Cramps A Day After Sex

Just like post-coital bleeding, there is no healthy reason for having painful cramps a day after sex.

Pregnancy cramps don’t occur so early. Menstrual cramps if they happen after sex have nothing to do with it because sex cannot hasten pregnancy or menses.

Sex during pregnancy cannot cause miscarriage and cramps a day after sex during pregnancy are not normal.

Cramps a day after sex may be because of underlying causes like cysts or due to developing infections.

STDs have specific incubation period which is the time taken for developing infection symptoms.

So let’s explore this issue in detail.

Cramps A Day After Sex
Cramps A Day After Sex

Cramps a day after sex

One may have mild cramps after sex because of climax or dissatisfaction. You may also have some burning during urination.

It is possible that your partner wasn’t aware of the right path and hit the wrong place, thus causing you pain.

For a few hours after sex cramps are normal and acceptable. But cramps a day after sex are unusual and not a part of any normal physiology.

The movements during sex don’t cause so much change in the body that it needs a day to still not completely recover.

During sexual arousal the blood vessels of the vagina have more blood coming to facilitate the act of sex and climax. 

The vaginal muscles undergo contraction, and when the circulation slows down, they return to normal.

Reasons for cramping after sex

There are many reasons for cramping after sex. Implantation cramps after sex are not possible until 1 week passes.

If there was fertilization followed by implantation, then early pregnancy cramps after 2 weeks from sex are normal.

Similarly cramps after sex because of onset of the period is normal.

1) Vaginismus

The muscles of vagina contract whenever something is about to enter the vagina, in a Vaginismus patient. 

It may be because of psychological causes or problems. Vaginismus causes pain during and after intercourse because the muscles have a lot of pressure. 

During sex, it is essential to mentally accept it and be willing to do it. Otherwise, sex won’t be useful and pleasurable. 

Some past trauma can create such an impact on the vagina that it contracts whenever something enters.

Cramps a day after sex are symptoms of Vaginismus.

2) Cervical stenosis

The contraction of the path of the cervix is cervical stenosis. It reduces the way for the movement of the male organ and hitting at this point causes pain. 

After-sex cramps can continue till the next day because of cervical stenosis.

3) Cysts torsion

A serious cause of cramps a day after sex is the torsion of cysts. 

These are mass of undifferentiated cells or abnormal growth inside the ovaries which can twist and even cut off from the wall. 

It causes immense pain and cramps. Intensifying cramps a day after sex is a sign that you could be having some serious problem. 

You need to tell your doctor because there is no way to treat cyst twisting other than medical attention.

4) Endometriosis

The tissue of uterus can grow outside the uterus to invade other organs causing pain due to their compression. 

There can be blockages because of this new abnormal tissue developing outside the womb. 

Cramping a day after sex is a sign that you could have Endometriosis. 

At an early stage, it will not pain so much but later on, it will. 

The movements during sex can cause cramping a day after sex.

5) Tilted uterus

Mostly uterus is straight up the vaginal path. In some women, the uterus inclines towards the rectum. In this situation, during intercourse, the wall of the uterus will be hit. It is another cause of cramps a day after sex. 

A tilted uterus is not common and is a rare disorder. 

Penetrative sex roughly done can cause the same problem even when the woman is healthy. The organ can move in and hit hard. 

Trauma during sex such as rape cases causes cramping for days after sex.

6) Atrophy

As a woman approaches menopause, her hormone production reduces. The wall of uterus needs estrogen for the proliferation of the cells. 

During Perimenopause the levels of estrogen are so low that the walls become thin. 

Sex causes bleeding and cramps a day after sex. Taking estrogen supplements or creams can help alleviate the symptoms.

7) Allergy

Any allergic response to sperm jellies or a partner’s love fluid can cause cramps a day after sex. 

You must not use any random stuff to lubricate your vagina. The alteration of pH can after fertility and cause allergy. 

Male sperm is slightly alkaline 7.2-7.8, and that is the opposite of your vaginal pH. 

You can have an allergic reaction due to prostaglandin in the fluid. An acidic pH of seminal fluid indicates that he has a blocked duct and highly basic pH is a sign of infection.

8) Infections or STDs

Some infections may cause cramps during the incubation period. 

Cramping a day after sex with cheesy yellow discharge is a sign or Sexually transmitted diseases. 

Greenish discharge with bad smell also signifies disease.

9) Oncological growth

If there are any cancerous growths inside your vagina like polyps, then you will have after sex cramps. 

The tumor cannot bear the movements during sex. Even the slightest physical exertion makes them pain excruciatingly. 

Ovarian cancer and other cancers have cramps after sex as a symptom.

10) Insufficient lubrication

If you did not have sufficient lubrication during sex, then you can have cramping depending on the damage. 

The walls of the vagina or tissues can cut and bleed. Inserting any sex toy can also cause cramps after sex.

Pain during and after coitus

Pain during or after sex, beyond the normal threshold, is not healthy. 

When a woman gives birth to a baby during labor, the entire head comes out of the vagina. Even if we take into account dilation during delivery, the size of the male organ is nothing compared to the head of the baby. 

So pain during coitus is not healthy. After sex pain also tells you about underlying medical complications. 

You must consult a doctor if there are changes in the color of cervical mucus and bleeding after sex. 

Other symptoms such as rashes and burning while urination confirms that something serious needs medical attention.


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