Pregnancy Tests

TTC couples start off as beginners and have a lot to learn. Pregnancy tests are probably the most confusing things you will come across. Leaving all women puzzled with vertical, horizontal, faint lines and artwork, hCG kits are real science. We help you understand these kits better, introducing the basics and the latest alike.

Types of pregnancy tests, DIY homemade pregnancy tests, reviews and frequently asked questions have separate sections. For every women is different so are the pregnancy tests results. When should you take pregnancy test? One of the FAQs, the answer to this is most important for getting accurate results.

With advancing technologies, early pregnancy tests are now available. Early pregnancy factor and blood hCG tests are getting precise in detecting pregnancy at earlier stages.

Read through the pages, search your query or ask a question in the pregnancy test forum!

False Negative Pregnancy Test With Mirena

False Negative Pregnancy Test With Mirena?

Every woman prefers a particular type of birth control method for her. It depends on her desire to space her babies or her body's condition. Your caretaker might recommend you a particular contraception. One...
Equate pregnancy test

Equate Pregnancy Test

Equate Pregnancy Test is the cheaper version of First Response Pregnancy Test and EPT Pregnancy Test.The test come as a value pack and as a set. The Equate Pregnancy Test is a cheap pregnancy...
Does A Pregnancy Test Expire?

Does A Pregnancy Test Expire?

If you have stocked home pregnancy test kits in your home, then you would have wondered, 'Does a pregnancy test expire?'A home pregnancy test is a very important thing in a woman's life once...
How To Make A Pregnancy Test Positive?

How To Make A Pregnancy Test Positive?

PrecapHow to make a pregnancy test positive? For faking a positive you can draw a line on the kit. Using cola, baking soda, or LH OTKs are other ways you can make a test...
Drano Pregnancy Test

Drano Pregnancy Test

Curious about Drano pregnancy test? You're at the right place! ;)After finding out that you are pregnant, you have a lot of things to prepare. Not knowing the gender of your baby makes your...
Can drinking water dilute pregnancy test?

Can Drinking Water Dilute A Pregnancy Test?

PrecapCan Drinking Water Dilute Pregnancy Test? No, water dilutes urine and pregnancy test. That's why you must take PT early morning. Later in pregnancy hCG levels rise enough to show in dilute urine too....
How Do Doctors Test For Pregnancy?

How Do Doctors Test For Pregnancy?

Going to the doctor always scared us since childhood. Even when you are going for a pregnancy test, you may feel some anxiety about hospital pregnancy test and may want to know how do doctors...
Dollar store pregnancy test

Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

Read many articles on Dollar Store Pregnancy Test? Still, couldn't see any picture of it? Not even available on leading online and offline shops?Ladies here is some trivia for those of you who don't...
Pregnancy Test Accuracy

Pregnancy Test Accuracy

Home pregnancy tests do claim accuracy rates of 99%. But there is a catch. Pregnancy test accuracy rates are time dependent.It is only after the missed period day passes that these pregnancy tests can...
Clearblue Pregnancy Test Review

Clearblue Pregnancy Test

Are you worried about being pregnant? And looking for the most accurate and up-to-date pregnancy test review? Clearblue pregnancy test has the most elaborate range of pregnancy tests.Clearblue is a leading reproductive tests brand. There...