Whenever something goes wrong we always want an expert advice before dealing with it. But when it comes to pregnancy most will shrug off their shoulders not really knowing where to head to. They leave it thinking what can someone tell about an obvious baby punching out process. Contrasting to the notion, a pregnancy expert can help you much more than your doctor. A doctor whether male or female takes you as a patient, and so your individual things and thoughts get less attention. We have got 30 successful ladies, for a pregnancy expert roundup to share their most important pregnancy tips. You’ll find advice about pregnancy blues, nutrition and your entire well being during pregnancy.

Ashley Harmon Moore

Ashley is a mom of two and her newborn is just a month old. She is a young mom dealing with motherhood and sharing it along. Her two sons are what she is currently investing her time and energy on. Her social media is where you find her active and amiably engaging with her followers. Candid and straightforward in her confessions, her social vlogs and posts are great.

Instagram: @aharmonmoore

She credits her success in dealing with her pregnancy blues to her family. Her advice for being able to avoid being prone to post partum depression is a must read for every mother!

“I have tremendous family support, which I feel has really helped me to avoid postpartum depression. I have had a few ups and downs, but my husband is very helpful and thoughtful of my recovery. Also, since having my first son, I have lowered my expectations of what I may be able to accomplish. This has helped me realize it is okay when the dishes, cleaning, and laundry don’t get done right away. Most important thing that I think is to listen to your body! It is okay to rest and not feel like yourself right away. It is also okay to feel sad sometimes or feel like motherhood isn’t what you expected. Talk to your friends and family. I’m sure every mother has felt the same way at some point, and you are not alone.”

Jasmin Shanon

Jasmin Shannon is mom to a little guy named Henry, wife to an amazing photographer named Mark, and is the blogger behind Lemons for Days. She blogs about life as a mom, but her life is anything but mundane. Jasmin and her family travel the world in search of adventure. She creates healthy dishes to nourish and fuel. And ultimately helps others reach their goals, inspire greatness, and rock their best selves every single day. A special mention for her social media presence, it’s magnetic and so appealing!

Photo credits: www.mark11.com

Blog: www.lemonsfordays.com

Her pregnancy advice is about enjoying the journey and avoiding stress and anxiety through it. Every mum to be must jot that down!

“My best pregnancy tip is to be kind with yourself while your body is doing what it needs to do during this time. Take time for yourself and really bond with your baby through prenatal yoga or meditation. My best tip for motherhood is to be present and try to see the world through your children’s eyes. It’s so easy to get caught up in what’s coming next and busy your mind instead of truly enjoying the time with your child.”

Sharon McDonald

Sharon McDonald is a Life Style & Business Strategist & Co-Founder of Oils2Go. She has also been an educator and later a doTERRA advocate. She has an amiable personality and loves to share her thoughts. Her social media has a reflection for her love for nature.

Blog: www.oils2go.com

She now has five children and been through seven pregnancies, her kids are grown up and so her great words of wisdom are precious.

“Hey there mamas!!!! Pregnancy can be one of those things we love, and we hate. The same goes for after that sweet baby is born, and the honeymoon of giving birth has worn off. Real life sets in and depending on, if this is your first second third or sixth child, you may find your head spinning round and round trying to catch up. You only “think” you need a shower, right? It can be exhausting and overwhelming all at the same time. Some postpartum mamas have an easy go off it until their babies are crawling or walking. Long story short here is that everyone has a different experience.

We have five children in all, stories were a little bit different with each baby. I had a little bit of those baby blues on my first baby, I would just find myself crying unexpectedly and knew I needed a little more rest. It seems to come and go pretty quickly. However, after our third baby, I had reconstructive surgery to repair tissue damage that had happened in my first two births. I was down for about three months recovering from that surgery. I couldn’t pick anything up, I could hardly walk and I could not sit. Our children were 3 & 1/2, 2, and the “baby” was 18-months. Four and a half months after that surgery, I woke up one morning and could not stop crying. Crying led to heart palpitations on and off daily, then I felt exhaustion all of the time. One morning, I could not open my eyes and I thought to myself, “I have had a nervous breakdown!” Well, I had. No one could tell me what was “wrong” with me, so I dug in and figured out how I could handle my situation.

Here are 5 Tips for overcoming baby blues:

  1. Gather Support! Seek calming friends, moments and activities to do with your kiddos.
  2. Get more rest, even if the house stays dirty. That is coming from a lady who LOVES a tidy home. When your littles are sleeping, you close your eyes too, regardless of what needs to get done.
  3. Take Time Out. Quiet time is vital. Here are a few things to consider such as quiet bath at night time. There are heaps of apps that will guide you in meditation. Emptying your mind is the best thing you can do even if you do fall asleep first. It helps you have inner calm when you feel chaos swirling around you. I promise. Consistency is the key. Yoga, TaiChi or QiGong help to slow down. Even if you YouTube ‘slow resistive practices’, you will see a difference. Nothing high intense unless your body is demanding it. Think along the lines of slow bike rides, walking morning and night, or swimming. Think slow and easy. If your body is super relaxed with running and high intensity, go for it!
  4. Learn to say no to things that are truly not a priority. Right now, your emotional safety and your families well being are the most important focus you can have.
  5. Have an accountability partner who you can check-in with to see physically how things are at home, with your family and how you are coping. Are you really slowing down? Are you really saying no and taking time to nurture yourself?

