2 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

When you take the pregnancy test and get a positive line you are already past 2 weeks pregnant stage.

How? Doctors have their conception calculator such that they time pregnancy from last menstrual period. According to the method of calculating pregnancy time span you are pregnant from the previous menstrual period (LMP).

The first week is actually the time when you are bleeding! Isn’t missed period a sign of pregnancy? The missed period at 4 weeks pregnant is a sign of pregnancy.

During the second week of pregnancy, you are at the window of conception. Ovulation and its symptoms are the main signs of 2 weeks pregnant.

Some women find it hard to time ovulation or have irregular period cycles. Having irregular periods doesn’t mean that they can conceive at any random point. Tuning the menstrual cycle and synch in hormones is essential for getting pregnant.

Soon by the end of week 2 of pregnancy you will ovulate and be actually pregnant having your baby inside.

Curious to learn about 2 weeks pregnant symptoms, belly, and changes? Read on. ?

2 Weeks Pregnant
2 Weeks Pregnant

What is going inside your body 2 weeks pregnant?

You are soon going to release the egg that will become your baby. Ovulation occurs near the 14th day of the menstrual cycle. The ovaries alternatively release an egg every menstrual cycle.

Human egg life is only 24 hours and fertilization must occur within the time period. The time between 3 days before ovulation to 1 DPO is the fertility window.

Despite the short life of egg your bae’s sperms can live inside you for 5 days. Thus having sex 3 days before ovulation allows the sperms to be present to chase the egg.

The highest chance of getting pregnant is by having sex a day before ovulation. Sperms take time for processes such as capacitation to move inside the vagina and cervix.

Having sex a day before ensures enough gap between the release of egg and entry of discharge.

Women with irregular cycles have trouble calculating ovulation date. Your body gives solid cues to detect ovulation. Changes in cervical mucus, position, BBT, and hormonal effects hint release of the egg.

2 Weeks Pregnant Signs Symptoms

The signs you see are ovulation symptoms. Conception signs will show by the end of week 2. Few women see ovulation spotting and have cramps. Ovulation cramps at this stage can be considered as 2 weeks pregnant belly pain!

Important signs of ovulation to look for a change in cervical mucus. Egg White Cervical mucus will tip-off ovulation before it truly takes place.

Nature has its ways to make you procreate. Your sexual desires will peak at this time and the soft cervix will make love-making pleasurable.

Tender swollen breasts will hurt a bit. But there is no change in the color of nipples that happens in pregnancy.

You will feel and look good. Don’t try to become a baby making machine by having intercourse all the time. Statistics say that couples who skip days between without having a romp-in-the-bed are more successful in getting pregnant in one trial.

2 Weeks Pregnant symptoms discharge are the ones to look out for. The change in cervical mucus will happen the time your ovulation kit shows ‘fertile’.

2 Weeks Pregnancy Signs 

Ideally, these are not pregnancy signs but ovulation symptoms. But those TTC can consider them as pre-conception signs.

1) Rise of BBT

When ovulation occurs, your basal body temperature rises up by half a degree. The surging hormones are responsible for the rise. Interestingly when a woman gets pregnant she sees a triphasic pattern of BBT near implantation. There is a rise and dip and restoration to normal.

2) Egg White Cervical Mucus

During ovulation, the cervical mucus becomes clear stretchy. This ensures that sperms are able to easily move up to the tubes. Changes in the cervical mucus occur prior to the release of the egg. That is they will happen at the start of 2 weeks pregnant.

3) Sore Breasts

Your breasts just need a reason to become sensitive! Tingly breasts are signs of ovulation and conception. The changing hormones can even show some blue lines on breasts. Women who are able to detect pregnancy way early swear by changes in breasts.

4) Nasal Sensitivity

The first few weeks of pregnancy make you sneezy wheezy. Your nose will trouble you starting from now until mid-first trimester. Consult your doctor before taking any decongestant sprays.

5) Ovulation cramps or Mittelschmerz

When your ovary releases an egg you will experience a mild pain. It can be on either side of the abdomen. Ovulation cramps are not as severe as period cramps. They don’t last long either. You may skip to notice them until you consciously do it. Often it goes without your attention. But it is possible that you don’t have ovulation cramps and spotting.

6) Spotting

Yes, some women have light ovulation spotting. It is not constant and can happen suddenly in a lifetime. You won’t need a liner and the spotting will go away soon. Ovulation bleeding is very light and has no clots at all. But the blob of egg white cervical mucus can color red due to it.

7) Change in cervical position

The cervix becomes soft, high, open, and wet SHOW. A Higher cervix allows the sperms to travel up easily. The lips will feel soft and open up. Throughout the menstrual cycle the position of cervix changes.

8) Increased sex drive

Well, that may be a slight exaggeration bit sexual desires heighten during ovulation. Nature has its ways. You seem and feel more attractive. Pregnancy week 2 is the brief time of looking good before morning sickness strikes in. By the end of the first trimester, you will get back your glow, as pregnancy glow.

Pregnancy Week 2 for Infertility Treatment

Whether getting frozen embryo transfer or artificial insemination it is important to keep your uterus calm. In week two doctor will perform the FET or collect an egg for IVF. Frozen embryo transfer is in case of women who have earlier had an IVF and cryopreserved extra embryos. There will not be many tests as in IVF or other therapies. It is your own embryo so doctors will perform the procedure.

For all infertility treatments involving the egg coming from outside, fertility prescriptions are given. They develop your lining. It is the week 2 of pregnancy that is most important to have enough uterine lining. Estrogen pills will thicken the lining without causing ovulation in FET.

What can I do to get pregnant fast at 2 weeks?

  • Take folic acid and prenatal vitamins
  • Detect ovulation and do the baby making
  • Stay calm and take enough rest
  • Eat a balanced diet and drink lots of fluids

2 Weeks Pregnant Belly

There is nothing in your 2 weeks pregnant belly. Only the baby-to-be egg will reside waiting for its sperm mate. Women talking of 2 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pain are actually experiencing ovulation cramping.

The 2 Weeks Pregnant Belly Size is nearly the same as normal save for some bloating. Near ovulation, your abdomen may feel queasy and slightly bulged. But it has nothing to do with a baby bump or pregnant belly.

Ward off any such thoughts to poke and feel some changes in your tummy. Even if you have got an IVF treatment still it will make no difference.

That brings us to another point about IVF treatment procedure. Week 2 of pregnancy is the time when your doctor will collect the sperm sample of your partner and donor. Egg implantation may follow a few days later.

Depending on the treatment, ZIFT or GIFT, your OB will place the fertilized egg in your tubes or uterus.

2 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

There is nothing to see in 2 weeks pregnant ultrasound. If you have some complications your doctor will recommend a 2-week scan. That will not show baby or anything.

Instead, your sonographer will be able to see the actual stage you are at in your menstrual cycle. Near ovulation one of the ovaries will show a slight change noticeable to a professional.

Then you may be given some hormonal pills to alter the present state if not normal. In other cases, your doctor will wave the green flag to get busy under sheets.

What must you do while 2 weeks pregnant?

Consider buying ovulation test kits and detect fertility window. Almost certainly you will have to start doing this way ahead of than 2 weeks pregnant.

Check your cervical mucus and indulge in sex near ovulation time. Avoid smoking, alcohol, and drugs of non-medical use. Cut down caffeine and stay away from stress causing sources.