Can You Pee With A Tampon In?

Can you pee with a tampon in? Yes, you can pee with a tampon in if you pee with a tampon by holding the string thereby maintaining the hygiene. If you wet it while peeing then you should change the tampon. Women with vaginal infections must avoid peeing lest they spread the infection to the anal area.

Tampons have been the most mystical period products. From questions about losing virginity while inserting a tampon, can you pee with a tampon in,  to losing the tampon itself, all of it is the biggest dilemma for a young woman. Most of the teenagers start off by using the sanitary napkins, staining through their panties running through corridors and all high-school memories.

Once you are into the next phase, you try the tampon for the first time! How far should I put it? Won’t it be gross to take out in front of bae? All hail the tampon for the madness that comes along.

And then comes peeing with the tampon. Hold the bag, push the door, lift the skirt, pull the panty, bend down while sitting and manage the string, hoping not to push out the tampon.

Can You Pee With A Tampon In?
Can You Pee With A Tampon In?

Can you pee with a tampon in?

For those who didn’t know, YOU CAN PEE WITH A TAMPON IN!

You are blessed with the presence of a separate opening of vagina and urethra, unlike your male counterparts. The urinary opening is a smaller hole near the anterior tip of the vagina. 

If you are careful enough and move the string to the side before you pee, you won’t get toxic shock syndrome by peeing with a tampon. If you miss a single step, your pee will use the capillary action of the tampon to trickle down and wet the string. And then you have to roam around with a wet string in your knickers.
Period struggles 101!

How to avoid peeing on the string of tampon?

To understand the way to pee with tampon without letting the string get wet, you must know how things are down there. You have three holes nearly in a line. The posterior is the anus, next in your vagina and then at the top of it, there’s your urinary opening.

What you have to do is to move away the string from in front of the urinary orifice. Warning: Urine doesn’t always come out straight and nice. It’s possible that the side you shift the tampon string to save it will be the side where urine comes off.

Still, you must try once, if it gets wet then change. Do not go about with the wet string and don’t try to use a tissue to soak back. You won’t be able to soak urine from tampon string.

Step by step guide on how to pee with a tampon

Frankly, you won’t be able to do much when you’re badly in need of emptying your bladder. You can still try these steps, and if successful you won’t need to change tampon after peeing.

  1. Take off everything from your hand and remove the lower clothing away from thighs. Unless you’re ready to have a blob of wetness on your jeggings or skirt, take it off.
  2. Using your one hand hold the string of the tampon from the tip.
  3. Now carefully move it at sideways over your bum. Hold it using a finger over there. Make sure you don’t cross it laterally. Don’t let it move ahead your vag.
  4. Avoid sitting at all and instead bend forward and pee.
  5. Wipe like you usually do with one hand. No, don’t leave the string. Drops of water or pee on the seat can make it wet. Leave the string after you’re dry.

How often should you change your tampon?

Thankfully for the frequent bathroom goers, you don’t have to change every time you pee. That’s the advantage of using a tampon, unlike pads. They stay in place when you pee and you can continue using one for long.

You must still change the tampon every 4 hours on heavy flow days. If the flow is light, change tampon after 8 hours. One can sleep with the tampon provided you change before hitting the bed.

In cases of urinary tract infections (UTI), change the tampon every time you pee. Due to bacteria your pee isn’t sterile and can aggravate or relapse the UTI.

Same goes for changing the tampon after pooping. Another situation where changing your tampon is must is when you’re out of public swimming pools. Your tampon has soaked everyone’s bacteria, sweat, body dirt and at times pee. Along with it chlorine and other cleaning chemicals have also come inside your vagina.

After a bikini wax, if you are daring enough to get it on your chums, change the tampon.

You can feel horny during your periods. So, if you do indulge in anal sex do change tampon afterward. There are fewer chances of not having it halfway out already.

Can you poop with a tampon in?

Worse is when you have to poop with a tampon. Good luck trying not to deliver the tampon. Considering hygiene standards, one must not poop with a tampon in. Even if a little contamination comes, you can get urinary tract infection. Also, those who have UTI must not continue with the same tampon once the string is wet.

Caught in a situation where you don’t have a second tampon, and peeing with the one inside can be much of a task. But there is no option of pooping with a tampon in and not changing it.

Other Tampon FAQs

How to correctly insert the tampon?

Nowadays you get reusable tampon applicators. There is not much to do with them. All you have to do is clean your hands and take the flexible applicator inside your vagina. Make sure it’s not going straight up. Tilt it to 45° and insert it gently. Press the lower portion of the applicator, and the tampon will be high up in place.

You don’t have to throw away the reusable applicator and can keep it on the go. There are other types of tampon applicators that are for single use. Using them is similar to the reusable one.

Earlier or even now for those who don’t want to use applicators, one has to push up the tampon. Make sure your fingers are extremely clean when you do this. You can’t leave the tampon on the external os as it will hurt. If tampon doesn’t feel comfortable, then you may not have put it deep enough.

Make sure you keep the string out. It will hang out all the time, to make it easy to take the tampon out.

Can tampon get lost inside the vagina?

You can’t insert the tampon deep in the cervix that it passes to the uterus. Unless you use some object to push it, the tampon will remain outside. The string has to be out to avoid losing it inside.

There are shrieking and screaming incidents when a woman isn’t able to take out her tampon. That’s mostly when you don’t change the tampon at the right time. Super absorbent type can soak the moisture and get stuck inside.

You might need surgery if such a dreadful thing happens. Keep changing every 4-8 hours.

Is it safe to use a tampon for vaginal discharge?

No. Cervical mucus has many roles to play other than making you feel wet down there. Using tampon for cervical mucus isn’t a healthy practice.

Even if you’re using a small tampon with the low absorbent action, it will dry up vagina. You’ll have pain while having sex. Drying up the area unnaturally will also fluctuate the balance of bacteria and yeast.

Can I use a tampon when I’m not on period?

There is no need for any product for vaginal discharge. If you don’t want to feel wet, use some soft cotton pads. Just a reminder that white discharge is never enough to leak across your panty. So, allow your vagina skin to breathe fresh air.


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