White Discharge Before Period

There are many reasons for getting white discharge before period. You must have noticed many kind of discharge during a  menstrual cycle. Some women have white discharge before period in large quantities.

Many females feel queasy about thick white vaginal discharge. They worry if this means a medical condition which may require visiting a doctor. But white discharge is completely normal and in fact a good sign. It means that your vagina has enough lubrication and your ovulation is regular.

White discharge before period is a sign of ovulation and that you are in the fertile window. If you have unprotected sex during this time then you are likely to get pregnant.

Thick sticky white discharge before period

This discharge occurs on the 14th day of cycle. It is because your ovaries have released an egg. This egg is viable for pregnancy for next 24 hours. If the white discharge before period is odorless then it is completely normal. White discharge before period serves as an indicator of most fertile period during the cycle.

White Discharge Before Period
White Discharge Before Period

Cheesy white discharge is a sign of sexually transmitted diseases. If your white discharge has yellow tinge you may have thrush. Thrush is a yeast infection. Thick white discharge before period in most cases is normal.

Inflammation of cervix due to bacterial or viral infection causes cervicitis. During cervicitis the healthy cells start producing a lot of thick white discharge. This is primarily to reduce the inflammation.

Atrophic vaginitis is when walls of vagina become extremely thin and shed. This is because of declining estrogen levels. The thinning of vaginal walls causes thick white discharge. But this is a post menopausal event.

Women might want to use talcum during this time to feel dry and comfortable. But it is best to bear the wetness as it is. Putting scented powders can cause infections. Douching during white milky discharge is dangerous. Douching can cause severe complications like bacterial vaginosis.

Is it normal to have white discharge before period?

Yes, it is completely normal and healthy to have milky white discharge before period. This is something women try to figure out when they are having trouble getting pregnant. White vaginal discharge before period is symptom of ovulation. Some women may have spotting during ovulation along with cramps. This is very rare but can happen.

White milky discharge before period is a sign that you are fertile. It could also be a sign that you are pregnant provided you are sexually active. Milky white discharge before period is a symptom of early pregnancy. But this is not confirmative unless you see other symptoms of early pregnancy in you.

What does a white discharge before period mean?

White discharge and cramps before period mean that you are ovulating. When pregnancy does not occurs the egg along with the uterus lining comes out as period.

If pregnancy occurs then creamy white discharge and cramps before period are symbolic. Early pregnancy signs before period include thick white vaginal discharge. White discharge before period may also be due to sexual intercourse.

It could be your partner’s ejaculate. Men ejaculate semen upon reaching orgasm. Female ejaculate is also white in color. Cervical mucus is a third possibility for white discharge before period.

  1. When you have sex many glands in your body and your partner’s body release fluids. This is white milky discharge. It could be that after having sex you later eject a thick white discharge. It is normal and can occur after few hours from sex.
  2. Men release a thick creamy white fluid from penis during sex. This is also white. It can come on your body and vaginal area. You can confuse this as white discharge from your body.
  3. Your cervical mucus changes throughout your menstrual cycle. It becomes clear stretchy during ovulation and dense near period. It is for enabling sperm during ovulation.

White discharge before period is nothing to worry about. Some women don’t like feeling wet all the while. They may change their inner clothing many times during this phase. But it is one of the best blessings to have this happen to you. White discharge before period makes intercourse easier.

Sexually transmitted diseases have white discharge with foul smell as a symptom and so it is natural worry. But the smell and odor of white discharge before period are negligible. Unlike that, during any infection the white discharge looks yellow or green. It has a foul smell.

You must use a condom when having sex with unknown partner to avoid such problems later.


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