    You have this mama!!!! Truly, for is to have divine powers enough to grow, nurture and give birth to a baby. You have power over your thoughts and what you bring or take out of your space. Sending my mama vibes of love and light to you!”

April Alan

April Alan is a hilarious mom of 4 boys and a blogger. April blogs about her travels, family vacations, and the military life. She also loves to share easy recipes on Facebook Live at https://www.facebook.com/storiesofourboys/. And hides in her bedroom watching Ellen on YouTube.

Blog: http://storiesofourboys.com

A practical pregnancy tip you need when the reality strikes you beyond baby nursery decor!

“Let your mom or your mother-in-law or your sister, someone you love, come help you! You can’t imagine how exhausted you will be after giving birth until it happens. Plus, you can learn a tonne from a woman who has done this before. Someone who you are comfortable enough to watch the baby. She will be there while you sleep for shameless hours during the middle of the day!”


Charlotte is a young mum and has a love for cooking apart from her blog and family. Her son, husband and four cats complete her family. She successfully completed her weight loss journey and featured on Everydayhealth for the same. You can take inspiration for A to Z things from her. Her blogs are the most honest confessions and accounts you could ever read.

Blog: http://www.themummytoolbox.com

She has nailed it in the shortest sweet manner. Focusing on your intuitions and inner self is what she advises.

“My advice to pregnant or expectant mums is to listen to your own instincts. Everyone has an opinion and childrearing is a contested subject in so many different areas. But what is important is what works for you and your family. As long as you are all happy and healthy, don’t put much stock in what others say because sometime’s a mother’s intuition is worth so much more!”

Nina Spears

Nina Spears is the Co-Founder & CEO The Baby Chick®. She herself has catered to many women during their pregnancies. She started off her venture to empower women. It was when she realised that women lack awareness and knowledge about pregnancy related issues. Her blog has empowering articles for mothers to be and new mums! She is a pregnancy expert and is a mompreneur!

Blog: http://www.baby-chick.com

You won’t be able to thank her enough for her expert pregnancy advice and the power you feel after reading it!

“The most important pregnancy tip that I could give an expecting mother is to always know, and remember that this is your body, your baby, and your birth. That means everything is your choice. You are the boss. Unfortunately, some pregnant women do not do their research. They don’t advocate for themselves during their pregnancies and at their births. This ultimately leaves them with negative experiences that they wish they could change. Too often do I meet second or third time moms who want a better experience for their next pregnancy and birth. This is why I always want all of my clients to feel empowered during their pregnancies and birth experiences. Don’t let anyone make you feel bullied, unheard or forced to do something that you don’t feel is right for you or your baby—of course, within reason. We do want a healthy mom and baby. But remember that you are the one paying those medical bills and you have the power to hire and fire anyone on your medical team and support team. That means everyone is working for you. Create the positive and supportive pregnancy and birth team that you deserve.

You only have one time to carry this baby and give birth to this baby. Feel empowered knowing that this time is all about you. You have the power to determine the type of experience that you have. Be sure to choose a medical team and support team that you feel comfortable with and believe is best for you and your child. You got this!

The most important motherhood advice that I’d give an expecting mother is to ask for help. You just gave birth to a beautiful baby. Congratulations! Now you need this time to heal and adjust to motherhood. You and baby are both learning your new daily rhythm and that takes time. You shouldn’t be worrying about what’s for dinner, if the house is clean, if the dog walked,or if the laundry is done. Ask for help.

If you are having breastfeeding issues, are feeling tired or lethargic, if you don’t immediately bond to your baby, it is okay to ask for help. You are not a bad mom. We used to live in a society where we had a village surrounding us and supporting us after we had a baby. Now our society leaves us to fend for ourselves so we are now responsible for creating our own “village.” A new mother should never feel like she is alone and not supported.

Find local support groups, mommy groups, a counsellor or therapist. You can get lactation consultant, or doula. And go to your family and friends. Again, create your village because it is more than okay to ask for help.”


Mum Muddling Through blogger Sarah is a cool mum of two girls. You can feel the high spirits and honesty through her blogs. She writes about various subjects related to parenting and lifestyle.
Blog: www.mummuddlingthrough.com

Most unique and prodigy pregnancy advice that you’d regret if not read!

“As a new mum the desire to happily snap away photos of your kids is overwhelming. Before long you will have hundreds if not thousands of precious images stored on your smart phone. You can loose them into the abyss of digital data storage. I attempted to backup mine up for the first year or so but it almost killed my PC before long. My best tip is therefore to print a handful of photos each month, so your precious memories are turned into physical pictures. You can album, scrap book, frame, or thumb through in the years to com. I use Free Prints which gives a free allowance of photos each month.”

Erin M. Shyonh

Erin M. Shyonh has a MPH, RD, CDE. She is a registered dietician at the Lifestyle Lounge in Closter, NJ as well as a new Mom to a 4 month old baby girl.
Blog: http://www.lauracipullo.com

Great advice about pregnancy nutrition direct from a dietician. She is telling you about the right things to eat during pregnancy and yet enjoying the diet.

