Can Drinking Water Dilute A Pregnancy Test?

Can Drinking Water Dilute Pregnancy Test? No, water dilutes urine and pregnancy test. That’s why you must take PT early morning. Later in pregnancy hCG levels rise enough to show in dilute urine too. What to do if you drank a lot of water? After drinking water, pee and wait until your bladder fills again for accurate results.

So you plan to take a pregnancy test at home. That’s great. But suddenly a question pops into your mind. Can drinking water dilute a pregnancy test? 

When you are going to take your pregnancy test for the first time, you’d feel more nervous than ever. It is natural.

There is a storm of questions raging in your mind. When should I take the pregnancy test, which is the best pregnancy test, At what time should I take the pregnancy test, etc? To make matters worse, there are certain things that we should do and other things we should avoid.

There are so many things that can corrupt the pregnancy test without your knowledge. So it is equally important to know ‘What are the things that manipulate the pregnancy test’. One must consciously avoid them.

One such doubt is that can drinking water dilute a pregnancy test? Yes, certainly the water that dilutes everything can dilute a pregnancy test.

Can Drinking Water Dilute A Pregnancy Test?
Can drinking water dilute a pregnancy test?

How does water dilute a pregnancy test?

When you drink excess water, your body gets more fluid. This fluid is less in osmotic pressure (it has fewer solutes and is pure) and hence this disturbs your body composition.

Your body has to balance all that goes inside and so it wants to expel the water out. So the kidneys start filtering the water and more diluted urine is excreted.

When you are pregnant your body has just started making the hCG hormone. So it is in very minimal amounts even in a large volume of your urine.

Kidneys concentrate urine overnight as they keep reabsorbing the urine. The reason being that you don’t pee and the body needs water. This makes even a low level of hCG detectable.

Once you drink more water, the entire hCG will be like a drop in the sea and hence hard to detect!

Why do I feel like going to pee often during pregnancy?

OK, taking an offbeat question now. Talking so much about answering nature’s call has got us to answer this one too????

Your bladder and abdomen are in close vicinity. So once your womb has a baby, then the weight of the baby crushes the bladder and so you feel the urge to pee.

The bladder doesn’t bother whether there is urine, the sensors only detect pressure. So when the womb and baby apply pressure, it assumes that you need to pee and hence makes you head for the loo.

So even if you’ve drunk water and feel the urge to pee before an hour has passed it is simply because your womb is putting pressure on your bladder.

Don’t bother to go ahead and take the pregnancy test.

When can I drink water before the pregnancy test?

Well now, this is the smartest inquiry someone could make at the eleventh hour. Yes indeed does time have a huge role in deciding when water will interfere with your pregnancy test.

This is so because the kidneys take the time to filter the water and bring it to the bladder. Even after drinking water, urine will not be completely diluted for the next 2-3 hours.

Hence you have this much of time to take the pregnancy test even if you accidentally drank water.

What to do if I drank water before taking the pregnancy test early morning?

Just go and take the test if an hour has not passed. But if a lot of time has passed after drinking water schedule the test for next day.

Ladies, please note all the above instructions are for an early pregnancy test. Once you cross 3 weeks after pregnancy drink as much water you want and take the test. Nothing will interfere because your body will have formed more than enough hCG.

What to drink before taking a pregnancy test?

When a woman gets pregnant, during early stages visiting the hospital becomes a ritual. Sometimes you have to take so many tests that you know exactly what the doctor will do after every step.

Ultrasound tests require you to drink a lot of water before them. Glucose pregnancy test needs you to gulp heaps of glucose.

However, unlike other counterparts home pregnancy test is just the opposite. It requires you to avoid consuming anything.

This is because you have to determine the amount of hCG in your urine. It is like testing sugar’s presence is in a glass of water. It is easier to find it out if the sugar is present in a smaller volume of fluid.

If you will drink a lot of water before taking the pregnancy test, your urine will dilute. This will give a false negative pregnancy test in case you are pregnant.

Can drinking too much water affect a pregnancy test?

