6 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

Just one week after those pink lines things on a home pregnancy test change drastically. When you’re 6 weeks pregnant, the embryo is only a small rice grain. Pregnancy hormones are going whacky welcoming the little one. 

At the 6 weeks of pregnancy, some of you have just come to know that you’re expecting.

When your doctor does a pregnancy test and tells that you are 6 weeks pregnant, your heart skips a beat. Don’t feel confused because pregnancy calculations add the weeks from your last menstrual period (LMP).

Most of you may be dying to get a glimpse of your baby. Despite the small size it possible to see your baby by 6 weeks pregnant ultrasound

The heartbeat is already there and is audible if you get an ultrasound.

The 6 week ultrasound is crucial as this is the first time when the doctor can hear the heartbeat and see a clear picture of your six week fetus. 

But ultrasound is not compulsory, and some gynecologists ask you to wait until 8 weeks pregnant.

By the 6 weeks pregnant stage your early pregnancy symptoms like PMS are now clear signs. You start having morning sickness, fatigue, and anxiety.

6 Weeks Pregnant

6 Weeks Pregnant : What to expect?
6 Weeks Pregnant: What to expect?

How is your baby changing at 6 weeks pregnant?

You can consider your baby to be equal to a rice grain or sweet pea. Precisely the baby is a quarter of an inch at the 6 weeks. But the 0.25-inch long embryo needs a whole lot of changes in you.

At this point, your baby now begins moving. He already has access to the 24-hour womb service making you crave all that he wants. But now the baby starts moving slowly.

The movement of 6-week pregnant baby is not apparent as a flutter. You will not feel any of the motions.

  1. The tail of the baby is still there. It is the part of the body that will have the spinal cord shortly. The tadpole or lizard-like look resembles but lesser compared to week 5. Features such as lips, eyes, and nose are forming. Even if you get the 6-week ultrasound, you will not be able to make out how the baby is going to look.
  2. The head is larger than the body. Hands and legs are just protrusions on the expected places. An extremely thin layer of skin is covering the body. Teeth are already that will nibble you during breastfeeding, ouch! Still, cute.
  3. Eyes and nose are just tiny initiations over the head. Optical vesicles is the term for the dots on each side of the head. Ear slits are not there, but there is a noticeable change at the place. The body of the baby gradually starts taking human form and curvature begins. Unlike the fishy structure now the baby attaches to a C disc to acquire a curved shape.
  4. Brain development occurs before the formation of these features. At the six weeks of pregnancy, neural tubes are forming networks. The spinal cord and grey matter formation is complete.
  5. Other organs including breathing tubes, lungs, gut, and pancreas are starting to take shape. The liver formation also begins, and it will take up the function of forming blood cells.
  6. Baby’s heart has started beating at a very high rate. An adult heart beats only 72 beats a minute. But your little one has a heart that beats at 160 beats per minute. Gradually the heart rate falls to the normal with growth.
  7. Baby growth spurts occur. While now the baby is only 0.25 inches next week it will double in size.
  8. Twins development at 6 weeks needs caution. Some complications arise when you are six weeks pregnant with twins. Size of twins will be smaller than a single baby. Blood flow can have unequal distribution. Complications like anemia and delayed fetal growth need a check.
  9. Transvaginal ultrasound is more effective than a regular ultrasound in visualizing the baby at this stage. Heartbeat is clear 160 beats when heard during a transvaginal 6-week ultrasound. You will be able to see a fetal pole during the scan. It is a bunch of cells that separate from the yolk sac. Negative pregnancy test after a missed period for two weeks is a typical problem many women come up with. A transvaginal ultrasound can detect pregnancy with evidence of fetal pole.
  10. Gonad development of the baby is still not viable. But progenitor germ cells are dividing, and soon the reproductive system will form.
  11. Blood circulation starts in the baby. Soon the organs will take over their functions and get blood from internal circulation. Digestive and respiratory systems are also forming.

How does a 6 weeks pregnant fetus look like?

Size and ShapeTail present, tadpole look taking human form
Organ SystemsLiver & grey matter form, heart rate 160/min
Limbs and FeaturesNose, eyes and lips bud, webbed fingers
Amniotic fluid, Movements1) Fluid increases
2) No baby movements,
OtherGonads not clear

The baby is just as big as sweet pea, but the internal organ development is progressing. At 6 weeks pregnant the nervous system of the fetus develops. Blood circulation is rapid, and the baby starts moving its webbed hands.