“Pregnancy offers a woman a new world of excitement along with plenty of fatigue, maybe a little nervousness, and often times some nausea. But let me tell you- the fatigue can be the hardest and most consistent!.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give to newly pregnant moms is to nourish yourself to fuel both you and your baby! Eating nutritious foods has two major benefits:

  1. The micronutrients help your babies develop from their organs down to their cells.
  2. A variety of nutrient-dense foods helps give a pregnant woman sustainable energy throughout the day.

An easy way to do that is to get some fat, protein, and carbs at each meal. These macronutrients provide fuel, give long lasting energy and hydration. Some of my favourite fats are avocado, peanut butter and walnuts. My favorite proteins are salmon, chickpeas, and steak (yes steak!). And my favorite carbs are whole wheat toast, sweet potatoes, and whole wheat pasta.

Remember to add some fruit, veggies, and calcium sources in there as well. Craving a doughnut or a piece of cake? Which pregnant woman doesn’t and that’s okay too! Remember to make sure you get your nutrients but don’t deny yourself sweets either.

Everyone can have their favorite dessert at times. Perhaps share a piece of cake with a friend or try a new cupcake. Focus on how you are feeling and the importance of a variety of nutrient-dense foods for both yourself and your new bundle of joy!”

Naomi Pelss

Naomi Pelss is a registered early childhood educator with a B.A. Sc degree in Child Studies. She along with her husband Mike has four kids from toddlers to teenagers. After having her baby at 41 years, she still is down to earth to admit that she has also had a difficult path. Her blogs are of all kinds and help one explore the journey of motherhood and parenting.
Blog: www.morewithfourblog.com

Pregnancy tips from a mom of four, this one is about bravely dealing with anxiety and blues during pregnancy. She further talks about embracing your bodies and being comfortable in it.

“When you are pregnant, do not worry about the strange things your family members will say to you (and trust me, they will!). My mother in law insisted I was going to have a gigantic baby because my husband was ten pounds when he was born. I was so worried and I was already nervous about giving birth for the first time, but when my baby was born she was only 6 lbs 12 oz. Just listen to your doctor and trust your own instincts.

Enjoy your beautiful belly! I was never more at peace with my body than when I was pregnant. I confidently wore fitting shirts and walked proudly. It was knowing that this huge belly was in the process of something incredible. It’s not every day you are growing a tiny human. Be proud of your body. It is miraculous.”

Dr. Pamela Frank

Dr. Pamela is a natural healthcare 
specialist in women’s health. She naturally treats acne, fibroids, 
endometriosis, PCOS, PMS, menopause, infertility,and hormone imbalances. 
Other issues she deals with include depression & anxiety, stress, 
diabetes & insulin resistance. She is Clinic Director of Forces of 
Nature Wellness Clinic in Toronto.  Her multidisciplinary clinic also 
offers massage therapy, chiropractic and psychotherapy.

Website: http://www.NaturopathToronto.ca

Of all the anxieties about pregnancy dealing with morning sickness has the biggest share. Every pregnant woman needs to read these most effective remedies for morning sickness.

“Here’s a short tip on dealing with morning sickness (pregnancy nausea):

  1. Drink 2-3 cups ginger tea per day. You can make your own with a 1 inch slice of fresh ginger and a cup of boiling water. Let it sit covered, for 10 minutes then drink.
  2. Acupuncture needs caution in pregnancy as certain points contraindicate. PC6 is one of the most effective points for this. It’s near 3 finger widths above the crease of your wrist.
  3. Vitamin B6 can help with nausea of pregnancy. Preferably you would take the active form, pyridoxal-5-phosphate, 30 mg 1-3 times per day with food for up to 3 months. In pregnancy, seek the advice of a naturopathic doctor before taking vitamins or other supplements.
  4. Increase protein in the diet (up to 90 grams per day). Eat lean meats (preferably organic), fish, chicken, tofu and RAW nuts and seeds. Protein helps to stabilize your blood sugar. Dips in blood sugar are sometimes responsible for nausea during pregnancy.
  5. Avoid lying down after meals. Nausea in pregnancy aggravates by acid reflux.”

Janani Vishwanathan

Janani Viswanathan

Janani Vishwanathan is an ex software professional. She happily chose to be at home mum after arrival of her twin boys! She blogs about twin parenting and yet caters to single moms and other pregnancy issues. Her blogs are interesting and offer a real picture of being mum to twins.

Blog: https://www.twinsandme.com

All those who ever wanted to get first hand advice for twin parenting, here we have the best twin parenting advice.

“As a mother of twins, I would like to give some pregnancy tips for mother-to-be’s of twins or multiples. Honestly twin pregnancy and parenting twins is certainly tough. It induces double the pain, involves double the work, creates double expenses and triggers double stress. But what neutralizes all this double trouble is the double love and double joy you get. So be strong both physically and mentally to nurture your tiny kittens.

