Causes Of Burning During And After Intercourse


Intercourse is one of the pleasures of life. But like everything else, it also brings with it, a few pain and problems. One such irritant is burning during intercourse.

Burning and itching during and after sex can be frustrating and painful. Any sores or rashes due to infections can cause itching.

The vigorous rubbing during sex can lead to burning. But that is usually for the first time.

Sex during pregnancy may cause burning as the cervix is most sensitive at that point.

There are 6 major causes of burning during and after intercourse. Burning after sex without any other symptoms may be because of rough sex or use of inappropriate female condoms. Domes, cervical vaults, and caps can cause burning. If you wear tampons when the vagina is still wet you may feel burning sensation while inserting.

Burning During Intercourse | Burning After Sex
Causes of burning during and after intercourse

Causes of burning during and after intercourse

  1. Atrophic vaginitis: Genitourinary Syndrome is the thinning of the wall of the vagina. As women approach menopause the levels of estrogen fall. The hormone estrogen is essential for thickening of the lining. If the vagina lining is thin, it can easily bleed due to small touch. Atrophic vaginitis is the name of the disorder that happens due to hypoestrogen. Burning after intercourse is due to the inflammation of the walls of the vagina. Later on, as time passes the burning subsides. Women can take estrogen-progestin combination pills for supplementing estrogen. Topical estrogen crèmes can also serve the purpose. But you must consult your doctor about it before doing so.
  2. Allergy: Despite love, you can be allergic to your partners love fluid. This is because the sperms can have chemicals that irritate the vaginal lining. Burning during intercourse is because the semen starts exuding as soon as there is sexual arousal. You need to consult your doctor about it. If you are allergic to your partner’s semen, then you will have red rashes or inflammation of the genitalia. You can easily solve this by using condoms. The prostaglandin and glycoproteins present in semen can cause allergy and burning during sex.
  3. Oncological growth: Endometriosis or polyps can twist during sexual intercourse. They will pain, and the pain can be of any kind. Any cancer of the reproductive organs can be the cause of burning during coitus. Cysts and ovaries can twist during a traumatic blow while having sex. These benign or metastatic growths can cause problems in fertility. They will prevent pregnancy and normal physiology. If you have bleeding after sex and burning during intercourse, then tell your doctor about it. Any kind of pain or burning after sex is not normal.
  4. Genito Pelvic disorder: Vaginismus is the squeezing of muscles of the vagina when something is about to enter. Women who have Vaginismus are not able to have pain free sex. They also have a burning sensation during sex because the penis chokes. 
  5. Pubis lice: Every woman has pubic hair and just like your head it needs care. If you don’t use medicated soaps and maintain hygiene you can have lice or fungal infection. It will cause burning and itching after sex. Sex is not the cause here because lice will cause itching most of the time. If you have itching randomly and burning while having sex then shave your pubic hair. Use pH neutral soap for intimate use.
  6. Infections: We have mentioned it last, but this is the most likely cause of burning during coitus. Infections whether bacterial or fungal can cause burning after sex. The sore and genital herpes cause pus-filled rashes. They itch and burn during vigorous sex. Even if your partner has a yeast infection, it can affect you. Both of you need to get a checkup every six months. Sexual hygiene is often neglected but is crucial for fertility. These infections can spread in females to become a Pelvic inflammatory disease. The entire lower region will have inflammation and itching.


    • Burning during sex is a sign that you could be having infections. Two months no period negative pregnancy test is not uncommon. Some women continue to get negative pregnancy test for 3 months. Consult a gynecologist for burning during coitus.

    • Burning after sex is not sign or indicator of pregnancy. It is because of reasons such as insufficient cervical mucus, infections or atrophic vaginitis. Consult a doctor soon.

  1. I’m 6 Months pregnant, every time my husband & I have sex it burns extremely bad after for at least 5 mins . Why? When I’m not pregnant & he ejaculate it doesn’t bother me.

    • Sex during pregnancy is not safe if you’re having any unpleasant symptoms. You should inform your doctor about this.

  2. Burning during sex doesn’t mean that you’re preggo. You need to get pelvic exam or pap smear test done. Infections or thinning of vag wall causes burning. Your partner has similar chances of infection or allergy to your fluids.

  3. My partner and I die to stress and exhaustion only have sex weekly or every second week. I never experienced any burning previously but could it be because the sperm has been stagnant and not being ejaculated frequently

    • Burning after sex is because of feast or famine pattern. Having sex once a week is not less, for such problems to occur.


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