9 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

Look at that! You are two months pregnant already!! Time really flies by when you have so much to do. And so the cycle of prenatal visits starts. At 9 weeks pregnant you might have the first prenatal appointment, and by the end of it, you will feel like an expert in the tests available. Before that, let us look at how the little one is faring inside.

How much are 9 weeks pregnant in months?

You’re 2 months 1 week pregnant. Though you may not feel coming far along yet because the belly barely shows. Barring nausea and other troubling symptoms of pregnancy, nine weeks pregnant won’t feel any different.

How Big is The Baby At 9 Weeks Pregnant?

The size of the baby after 9 weeks of pregnancy is that of cherry, 0.85 inches. Your baby weighs nearly 0.15 oz and is going through a growth spurt.

9 weeks pregnant means you're 2 months 1 week pregnant. The baby's size is that of a cherry, 0.85 inches and weighs nearly 0.15 oz!
9 Weeks Pregnant

Changes in Baby During 9 Weeks Pregnant

1) The baby has arms that bend. Ears and eyes will develop but not reach completion. Heartbeat rate of the baby tells about the risk of miscarriage.

2) The tail of your baby has gone entirely, and now you can see the human form getting clearer. The back of the baby gets straight than before, and the prawn shape vanishes.

3) At present, the baby’s bones are hardening, but it’s the cartilage. Muscles also begin forming, but the movements will not be felt. The upper body develops rapidly because the blood is reaching in an adequate amount. Movements in the area have already begun.

4) Though the genitals are forming and nipples also start developing, sex determination isn’t accurate right now.

5) The digestive system is also forming, and the intestines increase in length. Even taste buds and milk teeth roots have begun sprouting. The notorious things that will make you chase him with food and bite your girlies.

6) Eye color will also form, but the lids will not separate and only increase in size. You will be able to see a lot of things in ultrasound, but genitals and eye color will only develop internally.

7) Brain development is also going on in full swing. The lower part of the brain, cerebellum, which is the main coordinating region, is more active. Soon your baby will start moving and twitching, but you will take longer to feel it. Your baby has her sense of smell.

Embryonic (Or Fetal?) Development

The embryo is almost a fetus now, which means that all the major organs have been formed and it is time for their growth and development.

SizeThe CRL by this week is around 1 inch
WeightThe baby weighs around 0.07 ounces or 2 grams.
Organs1) Reproductive organs have begun to form.
2) The head has grown and is now larger than the body
Heart1) The four chambers of heart have developed.
2) The valves have begun to develop.
Eyes1) The eyes have been formed.
2) The eyelids have also formed but are fused shut.
Limbs1) Arms and legs have lengthened a little and continue to lengthen.
2) A basic hand structure has been formed which will continue to develop in the coming weeks.
3) Toes and fingers have begun to sprout.
4) The fetus may have started moving the arms and legs slightly owing to the developing muscles.
SkeletonThe main joints of the body – knee, elbow, shoulder, and ankle – are developed and functioning.
Placenta1) The placenta is almost fully developed and will take over its role completely by next week.
2) It has begun its role of supplying nutrients and removing waste products for the growing fetus
Other1) External structures like earlobes, mouth, and nose are developing.
2) Taste buds and hair follicles are being formed.
3) Embryonic tail; the structure that gave the embryo the look of a tadpole is gone. The fetus has started to look more like a human.

9 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

Moms with twins will find out their secret in this week’s scan. The two placentae will make the symptoms appear faster and intensely. Ultrasound will clearly show two gestational sacs in twin pregnancy.

You will not be able to differentiate between the heartbeats from the two twins using handheld doppler. Only an ultrasound scan can tell you whether you’re 9 weeks pregnant with twins.

Your pregnant belly will grow faster, and weight gain signs will appear by the start of week 9.

Changes In Mother’s Body

Do you feel pregnant in the 9th week? Yes, you do. But it’s only you who knows the changes are taking place in your body. You’re not as unchanged as in the previous weeks, nor any dramatic changes have occurred. People will still not be able to make out any changes in you. Your jeans might feel tight.