By the end of 6th week, the fingers start forming. There is a formation of facial features such as the nose, lips depression, eye-pits, and earmarks.

Now the baby gradually starts responding to external stimuli. There is organ formation, and intestine has loops.

Spleen, bone marrow cartilage and lungs start forming. The digestive tract above the intestine including stomach and esophagus is also presently developed in different extent.

6 Weeks Pregnant Development
6 Weeks Pregnant Development

What happens when you’re six weeks pregnant?

6-week pregnancy is one month and one week into the pregnancy. The symptoms are evident, and you’re dealing with morning sickness mainly at this stage.

The mother’s body has high levels of progesterone that make the uterus wall thick which is another visible change in 6-week ultrasound.

The thickness of the uterus lining also determines whether a woman is pregnant. A specific thickness of the endometrium is essential for sustaining the baby. 

6 weeks pregnant symptoms

Now that one and a half month is past conception, all the confusion subsides. If you are carrying it will be evident through symptoms. There is no longer the possibility of having any six weeks pregnancy symptoms which are not because of pregnancy.
Most common six weeks pregnant symptoms are:

1. Pregnancy Toxicosis

Pregnancy Toxicosis
Pregnancy Toxicosis

During implantation, some immune cells reach the site and lead to an inflammatory response. The cascade is essential for the occurrence of implantation by invading the uterine lining.

Pregnancy toxicosis occurs at 5 weeks pregnant during implantation. The new hormones and chemicals inside the mother’s body imitate toxins and induce a response.

Nausea and vomiting are the results of this pregnancy toxicosis. Some fetal cells have fathers antigens and markers and mother’s body recognizes them as foreign.

For long it was thought that the immune system of the mother is compromised during pregnancy.

At the site of implantation, the immune cells not attacking the fetus was attributed to a lowered immune system during pregnancy.

The first 12 weeks of pregnancy have the pro-inflammatory phase which returns during the last stage.

2. Bloating

Bloating during pregnancy
Bloating during pregnancy

Progesterone hampers digesting mechanisms. Thus constipation is a chronic problem during early pregnancy. Bloating occurs as a result of an unclean gut. 

3. Fatigue

Fatigue at 6 week pregnancy
Fatigue at 6-week pregnancy

The new changes and growth spurts of baby utilize your energy. Morning sickness doesn’t allow you to eat enough and drains the calories.

Frequent urination robs your night’s sleep routine. All this adds to the tiredness during pregnancy early weeks.

4. Sore breasts

Sore breasts at 6 weeks pregnancy
Sore breasts at 6-weeks pregnancy

Blue veins over breasts are common signs of week 6 pregnancy. The hormones increase blood supply to the breasts. The nipples become sensitive and sore.

It is possible that you have leaky boobs during pregnancy. The lactation preparation begins way before the baby arrives.

Avoid wearing the same bra because choking will cause itchy breasts.

5. Hormonal changes at 6 weeks pregnant

Your body temperature may feel slightly higher than before. Progesterone and hCG increase in circulation.

The levels of hCG keep rising until week 10-12. During week 6 hCG levels double every 2-3 days.

6. Uneasiness of uterus

Implantation, the formation of the placenta and fetal pole trigger different sensations inside the uterus.

The lining of the uterus thickens, even more, to be able to hold the fetus and support its growth.

During egg embedment, the lining of the uterus suffers piercing.

All the new changes during week 6 of pregnancy cause uneasiness of uterus.

7. Flaccid muscles

Flaccid Muscles
Flaccid Muscles

Fatigue and edema cause muscles to lose their stiffness. You feel that you’re not able to hold things and have lost your grip. Some parts of your limbs may feel slightly swollen.

8. Salivation

Salivation increases at 6 weeks
Salivation increases at 6 weeks

When you sleep, salivation can be severe to the extent you get up having a wet pillow. The reason for this symptom of 6 weeks pregnant is hormonal imbalance and nausea.

Due to the fear of puking pregnant woman spit more and swallow less. Hyperemesis Gravidarum patients have severe morning sickness.

Such pregnant women wake up drooling. Heartburn also causes ptyalism.

9. Dizziness or low blood pressure during pregnancy

A pregnant woman can experience Dizziness
A pregnant woman can experience Dizziness

The hormones fluctuate blood flow and pressure. Thus low blood pressure during pregnancy is common.

