10 Conception Myths Debunked


There is plenty of bad advice in the world and pregnancy is a victim of it too. Conception myths have continued to fox women for centuries, and it’s not getting better!

Until NOW!

We have taken upon ourselves to bust pregnancy and conception myths floating around for once and for all.

So, read on as we the mysteries shrouding our favorite subject with a superhuman zeal! 😉 

10 conception myths debunked
10 conception myths debunked
  1. Myth: Active people never experience fertility problems.

    Reality: Half of us do not even go to the gym but have given birth to kids. Yes, exercise is essential and improves the fetus’s health. But active people also experience fertility problems.
    Your fertility potential and exercising regularly has no correlation. Exercise is needed to maintain good health. But it does not mean that overly obese people will also not face any problem.
    Obesity can reduce sperm count so if you are obese and failing to get your wife pregnant, then do start exercising and visit your doctor regularly.
  2. Myth: Stop trying hard to get pregnant.

    Reality: This myth revolves around a lot and is the most common talk on the dinner table. It has been passing on for generations.
    This myth makes the lack of pregnancy feel like a psychological problem rather than a physical one. So just sitting back, relaxing and waiting for conception can delay conception.
    There are a lot of ways in which infertility can be overcome, and it will only happen if you stop relaxing and get back up in the game. Seek medical advice, visit fertility clinics and increase your chances of having a baby.
  3. Myth: It is easy to have a child in your 40s and 50s.

    Reality: People think it is easy to conceive in the 40s and 50s rather than their childbearing years. Some women do become pregnant later in life, but then they need eggs from a donor who is in her 20s and well, they also need a lot of money. So make attempts to get pregnant in your prime childbearing years.
  4. Myth: Doing specific exercises and drinking concoctions will make you pregnant.

    Reality: How we wish this were true. Some women stick their legs up in the air for twenty minutes after sex and some drink strange mixes of fluids to get pregnant. These are not medical advice coming from obstetrician and gynecologists. These are old wives tales! So the next time you hear silly advice, confirm with your doctor once rather than going on board with it!
  5. Myth: Going on a vacation can increase the likelihood of getting pregnant

    Reality: Yes, going on vacation does lower your stress level. Stress is one of the significant barriers to pregnancy. But holidays alone cannot cure infertility.
    Otherwise, people would get tickets for Bali instead of spending so much in infertility clinics. There is nothing extraordinary that happens on a vacation that will make you conceive automatically.
    Conception requires efforts. If you wish to go on a vacation then try to track your wives highly fertile days. Spend them on an island making love to her. That might increase your chances of having a baby. Nonetheless, having sex in your apartment on those fertile days has equal chance to get her pregnant!
  6. Myth: Infertility treatments make you run out of your eggs faster!

    Reality: Many women have had this fear from infertility treatments because of the stigma associated with it. They think it will make it tough for them to conceive later on in life.
    In a normal menstrual cycle, there are lots of eggs in the beginning, but only one of them ovulates. No matter how hard you try, you will lose the unused eggs. With fertility medicines, several eggs become capable of ovulation.
    This is in contrast to a normal case where just one egg ovulates. It is important to note that many eggs may start maturation, but only one completes it. So no unusual loss of eggs would occur above normal.
    Fertility medicines just increase the chances of getting pregnant by increasing the number of eggs that can ovulate.
  7. Myth: Conception occurs only during coitus.
    Reality: A man’s sperms can live inside your vagina for three to six days. So you can get pregnant even if you are not ovulating on the day you two had intercourse. Your partner’s sperms are still likely to fertilize your egg if you start ovulating within the next couple of days. So to increase your chances of getting pregnant have intercourse daily or within every two days till you start ovulating.
  8. Myth: Have sex every day to become pregnant

    Reality: This sounds more exhausting than fun. If your man ejaculates every day or multiple times in a day, then his sperm count is likely to go down. Tell him to hold off for a while and aim for days when you are fertile or highly fertile.
  9. Myth: Using lube does not interfere with getting pregnant

    Reality: Many lubricants sold in the market can make the sperms swim slower and prevent them from reaching the uterus. They can also alter the sperm’s DNA. If you have to use some lubricant, speak to your doctor and find the right one for yourself.
  10. Myth: Stress and fertility are not related.

    Reality: Stress and fertility have a relation, in fact, they are cousins. Stress can affect your fertility a lot. It alters your mood, appetite, sex drive, hormones, and metabolism.
    Relief from stress is essential for couples who are trying to conceive. So couples trying to get pregnant should opt for yoga and meditation classes as well.

These are the conception myths that revolve around the world as old wives tales or rumors. People have ingrained conception myths in minds. They are hardly disbelieved by anyone even after sounding so illogical. As important is staying away from the sex quacks so is staying away from the bait of myths about conception and pregnancy.


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