Twin pregnancy is always at high risk compared to singleton pregnancies. So during your pregnancy, have frequent doctor visits and follow your doctor’s advice to the tee. If required avoid doing any laborious work and take sufficient rest to evade preterm delivery.
You can take rest only during your pregnancy. Once your babies are born you won’t be able to sleep continuously even for an hour or two. I would suggest few pregnancy tips to manage your twins or multiples during their infanthood which will be surely strenuous. These pointers will certainly help you to sail through the initial few months without much fret.

  1. Plan your day, Create a routine and stay organized.
  2. Make the twins to sleep together.
  3. Get them into same feeding schedule.
  4. Request for help and share your responsibilities.
  5. Don’t buy everything double, try to reuse or share things whichever is possible.
  6. When one twin falls sick, try to separate them for a short period if it is a contagious infection.
  7. Track their everyday activities like feeding, diapering and poop timings. This helps to avoid any incertitude of whom you have fed or diapered.
Hope I didn’t panic you with all this. Still, it is the reality of twin parenting and I am sure every twin mom will handle it well. After all parenting is a journey where you learn new things every day. Happy Twin Parenting!”

Nicole Vascianna

Nicole Vascianna is the RN & Founder of The Village Maternity Services. Along with that she is a mum and nurse at crisis stablisation unit. She enjoys her work that is mainly focused on supporting women. The Village Maternity Services is her so called second baby. She devotes herself to it and blogs in her free time.

Credits: http://www.villagematernityservices.com

Another professional, talks about accepting the bumps in the ride of pregnancy.

“This is such an exciting time. It can also be very overwhelming! Do your research, and know that 9 times out of 10, there is another option and you have a choice. With that said, after you’ve done your research, create a flexible plan and do what feels right for you and your family. There are so many variables that one cannolt account for, on this journey. Ditch the concrete plan, forego the guilt trip, and allow yourself to make mistakes. You won’t raise perfect children. They’ll be beautifully flawed and that mum, is beautiful.”

Brigitte Mars

Brigitte Mars is herbalist and nutritional consultant with almost fifty years of experience. An expert she teaches Herbal Medicine at Naropa University, and School of Health Mastery in Iceland. She earlier taught at ‘Omega Institute’ and ‘Sivananda Yoga Ashram’. Her blogs are for The Huffington Post and Care2. Brigitte is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild.
She is the author of many books like ‘The Home Reference to Holistic Health and Healing’ and co-author of The HempNut Cookbook. Some of her DVDs are Sacred Psychoactives and Natural Remedies for Emotional Health. Her latest project is a phone app called IPlant.
Brigitte and her daughter Sunflower Sparkle Mars run Herb Camp for Kids in Boulder, Colorado. Brigitte’s other daughter is world famous activist, yogini-actress and supermodel, Rainbeau Mars.

Blog: http://www.brigittemars.com

One thing that can curb and cure everything not so good about pregnancy.

“Raspberry leaf is a member of the Rosaceae Family. The genus name of this herb, Rubus, meaning “red “ and also “bramble,”. There are many species such as Rubus idaeus (cultivated) and Rubus stigosus (wild). But most herbalists agree that all red raspberry plants share common uses.

Raspberry leaves are universal woman’s’ herb. Pregnant women in China, Europe, North and South America use the herb as a tea. Even pregnant cats seek out and eat the Rubus foliage. Henry Box, the 19th Century herbalist said, “A tea made from the red raspberry leaves is the best gift God ever gave to woman.”

Raspberry leaf treats infertility, threatened miscarriage, morning sickness and anovulation. It can benefit both men and women. It is a supreme tonic for pregnant women to tonify the uterus, nourish themselves and the growing baby. It can prevent miscarriage and false labor, and facilitate birth and placental delivery. When used after birthing, it can decrease uterine swelling and minimize postpartum hemorrhaging. Raspberry can increase the colostrum in mothers’ milk. It is a uterine sedative tonic and reduces inflammation and excess dampness. Other benefits include healing from sexual trauma and abuse.

The taste of raspberry leaf tea is similar to that of black tea, but of course contains no caffeine. Make sweetened raspberry leaf tea popsicles to suck on during labor to facilitate the process and give you nutrients. The flowers of all Rubus species are edible. Everyone knows the fruits. They are less high in sugar than many other fruits. Raspberry jam, pie, smoothies, and juice are healthy. Some enjoy raspberry vinegar.

Raspberry leaf is mildly bitter, neutral and dry. It contains vitamin B1, and vitamin E. Raspberry has manganese, potassium, selenium, and sulfur. It has many flavonoids, organic acids and tannins.

There are no known toxic levels. Once nursing, excess consumption of raspberry leaf may redcuce the amount of breast milk.”


Crystal in her own words is a full-time working, tempered, thirty-something mom on a budget. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her family. She has two children, ages 12 and 14. You can read all their adventures and get some helpful information on her blog at www.busymomdiary.com.

Blog: http://www.busymomdiary.com

This one is a rational advice that most mothers take lighlty. A mother who has two teens and a full time job handled together stresses upon it.

“The most important piece of advice that I can offer to new mothers is to not worry about the mess. Don’t spend too much time cleaning the house. Babies grow up so fast and are changing from day to day – you don’t want to miss it. No one ever looks back on their childhood and thinks, “Wow, mom sure kept the floors clean!”. What we remember are the fun times and the messy times. Life is meant to be messy. Embrace it and make long-lasting memories with your family.”