Hormonal Changes

Progesterone production shifts from your to the placenta in this week. The highest level of hCG is attained soon, and thus, the symptoms will get worse. The reason for mood swings getting worst during this week is because of the hormones – hCG, estrogen, and progesterone. Your baby’s placenta will now start making progesterone. Until now, your ovaries were making the hormone.

9 Weeks Pregnant Belly

As your uterus has grown in size, you will be able to feel the hardening in the abdominal area. Your lower wear will be tighter now. A slight bump will be noticeable. More than your lower body, your breasts will grow in size and become fuller.

At the beginning of this week, you may be noticing a paleness in your skin. But by the end, your increasing blood circulation will make you look pink and glow.

The belly will appear bigger at times, and that’s because of bloating. As soon as it will ease your stomach will again seem like gone back to a 7-week pregnant belly.

Such uncertainties are also the cause of mental discomfort during this week. It happens with every woman, and you don’t have anything to do. Just lie down and have an avocado salt cracker.

How do you feel when 9 Weeks Pregnant?

You may not feel anything thanks to nausea and fatigue. All you will need is sleep and relaxation. Going for a vacation is safe and having sex too. However, the time is not appropriate because you need to puke, pee and pass out every second. Babymoon is for the late second trimester.

Other than that, you may feel a little aloof and scenarios building up in your mind. Few things that happened nowhere except your nightmare will crop up during an episode of violent mood swings. Partners need to be understanding and patient during this phase.

Now that changes are visible, the idea of being pregnant feels more real. Your partner will be able to see and feel the reality now. He may start behaving a little different trying to fit in a dad’s image. Taking the leap from the carefree to the responsible life of a mom is intimidating initially. 

9 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The typical symptoms of the first trimester may peak around this week owing to the peak levels of the hCG hormone. The hormones will level out in the next few weeks and by that, the first trimester symptoms will be mostly gone (only to be replaced some other signs!)

As the uterus is expanding, the urge to take much more frequent bathroom breaks will increase. After dealing with all the symptoms and giving the remaining energy to the growing fetus, you are bound to feel fatigued.

Other symptoms caused due to increased hormonal levels are heartburn, constipation and bloating.

The symptoms more or less in the weeks before and after are quite similar. Mood swings, breast changes and nausea are the three prominent signs of week 9.

Every woman has her pace, and you might notice some of these later of earlier too. There is nothing to worry about or call your OB for every little thing. Just let things take their course until some serious issues like bleeding, cramping or recurrent vomiting occur.

1. Weight gain

Week 9 of pregnancy will finally show you some weight gain. If you’ve been eating excess calories, then you might have already seen a weight rise. Else this is the right time to see noticeable weight fluctuation. Your body shape will begin changing after this week.

2. Bloating and Broadening waistline

Along with the changing belly shape, bloating is common during nine weeks of pregnancy. You may begin feeling nine-week pregnancy symptoms come and go. Morning sickness gets extreme and then goes away, belly shows bigger and then flatter and so on.

3. Feeling lethargic

Your baby is growing super fast, and so your body has to work crazy hard. Fatigue during this week is real and needs you to alter your routine. Getting your sleep and exercising are essential. Don’t trade sleep for naps. Even your heartbeat can get a little faster this week. You might feel a shiver in your body due to the rising blood pressure for a fraction of time.

4. Heartburn

The placenta is now producing progesterone, which increases heartburn. Tums for heartburn is a right and safe choice. The pregnancy hormones slow down your digestion, and the food keeps coming back up. Going for walks after eating and reducing the portion size are effective non-drug remedies.

5. Aggravated mood swings

During the 9th week, mood swings are at their worst. The reason for everything is your hormones. Though every woman experiences mood swings but those with a history of depression and anxiety are at higher risk. You must take care of your mental health and go for counselling, outings and have quality self-time. Sex is safe if you don’t have any complications, spend time with your partner.

6. Morning sickness

It is an unmissable symptom for every week fo first trimester in pregnancy. Morning sickness remedies will work for you unless you’ve Hyperemesis Gravidarum. In that case, you’ll have to get medical attention. Duchess Kate Middleton also had the same condition with her each royal baby.

