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Home Pregnancy Tests

Home Pregnancy Tests 101 the section covers everything you ever need to know. Digital pregnancy tests, how to use a pregnancy test, working of pregnancy test, reasons for false results and different home-made PTs all at one place.

Sugar pregnancy test, Dandelion pregnancy test, Bleach PT and pine Sol pregnancy tests are some DIY tests. A pregnancy test requires a certain hCG level to give a positive result. Learn why the typical two-weeks wait is important.

Expired pregnancy test

Expired Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy tests are not as simple as they show in advertisements. It's not simply a pink line appearing by magic and telling you that you are pregnant. Pregnancy tests are like small laboratory tests...
Top 20 reasons for A Negative Pregnancy Test

Top 20 Reasons For A Negative Pregnancy Test

A home pregnancy test is the first thing a woman does after missing her periods. There are many things one needs to know about pregnancy test before taking it as true. A negative pregnancy...
Pregnancy test instructions

Pregnancy Test Instructions

Taking a pregnancy test for the first time can be so worrisome that you end up doing things that only complicate your state of doubt. It is very important that you follow the pregnancy...
Pregnancy Blood Test

Pregnancy Blood Test

Finding out if you're pregnant or not can be a nerve-racking experience. One can always take a home pregnancy test to find out yourself or else you can go to a doctor and get...
Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

Curious about Pine Sol pregnancy test? You're not alone! Many women who heard about Pine-Sol test were confused at first. ????Many women still like natural ways of testing pregnancy. They still rely on old wives tales for testing...
How much are pregnancy tests for?

How Much Is A Pregnancy Test?

PrecapHow much is a pregnancy test? You can get a pregnancy test for 1$ at Dollar Store. There are different options available ranging from 1-25$. Cheap pregnancy tests are equally good. Digital pregnancy tests...
Home Pregnancy Test 101

Home Pregnancy Test 101

Just like you learn the basics of every other thing you do for the first time, it is good to know home pregnancy test basics.They are the golden rules that will help you get...
Bleach Pregnancy Test

Bleach Pregnancy Test

A home pregnancy test with bleach is one of the most popular homemade pregnancy tests. One can read dozens of bleach pregnancy test reviews everywhere on the Web.We sometimes wonder how the person discovered...
How Does A Pregnancy Test Work?

How Does A Pregnancy Test Work?

PrecapHow does a pregnancy test work? A pregnancy test has special chemicals that are able to detect hCG in your urine. The pregnancy hormone coming from placenta starts coming along your pee. When you...
How to read a pregnancy test?

How To Read A Pregnancy Test?

A home pregnancy test is a device that tests the presence of hCG in a urine sample and tells a woman if she is pregnant or not. So every woman curious about her pregnancy should know how...