Dizziness occurs due to low blood pressure.

10. Brown discharge

As you’re not far from your missed period old blood (Brown discharge) can come along vaginal discharge. A 6-week pregnant woman experiences a watery discharge.

When old blood mixes with it brown gooey discharge 6 weeks pregnant occurs.

11. Cramping

Cramping during pregnancy at 6 weeks
Cramping during pregnancy at 6 weeks

It is normal to have mild cramps while 6 weeks pregnant. The uterine expansion and contractions cause cramps.

Unless you have bleeding along with heavy cramps or abdominal pain at 6 weeks there is nothing to worry about.

12. Frequent urge to pee

An urge to pee frequently at 6 weeks pregnancy
An urge to pee frequently at 6 weeks of pregnancy

With an increased level of hCG hormone, more blood is sent to the pelvic region. As more blood reaches the kidneys, they filter at a higher rate.

You might experience the urge to pee but unable to do it.

Welcome to pregnancy!

Burning during urination or blood in urine when pregnant is a sign of infection.

Yeast infections are common during this period of pregnancy.

Don’t hold your urine for long as the risk of urinary tract infection is high. No matter how many times you have to visit the loo don’t cut down fluids.

A pregnant woman must drink 12 glasses of water daily.

13. Mood swings

Mood swings at week 6 pregnancy
Mood swings at week 6 pregnancy

Whether swearing during pregnancy affects the baby, it sure does relieve you!

Mood swings, Mid Night cravings, and Morning Sickness, pregnancy should also start with ‘M’ may be Monday!?

Hormones are to be blamed for every not so pleasant or pleasant thing happening.

14. Recurrences of Cold, Flu

Cold & Congestion
Cold & Congestion

The early weeks of pregnancy make you sneezy wheezy. Cold and flu incidences will be more than usual.

Exceptions exist, and some women find their immunity increase after conception.

A recent study published in a scientific journal also read that a pregnant woman has a higher immune status.

6 Weeks Pregnant Belly

How does a 6-week pregnant belly look like?

The six weeks pregnant belly isn’t much noticeable. If you see any significant baby bump, then it’s probably bloating.

The rising levels of progesterone hormone, the main pregnancy hormone, cause bloating.

The digestive system is no longer as effective and so six weeks pregnant symptoms like constipation occur. 

In the case of twins, the growth rate is rapid, and so you will have a baby bump sooner. 

But for 6 weeks pregnant belly you’ll hardly have any visible changes.

6 weeks pregnant is how many months?

6 weeks pregnant is one month and a week into the pregnancy. 

You may not discover the exact time you got pregnant because a missed period is a common sign of pregnancy. 

However, conception takes place two weeks before the period’s due date.

The 6-week transvaginal ultrasound helps accurate calculations of the due date.

Gynecologists consider gestational age from the day of the last menstrual period and not from the missed period.

Therefore they add about two weeks to the time you

6 weeks Ultrasound

6 Weeks Pregnant
6 Weeks Pregnant

Earlier the first ultrasound used to after 7 weeks of pregnancy and more commonly 8 weeks ultrasound. But now it is possible to get an ultrasound at 6 weeks pregnant stage.

Why do you need a 6 weeks pregnant ultrasound?

There is no significant thing that you’d be able to recognize in a 6-week ultrasound. 

Your doctor will probably ask you to wait before getting your first ultrasound scan until 8th or 9th week.

In case you’ve any significant risk during pregnancy then your doctor may recommend an early ultrasound.

Nevertheless, your first prenatal checkup will happen right away when you confirm that you are pregnant.

Other reasons for getting 6-week scan include checking for twins. There are a few 6-week twin pregnancy risks that need extra care.

Why get an early 6 weeks scan?

Pregnant women must not skip 6-week ultrasound if she has:

  • History of miscarriage
  • Conceived through IVF or artificial reproductive techniques
  • Had vaginal bleeding or pain
  • Suffered sexually transmitted diseases
  • Crossed 35 years of age
  • Risk of fetus getting a genetic disorder
  • Thyroid dysfunction

What happens during 6 weeks ultrasound?

Most early pregnancy scans are transvaginal. You will have you change clothes and have your lower body wrapped. 

The doctor will take a thin transducer with some gel inside your vagina. Mostly the device stays in the outer passageway. 

Some movements may be needed until a clear picture is visible.

Gel covering the tip will prevent hurting or rubbing against your vaginal walls.

