5 Tips For Getting Pregnant Fast & Easy


Most of us want to be a parent one day, but not everyone can understand the hard work it takes to achieve it in one go! It might seem like being parents is easy and all it takes is to have a baby is unprotected sex. But it is not that simple cakewalk. Getting pregnant is not only achieved by unprotected sex. You have to prepare your body and stay in healthiest state. For that, you have to stop smoking and taking any drugs if you do. You might have to actually have sex when you least feel like. For some it might happen that they get a pink line as a surprise or shock. Others face a lot of pressure when trying to get pregnant. Especially if you are above 35 years of age then you need to follow even strict rules for getting pregnant. Here we have 5 tips for getting pregnant fast & easy.

5 Tips For Getting Pregnant Fast & Easy
5 Tips For Getting Pregnant Fast & Easy

Tips for getting pregnant

This is the check list for women who are trying to get pregnant:

  1. Stop having birth control pills: Whenever you decide to have a baby the first thing you need to do is to stop the intake of birth control pills. You no longer want a birth control, right? This is the time when you should stop having the prescribed intake of them. Even after discontinuing birth control, your body requires some time to start the process of ovulation regularly. The system needs some time to start ovulating again and discharging ovum. Birth control withdrawal symptoms might stay for months together. It is important to plan way in advance especially if you have IUDs. This is why it is best to use condom. The time required for body to restore the normal ovulation cycle. This gives you the time to track down and note the dates as to when you ovulate. A female is most fertile when she ovulates and the days near that. It is because that is the time when she releases an egg and is set free for the sperm.

  2. Stop smoking: Another one of the most important thing to keep in mind while trying to have a baby is to STOP SMOKING! Research has shown that if you or your partner continues to smoke, you are likely to slow down the process of pregnancy and your success rate will fall. This is mainly because smoking affects the fertility of a female. It may also adversely affect the health of the unborn baby even if you do get pregnant. Same goes for your partner, smoking can affect the sperms very badly. It decreases the sperm count and makes them weak. Even passive smoking is harmful! Use of caffeine and any such stimulant is best avoided when you are trying to get pregnant. Entertainment drugs, LSD, Marijuana and narcotics are strictly prohibited when you are trying to get pregnant.

  3. Know your ovulation dates: It is another one of useful points to remember when you and your partner are trying for a baby.  Even if you are having sex everyday or during most days of them month, if you miss the Oh so important days it will all be in vain. It is rather crucial to have sex on the right day rather than every day. A female is most fertile when she is ovulating. Therefore it is very important to know the dates when you are most likely to ovulate. Thus plan the sex accordingly. Roughly if the duration of menstrual cycle is 28 days, the ovulation will take place on the 14th day into the cycle. There are ovulation tests and ovulation calculator available to you which help you to keep a track of your cycle. Check your exact fertile days using Ovulation Calculator

  4. Get horizontal before you ovulate: Sperms can stay inside a female’s body for 2-3 days, but the egg can only live up to a day at most. Therefore it is advisable and preferable to have sex at least few days before you start ovulating. This is because the chances of the egg meeting up with a sperm increase! Again, for this it is very important to keep a check on your menstrual cycle and ovulation dates. Your fertile window is between the time periods from a day before ovulation up to 3 days after that.

    Doctors advice to have sex almost every day from a week before the ovulation. This is because it sets a rhythm. If your are habitual then you are more likely to have a good sex and that is essential to getting pregnant. Feeling calm and satisfied improves the kind and quality of hormones needed for getting pregnant. You must continue having sex regularly till 2-3 days after ovulation has taken place. This is in order to cover all the important dates. It ensures that a sperm is there to meet the egg when it makes its way through the tubes. Sexologist also advise to lay down immediately after having sex, in order to make it easier for the sperms to make their way towards the egg.

  5. Achieve a healthy body weight: One of the most important things before you start trying to conceive is to achieve a healthy body structure and weight. Overweight and underweight body types are more likely to have complications while conceiving. Being overweight or underweight affects our hormones. Obesity can even hamper your fertility. Thus it is very important to maintain a healthy body weight, neither too heavy nor too light. Also it is equally important to gradually let your pregnancy weight increase. Sudden weight gain or loss is harmful for health.

Sex positions to get pregnant

There is a bizarre list of sex positions and everyone has their favorite one. Scientists say that there is nothing much a sex position has to do with getting pregnant. The semen can travel up the distance to get you pregnant. The sperms have to be capable of travelling and swimming the distance and any sex position will get you pregnant.

The best sex position will be the one that leads to a greater extent of penetration. The less distance to the vagina the more probable is fertilization. Hence any sex position that is easily accessing the vagina is good for sex. Remember that anal sex won’t get you pregnant! People say that the missionary pose is effective as the female lies down and allows the sperms to travel.

The sex position called the doggy style is also suitable as the woman has her body in the direction of gravity. Gravity further helps the sperms to travel in her vagina.

A visit to the doctor is a must whenever you decide to have a baby. The doctor will do an overall checkup and check the history of illnesses. He will give you directions as to how you can avoid transferring them to your child. So eat healthy and stay healthy and that will be enough for preparing to be a great mom.


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    • It is a misconception regarding fertility that having sex everyday can get you pregnant. Instead it reduces sperm count and makes the act more of baby making drill. Avoid feeling undue pressure and time your ovulation. It is important to be relaxed while trying to conceive. Chart your basal body temperature and have sex during the fertility window.


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