Pregnancy Tests

TTC couples start off as beginners and have a lot to learn. Pregnancy tests are probably the most confusing things you will come across. Leaving all women puzzled with vertical, horizontal, faint lines and artwork, hCG kits are real science. We help you understand these kits better, introducing the basics and the latest alike.

Types of pregnancy tests, DIY homemade pregnancy tests, reviews and frequently asked questions have separate sections. For every women is different so are the pregnancy tests results. When should you take pregnancy test? One of the FAQs, the answer to this is most important for getting accurate results.

With advancing technologies, early pregnancy tests are now available. Early pregnancy factor and blood hCG tests are getting precise in detecting pregnancy at earlier stages.

Read through the pages, search your query or ask a question in the pregnancy test forum!

Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

Curious about Pine Sol pregnancy test? You're not alone! Many women who heard about Pine-Sol test were confused at first. ????Many women still like natural ways of testing pregnancy. They still rely on old wives tales for testing...
Hospital Pregnancy Test

Hospital Pregnancy Test

Knowing whether you are pregnant comes either by Hospital pregnancy test or Home pregnancy test.When you are trying to get pregnant, you want to give the best to your baby. You want to talk...
Digital pregnancy tests

Digital Pregnancy Test

We live in the era where toothbrushes also run on batteries. Taking a stick pregnancy test might seem too outdated to some of us. So for early adaptors is the digital pregnancy test.The R&D of...
When Should I Take A Pregnancy Test?

When Should I Take A Pregnancy Test?

PrecapWhen should I take a pregnancy test? You can take a pregnancy test a week after missed period. Taking the test in the morning reduces the chance of getting a false negative. Avoid taking...
Vinegar Pregnancy Test

Vinegar Pregnancy Test

Vinegar pregnancy test is one of the oldest homemade pregnancy tests trusted by women for years. Plain vinegar can be found in most homes and is super cheap. Read on to know how to...
Cheap pregnancy test

Is A Cheap Pregnancy Test Worth It?

Pregnancy invites a lot of stress and happiness at the same time. If you are lucky, you might not have to take many prenatal tests. But if you fall into the trap of chain...
Pregnancy test instructions

Pregnancy Test Instructions

Taking a pregnancy test for the first time can be so worrisome that you end up doing things that only complicate your state of doubt. It is very important that you follow the pregnancy...
Qualitative and Quantitative Pregnancy Test

What Are Qualitative and Quantitative Pregnancy Tests

PrecapWhat are Qualitative and Quantitative Pregnancy Tests? A Qualitative pregnancy test only tells you whether hCG is present or not. On the other hand, a Quantitative pregnancy test tells you exactly, quantify, how much...
Positive Pregnancy Test After Miscarriage

Positive Pregnancy Test After Miscarriage?

Today, we will discuss positive pregnancy test after a miscarriage. Every year 50000 pregnancies in the US end due to a miscarriage. Out of this only 10–20 % of these are cases of diagnosed...
How Does A Pregnancy Test Work?

How Does A Pregnancy Test Work?

PrecapHow does a pregnancy test work? A pregnancy test has special chemicals that are able to detect hCG in your urine. The pregnancy hormone coming from placenta starts coming along your pee. When you...