What can you see in a 6 weeks ultrasound?

6 things you can see in 6 weeks ultrasound:

1) Baby pole

At such an early stage it is difficult to see any prominent features of the baby. Your baby will only be visible as a fetal pole. It is a curved structure with a tail at one end and thickened head at another. The measurement used for it is the crown to rump length. When this ratio is more than 5, which happens by 6 weeks, then you hear a fetal heartbeat.

2) Gestational sacs

In case you are carrying twins they develop later than a singlet. So you’ll also be able to make out whether you’ve two gestational sacs. In that case, you will be expecting twins. Chorionic sac has the fluid that’ll fill the uterus and provide buoyancy and transport medium. The yolk sac is responsible for the early nutrition of the embryo until the blood connection develops across the placenta. Even if the fetal pole is not visible due to slower early development, it doesn’t mean that you had a miscarriage.

3) The position of pregnancy

Some women have a low lying placenta that poses a lot of problems if found at a later stage. It is also the stage when the doctor will be able to warn you about any such placenta problems. The doctor can figure out the direction of attachment and growth of the fetus.

4) Enlarged uterus

The increase in the thickness of the wall of the uterus is one of the unusual ways of diagnosing pregnancy. When the uterine wall thickening is more than 9mm, it is appropriate for sustaining the pregnancy. For women with endometrial lining below 6mm, supplements are prescribed. It is another thing to observe in a 6-week ultrasound.

5) Hear heartbeat

Once the fetal pole is visible, it is possible to hear the baby’s heartbeat. The doctor will be able to listen to it precisely. You’ll also listen to it if it is detectable. At this age, the pulse is from 90-110. If the heartbeat is not detected, then the doctor will advise you to come for a second ultrasound. Unless there is no detectable heartbeat at the 7-week ultrasound, there is no reason to worry.

6) The direction of flow of blood

The ultrasound scan also shows the direction of blood flow. It also helps in identifying the exact location of the pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy and other abnormalities will cause a blood flow pattern directed to other places. These pregnancy complications need to be detected and treated. At later stages, these can even interfere with the female’s fertility.

6 Week Ultrasound No fetal pole, empty sac or no fetal heartbeat?

There can be many reasons for not being able to see anything in a six weeks ultrasound. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you had a miscarriage or were not pregnant.

Here are 3 primary reasons for nothing in 6-week Ultrasound:

  1. Miscalculation: It is not simple to calculate your pregnancy date by yourself. Doctors consider pregnancy two weeks before the missed period date. The due date of period rarely is like a monthly anniversary. It keeps fluctuating a bit. In the case of women with irregular period, finding gestational age is even difficult. If there is a miscalculation and your pregnancy is not yet 6 weeks, you cannot also detect the miscalculation. So, in this case, it is normal to have an unsuccessful ultrasound. Beta hCG levels during pregnancy differ in increment pace for different women.
  2. Slower development: Some fetuses may not be on a linear curve of growth. The can take longer to grow and cross developmental milestones at an early stage and later pace up. In that case, it is normal not to hear the fetal heartbeat. Other reason for slow development can be malnutrition and hormonal imbalance.
  3. Pregnancy abnormalities: It is unnerving when you detect pregnancy abnormalities after being told that you are pregnant. You shouldn’t bottle up emotions as they can have devastating effects like long-term anxiety disorder or depression. Ectopic pregnancy, tubal pregnancy or even miscarriage is a possibility in every pregnancy. Every pregnancy has a risk of development defect. Ultrasound is the most conclusive way of detecting such defects.

It is best to get an early ultrasound for this reason. Treating these conditions is not possible at later stages.

Things You Must Do When 6 Week Pregnant

  • Prepare for your first prenatal visit
  • Get your pets and their kennels cleaned
  • Drink lots of fluids
  • Find a suitable solution for morning sickness relief
  • Avoid hot tubs and sauna
  • Cut down alcohol, smoking, caffeine, sushi
  • Start your pregnancy journal
  • Spend time with your partner
  • Find out reliable friends to seek help
  • Deal with emotional issues and strengthen your relationship


  1. I Ovulated three days back and I slept with my husband for 5days ,now am experiencing rise in temperature… Have I conceived?

    • Just three days after conception very few advanced tests can detect pregnancy. You must wait for two weeks and take a pregnancy test. Read about triphasic pattern of BBT after implantation.


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