Most Accurate Chinese Gender Predictor

Pregnancy is a game of waiting and guessing. First, you try to conceive. Then you wait for the signs of pregnancy. After this, you have to wait for pregnancy test lines. Then wait for doctor’s appointment and finally nine months later you have a baby. Something that you keep waiting for from starting till the end is the gender of your baby. Chinese gender predictor is the way to put an end to waiting for some parents.

Some countries allow prenatal sex determination. Parents have the choice to know the gender of the baby before birth using scientific methods.

Most Accurate Chinese Gender Predictor
Most Accurate Chinese Gender Predictor

How to determine the sex of the baby before birth?

Science has made progress to transform dragon flies into a drone. There are more than one ways to know the gender of your baby.

The medical procedures for sex determination are way advanced and give accurate results. There are invasive and non-invasive procedures available.

Examples of pregnancy gender test are:

  • Ultrasound
  • Fetoscopy
  • Chorionic Villus Sampling
  • Amniocentesis
  • Blood sample testing from mother
  • Pregnancy gender test kits
  • Heartbeat test
  • Gel filtration tests

However, this was the not case 50 years back, and people had to rely on superstitions for knowing the sex of their baby. The first time they came to know the sex of the baby was after birth.

History of Chinese Gender Calculator Chart

Tell tales say that the Qing dynasty used the chart to give preference to sons. The reason was lame enough but a common belief of the era that only boys could work and earn.

Actual Chinese predictor chart was not available publicly. Only unisexual loyal workers kept it safe. Later the chart went missing and considered stolen.

European and Austrian Kings utilised the chart for the same purpose after translation of Chinese gender calculator. Soon after the chart was taken back to China and kept safe.

Chinese gender chart today lies safe in Beijing and is a subject of research.

Chinese gender predictor accuracy

The Chinese gender predictor was the ultrasound of the 1970s. Surprisingly, it continues to be a very popular way of finding the gender of the baby by many to-be parents.

It utilizes minimum information about the mother and gives ‘supposedly‘ accurate results. The month and age at the time of conception are all that the Chinese gender predictor needs.

The test has a 50% accuracy which is very much obvious because of only two answers. It either can be a girl or a boy.

So 50% probability exists. But a study showed that it predicted the gender of half the number of case studies. 

The parents involved found the gender of the baby before delivery. It is still a mystery as to how the test detects the sex of the baby before both.

Its alleged success at baby’s gender prediction makes it rule the internet. You find it everywhere on blogs and as online pregnancy gender test.

The best thing about the most accurate Chinese gender predictor is that it only uses two entries by the user.

You have to provide the month of getting pregnant and age at the time of conception. Only these two basics and Chinese gender predictor calculator does the job.

The origin of Chinese Gender predictor

A Taiwanese newspaper published the ancient Chinese gender predictor after obtaining it back from Britain. Stories have it that the predictor was found missing from the Chinese emperor’s summer resort.

Later the predictor got a translation and can back to Taiwan in 1970. Other stories say that the Chinese gender predictor was discovered from the tomb of Chinese King.

People say that the Chinese gender predictor works on the Ying Yang theory. It has some relation to the five elements water, earth, metal, fire, and wood. Along with it the eight triagrams also influence the accuracy of gender prediction by the chart.

Most people believe that it relies on the Ying Yang but some say it uses the Pa Kua theory of eight trigrams. The Chinese gender predictor chart is 700 years old.

Nobody is sure as to who made the Chinese gender predictor.

Scientists disregard it as superstition or that it’s merely a 50% probability. They urge people to opt for prenatal tests for gender prediction.

The Chinese Gender predictor is merely for entertainment for parents to better guess their baby’s gender before birth.

It can even help in preconception gender prediction.

Does the Chinese gender calendar really work?

The Chinese predictor uses the lunar age of the mother. Chinese calculate their age by adding an extra year to their age.

They consider a baby a year old when he is born. The Chinese predictor requires you to put in the lunar age and lunar month of conception.

Only after that, the gender prediction is correct. Chinese New year is the first month of Chinese lunar calendar.

Every year an updated version of Chinese Gender predictor publishes in the Chinese farmer almanac. People use the latest Chinese gender predictor for finding out the gender of their baby.

There have been many studies, but the chart remains elusive.

How does the Chinese Gender Predictor work? 

Before you start considering this as some magical information, remember that it’s just a predictor. Things can be different and you may not get what the chart said.

The chart works by utilising the lunar age of mother against the month of conception. Holding on to the belief that some correlation exists between conception and birthday month in lunar calendar, the chart makes a guess.

What is my lunar age and how to calculate it?

The first thing that you need to know now is what is your lunar age. Well the Chinese consider the baby two years older if born before Chinese New year in that Georgian year.

Those who are born after 5 February 2019 or 25 January 2020 or Chinese New year are only an year older than actual age.

Can you select your baby’s gender by Chinese gender chart?

You can plan pregnancy in those specific months because you can do as you will. However, it’s quite unacceptable to have gender biases.

The chart requires you to select the lunar conception month. What if I don’t know my exact conception date? Even if you did the chart isn’t the word of the Bible. Just add 14 days to the date of last day of previous period.

Trying to conceive in those particular months might help you.

Another Chinese gender prediction fact is that if both conception month and birthday month are odd or even then you’d have a girl. So if you want to have a boy then try to make a pair of odd even ranks of the lunar month.

Chinese predictor is easier to use than Mayan Gender Prediction test. Both utilise the dates and astrological aspects. Shettles method for gender guessing requires more details such as intercourse time, depth and penetration.

The Chinese Gender Chart for twins doesn’t exist and you can guess only either of the baby’s gender. Anyway it’s a guess and cannot substitute an ultrasound sex determining scan.

Pre-conception and pre-natal gender screening or testing is illegal in India. doesn’t endorse such tests. 


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