Dolores Andrew Gavin

Dolores Andrew-Gavin founder of Irish Health Hour, is a EFT Master Practitioner and soul care practitioner. She blogs about mental and emotional well being of mothers. You can read a lot of great stuff to deal with pregnancy blues on her blog.

Blog: http://www.irishhealthhour.com

Just read this one and remember it for the rest of your life.

“Our children learn by what we do as opposed to what we say. When our spoken word is not congruent with what we do ourselves our children pick up on this. For the most part life is quiet black and white for them, they are developing their beliefs based on their life experiences.
Mothers are human beings too and we don’t get it right all the time! However, when we teach our children it is ok to be wrong sometimes then we allow for them to be wrong at times too. This opens a huge channel for children to understand right and wrong in a balanced way.
If our child hears us say sorry to them when we have scolded them in the wrong this forms a very important story/lesson for them. It teaches them that no one is perfect and, that that is ok.
Emotional intelligence is not something our children learn at school for the most part. When children feel that their emotional needs are met, it helps them form a story in their subconscious.
Of course, as parents we often have to tell our children no, it is part of life and we don’t always have the words to describe to our children why we are saying no.
However, the fact that they know that they are being listened to and heard, for the most part, means we are bringing up emotionally aware children. They will not have limiting beliefs around a right to being heard and will understand the polarities of right and wrong.
What a huge gift we can give our children to be emotionally aware individuals.”


Trina is an optimistic soul who has struggled through every phase and came out a winner. Started off her career as a pianist she has tried on every different available options. She is a proud and triumphant mom of three kids who are her life and world.
Blog: https://www.middlecinnamonroll.com/

A single mother who takes it as the best challenge talks about how pregnancy is different from what you imagine it and how to deal with it.

“The best parenting advice quote I have ever heard is, “Everybody told me everything and I still didn’t get it.”

Nothing fully prepares us for being a new parent until we are right smack in the middle of it. The biggest shock for me was probably the 24/7 of it all. The realization upon bringing my first baby home from the hospital that “this little human is here to stay.” There are no breaks or sick days or quiet meals or clean kitchens or empty laundry baskets without asking for help. And that person (or persons) must be someone you trust to take care of the most precious part of your life.

For me, being a mom, and then a single mom, has been the hardest, most challenging and the absolute best job I have ever had. It is terrifying, thrilling and exhausting and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

The three most important tools in my parenting toolshed are honesty, patience and respect. Truthfully answering my children’s questions without judgment created a bond of trust. Always respecting my children’s thoughts, feelings, choices and individuality fostered mutual respect. And patience is a key ingredient throughout everything we do as parents. It is not always easy. There were times I didn’t want to “Mommy” and times I wanted to drop-kick one of my kids out a window (not really, but you get me, right?). When those moments hit me, I made a habit of stopping and reminding myself. Everything they do or know has comes from me and I am their superhero. I reminded myself that I needed to be that superhero for them in every possible moment, so I would quietly say to myself, “I’m the adult, I’m the adult, I’m the adult.” And my first thought of every single day is, “Be a good mommy today.”

Casey Rumley

Casey Rumley is the CEO of REFcore and has her blog named BabiesNBrews. She has two sons and a lot of great stuff to share. The blog has evolved and has an interesting explanation for that. She juggles all her responsibilities acing them and still finds time to write about parenting and related.

Blog: http://www.BabiesNBrews.com

This one is going to soothe away all your worries and axiety about being the best parent because your own way is going to get there.

“The question posed to me was “what is the most important motherhood advice I’d give to a mum to be”. The first thing I want to do is shut my mouth, and not offer up any advice. I said so because, as we’ve all been there before, we have all had everyone. Teir friends and family, to complete strangers offering up unsolicited parenting advice. But then I remember the one piece of advice that I was given which did stick with me, and I would like to pass it along. It was as simple as, there’s 7 billion people in the world, which means there’s 7 billion ways to parent. There’s no one right way to parent, so just be you. Your parenting style will reflect who you are, and the fact that you’re reading this post means you care enough to be a good parent. So believe in yourself. I wish there was a manual, but there really isn’t. When struggling with raising your tiny human, remember that parenthood is about the highest of highs, and lowest of lows.”

Katriza Luna

Katriza has an engineering degree from CNM and has been a home engineer synonymous to home – maker after arrival of her baby boys. She blogs about the innovative ways to tackle parenthood and family stuff. Her blog is about a new perspective for these routinely underrated tasks.
Blog: http://www.mommyengineering.com

Take her advice seriously as you take all those advertisements for first time parents classes. She is showing you the right path.

“Reading the books and going to the classes will not fully prepare you for motherhood or child birth. It is an expertise you must gain with experience. Every person and every child birth is different and most books and classes will teach you one way that may not happen or apply to you and your situation. Instead, teach yourself techniques on how to relax and how to be at peace with whatever situation you face. Talk to your spouse and anyone who supports you to uplift your spirits when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Once the baby arrives, it can be overwhelming and that feeling is normal. I struggled as a new mom because I wanted the best for my baby and didn’t realize that my best was already the best care my baby could ever receive. There is no other person that could be a better mom but it took a very long time for me to realize this. I was constantly comparing myself to other moms and what I read online, in a book, or heard from other people. If you doubt or if you worry, I can already assure you that you are doing exactly what you need to do. It is best for your baby because you care enough to worry about it. You’re a good mom for doing so.”

