnant? I mean, immediately after my period?

                    21. Hi! Please, I need a clarification. I have been having an unprotected sex with my friend but stopped the days of my period . My period came out at the right time and lasted for 5days. But, I noticed spotting 2 days after my period and have carried out test with a PT strip. It showed two lines, although, one line is faint. Can it actually be pregnant? I mean, immediately after my period?

                    22. Hi! Please, I had an unprotected sex with my friend and my period came out at the right time and lasted for 5 days. But I noticed spotting 2 days after my period and I decided to carried out test with three different PT strips. All showed 2lines ( one thick line and another fainted line). Could it possibly be pregnant? Spotting right after my period.

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