7. Cramping

9-week pregnancy cramps are because your uterus size is doubling now. The pregnancy cramps are fine until the pain is spreading, and there is bleeding. Brown discharge is also normal is pregnancy weeks. Increasing discharge can cause some vaginal discomfort. Other causes of cramps can be sex and exercises. Urinary tract infections also manifest as cramping in the lower erogenous zones.

8. Pigmentation and paleness

The increasing hormones and nausea can make your hemoglobin levels fall. The resulting paleness will give your skin a dull or yellowish tone. Using a mineral based concealer is safe. Sensitivity to the sun’s rays will occur because your body is biased towards baby’s development. Other organ systems and defence mechanisms slow down and take a toll on your health. Use a sunscreen while doing out.

9. Nightmares or sleep disturbances

You will need a lot of sleep during this week, and that is rarely possible in today’s times. Unless you’re the newborn, work and responsibilities won’t let you sleep longer. Sleeping under the stress of getting up for some work causes random sleep disturbances. Deep sleep dreams are often forgotten and don’t cause mental discomfort. Random sleep dreams are the ones that you keep trying to recall and get flashbacks from.

10. Migraines

Some women get their first migraines in life during pregnancy. The changing body causes the brain to develop migraines. Taking pain killers for headaches can get addictive. Try yoga and other forms of exercises to heal a headache.

9 Weeks Pregnant, No Symptoms

Some women don’t see any visible changes in their bodies by the 9th week. That can be because of obesity or aggravated morning sickness. Internally certainly your baby will be growing, and changes will occur. The symptoms can appear and then fade away. Morning sickness is prevalent, but you may be a lucky one not to have it.

You must have got a positive pregnancy test if nothing else. After taking a pregnancy test at home, a blood test will set your course for tests and checkups. Your second prenatal visit is near, and you must discuss your concern about not having symptoms.

How To Relieve 9 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms?

  • To deal with the mood swings, try to slow down a little or take a break. You can also go for options like napping, meditation, etc.
  • Some women with morning sickness find ginger to be soothing. You should also have frequent small meals.
  • Try not to decrease the water intake in case of having to use the bathroom frequently. Staying hydrated is of great importance.
  • You may sleep more when you feel drained of energy. Also, keep eating some healthy snacks throughout the day to keep the blood sugar level stable.
  • It is not possible to decrease mucus production, but you can have hot soup or tea to feel better.
  • To relieve the headache, you may use a warm or cold compress. Consult your doctor first before taking pain relief medication.
  • If you feel uncomfortable in your inner wear owing to enlarging breasts, try wearing a cotton sports bra. To get relief from the tenderness, you may use a warm or cold compress.
  • For heartburn, chewing gum may help. This activity will increase saliva production. Salivary contents can neutralize stomach acidity.
  • Consume more fruits and vegetables and lots of water to avoid constipation.

Weight Gain in the 9th Week Of Pregnancy

  • The uterus has almost doubled in size. If you touch your lower abdomen, it may feel firmer than before.
  • You may have started worrying about weight gain. Weight gain is required though how much that depends on your Body Mass Index (BMI). Your doctor will guide you on this matter.
  • In the first trimester, due to symptoms like morning sickness and food aversion, you might be losing weight rather than gaining. It is nothing to worry about because as the hCG levels go down in the next few weeks, your appetite will be back.

9 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

  • The first prenatal appointment is usually scheduled between weeks 8 and 12 of pregnancy.
  • If you have your appointment this week, you will finally have the chance to get the first look at your little one with the help of ultrasound.
  • This ultrasound is done transvaginally. A probe is inserted in your body through the vagina. This probe emits sound waves which help us have a look at the inside of the body.
  • The doctor will point out the uterus and the fetus.
  • Do get a good look at the fetus; the next ultrasound will be sometime in the second trimester if there are no complications in the pregnancy.