Claire Kirby


Claire is a mum to two boys and write a light hearted parenting blog, Life, love and Dirty Dishes. If you’ve ever forgotten the change bag the day your kid projectiles, you my friend, are not alone. Her blog is a fun frolic place for mums.
Blog: https://lifeloveanddirtydishes.com/

Such a genuine and true advice to end the list on a realistic tone. You’d enjoy reading this one but don’t forget to get the point she has made.

“Pregnancy is an amazing thing and it’s wonderful that you are growing this tiny miracle. It’s ok to sometimes feel overwhelmed and scared. Pregnancy isn’t all about the bloom. In fact I think the whole ‘glow’ thing is a myth. At least in my case it was just sweat! It’s ok to find pregnancy hard, so don’t feel guilty if you have a meltdown in the hardware store because they don’t have the exact shade of cream paint you wanted (just me?). There’s enough mum guilt once the little one arrives, so don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s hard work making a person”

Dr. Sania Siddiqui

all things GUD! was started by Dr. Sania as a lifestyle blog and is to showcase all that’s good in life. She is a hands-on mother of a 10 year old daughter. And admits to have learnt ponderous lessons from the little one, more than from her heavy medical books. Her blog talk about parenting tips, easy recipes and health issues among kids and other lifestyle topics.
Blog: www.allthingsgud.com

She is sharing an advice for every stage of motherhood covering every thing you were nervous about.

“My Tried and Tested 5 Parenting Mantras:

  1. Don’t overeat during pregnancy – Increase your diet judiciously. You don’t have to eat for two ‘adults’! Additional increment of 300 calories per day in a balanced nutritious meal is enough for healthy growth of the baby.
  2. Loose pregnancy weight ASAP – Aim at coming back to your pre-pregnancy weight after 6 weeks (42 days) of delivery. Work towards coming back to your normal weight in the first 3 to 6 months of delivery or else it becomes difficult to shed the extra weight later.
  3. Exercise – Start with light exercise after 6 weeks of delivery (C-section and normal delivery, both). By exercising, it does not mean to heavy weight lifting or other strenuous exercises. Routine activities at home, 15-20 minute walk and other simple exercise are enough to build a regular regimen.
  4. Toilet train smartly – While training, try to make him/her habitual of baby toilet seat rather than potty chairs. It will save you a lot of cleaning and is much easier to handle during travelling.
  5. Be a role model for your kids – Don’t blame school for not teaching the habits which you failed to inculcate as a parent at home.”

Eloise Maoudj

Eloise Maoudj

Eloise Maoudj is a freelance writer, blogger of TwinCitiesView. She is a mother of two kids. Her beliefs are instilling good morals and values to all generations, while having fun, of course! She is a survivor of liver failure due to a rare genetic liver disease. This has taught her the importance of life! ‘ALL people’ deserve love, loyalty, acceptance, and attention. Her motto is: Always lend a helping hand when needed. Keep your sense of humor in life and by all means ‘love your life!’
Blog: http://twincitiesview.com

Every woman on this planet must read this inspirational talk. No words can describe this incredible addition to our list. Share with every woman who is fighting her battle.

“Motherhood with a life threatening disease

Is it safe, doable to become pregnant with a life threatening disease? Can one take the challenges of the daily motherhood life when chronically ill? Well, My answer to you is yes! I am living proof that this is possible, that you can give life and cradle your child in your arms giving love and watching them grow right before your eyes. Having a child is a blessing that many people dream of and crave to have in life. Some of us are less fortunate and fear our underlying health issues will not allow us to get pregnant. We fear it would not be wise to do so. Others fear that they will not be healthy enough to raise children. But I’m here to tell you, it can happen, even when your health lacks a certain function, you can become a paren And not just ordinary parent, but an amazing parent! Miracles and blessing happen everyday to people, so why can’t they happen to you too? The trick is to stay positive, to have mental strength, and to allow love to overcome any obstacle that stands before you. I have a rare genetic liver disease, called Wilson’s Disease. This means I was born with it and will live with it for the rest of my life. It means that my liver cannot process the copper in foods and drinks I consume. Despite having Wilson’s disease I was able to conceive two beautiful children. Unfortunately when my daughter and son were about 2 and 3 years, I had liver failure. Almost lost my life, to the point the hospital staff were preparing my family for the worst. They conveyed that ‘she has about 24-48hours to live’. Yet here I stand today!

The reason I survived was the love I had for my two little ones. I wanted to live and be around to watch them grow up, to teach them life lessons, to share uncountable laughs and goofy times with them. The battle to live and to recover in record timing was hard. It was difficult to take care of my children when ill. But positivity and asking for help when needed got us through. Today I am a single mother, vibrant and very much a live and able to care for my two goofballs on my own. Sometimes life tests to your limits. So you have to work through difficulties. But the sun will shine again and you can come out a better, more loving, stronger, and wiser person. Like I said, the key is to remain positive!”

