How To Make Your Period Lighter?

How to make your period lighter? You can make your period lighter by increasing the level of progesterone in her body. Taking birth control pills, IUD, Depo Provera shot, avoiding spice and eating more vitamin A & C are ways to lighten period. Reducing the thickness of lining (Endometrial Ablation) or blocking the uterine artery (Uterine Artery Embolism) are surgical methods of lightening period.

Period pain and heavy bleeding is a traumatic experience for women every month. Heavy bleeding during period restricts your movements and confines you. The unexpected arrival of the period can disrupt your scheduled plans. Due to reason, we always get questions like, “how to make your period lighter?”

How To Make Your Period Lighter?
How To Make Your Period Lighter?

One can avoid problems related to menstruation by using methods to make period lighter. The blood loss during a heavy period is painful to manage and weakness sets in. Some women have shorter menses span and bleed only for 3-4 days. Others having a more prolonged period can have bleeding for about seven days or longer. In either case, the heavy bleeding days are only the first two or three days.

Heavy bleeding during a period generally affects the women who are in perimenopause stage. Age group of 40-50 years old women suffers this when they are most likely to not get pregnant in life. Other age groups can also use these ways to make your period lighter.

Some women resort to continuous birth control to avoid getting a heavy monthly period. Intra-Uterine contraceptive implants release hormones that prevent periods.

What causes heavy bleeding during a period?

At some stages such as puberty heavy blood flow is normal. Your body is adjusting to the new hormones, and it will take time to have an average period. Similarly, someone who was taking birth control pills and stopped will have a heavy period. Relatively heavy but this will again be normal as pills make period lighter.

When you get a hormonal implant, heavy period occurs before having light periods.

Other causes of heavy period bleeding:

  • PCOS or cysts in the ovary
  • Consuming a lot of carbohydrates and spice
  • Blood thinking prescriptions

How to make your period lighter?

1) Endometrial Ablation

Once you’ve decided that you don’t want to bear children ahead in your life, you can get an endometrial ablation. It is a medical procedure, in which the doctor will reduce the endometrial lining. The fluctuations of hormones lead to the formation of the thicker endometrium. Heavy bleeding during the period is because of the development of thicker lining. You can get it permanently reduced to avoid having a heavy period.

2) Consuming birth control pills

When you are on a monthly pill your period gets regular. The hormonal content of the pill that prevents pregnancy also aligns your period. You get menstrual flow only when you stop the pill for 7 days. Can you make your period end faster? One can make the menstrual period end sooner by consuming the pill continuously or with a shorter gap. If you continue to take the pill, the constituents don’t allow menstrual flow to begin. Even if you allow it and then take a pill, you can make the period lighter.

3) Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication

If you still want to get pregnant in life or birth control pills are not enough. In that case, you can take Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory  drugs (NSAIDs) such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and naproxen to make period light. How to make lighter for a day? Take any of these prescriptions! These drugs will prevent heavy bleeding as they are anti-inflammatory. Being non-steroidal these pills will have fewer side effects. They lower blood flow because they reduce prostaglandins, which are responsible for heavy bleeding. You need to take a higher dose of the medication to avoid heavy period.

4) Avoid spicy food

Eating spicy food can cause a rise in blood pressure and thus lead to heavy bleeding during period. Spicy food and too much of carbohydrates consumption have many harms. They elevate the basal body processes and produce a lot of body heat.

How to get rid of a heavy flow period? You can at least stop eating such food when your period is near. The body will get time to reduce and calm down the aggravated processes.

5) Depo Provera shot

Most effective ways to lighten up a heavy period, including taking shots of hormones. Depo Provera shot is a way to end period for a year. After taking the shots, you’ll first have some bleeding. Later on, your period will be light and eventually, you’ll not get a period for some time.

6) Have sex

Best way to make your period lighter is to have sex. When you have sex, the uterine muscles undergo contractions. They expel out blood faster. How to make period lighter overnight? Have sex with your partner! The release of endorphins, natural pain relievers during sex also reduces cramps and pain.

7) Avoid wearing tampons

Every woman detests the jumbo tampons for the period. Wearing tampons sometimes restricts the flow of blood. It is not safe to wear a tampon for long during the period. Remember that blocking blood flow once the period has started won’t help. You need to allow the blood flow out and so get a light period soon. How to make your period go away faster? Just remove the tampon and switch to the sanitary napkin.

8) Vitamin A and Vitamin C supplements

Essential nutrients are needed to have a regular period. Naturally, the period is not supposed to be heavy. Some women cannot use birth control pills because of their side effects. Other methods also don’t work for them, because they may want to have kids. How to make your period lighter naturally? Vitamin supplements will shorten the period length

9) Exercise and diet change

Ways to naturally shorten period length include changing your diet. Reducing the amount of junk and other intoxicating drugs and replacing with nutrients can shorten the period. Those who have healthy food and eat well tend to have a more regular light period. Generally, women who have a Mediterranean diet including a lot of seafood have more stable cycles.

10) Intra-Uterine contraceptive device

A hormonal IUD can regulate and lighten your period. Hormonal IUD implant is a method of making period light for the long term. Other than making period light, it can even stop period. But in some cases, there can be breakthrough bleeding. These devices may fall out of the vagina even without your knowledge. Thus, you need to be cautious of IUDs and lead to a sudden heavy period.

11) Eat foods rich in potassium

Potassium and vitamin K have an essential role in regulating bleeding. Potassium and electrolyte balance governs the flow of blood. Eating food rich in potassium will help make period lighter. Sometimes prescriptions of blood thinners cause heavy period. It is because the volume of blood increases and elevates blood pressure. In such a case, you need to take supplements of potassium to make period light naturally.

12) Place an ice pack on the lower abdomen

A cold bath though not very safe can hasten period. You can even try a cold compress. But, this can aggravate the cramps because of the lowering of temperature. Many women take a cold bath to get a light period. The application of an ice pack is not a very effective natural remedy for a light period.

13) Uterine artery embolism

A quick surgical procedure by a medical expert involves the blocking of the artery to the uterine lining. Uterine artery embolism is blocking the path of blood coming to the walls of the uterus. This procedure will prevent heavy period flow.


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