Of course, it can. Drinking too much water is the silliest mistake you can make before taking the pregnancy test.

It is best to avoid drinking anything in the morning and taking the pregnancy test. The early morning urine is darker in color because it is a concentrated sample. The level of hCG relatively will be higher in it.

If you drink too much water before taking a pregnancy test, then your bladder will fill up. The amount of urine sample is of no significance. It is the composition of urine that matters.

If you drank a lot of water early morning but you recalled in time to take the pregnancy test you can take it. But if more than 30-60 minutes pass away, then there is no point wasting an expensive pregnancy test for diluted urine.

What fluids other than water interfere with a pregnancy test?

Water is still a little bit less of a problem. Fluids such as caffeine products or wine, alcohol might cause even more chaos. Caffeine and other products are detoxified in the liver and then they flow out in urine. These can severely damage your pregnancy test. They produce a toxin that degrades the pregnancy test strip.

It is very important that you follow the instructions for ‘how to use the pregnancy test?‘ to get accurate pregnancy test results.

We recommend that you use early morning sample for a higher accuracy of the pregnancy test with respect to sample quality.


    • After drinking water it takes about 1 hour for that water depending on your hydration state to come out. So you must take a pregnancy test as soon as possible after drinking water. One cannot tell you exact time because it depends on your current bladder state. If you already felt like going to pee then you won’t be able to wait for long and if you were feeling thirsty then you can wait for longer. It is best to take a pregnancy test within 30 minutes after drinking water.

  1. Could drinking a whole 24oz bottle of water before you go to bed at 11pm… still cause diluted urine at 730am? I am trying to find out if you drink a lot of water or anything for that matter, rightbefore bed, if that can affect your test in the morning.

    • Drinking a lot of water will make your bladder full. Body will reabsorb less water back and most of it will come out. If you want to have concentrated urine, you must not consume more than required water.

  2. If I drank water at 9:00am, peed twice, did not drink anymore water, and then did a test at 2:00pm would the urine still be diluted? Or would it be okay to test?

    • Depending on the stage of pregnancy you’re at, it could be enough. Very early pregnancy requires overnight concentration of urine.

  3. I drank two cups of water after one hour I took the test less than three mins a faint blue line appear. Is it possible I might be pregnant?

    • A faint pregnancy test also is positive. You’re pregnant as per the test. Drinking water dilutes the urine and reduces the chance of positive test. Perhaps the reason your result was faint because your urine was dilute.

  4. Hi there I took test at 3pm as I didn’t drink nothink apart from 5am in morning and it was faint postive I retested in 48 hours and silly me I decided to drink 3-4 cups coffee and it was complete negative am I pregnant or not just confused?

    • Can’t say whether caffeine has such effects. May be the previous test was false. This one could be false too. Repeat test after two days early morning.

  5. Hi I drink a small amount of water and coffee around 6pm and Im planning to take my pregnancy test tonight at 9 pm. Can I get an accurate result of my pregnancy test? I am delayed for 8 days and i feel some signs of early pregnancy. This is not the first time i will get pregnant (if ever) . but im still confused. any suggestion?

    • Caffeine won’t affect the pregnancy test necessarily. It’s pretty much possible to get accurate results. Better would be take a test next day, why take the risk!

  6. Ok period is 4 days late taken 2 test both negative drank water at 1030 at night and took test at 430 in the morning could it be a false negative

    • Yes, It may make it faint. Just not the water you drank a day before. Fading too has nothing to do with water intake or dilute urine.

  7. I am a week late had a lot of coffee this morning before test. I got a negative result. Could I still be pregnant or just late?

    • My period starts Monday i took the early clear blue test and two more early test Friday all came back positive. Today Sunday I took a test I had to pee right after drinking a large coffee.. the test was a plus or minus sign test, its the day before my period may start and it was negative. Could this be a false negative. Im so confused. Well I guess I’ll see if my period starts tomorrow

  8. My period is late. Generally I will get at around 3 to 5 days before LMP (13Jan2021). So last night around 11am I have taken water and took pregnancy test at around 4AM.Got negative result.


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