Tests in 9 Weeks Pregnant 

  • By this week, usually, the heartbeat of the baby is strong enough to be detected by a handheld ultrasound device called Doppler.
  • This means that you may have the chance to listen to the sweet sound of a baby’s heartbeat.
  • However, some times, the doctor is unable to detect the heartbeat. It may be only because the baby is hiding under a lot of layers and hence, the undetected heartbeat. Give it a few more weeks, and you will be able to hear the heartbeat.
  • Other than this, other tests conducted at first prenatal appointment are a whole range of blood tests for typing, cell count, and hormone levels.
  • Urine tests are done to determine protein and hormone levels.
  • A Pap test or Pap smear is done to examine for the presence of an infection or a sexually transmitted disease (STD).
  • For Pap smear, the vagina is widened with the help of a speculum and then a brush is inserted to collect the sample from the cervix.

9 Weeks Pregnant Sex

Pregnant women need sex but only when they feel like it. The increase in vaginal wetness makes sex more pleasurable. There is no need to refrain from sex. You can have sex every day in the 40 weeks. Only if you have the energy for it ?! 

The ending of the vagina begins in the cervix, where high up is the residence of your baby. Movements during sex feel like gentle rocking to the baby. Your baby will have no memory of it and nor will hurt.

You can ask your doctor about it, and if he allows you, then there is no need to think again. Sex releases endorphins that have a positive impact on your mental health. When to call the doctor for sex while nine weeks pregnant? Upon seeing bleeding, itching and cramps that don’t go away call your midwife.

9 Weeks Pregnant Diet

You will need more energy, but your nausea will not let you eat enough. Take a note that you still don’t need any additional calories other than your daily requirement.

Make some changes in your eating habits like taking small meals and eating a snack before getting out of bed. It will help you pep your energy levels throughout and make it easy for your body. Taking a toast or salt cracker or ice chips will also prevent morning sickness.

Don’t forget water! Hydration is key to alleviating the symptoms of every week. Drinking water can get difficult because you don’t want to keep peeing. But you have to stay hydrated. Taking in water and peeing will also counter pregnancy toxicosis and ease headaches and nausea.

When to see a doctor at weeks pregnant?

Your second prenatal visit is coming near, and you have a 9-week scan. One may not need to visit the doctor before that.

Even the scan is optional because your dating scan was just two weeks ago. If you saw no gestational sac in the previous visit heartbeat was not detected then this one is mandatory.

Tests for hemoglobin and general health will be conducted depending on personal needs.

Warning Signs In Week 9 Of Pregnancy

If you experience or observe any of the below signs, then contact your doctor as soon as possible.

  • Vaginal bleeding: It might be an indication of a severe complication or miscarriage.
  • Colored and foul-smelling vaginal discharge.
  • A burning sensation while urinating might be a sign of urinary tract infection.
  • Blood clots and tissue like discharge from the vagina is a sign of miscarriage.

Tips For 9 Weeks Pregnant

  • Keep your body active; this will help you deal with some symptoms in the coming months and also in delivery.
  • Maintain a routine for any of the activities like swimming, walking, yoga, etc.
  • Try to sleep more on the left side. It helps in blood circulation in the body and will help you have a good sleep.
  • Now that you are two months pregnant, you might be thinking about when to reveal your pregnancy to your friends or at work.
  • Well, it is really up to you and your partner. Some people wait for the trimester to be over before revealing about the pregnancy as the risk of miscarriage declines significantly after that.
  • If you are having some complications with the pregnancy and have frequent appointments or the symptoms of the first trimester are too severe then you might have to reveal about your pregnancy sooner rather than later.
  • If your job is too strenuous, you may want to discuss changing roles for the time being with your employer.

Tips for the Partner

1) Try to maintain a calm and relaxed environment at home so that your partner feels better or doesn’t feel worse.

2) Ask her if you can help her with something and do it.

3) You may discuss with her about revealing the pregnancy to friends and colleagues.

So, the third month of pregnancy and the last month of the first trimester have begun. You may have dealt with the worst symptoms of the first trimester already. However, do not worry as these symptoms will subside with the beginning of second trimester (and will be replaced by some other symptoms!). Till then, try to stay relaxed by engaging in various activities without straining yourself too much.