10 Sex Myths + Can You Get Pregnant From Swallowing Sperm?

Even in the 21st century sex manages to be the most controversial topic. Sex myths and related taboos like, “Can you get pregnant from swallowing sperm?” still confuses and distresses women.

So we thought it would be appropriate to dedicate an article to the myths associated with sex and reveal the facts.

We need to understand the nature of physical intimacy and break the myths and taboos set up by the society.

Here are the top sex myths and the truth behind them.

10 Sex Myths + Can You Get Pregnant From Swallowing Sperm?
10 Sex Myths + Can You Get Pregnant From Swallowing Sperm?

Myth #1: You cannot get pregnant on your period

Truth: A sperm can live inside your vagina for up to six days (in rare cases). So if you think you cannot get pregnant by having coitus during periods, then you are wrong.

The sperm will wait for an egg to come so that it can fertilize it. It will wait for the menstrual cycle to get over and for the release of ova from the Fallopian tubes.

The menstrual cycle usually lasts for 28 days and the ova releases on the 14th day of the cycle. If you had coitus during periods, the sperm might stick around long enough to fertilize an ovum. Pregnancy in periods is uncommon but not impossible.

So whenever you have intercourse, make sure you stay protected!

Myth #2: Using two condoms means zero chances of pregnancy

Truth: Some people think that if one condom reduces the chances of getting pregnant by 98%, double bagging means having no pregnancy at all. But this is an entirely false belief.

By wearing two condoms, the rubber of both the condoms will rub against each other. Condoms will break due to the increased friction. We all know what follows next after condom breaks.

Conclusion, wearing two condoms at a time is, in fact, more dangerous than a single condom!

Myth #3: You can get pregnant from swallowing sperm

Truth: It is impossible to get pregnant from oral sex. Reproductive organs are in no way connected to your mouth.

We always get questions like Can you get pregnant from swallowing sperm? The answer is an emphatic NO.

Sperm can not travel the entire alimentary canal to fertilize that one egg. Instead, the sperm will break down and digested!!

So the sperm stands no chance once it enters the mouth. But this does not have to mean that you cannot get sexually transmitted diseases through oral sex.

Some believe that if you have cuts in your mouth, then the sperm will enter your bloodstream through those cuts and will fertilize that egg. It is also not true. For an egg to get fertilized, the sperm has to enter the vagina and swim up to the Fallopian tubes.

Myth #4: It is safe to have Sex From Behind Without a condom

Truth: What an untrue statement to make. Just because you cannot get pregnant through your anus does not mean you cannot get STDs passed on.

STDs like chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, Hepatitis spread through butt sex. STDs are more likely to occur in butt sex as the lining of the anus is thin, so it gets broken easily.

So for practicing safe butt sex, always wear a condom.

Never follow butt sex by vaginal sex. The anus contains fecal matter which should not enter the vagina. So after butt sex either make sure that the male organ is squeaky clean by using an antimicrobial soap or end your sexual activity there itself.

Myth #5: Chances of getting pregnant on your first time is zero

Truth: This is undoubtedly false. If a woman is ovulating, then she stands a solid chance of getting pregnant whether it is her first time or hundredth, it does not matter.

Any time you indulge in unprotected coitus, you are at risk of getting pregnant.

On the fourteenth day of the cycle, the ovum releases from the ovaries. The term for the process is ovulation. Unprotected sex during this time will lead to fertilization of the egg and later implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus.

So if you are trying to avoid pregnancy, resort to birth control pills or condoms. It is your first time is no excuse to not wearing condoms. Always indulge in safe sex.

Myth #6: Your anus gets stretched out after butt sex

Truth: This statement was probably by the same person who thought that the vagina gets stretched out after delivering a child.

But yes, frequent butt sex leads to loss of control of bowel movement. Healthy sex does not and will not lead to this outcome.

The vagina has more room for the accommodation of the male organ than the anus. If the phallus inserts properly and gradually into the anus, then there will be no issue.

The increments have to be gradual as there is less space in the anus than the vagina. But saying that anus gets stretched out after butt sex is dead wrong.

Myth #7: Chances of getting STD from oral sex is Zero

Truth: Sexually transmitted diseases spread through butt sex and vaginal sex mostly. Unprotected oral sex can also put you at risk of getting diseases.

STDs like HPV, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis B, and herpes are transmitted by unprotected oral sex.

Even though you cannot get pregnant through oral sex, but you can contract some sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

So it is always better to practice safe oral sex and get yourself checked before engaging in such activities.

Myth #8: You cannot get pregnant while you are already pregnant

Truth: This is false. Yes, you can get pregnant if you are already pregnant. Even though the chances of this occurring are almost zero, but there is still some plausibility.

Getting pregnant when you are already pregnant is known as superfetation. There is a record of only 10 cases.

The latest case of superfetation was of Julia who conceived again after two weeks but both her kids were happy and healthy.

A case like this can only occur if the woman continues to ovulate after she gets pregnant. The fertilized egg is able to implant itself in the wall of the uterus. But these two conditions happen very rarely. Superfetation is nothing to be fearful of. The kids delivered are healthy and normal.

Myth #9: The pull out method prevents pregnancy

Truth: The pull out method where the male partner withdraws the phallus just at the time of discharge has high chances of failure.

The main reason being that the pre-cum already has some sperms. Also, the withdrawing of the male private organ at the time of the climax needs sky-scraping self-control.

There is no pull-out method pregnancy rate to evaluate its effectiveness, but the risk is there.

Even discharging near the vagina doesn’t guarantee “no pregnancy.” The sperms can travel along the vagina and reach the Fallopian tubes with their tails movement.

Myth #10: A woman will have miscarriages after abortion

Truth: In many cases, a woman undergoes spontaneous abortions without even knowing about it. Indeed a surgery can leave a uterine scar or cause a complication. However, generalizing that a woman will have a miscarriage post-abortion is not a scientific temperament.

Let us know if you want us to put light on the genuineness of any sex-related taboos or myths!


  1. I want to be pregnant but I dont know is there any chance or not can u help me
    I mean I want to know more about
    Like how can I be a pregnant boy …

    • You can get a gender change surgery and get a uterus transplanted. After that you’ll need to get an assisted reproductive technique done. Chances of failure are high and whether your body will sustain the pregnancy is unpredictable.


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