Neha Goyal

Neha Goyal

Neha Founder & Editor-in-Chief – BeingHappyMom, is a full-time mom of 4.5 years old son. She left her job during her pregnancy. The blog BeingHappyMom is to help new moms in their motherhood journey. She believes in unSchooling and organic way of living life.
Blog: www.beinghappymom.com

She is telling you about a holistic approach to pregnancy well being and hasn’t missed making point in every line!

“Every woman wants to stay active and healthy throughout her pregnancy. If you are pregnant then you must eat well, take sufficient sleep, do physical activities and think positive. Taking care of your physical and emotional health is really very important for a healthy pregnancy. During Pregnancy, you go through physical, emotional and mental changes. You need the people who can help you in staying healthy. Surround yourself with people with whom you can share your thoughts and feelings. Your support system could include your family, your in-laws, your friends, your partner, your doctor or midwife. Ask for help whenever you need. A mom’s good health is essential for a healthy baby.”

Katrina Hawgood

Katrina Hawgood

Katrina, describes herself humbly as a devoted wife and mum to Parker living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. She is a a primary school teacher with an eye for detail and a heart that beats for anything Scandinavian. In her spare time you can find her with a camera in one hand, latte in the other, as she explore new ways to create beautiful imagery. She created oher blog to share her love of photography, writing and styling. Her social media and blog are treat for the eyes.
Blog: www.onemumsstyle.com

She has been kind to let out her words on two topics about motherhood the dreaded depression blues and ups and downs of pregnancy.

“Depression can hit you like a ton of bricks, and notrina mum-to-be expects to get the blues when she’s holding her precious newborn bundle in her arms. However, it can happen so quickly and sometimes without you even realizing. Some things I put in place to try and ward off baby blues was, trying to make time for me. Whether this was exercising, just a small walk in the morning or going out for a cup of coffee alone. I also joined a yoga class, so that I had that class to look forward to each week. The other important thing I did was constantly remind myself that motherhood was a crazy whirlwind. There is no such thing as the perfect parent. Behind every perfect photo, is frustrating, sleep deprivation, tears and a whole lot of love. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that anyone has it all together. Everyone has days where they feel they have a hold on motherhood and the next it can just all come undone. The days are long but the years are short.

The best piece of advice I can give is, do what ever works for you! Something that worked for somebody else and somebody’s else’s baby, won’t necessarily work for you and your baby and that’s ok. Find what works for you. Finally, give your baby the best of you but also remember to give yourself the same love and care. To be the best version of you, you need to look after you”

Carin Kilby Clark

Carin Kilby

Carin is a writer and mentor for overwhelmed moms. She writes about life, family, and strategies for mastering habits. Her blogs are for creating a more balanced life, and boosting happiness of her readers.
Blog: www.carinkilbyclark.com

If you ever wanted to have a short success mantra for being a great mom, here it is.

“Be patient, kind, and loving with yourself. We’re constantly bombarded with images of what we should look like after giving birth, or what type of parent we should be, or how our kids should turn out. Tune out all that noise and don’t place unnecessary expectations on yourself. Embrace your imperfections and listen to your intuition. When making parental decisions, allow your core values to be your guide…and always do what feels right to you.”

Menaka Bharathi

Menaka Bharti

Menaka is mindfulness coach who guides moms and moms to be. The guidance is about how to practice mindfulness through their pregnancy and parenting journey. She also produces and markets super foods that are best suited for the overall well being of the family. You can get more of her teachings on her blog.
Blog: www.simpleindianmom.in

An updated pregnancy advice for the current generation!

“Pregnancy is not as easy as it was a generation earlier. Not that women have become weak but because the world around them has become broad to actually accept what pregnancy involves.
There are a number of do’s and don’ts for every week, month and trimester of pregnancy. If you ask me to single out one advice that I would want to give to pregnant moms – Be Mindful!
What is that? Well, accept that there is one small life inside you, that life is going to be a reflection of what you feel and what you are. That little life is at present dependant on you for its food, emotions, warmth, love and so on.
Accept it, be there and love the moment. No matter how much morning sickness you have or hormonal imbalance distracts you, you can! Follow these simple steps and you are going to give birth to a healthy, intelligent and strong kid.

  1. Start your day with a mindful prayer.
  2. Take mindful breathing breaks once in every two hours.
  3. Have a mindful conversation with your kid in the evening.
  4. Have a 3 minutes mindful calming session before you go to sleep.
And thats it, you would be the best parent to the best kid in the world.”

Mariam Versyani


In her words about herself “I had read every book, scoured through every website and asked every question! But nothing prepared me for the real deal until I became a mum! I’m currently raising my duracell-fueled boys in the Middle east, alongside our monthly travels. My blog has us sharing our journey, mistakes, activities, travels, tips, and preparing mothers titled ‘small print’ of being a mum”
Blog: www.SmallprintofbeingaMum.com

Such a crucial motherhood tip, in fact the best parenting tip, about 99% parents miss on!

