Can You Get Pregnant From Precum?

Can you get pregnant from precum? Yes, precum can get you pregnant. Sperms in the urethra from the previous ejaculation can come along precum. Studies prove that getting pregnant from precum is a reality.

So you had a steamy session with your boyfriend, and a question is raging in your mind. Can you get pregnant from precum? The answer to this question is simply YES!

Although precum doesn’t contain sperm compared to the cum, it can be the reason for pregnancy.

But what exactly is this mystical pre-cum? Read along to find out.

What is precum and where is it produced?

Precum or pre-ejaculate fluid is released from the penis when sexually aroused. It is secreted by bulbourethral glands or Cowper’s glands. These are the two small glands positioned alongside the male urinary tract. These glands are present at the base of the penis.

What all does precum have?

Pre-cum is an alkaline mucus secretion. Precum has chemicals associated with semen like acid phosphatase.

What does pre cum do?

The pre-ejaculate fluid performs critical functions like:

  • Pre-cum helps to neutralize the acidic environment (due to the urine) of the urethra.
  • It prepares the way through which the sperms travel and make their way out of the opening of the penis.
  • Pre-cum protects the sperm and helps it sail smoothly towards its destination.
  • Pre-cum also in a way helps the sperms remain healthy as they make their way towards the egg.
Can You Get Pregnant From Precum?
Can You Get Pregnant From Precum?

What does pre-cum look like?

  • The pre-cum fluid is usually colorless and transparent.
  • It is sticky and has a mild odor.
  • It exudes dropwise. The drops get bigger, but it doesn’t form a stream or a continuous flow normally.
  • It is not as thick as normal cum.

When and where does pre-cum appear?

Pre-cum usually appears on the tip of the penis when a man is in the state of arousal and indicates that orgasm is near. It paves the route for the semen and the sperms to travel. The thickness and the concentration may vary from person to person.

The transparent liquid does not contain sperms in it. But it can absorb the sperms left over in the urethra from the previous ejaculation.

Does precum contain sperms?

Research shows that nearly 41% of men tested for the presence of sperms in pre-cum gave positive results. It was due to the leftover sperms in the urethra that came along with pre-cum in the next session.

This shows that if penis penetrates and pre-cum releases then there is some bleak chance that sperms transfer. Even if the penis is withdrawn these sperms will be transferred.

Can You Get Pregnant From Precum?

The chances are very of getting pregnant from precum. If the male penetrates the female and doesn’t ejaculate, then there is a little to zero chance of getting pregnant with precum. 

Can you get pregnant from pulling out?

  1. The natural contraception of pulling out or withdrawal method is least effective. The scientific term for it is coitus interruptus. It is moderately efficient as ejaculation and orgasms are most satisfying and pleasurable states. It requires a high level of self-control to take out the penis at that time.
  2. Some people practice wearing condoms just when orgasm is near. Withdrawal method will be inefficient in this case as pre-cum exudes before orgasm.
  3. Even if the person manages to pull out in time but ejaculates around the vagina, there is a chance of getting pregnant. This is because some amount of sperm can make their way into the fallopian tube.
  4. There is less risk of getting pregnant if there is the presence of pre-cum without full ejaculation.

The bottom line is that the chance of getting pregnant from pre-cum is remote, but they do exist and cannot be ignored. Also, some men start exuding pre-cum fluids as soon they reach arousal. So withdrawal is a far-flung question for them because even humping will serve the unwanted purpose in rare cases.

Does pre-cum also pass on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)?

Another misinformation and myth regarding pre-cum are that it helps to avoid STDs, but this is not true. Sexually transmitted diseases spread from pre-cum are:

  1. Gonorrhea by pre-cum: The pathogens of Gonorrhea reside in the urinary tract and hence are present close to Cowper glands and come along with pre-cum. Gonorrhea transmits during oral sex if you ingest pre-cum.
  2. Chlamydia by pre-cum: Chlamydia is also known to transmit and cause throat Chlamydia from pre-cum.
  3. HIV by pre-cum: It is often found that some samples of pre-cum do have the presence of HIV. This can transmit HIV infection by pre-cum.
  4. Herpes, Trichomoniasis, Hepatitis Syphilis by pre-cum
  5. Other sexually transmitted diseases can also transmit from pre-cum. Oral Herpes gets passed on from pre-cum during oral sex.

Hence it is very important to use a condom while having sex with random partners. Even when you know the partner there are chances that they have an undiagnosed STD.

Can You Get Pregnant Without Penetration?

Can you get pregnant without penetration is one question that we often get from our readers. Most teens have this niggling question. 

The simple answer to this question is that No, you cannot get pregnant without penetration.

All one has to take care is that the semen should not come in contact with the vaginal canal. Once sperm enters the vaginal canal, there is a possibility of the woman getting pregnant.  

Can dry humping Cause Pregnancy from precum?

Many youngsters wonder, can dry humping cause pregnancy? Dry humping is rubbing private parts for sexual arousal and stimulation. Dry humping virtually isn’t dry at all. “Getting wet” when aroused is all about exuding pre-cum fluids while foreplay activities like dry humping. 

Studies have shown that pre-cum can pass through thin clothing and sperms can come along.

So there are chances (thought almost nil) that you get pregnant from precum when you are dry humping.

Pre-cum fluid makes its way from the urethra and escapes out from the tip of the penis, unnoticeable. One cannot control or realize the flow of pre-cum fluid. Hence, safe sex is the key to avoid pregnancy from pre-cum.

What are the contraceptives to prevent pregnancy from precum?

The only contraceptive that is effective in preventing STDs effectively is a condom. Out of vaults, cervical caps, diaphragms; condoms are the most effective way of birth control from pre-cum.

Wearing two condoms in the sense that both of you wear a condom will increase friction. The chances of getting STD from pre-cum will increase. Wearing two condoms by the male partner also makes them prone to breaking. It makes the sexual act uncomfortable.

Birth control pills are also effective against pregnancy.


  1. My period is missed and late for 7days from actual date of my period so now I am pregnant or not? If I pregnant how can I get my period immediately please help me because I am 19 itself.

    • It happens that previous lining of uterus or old period blood flows out in pregnancy so you can get period. 7 days late period isn’t enough to confirm for sure. Take a pregnancy test.


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