Blank Pregnancy Test Result

A positive pregnancy test is very dear when a pregnancy is desirable. Nevertheless, it is a terrible nightmare when an unwanted pregnancy is bothering you. A blank pregnancy test result makes you go crazier than a negative or a false pregnancy test.

However, one thing is for sure, and that is that a blank pregnancy test is due to an error. Otherwise, in any condition, a blank pregnancy test is not an obvious or correct pregnancy test result.

About 50% tests don’t have the accuracy they claim on their pack. Only FDA approved kits comply with the strict standards set by health governing bodies.

It is essential to understand what a blank pregnancy test is before you get brainwashed by rumors about the blank pregnancy test.

What is a blank pregnancy test?

A blank pregnancy test result is when the pregnancy test result window is blank, and you see no lines. It may happen that later you see a line or only get a test line then it is also a blank pregnancy test.

Blank Pregnancy Test Result
Blank Pregnancy Test Result Result

Why does a blank pregnancy test result appear?

  • A blank test appears even rarely than a false pregnancy test result because it needs a lot of mistakes and defect.
  • A blank test appears because the urine did not reach the pregnancy test’s result window. It may be that the pregnancy test did not allow the urine to reach the result window. It can also be that your urine wasn’t enough to reach the result window.
  • A blank test appears because the hCG antibodies (detector particles) did not recognize urine. The control line doesn’t work on this detector particles principle. The most probable reasons for blank pregnancy test remain to be defective pregnancy test or mishandling.

How long does a pregnancy test remain visible?

  • A pregnancy test may remain visible for the time allotted for reading the test or stay there until the end of the world. Once the prescribed time passes it is no longer a reliable pregnancy test.
  • Some pregnancy test results might disappear after result reading time has passed. While there are others that start showing false pregnancy test results after that.
  • A blank test may appear from the start of the test. The result may disappear when you leave it unattended. Later what you get is a blank pregnancy test.

How long does a pregnancy test line take to appear?

Now as the major reason for getting blank pregnancy test is the time taken by urine to reach the result window. Some of the readers might want to know ‘how long are pregnancy tests good for?’

It cannot be a single uniform time slot for all of the pregnancy tests. They all have a different time. 

Digital Pregnancy tests might be a little faster. Mostly the minimum time taken by a pregnancy test is two minutes. Rarely are home pregnancy tests faster than this. 

The pregnancy tests that don’t have a symbol for negative pregnancy test make you wait longer to confirm. The maximum time for which pregnancy test remains viable is 10 minutes. Anything after that is not reliable.

What are the reasons for a blank pregnancy test result?

  1. Using a defective or expired pregnancy test: The most probable reason for a blank pregnancy test result is that you’ve used a faulty pregnancy test or an expired pregnancy test. A defective pregnancy test can give you a blank PT.  An expired pregnancy test too isn’t functional and will give a blank result.
  2. Not following the pregnancy test instructions:  Another reason for getting blank result in a pregnancy test may be that you used the pregnancy test in a wrong way. If you don’t use the pregnancy test right then you are drilling the final nail in the coffin for getting a blank pregnancy test result.
  3. Dropping the pregnancy test while taking the test: If you dropped the pregnancy test while taking the pregnancy test you’ll get a blank pregnancy test result. Urine has to rise in the pregnancy test and it is by a capillary action. Capillary action is moving from one to next point in a narrow pore. So if you drop the pregnancy test then the capillary action will break and the urine will not rise. If it won’t reach the result window you’ll get a blank pregnancy test.
  4. Insufficient amount of urine applied on pregnancy test: If you do not apply enough urine to pregnancy test hCG strip then you might get a blank pregnancy test result. A blank result is also obtained if the urine application method is incorrect. In this case, again urine will not reach the result window and thus you’ll get a blank pregnancy test.
  5. Storing urine improperly: If you kept your urine for long and did not store it correctly then you may get a blank PT result. Urine has chemicals that can react with surroundings and change its composition.
  6. Holding pregnancy test upside down: If you hold your pregnancy test upside down, then urine will not rise in the pregnancy test kit and thus give you a blank pregnancy test.

Can you take a blood test with home kit?

After getting repeated blank pregnancy tests one after the other for many days, you end up frustrated. Last time you went to the doctor and came back heart broken when you got a negative test.

So you decide to take a blood pregnancy test at home. But how?

You can take a blood test using home PT kit. Pregnancy tests are capable of testing using both blood and urine. In both cases whether you use a urine sample or blood sample you will see results. Just that the blood pregnancy test using home kit will be qualitative.

You won’t come to know how far along you’ve come in your pregnancy. After doing the test you will anyway need to see the doctor for a quantitative test to measure the levels of hCG.

What does a blank pregnancy test result mean?

A blank pregnancy test means that the test is incompetent or the one taking the test has been careless.

Please make this very clear that a blank pregnancy test has no meaning and no relevance to your pregnancy. There is no condition that will give you a blank pregnancy test. The only thing indicated is that you have not taken the pregnancy test in the right manner.

It may be repetitive, but it is intentional, to erase all your assumptions you’ve made till now after getting your blank PT.

What to do after getting a blank pregnancy test result?

Unlike after getting any other sort of pregnancy test result you don’t have to go to the doctor after getting a blank pregnancy test. Instead, it is only advisable that you repeat the pregnancy test.

This won’t be duplicating the pregnancy test. Duplicating a pregnancy test means that you repeat a pregnancy test just to cross check the previous result. In this case, you have nothing as a reference. You have to start de novo. You should get a new pregnancy test possibly a new brand if you got a cheap pregnancy test.

It is not possible that you continue getting blank result in the pregnancy test unless you are using water instead of urine sample! So there is no possibility that you get a second blank pregnancy test.

Here is another thing one can do after getting a blank pregnancy test:

  • If you can afford another pregnancy test as a trial, then get one. If you have a spare one, it will work too.
  • Drink lots of water and collect your urine sample. Take a pregnancy test immediately.
  • In this case, you will get the control line. If you are pregnant for more than 3-4 weeks, you may even get the test line.
  • At least you will be able to find out whether the other brand or kit is working for you.

In this way, you will be better prepared for your next pregnancy test. Otherwise, you could get a blank pregnancy test result again next morning if you got a set of expired pregnancy tests.

Don’t waste another morning using the same pregnancy test box hCG strip. Once you are pregnant especially at the early stage, every day counts. There are so many things such as genetic disorders and other complications that are treatable if you detect your pregnancy early.

So take a new home pregnancy test next morning if you get a blank pregnancy test.


  1. Since I’ve used this cb test, and it was blank so many things are going through my head. I haven’t had a period since 04-14 and this is 06-06. I’ve taken so many tests, and they come up negative. My period is “supposedly” supposed to come on in 6 days, I’ve been cramping lately, and honestly I don’t want my period to come on. My husband, and I are hoping for the best, and we go to the hospital soon, we just don’t want to be let down, but I guess whatever happens, God would want it to….


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