Cramps After Unprotected Sex

Cramps after sex are not normal and not meant to be ignored. You need to carefully note down when cramps after sex begin and how you feel. Later on, you need to consult a doctor enlisting all that you feel. Cramps after unprotected sex are mostly related to pregnancy by women. But it is not necessary that every time you have unprotected sex you get pregnant.

There is only a 20% chance for a healthy fertile woman to get pregnant every month. Cramps after unprotected sex can be a sign that you are having a pelvic inflammatory disease or any other infection.

It is essential that you use protection while having sex with an unknown partner. Cramping after unprotected sex is the most unpleasant thing that can happen to you.

Cramps After Unprotected Sex
Cramps After Unprotected Sex

Reasons for cramping after unprotected sex

1) Penetrative sex

If the phallus hits deep inside the cervix and hurts due to rough intercourse, then you can have cramping. The only way to prevent this is by telling your partner to stop and mutually try a better position. Rape and other abusive incidents can make a woman abhor sex. It will lead to a condition called Vaginismus that is contracting of vaginal muscles. This will lead to cramps and painful sex even when not deep or rough.

2) Genitourinary Syndrome

When a woman ages, her vaginal wall does not thicken as earlier. This is because of reduction in estrogen levels with age. Perimenopause is the stage of decline in female hormones. Later the woman undergoes a cessation of menstrual cycle called menopause. Atrophic vaginitis leads to cramping after sex and bleeding. Taking estrogen supplements and topical estrogen cremes help alleviate the symptoms.

3) Breastfeeding

When a woman has phases of declined libido during breastfeeding or period, she can have cramps after unprotected sex. During breastfeeding the body has natural contraception because your menstrual cycle suppresses because of prolactin. In this phase unprotected sex is safe to some extent but still can cause cramping afterward.

4) Insufficient lubrication

If the woman is not ready for sex, then her glands will not produce enough mucus. This will not lubricate the lining of the vagina. You will have cramping because of rough sex and friction. Using jellies, lubricants, and mutually finding ways to make sex pleasurable can solve the problem.

Cramps after unprotected sex due to trauma

Any cysts present in the ovary or ovaries themselves can twist and cause pain and cramping. Movements during sex are only partially responsible for such cramps. Running or any other physical activity can also lead to cyst torsion. Rupture of cysts is another reason for cramping after sex.

Other symptoms that happen along with cramping due to cyst torsion are bleeding, fever, rashes, and discoloration. There is no way to prevent this condition because cysts don’t cure easily. You must go to your gynecologist every six months at least.

Pregnancy cramps after unprotected sex

If unprotected sex leads to pregnancy then you will have early pregnancy cramps. This is because of implantation. But it won’t be immediately after unprotected sex. You will have cramping week after unprotected sex in case of implantation. Implantation is the process of egg embedment.

Cramping two days after unprotected sex

When you have itching and cramping two after unprotected sex, then it could be a sign of infection. Most sexually transmitted diseases have cramping as one of the symptoms. It takes 2-5 days for the infection to start showing symptoms and develop.

Other symptoms along with cramping after sex in case of STDs are rashes, fever, burning during urination and cheesy discharge.

If your vaginal discharge changes color and becomes green or yellow after sex, then the infection is an early stage (Read this). You need to immediately consult a doctor and tell him or her everything honestly.

Some sexually transmitted diseases can spread to cause infertility. At the same time, most of them are curable, and you will need to take a few antibiotics for that.

Topical creams also exist for curing STDs. There are many possibilities for treatment, but the first step is that you tell your doctor about it. Do not douch or try to burst the pus-filled rashes.

Avoid using perfumed soaps as they can aggravate the symptoms.

Cramps occur in the ovaries and uterus after sex because the infection can be internally spreading. If you are allergic to your partner’s sperm or he had a disease, then you can get it. It is critical to practice safe sex.


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