Drano Pregnancy Test

Curious about Drano pregnancy test? You’re at the right place! 😉

After finding out that you are pregnant, you have a lot of things to prepare. Not knowing the gender of your baby makes your baby names selection list longer and lands you in fights!

The over-the-counter pregnancy gender kits may cost up to 100$. It is easier for parents to take the Drano gender prediction test. Many women believe that Drano gender test is accurate. Unlike the Chinese gender prediction chart, you don’t have to do any math and simply pee in a bowl of Drano.

Drano pregnancy test uses the same Drano crystals that you use for cleaning the sink. 

What is Drano Pregnancy Test?

The Drano baby gender test is the homemade gender prediction test that can tell whether you have a baby boy or girl.

This test uses Drano crystals to find out the gender of your baby. Drano gender test is taken after 11 weeks from conception.

Some say that you have to wait for four months of pregnancy before taking Drano Pregnancy Test.

Drano Pregnancy Test
Drano Pregnancy Test

Drano Pregnancy Test directions

The test instructions are simple. However, safety tips require your special attention.This is because the Drano gender prediction test releases toxic fumes.

Urinating directly on Drano can create a fuming mixture. These gases if inhaled will cause whizzing, and suffocation.

How to do the Drano Pregnancy Test?

  1. Take a deep bowl. Clean it thoroughly with bleach and hot water.
  2. Put Drano crystals in it. Liquid Drano is dangerous and ineffective. Similarly, Drano gel pregnancy test is also not appropriate. Liquid Drano will not predict the gender of your baby. Drano gel doesn’t work as a homemade gender prediction test.
  3. Now in a separate clean bowl collect your early morning urine. Early morning urine is more concentrated. Though, ideally after crossing 11 weeks of pregnancy you can take Drano Test at any time.
  4. Gradually add your urine to Drano while keeping yourself covered.
  5. Look for changes in color. It might take a few minutes to hours.

Drano Pregnancy Test results

The Drano Pregnancy Test for boy or girl is difficult to understand. Some people say that a brown color shows that you have a boy others say that it shows a girl.

Does Drano pregnancy test predict the gender? It is still a mystery. Some women find pregnancy Drano test genuine.

Others did not get a single correct prediction in any of their pregnancies. Drano Test takes few minutes to hours to give a result.

  • If Drano gender test turns brown, it shows that you have a boy.
  • If the Drano Test remains unchanged, then it could be a girl. In case Drano  changes to blue color then also it is probable that you have a girl.

Does Drano pregnancy test work?

The Drano Pregnancy Test has no scientific grounds. There is no hormone in the urine of a pregnant woman that can indicate the baby’s gender.

No component in the urine of pregnant woman is indicative of gender of the baby.

Similarly, Drano itself has nothing that can detect the gender of the baby. It may be a coincidence that Drano gave brown color and a pregnant woman got a boy.

Old wives tales revolving around made the Drano gender prediction test a cheap way to predict baby’s gender.

How does the Drano gender prediction test work?

We have no answer. We cannot guarantee that Drano Pregnancy Test is accurate. Misguiding someone and writing anything is not an option.

It is a fact that Drano Test has nothing that can detect baby’s gender. It may only be possible that Drano reacts with surrounding air and you see foam forming.

Drano Pregnancy test is such a primitive gender prediction method that no one ever studied it.

Drano Pregnancy Test accuracy

Most women advocate Drano test accuracy based on their experiences. Crystal Drano gender test is thought to be accurate amongst the primitive at home baby gender prediction methods.

The Drano crystals pregnancy test accuracy compared to an ultrasound or doctor’s gender prediction is nil.

Drano pregnancy test prediction boy or girl is merely a case of 50/50 probability. If the coin has two sides 50% probability exists that any guess made will be correct.

Why using the Drano Pregnancy Test is dangerous?

Drano Pregnancy Test uses grease cleaner for predicting the gender of the baby at home. Urinating directly on Drano crystals pregnancy test can lead to an explosive reaction. The crystals of Drano might stick to your vagina. It can cause vaginal irritation and bleeding. Such harmful consequences of Drano gender test make it unsafe.

Is Drano Pregnancy Test safe? No, the Drano gender prediction test is not safe. Urine and Drano produce harmful fumes.

These are toxic for your baby. If you inhale these fumes, you can potentially harm an early pregnancy.

At an early stage, pregnancy is very critical. The slightest mistake can cause miscarriage. Drano Pregnancy Test gives out harmful fumes, and they are dangerous for your pregnancy.

If you perform the Drano gender prediction test in a closed room, then it can be fatal. During early pregnancy, you are at risk of suffocation because you have nasal congestion.

It releases obnoxious smelling gases that can irritate your nasal membrane.

Baby gender prediction myths like Drano pregnancy test myths

  1. Wheat and Barley test: In 1350 BC Egyptians used the Wheat and Barley test for determining the gender of the baby. A pregnant woman urinated on wheat and barley. If barley grew, she was considered pregnant with a male child. In case the wheat started growing then she had a girl child. If nothing grew, the,n she was not pregnant.
  2. Food cravings: Old wives tales say that if a woman craves for sour things she has a boy. In the other case if a woman craves sweets during pregnancy she has a girl. However, pregnancy food cravings are much to do with nutritional supplements. Your physiological activities influence your appetite. A woman who has a low calcium diet will crave for eating chalks. This doesn’t mean that she has a duster inside her baby bump.
  3. Position of baby bump: Another pregnancy test myth is about the position of the baby bump. If the pregnant woman has a low sagged baby bump, she might have a baby boy. A high etched baby bump is when a pregnant woman carries a girl. The position of baby bump depends on muscle strength and placenta position.
  4. Looks of a pregnant woman: If a pregnant woman looks better than before, it is because she has a girl in her womb. Like hormones make her glow more. Myths contradict each other too. Other legend says that a woman looks dull when she has a girl because the girl absorbs the beauty of her mom. Princess Charlotte is as beautiful as her mother Kate! No arguments needed further to disprove this myth related to Drano pregnancy test.
  5. Morning sickness or evening sickness: Some say that when a woman is pregnant with a girl, she tends to have morning sickness. While evening sickness is common in case of baby boy pregnancy. They need to answer the mothers who have 24 hours 9 months sickness. What are they carrying?

One must stay away from baby gender prediction myths and from all superstitions about baby gender.

Other gender prediction methods

  1. Chinese gender prediction chart: The Chinese gender prediction chart has columns with names of months. Numbers occupy the beginning of every row. One has to calculate the mother’s age at the time of pregnancy for home gender prediction using Chinese gender prediction chart. Most women get accurate baby gender prediction at home using Chinese gender prediction chart.
  2. There are over the counter gender prediction kits such as IntelliGender and Sneak peak. Just like their counterpart pregnancy tests they also have only decent accuracy. They may make false gender prediction. 

It is best to get a baby gender prediction from a doctor. Life rarely gives such cute surprises. A little bundle of joy, who cuddles while suckling milk. 

What difference does it make whether a boy or a girl? Baby boys look equally cute in pink and nursery looks best with a caring mum singing a lullaby. 

Baby gender prediction is a choice made by parents. It is OK to have a preference but any resentment based on the gender of your baby is shameful.


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