“My top tip for both pregnancy and motherhood is to not compare yourself with others. And most importantly do not compare your children. Just go with the flow and do what you feel is right.
Everyone deals with things differently and everyone develops in different ways. Whether you choose to have an epidural or not, or breastfeed or not, it is totally up to you. There is no right or wrong, no matter how much ‘people’ will try to convince you otherwise. Remember you, and your child are totally unique. One of us might look like we have everything together. Behind closed doors or away from our instagram feed, we all have flaws, and wish how we could do things differently. So just smile, go with your gut instincts. Remember being a mum is a testing, crazy, and amazing blessing.”

Renne Mondragon


Renne Mondragon is 23, new mom from Oregon that has recently relocated Las Vegas with family and is in love with motherhood. She started her blog Mi Vida Bella right after her daughter was born. Her goal is to share the amazing and crappy sides of motherhood, literally. So that other new mothers can find comfort in knowing that we all got it hard.
Blog: www.mividabella.com

Being amongst the young moms her advice is candid.

“The piece of advice that I wish that I received is, as prepared as you think you are you’re never ready to become a mother. The feeling is indescribable when you meet your new baby, no moment has prepared you for the flood of emotions about to take over your body. It’s completely normal to cry when you look at them you’re not crazy. I checked, I constantly had an irrational fear of something, anything happening to my baby. I wouldn’t sleep or eat. I’d just stare at her. Oddly enough I didn’t have an appetite. My daughter had completely consumed me in the best way possible. I had new mom anxiety like crazy! I had to tell myself to take a step back and realize babies are born into adverse situations and still prevail! My friends all kept telling me how paranoid and overbearing I was being so I finally relaxed. It was the best thing I could have done. I am still super cautious and a slight germaphobe but my mind is a little more at ease. I will learn everyday how to be a better mother and daughter. I am so happy that God has given me the gift of Luna. She is everything I ever needed and more. The most amazing thing is that before I had no idea what I was missing until I met her. There is no preparing for that kind of love. There is no way to describe the indescribable feeling of becoming a mother for the first time.”

Claudia Mesteru

Claudia is a working mama who lives in interior BC, Canada with her little boy Max and husband Joe. 
Instagram: @maxandcece

Half of your problems are because of over thinking. Does that apply to pregnancy and motherhood blues? Read on to find out.
“The one piece of advice I would give a mom to be is to enjoy the journey and don’t worry too much. As long as you maintain reasonably healthy habits, you’re doing great. If there is anything that needs your concern, your doctor will tell you. Other than that, don’t task yourself with finding new things to worry about. Just focus on appreciating and loving the life that is growing inside of you. You’re doing an amazing job!” 


Prabs is a former London/Paris girl, now a serial key-loser and beach-loving mum in Malta. She writes about motherhood, marriage and anything she can get away with.
Her greatest achievement is leaving the house with 3 kids (it’s ok, they’re all hers). Her worst fears are running out of vodka & screwing up her kids (in that order). She’s married to the luckiest man on earth (obviously). Her most valuable housework tip is to wear sunglasses at home so you can’t see the mess. Somehow she won the Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2016 Best Writer award and is up for the BiBs 2017 Reader’s Choice award. She lives in hope that this will finally convince her husband that sarcasm is a valuable skill.
Blog: http://www.absolutelyprabulous.com
Smitten by the witty bio? Read her tip to be super – cool like her:
“Learn which advice is to take and which to ignore. And that includes advice from websites. Most advices are personal opinions or experiences rather than facts. Don’t be afraid to tell people to keep their advice to themselves if you didn’t request it. As only you know what is best for your baby, which you’ll figure out soon enough. And all babies are different with different needs. Don’t confuse baby blues, which set in about three days after birth with actual post natal depression. Seek professional advice if you’re not sure.”


Monika Manchanda

An ex-IT person turned into a food blogger, consultant, home baker and an amateur food photographer. From one role to many been an exciting journey. Sin-A-Mon Tales is a canvas for my food memories, this is where I share reviews, recipes and food stories from my travels and my childhood. Apart from rambling on the blog, I also write for many online websites and publications. She takes up food consulting for menu and recipe design and culinary workshops for adults and kids. An avid reader, an obsessive traveler is always looking for food history and culture.
Blog: http://www.sinamontales.com/

The secret to being the best mom is here….

“My key tip or mantra to any mother or mother to be is one – “A happy mother is a good mother”. And if you look at simple sounding statement closely, it actually encompasses a lot more than one can imagines. For me personally, the path to being a happy mother has been a combination of many things. Working out, eating right, acknowledging my problems, seeking support when I need it, taking time off and most of all tackling the guilt. Ask any mother and she will tell you that mommy guilt comes at the most unexpected times and becomes a constant companion to motherhood. It is this guilt that I found toughest to deal with. The constant questioning of oneself and wondering if we are doing the right thing. Know that at heart, you mean the best of your child and will always pick what you feel is the best. Take good care of yourself and be the happy mother that your child deserves.”

Our last words would be that every mother and expert will have something to tell you that is worth it. But in the end you are bound to face something that will be totally unique and you’ll have to find your own way. Pregnancy is challenging and so is motherhood and you have to take responsibilities confidently!

To wind up, we thank our esteemed experts for joining the pregnancy expert roundup, nothing was possible without you all!


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