Can Zoloft Affect Pregnancy Test?

Can Zoloft Affect Pregnancy Test? No, drugs such as Zoloft, AZO and Weed don’t affect a pregnancy test. Zoloft cures depression and doesn’t involve hCG production. Fertility drugs and ovulation shots alter hCG and affect PT.

Many of us take Zoloft for depression. But if you’re trying to conceive and taking a pregnancy test, should you be more careful? Can Zoloft Affect Pregnancy Test?

The last thing you want is a false pregnancy test. It can mess up your life in more than one way. You need an accurate result so that you can plan for the future ahead. That’s why you need to be careful about the interactions of various drugs and food with a home pregnancy test.   

A false positive pregnancy test can create a possibility for future disappointment. And a false negative home pregnancy test might make you remorse something that has not happened to you. 

We asked experts whether Zoloft can interfere with a pregnancy test. We also sneaked in a few more questions on the effect of AZO and weed on the pregnancy test!

So ladies let’s clear your queries on Zoloft, Sertraline, AZO  & Weed ????

Can Zoloft affect your pregnancy test?

A pregnancy test detects the levels of hCG hormone in your urine. Once you conceive then your body starts producing hCG.

This hormone comes in the urine of a pregnant woman. The levels of hCG are enough only after implantation occurs.

The placenta formation begins after implantation, and it is the temporary endocrine gland that secretes hCG. Pregnancy tests detect hCG.

Zoloft doesn’t interfere with hCG production or detection.

Can Zoloft Affect Pregnancy Test
Can Zoloft Affect Pregnancy Test

What is Zoloft?

Zoloft is the brand name of Sertraline drug. It is an antidepressant drug.

What is Zoloft used for? Zoloft treats depression and other post-trauma. Other diseases treated with Zoloft are obsessive-compulsive disorder and panic attacks.

Zoloft also treats any other kind of stress disorders. It also treats low serotonin syndrome.

The drug in Zoloft is Sertraline. This drug belongs to the class of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors SSRI.

Serotonin is a hormone that regulates many functions in the body. They include mental health, digestion, and blood clotting. It also has a role in the regulation of libido. A low level of serotonin lowers the libido.

Low levels of serotonin cause depression. Introduction of SSRI drugs blocks the inhibitors of serotonin. As the inhibitors of serotonin are no longer functional, its level rises. Serotonin heals depression.

So mainly Zoloft affects the serotonin levels. Serotonin hormone has almost no significant influence on pregnancy. Thus Zoloft doesn’t affect your pregnancy test.

Hence Zoloft doesn’t interfere with a pregnancy test. Zoloft acts on hormone serotonin and reduces its inhibition. Serotonin also doesn’t interfere with pregnancy test results.

It is always advisable that you consult a doctor before taking any other drugs with Zoloft. Fluoxetine also doesn’t affect a pregnancy test. Taking other medicines with Zoloft can affect a pregnancy test. Some antidepressants also cause a false positive pregnancy test.

Dealing with depression while pregnant is very critical. A depressed mother can be dangerous for her pregnancy.

A pregnant woman has to take care of herself and other family members. Every pregnancy has a risk of 3-5% chances of birth defects.

Taking Zoloft doesn’t increase this chance significantly. However, not taking proper medication for depression can cause worse damage.

Can AZO affect your pregnancy test?

Most women suffer from urinary tract infection. Bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy and yeast infection are very common. Every 1 in 5 women has BV during pregnancy.

However, some debate exists about whether BV and yeast infection are sexually transmitted or not. Urinary tract infections cause vaginal itching and other tissue inflammation.

Treating urinary tract infection is extremely important for staying sexually healthy. Urinary tract infections can cause infertility in women.

AZO is a drug that can treat urinary tract infection. It also reduces the pain because of urinary tract infection.

AZO doesn’t interfere with pregnancy test results. It heals the external urinary tract infections in women.

AZO has no effect on pregnancy and the probability of getting pregnant. If you are taking AZO, then you can take the pregnancy test.

All you need to do is to assure that you are following the precautions and pregnancy test instructions.

A pregnancy test detects urine hCG. Neither urine nor hCG has anything to do with urinary tract infection treatment drugs. Both hCG and urine are produced inside your body. AZO only reduces the pain of urinary tract infection.

Though urinary tract infections are so common that every woman has some kind of it every year, they need treatment.

Even if you plan to take a pregnancy test, you can continue taking AZO.

Can weed affect your pregnancy test?

Weed smoking is the most debated topic these days. Many people argue that Marijuana helps them focus better and has many medicinal properties.

Marijuana has no components that can elevate the production of hCG. Hence, Marijuana doesn’t interfere with pregnancy test results.

Weed also doesn’t interfere with hCG production and detection. Home pregnancy tests (HPT ) merely detect the presence of hCG in your urine.

When a woman is pregnant her body produces hCG, and it comes along in her urine. Marijuana and weed are popular as recreational drugs. Cannabis plant and its parts make weed.

There are smoked for treating depression. As the person continues to take weed tolerance builds and they need higher doses.

Marijuana and weed don’t interfere with the pregnancy test, but they have an adverse effect on the growing fetus.

If you are taking any such drugs during pregnancy, you must ask your doctor about either switching to safe medicines or withdrawing.

What can interfere with pregnancy test results?

Many things can corrupt your pregnancy test results. Fertility drugs elevate hCG levels in your body.

Taking pregnancy test after IVF treatments can give a false pregnancy test. Similarly, some antibiotics interfere with pregnancy test results.

Other things that can interfere with pregnancy test results are food colors.

If you eat rhubarb, beetroots or saffron your urine gets a pinkish tinge. This gives a false positive pregnancy test.

You yourself are the most significant tampering agent of your pregnancy test. Your mistakes can interfere with the accuracy of the home pregnancy test.

Using a very dilute sample of urine can also give a false negative result. It is because during early pregnancy your body has negligible levels of hCG.


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