20 After Sex Symptoms In Women

While discussing intimacy is easier for women, a topic like sexual diseases invites pin drop silence. Women find it embarrassing to talk about sexual health albeit they are more prone to them.

It is necessary for them to know and discuss their health as many after sex symptoms in women match those of STDs. Sexual diseases can be very painful but are treatable with mild medications and lifestyle changes.

The differences between regular after-sex symptoms and a sexual disease are minor. The same after sex symptom may also mean a sex disease.

The difference in symptoms only lies in the intensity and ease of cure.

20 After Sex Symptoms In Women

20 After Sex Symptoms Women
20 After Sex Symptoms Women

One needs to know the difference between what is normal and what is not. Those of you who are going to do the act for the first time might want to know the consequence of having sex.

So here we have made a complete list of all the after sex symptoms experienced by women:

1) Cramps after sex

 During sexual arousal, your body undergoes various changes like blood rushes to your breasts, cervical passage dilates, a lot of lubricating fluids come out of the vagina, etc. All these have to go back to their original state, and it takes time. When aroused all your genitals enlarge very fast but after sex, especially if you do not reach climax, then they take a lot of time even up to 24 hours to return to normal. So it is normal to experience abdominal cramps after sex.

2) Vaginal bleeding after sex

There can be many reasons for bleeding after sex. Spotting after periods can last for days. You might even have blood coming in your urine. When a woman loses her virginity, it is the hymen breaking that causes bleeding. After having sex for the first time, bleeding can be due to rubbing of the vaginal passage. It is also possible that spotting begins a day after sex.

3) Cervical mucus changes after sex

After having sex women experience different changes in cervical mucus. Some might experience the increased production of gooey discharge and others might have dessert dryness. The most common condition is that the vagina is extremely dry and stretched after sex and after some time cervical production gets back to its normal rate. The color of cervical mucus could be red, yellow, pink, crème, etc. These depend on your hygiene and intensity of sexual activity. Oral sex produces low levels of cervical mucus changes comparatively.

4) After Sex Glow

During sexual arousal, a female body releases sex hormones in abundant amounts. These hormones are steroidal (they have lipid as their basic molecule). For this reason, you glow after sex. Sex flush is when people turn red due to rising blood pressure. Even women who start gaining the weight after they become sexually active is partly dependent on these hormones. Other reasons for gaining weight after becoming sexually active are taking emergency contraceptives.

5) Bloating after sex

Bloating is swelling in the abdominal area and painful cramps. The growling of the stomach becomes more often. Bloating after intercourse happens due to vagina pushing the abdomen. Depending on how deep the sex was bloating can be severe. However, bloating is also a symptom of cancer of the organs of that area, so if it doesn’t get back to normal, then you need to see the doctor soon.

6) Burning during urination after sex

A burning sensation when you pass out your urine post-sex is very common after sex symptom. The sensation would be more adverse if your partner did not figure out the right place for the intimate act in the first place. This is because the vagina has a support for the urethra. When sexually aroused, vaginal tissues swell, and they push the urethra. Also, the nearby tissues experience a lot of friction. Hence you feel the burning when you pee after sex for the first two-three times. If you continue to experience it, you should visit the doctor.

7) Increased appetite after having sex

Sexual activity is highly energy demanding act. So you feel hungry instantly after having sex. This is very natural and you need not worry even if you eat twice the amount of food for the next two meals. But this symptom goes off the earliest. If it continues longer, then it falls into the category of early pregnancy symptoms.

8) Ovarian pain after sex

Human race associates sex with pleasure more than for procreation. However, nature has designed the activity as the first step for reproduction. The ovaries and Fallopian tubes for this natural organization might be getting prepared for the next step after sex fertilization. It is just that the body prepares itself irrespective of your mental state. Especially if you’ve sex after ovulation, then ovaries will pain after sex.

9) Cervical constriction after sex

During sex, the cervix dilates, but afterward, the cervical passage feels narrower. Since women reach climax very few times, the cervix constricts. But in typical conditions, it is not the cervix that constricts instead it is the surrounding tissues that swell up. Cervical constriction will stay for few hours and then it will all be back to normal.

