Pregnancy Tests

TTC couples start off as beginners and have a lot to learn. Pregnancy tests are probably the most confusing things you will come across. Leaving all women puzzled with vertical, horizontal, faint lines and artwork, hCG kits are real science. We help you understand these kits better, introducing the basics and the latest alike.

Types of pregnancy tests, DIY homemade pregnancy tests, reviews and frequently asked questions have separate sections. For every women is different so are the pregnancy tests results. When should you take pregnancy test? One of the FAQs, the answer to this is most important for getting accurate results.

With advancing technologies, early pregnancy tests are now available. Early pregnancy factor and blood hCG tests are getting precise in detecting pregnancy at earlier stages.

Read through the pages, search your query or ask a question in the pregnancy test forum!

First Response Pregnancy test

First Response Pregnancy Test

The First Response Pregnancy Test is the only pregnancy test that confirms whether you are pregnant almost a week earlier.It has two kinds of pregnancy tests, and both are the best selling in their...
How to read a pregnancy test?

How To Read A Pregnancy Test?

A home pregnancy test is a device that tests the presence of hCG in a urine sample and tells a woman if she is pregnant or not. So every woman curious about her pregnancy should know how...
Home Pregnancy Test After IVF

Home Pregnancy Test After IVF

If you are undergoing an IVF treatment, it's only obvious that you would want to take a home pregnancy test after IVF. But, home pregnancy tests are not recommended after IVF. Want to know...
10 Best Early Pregnancy Tests

10 Best Early Pregnancy Tests

Nowadays, early pregnancy testing at home is common and easily possible. The market has enough number of early pregnancy tests to compete amongst themselves. But the catch is that if you don't do enough...
Late Period But Negative Pregnancy Test

Late Period But Negative Pregnancy Test

Late Period But Negative Pregnancy Test? Missing their periods is something every woman dreads when it is not supposed to be that way.There could be many reasons for a late period. Stress can delay a...
When to take a pregnancy test after implantation?

Pregnancy Test After Implantation

A pregnancy test has to be scheduled at the right time. Any early symptom of pregnancy is the first indicator for you to take the home pregnancy test. A home pregnancy test is very accessible,...
Expired pregnancy test

Expired Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy tests are not as simple as they show in advertisements. It's not simply a pink line appearing by magic and telling you that you are pregnant. Pregnancy tests are like small laboratory tests...
Best Pregnancy Test

11 Best Pregnancy Test Reviews (Category Wise)

When you are planning to make a new addition to your family, you have a plethora of things going in your mind. One of the first things you need after a suitable partner in...
Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

Curious about Pine Sol pregnancy test? You're not alone! Many women who heard about Pine-Sol test were confused at first. ????Many women still like natural ways of testing pregnancy. They still rely on old wives tales for testing...
Most accurate pregnancy tests

Most Accurate Pregnancy Test

Who doesn't want to get the right answer to 'Am I pregnant?' quickly and with 100% certainty? There are so many pregnancy tests available on the market that it is difficult to decide which...