How Soon After Sex Can I Have Pregnancy Test?


How soon can I take the pregnancy test?

A very frequently asked question by want to be mothers is “How soon after sex can I have pregnancy test?”

Most of them want an exact day and probably the minutes and seconds too for taking their pregnancy test.

However, nothing goes by a uniform law in our bodies. There are endless what if, maybe and approximations.

A small cell is more complicated than the biggest of machines in industries. Pregnancy in itself is of different kinds.

Some women might get a positive pregnancy test earlier while others might get it a week later. It is essential to time the pregnancy test rightly to avoid getting false pregnancy test results.

There is no point in taking the pregnancy test too early and then rushing to the doctor in vain. 

Also, this may be very dangerous if you are on contraceptive pills and a wrongly timed pregnancy test convinces you to take the pill.

It is mandatory for us to caution that this is just a broad overview, things can happen out of blues.

So read along to find out exactly what happens after sex before you can take the pregnancy test:

  1. Your egg lives for only 24 hours approximately after ovulation. If you have sex at that time so that sperms are in the vicinity of egg in these 24 hours, then fertilization may take place.
  2. The sperms live for around five days in your vagina after intercourse.
  3. Fertilization can take place even 2-3 days after sex and anywhere between that. Unless you have an intrauterine contraceptive or some other contraception it is most probable to happen within 2–3 days.
  4. It will all depend on when you had sex. If you had sex between the period of 3-4 days before ovulation to the day of ovulation, you could conceive.
  5. After the sperm and egg meet they become a fertilized egg that stays for 3-4 days in your Fallopian tube. But the division of cells starts as soon as fertilization takes place.
  6. It takes ten days after fertilization on an average for implantation of the egg in the uterus. Only after this does the placenta form.
  7. It is the placenta that forms after implantation that produces the hormone hCG. The hormone comes in your urine. Pregnancy kit uses this hormone to test pregnancy.
  8. The body can reach a sufficient level of hCG in the detectable range 6 – 7 days after implantation.
How soon after sex can I have pregnancy test?
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How soon after sex can I have pregnancy test?

There is no pregnancy test currently that can detect pregnancy within 2-3 days after sex. 

You can take pregnancy test earlier than what we recommend, but the chances of a false result will increase. 

The following table shows the time you need to wait for taking the pregnancy test after every event starting from ovulation.

This is the most precise timing of pregnancy test for best results. The header is the time after which you can take an pregnancy test.

The column beneath describes the event for your reference.

This will also be informative for knowing the reason why you have to wait for taking the pregnancy test after sex.

Around 11 days after ovulationAround 12 days after having sex
Around 12 - 13 days after fertilisationAround 6 - 7 days after implantationAround 8- 9 days after placenta formationAround 6 - 7 days after implantationAround 3 - 5 days before missed periods
Egg lives for 24 hours approximately after ovulationSperms live for around 5 days in your vagina, fertilization can take place even 2 - 3 days after sexSperm and egg become a fertilized egg that stays for 3 - 4 days in your fallopian tubeImplantation occurs 10 days after fertilization on an averagePlacenta that forms after implantation that produces the hormone hCG that is detected in your urineLevels of hCG for being detected by the pregnancy test achieved 6 - 7 days after placenta formationPeriods missed

So only after

  • Around 10 days from the day of fertilization you can take the pregnancy test
  • Around 11 days after ovulation you can take the pregnancy test
  • Around 12 days after having sex you can take the pregnancy test
  • Around 6 – 7 days after implantation you can take the pregnancy test
  • Around 3 – 5 days before missed periods you can take a pregnancy test

This is the minimum time lapse. Generally, it will be a little later than this to get a positive pregnancy test after having sex.

Most women have to wait for two weeks after they ovulate to get a positive pregnancy test.

The most general and well calculated time span for taking the pregnancy test is 10 – 14 days after having sex.

Exceptions to the rule

  • There are pregnancy tests that can detect pregnancy six days earlier.
  • There are pregnancy tests that can detect pregnancy using hormones other than hCG. For example, First Rapid Response Pregnancy Test uses a combination of pregnancy hormones. They will be even faster.
  • Some women have reported getting a positive pregnancy test just after the day of implantation.

How many weeks after sex can you take the pregnancy test?

The same information about how soon can you take the pregnancy test after sex stated in terms of weeks makes it easier for timing.

Another point that we tend to miss out is rarely do people indulge in sex as feast and famine.

Under normal circumstances, a woman will have sex regularly when trying to get pregnant.

How does one decide the reference sex day?