10) Rashes after sex

This is even a symptom of sexual arousal. Some people see a light red rash appear on their bodies after being sexually aroused. This is called the sex flush. It may be during sex or after you achieve climax. It is located in your chest region or breasts.
Rashes after having sex are the most critical after sex symptoms. This is because they are the first signs of a majority of sexually transmitted diseases STDs. If the rashes go away with time and they appeared just when you had sex, then they are normal. But if they show up after a day or two and are painful and are not disappearing, you need to see a doctor.

11) Minor headache after sex

Sex affects your brain and all the sense organs. The sense of smell, touch, and vision all come in synchronization to arouse you. It’s a mentally draining activity that gives you a sense of pleasure. Just like alcohol it first gets you high and then as that leaves your body you feel tired. So it is natural to have a slight headache and the head going round feeling after sex.

12) Lethargy and body ache after sex

For the same reasons for being energy-draining activity, sex leads to body aches and lethargy after sex. The entire energy in your body is diverted for the sexual act, and then you suddenly feel numb. For this reason, people leading a busy life over time lose interest and the ability to have satisfying sex.

13) The vaginal smell after sex

Your vagina changes when you have sex. Many fluids exude out of the cervix. Your partner’s fluid with its own peculiar odor. All this leads to a different kind of smell. You even get the fragrance of your partner’s body in your vaginal fluids and urine. So the fishy smell of vagina might become obnoxious after sex.

14) Mood swings after sex

A woman takes a longer time to get excited and even for achieving climaxes. A man is supposed to coordinate which is difficult for the ones who have a low-key sex drive. PE is such a common problem with men these days that some women never achieve climax.

Research conducted showed that some women did not even know that there was something as female climaxes. But the human body is designed to achieve climax as the final stage of sex. So if you repeatedly are left without attaining climax, you might experience unexplained mood swings and disappointment after that. The only solution is talking about it to your partner. 

15) Vaginal swelling after sex

As discussed earlier your vagina experiences a lot of frictional rubbing during sex for obvious reasons. This may cause reddening and swelling of the area. It is not painful at all. If you experience mild pain, it is not a danger alarm. But a vaginal pain staying for a longer time might be indicating the presence of a bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection. Use a mirror to see the area. If you experience after-sex symptoms for more than three days, then get a doctor’s appointment.

16) Swelling in breasts after sex

The sexual excitement phase involves blood gushing in the privates in men and towards the breasts in women. Your breasts will enlarge and so swell up. The breasts have layers of fat. So it takes the time to return to a normal state. Other activities may also lead to breast swelling. Remember that swelling is different from the hardening and formation of lumps. If you feel any hardening or clumps of mass in your breasts after sex, it is not an after sex symptom. If you are breastfeeding, then it may be a clogged milk duct, or in another case, it is one of the early signs of breast cancer.

17) Elongation of Nipples or nipples cracking after sex

As explained above the blood gushes in your breasts when you are feeling aroused. The nipples also elongate and might become double their original size. They take the time to go back to normal size. Nipples may also have cracks. Unless you see any fluids coming out or bleeding, it will heal itself. But if you see some growth and bleeding then you should either get an over-the-counter breast moisturizer or take a doctor’s appointment.

18) Increased Somnolence (desire to sleep) after sex

After sex, your brain feels relaxed, and your overall body goes into a state of calmness. It is like the attainment of the ultimate happiness. So it is natural that you feel sleepy. Also, you feel tired and so might feel sleepy. Once you are out of the euphoria, you won’t feel lethargic any longer.

19) Itching after sex

Some women even complain of itching after sex and during sex. You might feel like scratching the entire body. It may be because you got goosebumps during the session. Also sex flush might make you feel itchy.
However, itching in a particular area like the vagina is not normal. It could be because your partner has some skin infection. If you are at the receiving end of oral sex by a person having oral Herpes you might experience itching.

20) Back pain after sex

You can also experience post-sex back pain. It is due to the culmination of bloating, abdominal compression, the weight of your partner, etc. It is common but if you sleep after having sex you might not even experience it.

Now that you know the post-sex symptoms, you can take precautions or corrective measures to counter them.



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