Ovulation Calculator

Once you’ve decided to have a baby, it’s time to get busy under the sheets. If you want to be precise about when to have sex to conceive, an ovulation calculator can make your task a bit easier.  

We all know sex has to be at the right time for getting pregnant. How does one know when to have sex to get pregnant?

Our FREE Ovulation calculator helps determine the exact fertile days. The fertile days are when having sex makes pregnancy probable.

Ovulation Calculator

Free Online Ovulation calculator

What is ovulation?

Ovulation is the process by which a mature ovary follicle releases the mature egg or ovum. It travels down the fallopian tube in order to meet with the sperm for fertilization.

The days when ovulation occurs are usually the most fertile days of a female.

How is ovulation regulated?

The brain regulates ovulation. A part of the brain known as hypothalamus instructs the pituitary gland to secrete hormones.

The ovulation hormones are luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone. These two hormones are responsible for maturation of follicle.

LH surge on the 14th day of menstrual cycle causes ovulation.

When does Ovulation take place in the menstrual cycle?

The process of ovulation is a part of the menstrual cycle of a woman. Ovulation takes place only one day between 10 and 19 days into the menstrual cycle. ‘When does ovulation occur?’ is a question that online ovulation calendar answer.

ovulation calculator
ovulation calculator

How is ovulation related to pregnancy?

You must be wondering what is the need to use calculate ovulation. If you are planning to have a baby, you should know that females are most fertile on certain days only.

Modern technology has been of great help in this respect as we can now find and calculate the days during which you are most fertile.

These days occur in between the menstrual cycle and are perfect for a time of romantic activity with your partner. 

What is an ovulation calculator?

Ovulation calculator has been a boon for the couples who are trying so very hard to have a baby. This calculator does not actually help in the process of conception of a baby.

Ovulation calendar accurately determines the ovulation date. This is the fertile window in which the probability of conceiving a baby is the highest.

An important thing here is that your egg lives for only 24 hours after ovulation. But sperms can survive in your vagina for about 5 days. So your fertile window starts around 3 days before ovulation day.

If you have sex three days before ovulation you can have a baby. This holds true for every day up to one day after ovulation.

Ovulation calculator helps find out fertility days online. This fertile window period is easily predictable by taking some details about you.

You will have to fill your period date in the box of ovulation calculator.

Where can you get an ovulation calculator?

Many brands such as Clearblue, First Response, and Wondfo market ovulation test kits.

They may be digital ovulation test kits and standard color changing ovulation test kits.

However technically an ovulation calculator webmd is an online software that helps you do the work of an ovulation test kits online.

Doctors recommend that you should have sex once or twice at least during these days. This increases the probability of getting pregnant and having a baby.

An old wives tale is that if you have sex earlier than ovulation then chances are that you will have a boy.

This is because the Y sperms travel faster. But all that are rumors. The only important thing is the more times you try to conceive during this time the better your chances will be.

How does the Ovulation calculator work?

For a regular menstrual cycle of 28 days, the most fertile date is around the 14th day of the cycle.

For the example data above it shows the date as 15th of February. When the menstrual cycle is more than 28 days, say 30 days, and then the ovulation date will adjust accordingly.

In that case, a preferable date will be the 16th day of the menstrual cycle. Same procedure and algorithm calculate ovulation date when the menstrual cycle is less than 28 days.

Ovulation calculator collects information about your period and other events. It makes calculations from the day of menses to find out your day of ovulation.

Our free Ovulation calculator works accurately for females having regular periods. Women with an irregular period cannot detect ovulation using ovulation calendar.

The calculation and accuracy of this calculator are unreliable for irregular menses. If your menstrual cycle lasts for less than 21 days you may not find calculator useful enough.

Is ovulation calculator effective?

Yes, ovulation calendar is accurate provided you have a regular menstrual cycle.

What is the alternative to ovulation calculator for women with irregular menstrual cycles?

There are many methods of checking for dates of ovulation in the case of irregular periods.  Alternatives to ovulation calculator are fertility charting and basal body temperature tracking and tracking other ovulation symptoms.

The most popular alternative to ovulation calculator is purchased ovulation test kits.

It is very difficult to find your ovulation day if you have an irregular period. This is because you gauge your menstrual cycle based on menses.

Other events of menstrual cycle don’t have any evident signs. If your menses are irregular then you will not be able to find out the day of ovulation.

There are methods other than ovulation calculator for finding out ovulation:

Fertility charting is recording all signs of ovulation and other reproductive symptoms.

Basal body temperature tracking is slightly tough as you will have to keep recording the temperature every day for a month.

You have to take the temperature reading just after bed without moving an inch. At times you may forget and do some activity.

Ovulation test kit is best for women with an irregular period. An irregular period can be because of many reasons.

You can experience spotting randomly because of low levels of estrogen in your body. Ovulation kits detect LH hormone surge. This is not interrupted by any other hormone changes.

One should never forget that ovulation calendar is just a method of planning a pregnancy. It cannot tell you exactly when to have sex to get pregnant.

You must not take it as a substitute for a doctor or other healthcare professional. It is best to consult a doctor to find your fertile window.

There is no sense in wasting your precious time and taking the unnecessary stress. Talk to your doctor if over the counter tests or ovulation online calculator doesn’t help.


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