This is the reason why we have mentioned the other events like ovulation and missing periods after sex to take the pregnancy test.

If the sperm fertilizes the egg, it takes at least 2 weeks after sex to take a pregnancy test. All the events overlap. It means that nothing happens in a relay. Simultaneously the next event’s preparatory stage starts.

It is critical to be aware of the kind of menstrual cycle you have. If you have a shorter menstrual cycle, then you may have a faster progression of these events.

Shorter menstrual cycles may be of 24 to 26 days instead of 28.

In this case, you could take the pregnancy test within one week after having sex. A woman having a longer menstrual cycle of 29 to 32 days will take longer as the intermediate stages will last longer.

Such women might have to wait longer for taking the pregnancy test after sex.

However, shorter or longer menstrual cycles are not pace indicators of reproductive machinery.

A shorter menstrual cycle doesn’t mean that the woman has a rapid reproductive phase.

When to take the pregnancy test after irregular periods?

Another significant doubt arises when women do not know when to take the pregnancy test during irregular periods.

This indeed is a complicated issue. After all, most of us take missed periods as a sign of being pregnant. It is the only obvious external symptom seen by us.

When does someone take a pregnancy test after irregular periods?

How does someone even get to know that they are pregnant if they have an irregular period?

An irregular period is a sign of hormonal imbalance and thus may be a sign of some illness and not necessarily pregnancy.

If you have irregular periods and the amount is erratic or very less, then you must take the pregnancy test because some women continue to ovulate even after becoming pregnant. It may continue for first three months of pregnancy.

Also, the most reliable method of taking a pregnancy test after sex at the right time is to look for signs of early pregnancy.

As soon as you experience unexplained nausea, bloating, a frequent urge for micturition, appetite flings, etc. you must take a pregnancy test.

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  1. Please i had unprotected sex and after three days i did precgancy test and i was posible can it be

    • Pregnancy Tests can detect pregnancy when you have enough hCG. Three days is very short time for it. Perhaps some medication or other reason gave the positive pregnancy test 3 days after sex. Take a pregnancy test after missed period.

    • Once pregnancy has begun, meaning you’ve conceived, you can only stop it by medically terminating it. There is no other safe way to do it. You can prevent pregnancy but once it has begun you can’t stop it naturally. It is best to seek medical advice and treatment.

  2. is it possible to get positive Result in 2days full after sex , it because I m in a situation where by my Girlfriend said she is pregnant within 2days last week and we did test again after 10days and it says positive (1-2 clearblue) again.

    • If the test gives a positive after 10 days, whatever was the result two days after doesn’t matter. It is not possible, to get a positive pregnancy test 2 days after sex.

  3. So we had sex 4 days ago. And I was wondering could I go ahead and take a test. I don’t know why but something is telling me to take a test.

    • If you don’t have any problem with getting a new test or spending some money, you surely can take a test whenever you feel like!

  4. A week ago I had unprotected sex. It’s too early but I’m having nausea and frequent urination. I have irregular periods. I’m a bit nervous and it’s too early to take a test right??

  5. I have been having cramps and lower back pain for the past 3 weeks. Been feeling nauseous a couple of times the past week. I also have irregular periods. I had sex using a condom on June 2, 2018. I had what I think was a period on June 8,2018. That lasted 4 days. But I am worried it might have been implantation bleeding. It was heavy the first couple of days. But after that it was light. I have taken a couple pregnancy test. Last one was yesterday and it was negative. By this time is it safe to say I am not pregnant? I haven’t felt like myself feeling all these cramps and lower back pain.

    • As you’ve mentioned about irregular period, you must get a blood test done or ultrasound. You had sex near what you assume to be period. In that case you shouldn’t be pregnant. But if the irregularities in period caused spotting near ovulation, you can be pregnant. In that case the bleeding you had wasn’t implantation. The spotting from implantation occurs after a week from conception.

  6. If you’ve only one chance to take a pregnancy test, then wait for three weeks after missed period date. Whatever your due date was according to your calculations, take a test at least 3 weeks after it.

  7. We had protected sex 7 weeks ago. My period was supposed to be in the 33rd, but I got it 5 days early. I bled the first day and for the last 3 days it was very light and light brown. When should I take a test? Or am I just paranoid for no reason?
    I have no symptoms. I did have sore breasts, but not anymore. I just assumed it was PMS.

    • 7weeks is pretty long and if that intercourse got you pregnant you’d be somewhere around 10 weeks pregnant. The symptoms are very clear and morning sickness begins. Baby’s heartbeat can be heard. If you think that you could be pregnant even without having external symptoms then get an appointment.

