Dandelion Pregnancy Test


A homemade pregnancy test with Dandelion is the safest homemade pregnancy test. Unlike bleach pregnancy test or vinegar pregnancy test it doesn’t evolve any harmful fumes. This ensures that you can take the Dandelion pregnancy test safely.

Also, another interesting fact about pregnancy test with Dandelion is that it takes almost one hour to develop the results. There is enough time for the reaction to take place and thus it is reliable. Unlike digital pregnancy tests, the results won’t disappear within few seconds. Also, the results will not become unreliable after a passage of time.

Dandelion leaves pregnancy test is the correct term for it. The leaves of Dandelion have certain chemicals that can supposedly detect hCG. The pregnancy hormone comes in the urine of a pregnant woman. So on saturating the Dandelion leaves with urine one can determine whether she is pregnant.

How does the Dandelion pregnancy test works?

Dandelion pregnancy test works on the principle of a colored reaction between Dandelion leaves and hCG hormone. The leaves of Dandelion change color when they react with hCG hormone present in a pregnant woman’s urine.

hCG starts coming in a pregnant woman’s urine after 11 days from conception. The placenta produces the hormone hCG which is the basis for almost every pregnancy test. Doctors do the quantitative beta hCG pregnancy test for testing pregnancy.

While taking the Dandelion leaves pregnancy test if the leaves get red blisters it shows that the woman is pregnant. In a case when the leaves do not change the color, it shows that the woman is not pregnant.

Dandelion Pregnancy Test
Dandelion Pregnancy Test

Accuracy of Dandelion pregnancy test

Dandelion pregnancy test reviews always have two groups of women defending and criticizing it. Dandelion pregnancy test accuracy depends on how well a woman conducts the test.

Some important tips for Dandelion pregnancy test are:

  1. Always ensure that the leaves are submerged in urine. Saturating the leaves with urine will make the reaction possible and probable. If the Dandelion leaves pregnancy test doesn’t have enough urine then the red blisters won’t appear. Enough amount of urine is essential for the accuracy of Dandelion early pregnancy test.
  2. The container for the Dandelion leaves pregnancy test should be as sterile as possible. Wash the container with bleach and other cleaners before taking the pregnancy test with Dandelion leaves. Sterility of the container is a crucial factor in deciding the accuracy of this pregnancy test.
  3. The Dandelion leaves for pregnancy test must not have any weedicides or germicidal sprays on them. Any interfering chemicals will corrupt the results of this pregnancy test.
  4. Women might spread the leaves and pee on them. This is again not a good idea as the urine will remain on the surface, and most of it will splash away. It will be unhygienic too. Spreading Dandelion leaves on a plastic sheet and peeing on them will contaminate them.
  5. The Dandelion leaves pregnancy test should be free from any contamination. Even while the test results of pregnancy test develop, they can get contaminated. To avoid this make sure they are in a clean environment.
  6. Taking the pregnancy test with Dandelion too early before missed period gives false negative results. Similarly not waiting for about an hour to get Dandelion pregnancy test will give a false test result.
  7. One must take early morning urine sample. If you take any other urine sample along the day for Dandelion leaves pregnancy test you’ll get a false negative result. This is because the urine concentrates overnight which increases the concentration of hCG in urine. As there is more hCG per unit volume in early morning urine, it becomes more likely to get Dandelion pregnancy test positive.

How to do the Dandelion pregnancy test?

Dandelion leaves pregnancy test instructions are very easy to understand and perform. All you need to keep in mind is that you need to ensure the cleanliness if the containers.

  • Pluck fresh Dandelion leaves for the pregnancy test.
  • Place the Dandelion leaves in a clean container.
  • Collect your early morning urine sample.
  • Now add your urine and completely submerge the Dandelion leaves in it.
  • Wait for ten minutes to one hour for getting red blisters on Dandelion pregnancy test leaves.

If you see the Dandelion leaves change color, then you are pregnant. Otherwise, if you see no change even after one hour, then chances are likely that you are not pregnant.

Dandelion pregnancy test results

A pregnancy test with Dandelion is one of the few homemade pregnancy tests that show a change in color. This is an advantage of Dandelion PT that a color change indicates whether you are pregnant or not. Dandelion pregnancy test red blisters are the result of a positive pregnancy test result.

  • Dandelion pregnancy test positive result: A Positive test is when you see red blisters forming on the Dandelion leaves. In case you see a color change in the Dandelion leaves then also it is a positive result. Dandelion pregnancy test gives a false positive result if there are contaminants present. Taking certain prescription can give a color and will give a false outcome. Any other debris present in the containers can also give a false positive Dandelion pregnancy test. It is important to bleach and clean the container with hot water to prevent false Dandelion PT.
  • Dandelion pregnancy test negative result: If even after exposure to urine Dandelion homemade pregnancy test doesn’t show any color change it is a negative result. A dandelion homemade pregnancy test can give a false negative result if you take the test too early. It is essential to wait for at least 11 days after conception for taking the Dandelion pregnancy test.

Pros of Dandelion pregnancy test

  • It is a safe homemade pregnancy test
  • It gives a colored reaction for a positive pregnancy test
  • Cheap and affordable

Cons of Dandelion pregnancy test

  • It takes about an hour to take the Dandelion leaves pregnancy test

No matter whatever be the result of test one must go to a doctor. Getting a professional medical checkup is essential for confirming pregnancy.

Homemade pregnancy tests might sound attractive to save few dollars but later can make you regret. In any case, one has to get a confirmatory pregnancy blood test. It is best to get a hospital pregnancy test for confirming pregnancy.


  1. No. You must avoid using Dandelion flowers. Firstly they are not flat. It will be difficult to see any changes. More importantly the components in Dandelion leaves pregnancy test is different from that of flowers. Follow the Dandelion pregnancy test instructions as given.


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