When Does Ovulation Occur?

The release of egg or ovum from either ovary is ovulation. Ovulation should ideally be only once a menstrual cycle. Nature has set a mechanism that the entire body goes through during ovulation to favor fertilization. Procreation is essential for the survival of a species.  In this article, we will answer when does ovulation occur and many other ovulation related questions.

Ovulating Symptoms

There are many symptoms of ovulation.

  1. Changes in cervical mucus: Cervical mucus becomes clear and stretchy when ovulation is near. It looks like egg white. 
  2. An increased sexual appetite: At the time of ovulation one might feel the urge for sex more often. One has to time sex around the period from 5 days before ovulation.
  3. Increase in basal body temperature: Basal body temperature is a reliable indicator of ovulation. On the day of ovulation, the basal body temperature may rise by .5 – 1.0 ˚C because of an increase in estrogen level during ovulation.
  4. Physical appearance improves: Female sex hormones are steroidal. This is the reason for better skin and hair and other factors during ovulation. These are external indicators of ovulation.
  5. Breasts feel tender: During ovulation, breasts feel sore and swell up. Some women might have elongated nipples.
  6. A mild ache in stomach or cramps: It is not a general symptom. But some women report that they experience a mild ache during ovulation. It may be for a short while or can last for few days.

When does ovulation occur?
When does ovulation occur?

When Does Ovulation Occur?

Women trying to conceive often ask when does ovulation occur? Here is a step-by-step process to under when does ovulation occur?

  1. One can calculate the time of ovulation from either end of menstrual cycle. You can calculate your ovulation day from the start of your menstrual cycle. It can also be determined from the day of onset of periods.
  2. One can calculate the day of ovulation by considering the start of periods as the first day. Then the ovulation day will be around the 12th or 14th day.
  3. Calculating the day of ovulation from the day after periods is easy. All one has to do is to subtract the days of periods from 12 or 14.
  4. Length of a menstrual cycle is a critical factor while calculating the ovulation day.
  5. For a longer menstrual cycle ranging from 30 to 35 days, ovulation will be later. In this case, it will be around the 15th day or the 17th day.
  6. Similarly, for a shorter menstrual cycle, the ovulation day will be earlier. A menstrual cycle fewer than 28 days will have ovulation scheduled for the 12th day.
  7. Something other than this is could also be completely natural.

How Long Does Ovulation Last?

Ovulation itself doesn’t last long. In fact, ovulation is a step in a long process. When the Graffian follicle matures, it ovulates. Ovulation is the release of the ovum from a multilayer structure. The layers regress to form the corpus luteum.

When to have sex during ovulation?

Ovum after ovulation lasts for 24 hours. If a sperm meets the ovum in this time slot, then fertilization occurs. The sperms stay in vagina for around 6 to 7 days.

One can determine the fertile window by looking for symptoms of ovulation. This will answer, after menstruation how many days is safe?

How does ovulation feel?

One does rarely feel ovulation. Symptoms of ovulation are fine. Ovulation will only be felt like a very mild pain or a slight giddiness.

Due to increased production of cervical mucus one might feel wet. Some might mistake it for the arrival of periods. However, ovulation remains unnoticeable.

How to test ovulation?

Testing ovulation can be manual or by using ovulation test kit.

  1. Manual way of testing ovulation: One can detect ovulation by charting of basal body temperature. Basal body temperature has the minimum value when you get up from sleep. By recording basal body temperature every day, ovulation becomes predictable. The day you see a rise in basal body temperature is the ovulation day.
  2. Ovulation test kit: There are many ovulation test kits available in the market. These kits detect the level of Leutenizing hormone. A shoot of LH hormone leads to rupture of the Graffian follicle and consequential ovulation. LH strips are another kind of ovulation calculators.

What is an ovulation calculator?

An ovulation calculator tests ovulation. There are online ovulation calculators. The online ovulation calculator is a questionnaire that has all questions regarding ovulation. One can even predict ovulation by answering the questions. One can also get digital ovulation calculator.


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