  8. i have a doubt.. actually my boyfriend rub his penis with my vagina and he ejaculates on my vagina but didn’t insert the penis into it before two days. I am worried if a drop of semen had gone inside in my vagina, but i am not sure about it. But somehow today my periods came, which i preponed and was expecting after five days. So my question that is it still necessary to do pregnancy test or not?
    Thank you

    • Take a test so that no doubts remain. Ideally the semen must go up high in the vagina. Sperms can travel short distances so take a test.

  9. My first ministrcycle down on June 11th to 15th. I’ve had intercourse on June 19, 21, and 23. On July 8th I had a brownish dry looking chink or clot ,then on July 9th and 10th there was a very light pinkish thin string of blood. On the July 11th, 12th, and 13th I began bleeding dark red blood.. When should I take the pregnancy test?

  10. Hi I have had my period on June 11th – 15. I’ve had intercourse on June 19, 21, 23 and on July 8th I’v passed a brownish dry looking clot. On July 9th, 10th, and 11th I’ve spotted a light pink string of blood and then I began bleeding thick blood on 11th- 13th. Should I now go take a pregnancy test or later? I’m just wandering because when I’ve eaten eggs, mixed vegetables, and grist. It had a metal like taste which nobody else seems to taste. I have frequently peeing and bowel movement. Always very tired and sleepy after awakening every morning. I just was wandering if I should talk the test?

  11. Ok well I had sex on June 24 2018 . And June 25 and the June 30 I vomit. When it came for my period July 9 th it didn’t come.. it came on the 11th. It was last light nonething in pad but t go to the bathroom and blood be on the tissue. It did it for three days and went pink and went away. I been having symptoms like vomiting and I can smell everything loud and food been tasting different.. and mood changes.. I took a test on the 16 and it was negative.. can you help me

    • Some women take 50 days to have enough hCG that gives positive pregnancy test. You can consult your doctor for getting blood test. Just follow early pregnancy precautions if you’re TTC. Otherwise get a doctor’s appointment.

  12. I have already missed my periods last month and after a week I had sex but it has been 12 days I still not get my periods… What could be the reason??

    • Can’t say, it’s pretty long now, you must consult a Gynecologist. If you’re taking birth control pills without pause it is a reason you don’t get period for months.

  13. I had sex the 8th of July. My last period was on 18th June and to this day (27th July) it still hasn’t come. I took a test the 24th of July and it came out negative. I am planning to do another on the 30th as it would mark 22 days since the last day I had intercourse. Do you think the result it will give me can be considered accurate? I have a history of irregular periods , but these last 3 months they seemed to become a little more regular. Please tell me what you think. Also I must mention that we used a condom and he didn’t ejaculate inside me , but on my stomach and I fear if something could have dripped and make its way inside of me.

    • There is very less chance that semen travels from stomach all the way down and then inside vagina. You’ve mentioned use of condom which also would have prevented it. Taking a test again will reassure you, most likely the test is accurate. Perhaps your period is getting irregular again. Consult a doc about getting hormonal correction therapy.

  14. I got an IUD Kylenna placed on July 3rd. I had intercourse 4 days later on July 7th I took pregnancy tests on July 24,26,27 they all were negative. Is that sex to say I’m not pregnant? I’m freaking out because with my first I didn’t have any signs and I found out I was pregnant when I already was 6 weeks along

  15. i got married by march…before marriage my periods was regular.after my marriage april amd may i got regular period..june month i got after 10 days of my due..this month trying to conceive…this month i got a very light period which two weeks early..i dnt know whether it is implatation or a period…should i wait for the actual due date of my period or light period date…

  16. This by far has been the most helpful site! I have had so many question as to why my test are still negative. The number of day it take to start attachment to create what the pregnancy test require to get a reading made me feel so much better! I took 4 test after 2 weeks of trying. They were negative. Turn out I was rushing the results! So relevied that this site gave me patience. Now I can gladly say I got a positive reading after waiting a little while longer to test!

    • Start testing after 7 days from the day of having sex. As you aren’t not aware of the due date, test every week (maybe total it will be thrice) until a week after bleeding.

  17. Hi I had sex on 5th July and it was the fourth day of my cycle but I got scared and took p2 then I had sex again on 24th July but we used a condom and I think his sperms got out to my vagina but we immediately stopped after this my periods were due on 28th July but I haven’t seen even a sign of my periods since from 29th I have had a bloated stomach and now my nipples are sore to the touch and also from 29th I have had cramping and I thot it was normal since this happens a week before my periods but still not even a spot is there any chance I could be pregnant

    • Women with short menstrual cycle ovulate on the fifth day after period at some point. Ideally you shouldn’t be pregnant because a condom was used. Take a pregnancy test if symptoms don’t fade away.

  18. I had sex on July 31 2018 my calendar said High possibilities of getting pergent I also had sex on August 4 2018 how soon can I take a test???

  19. Hello i had sex on july 8th i took my pregnancy test on August 3 it was negative im on the patch birth control i took it off on the 2nd and im bleeding now but i feel nausea and bloating is it from The birth control?

  20. I am on the pill and I take it in the evening but not exactly at the same time it can differ by a few hours. I had sex on July 29th and my partner ejaculated in me. My period is always regular and was due on August 8th but it did not come, this has never happened before. Is there a chance I could be pregnant, and if so, when should I take a pregnancy test?

  21. Hi, I had sex on July 26 unprotected
    We used pull put method. In less than 24 hr I took Ellaone pill. I started bleeding in 28th and stopped 2nd August.Negative blood beta Hcg on 20th of AuGust.My doctor saw Corpus luteum on my ovary on 21 of August. Could I be pregnant? My peripds are usually 30 to 35 days.Lately irregular as i stopped taking Yaz due to cardiovascular problems.

  22. I had my first sex ever at August 22, but it was unprotected. The guy did not ejaculate inside, but i am worying about getting pregnant from pre-cum. So i took morning after pill after 15 hours. Since day after having sex i am feeling slight pain in left side of my stomack. Could it be an ectopic pregnancy??? I know it’s impossible to feel ectopic pregnancy 1st day after sex, but that pain is still there… Maybe it is because of my first time? Please help me?‍♀️

    • Pain after first coitus is common. Psychological or real there can be pain without any major complications such as an ectopic pregnancy. Relax and take a test after missed period day.

  23. I took a pregnancy test 7 days after sex. I got a positive result now I’m 8 days after I started feeling breast tenderness and stomach cramping and major headaches last few days. I have been in jail for several months prior and last weekend was the first time me and my husband been together in months. Is this possible? I’m also nauseated

    • 5 mins one time are enough for getting pregnant. If you did get a positive home pregnancy test result then get a blood test after 14 days from missed period day. 7 days after sex positive pregnancy test is bit too early and can be false.

  24. Hi so I had sex June 30 cd 11 my period had just ended on cd 6 we had a condom rip but he didn’t come in me ( I finished him off so I know he didn’t )and claimed he wasn’t close I took a plan b pill 48 hours later & bled one week after the pill in July I also took a test July 23 & it was (-) in August I had a yeast infection so I used Monistat 3 on aug 2 & on aug 3-5 I bled it started light& red and got heavy on the 2nd day & light on the last day my periods are usually 4 or 5 days long so it was odd I took a test on aug 8 & it was(-) I took another one on sept 8 when I was 5 days late it was (-) is it safe to say I’m not pregnant ? Haven’t felt different my boobs were hurting but they don’t hurt as much anymore been having some cramps I’m officially 7 days late today on cd 40 pls reply soon oh also a few days ago when I was in the RR I noticed a light pink smudge on the toilet paper but that was it nothing else appeared all day

  25. Hey! I had my period on 10th Sept and we did intercourse on 19th n 21 which is 10th n 12th day of my periods r regular n on same date every month which means it’s 30 days cycle.the question is some people told me that my ovulation timing would be 14 days before my next I have chances of getting pregnant or not? N when at d earliest I can check it?

    • 9 days after period is early for getting pregnant. You can take a test after three weeks from missed period day if you miss it. Testing early won’t be helpful as chances are less.

  26. I had sex on Saturday 22nd sept and the next day. I took the morning after pill on the Sunday around 1:00 lunch time. I checked my calendar and I was ovulating.
    I’m feeling different my boobs are huge and hurt, my back aches I’m peeing all the time and had sharp pain in stomach. I’ve done a test but it’s negative, am I too early to test when would I get a correct result.

  27. I had sex on 26th September unprotected I am on the pill but started my pill 4 days late. Was meant to start the pill on the 23rd Sept but started on the 27th September.
    What are the chances of me being pregnant and when should I test?

    • Take a test when you’re two weeks ahead of having sex. You can take a test earlier but safer it to take it after a week from missed period date if you had sex near ovulation. As you’re on pill, just take the test after two weeks from the 27th September.


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