Early Pregnancy/Pre-Pregnancy

The early pregnancy stage is when every little change leaves you perplexed. Spotting or bleeding are most dreadful for a newly pregnant mom.

It’s natural for second-time mothers to forget their first experience or have new ones. Posts in the section try to cover every such thing that a new mother needs to know about.

A late period doesn’t always end up in pregnancy. Calculating the ovulation dates and fertility window also requires some guidance.

25 Reasons Why you are spotting a week before period?

25 Reasons Why You Are Spotting A Week Before Period

When you experience spotting a week before period, it can be very frightening. If you are a woman who is trying to get pregnant and keeping a close check on the changes in her cervical...
Ovulation Symptoms: Top 15 Fertility Signs

Ovulation Symptoms: Top 15 Fertility Signs

Knowing when does ovulation occur is the first step while trying to get pregnant. But unlike period the ovulation symptoms are puzzling.They are mild and go unnoticed until you actively make an effort to...
How To Take Basal Body Temperature?

How To Take Basal Body Temperature?

PrecapHow to take basal body temperature? You should use a thermometer for taking basal body temperature. Be uniform with the manner and time of recording the BBT. Charting BBT can either be a manual...
Cramping In Early Pregnancy

Cramping In Early Pregnancy

Cramping in early pregnancy immediately trigger the fear of undergoing a miscarriage. Until you find out whether you are pregnant you might take them as premenstrual cramps.But once you are pregnant then cramps and...
10 conception myths debunked

10 Conception Myths Debunked

There is plenty of bad advice in the world and pregnancy is a victim of it too. Conception myths have continued to fox women for centuries, and it's not getting better!Until NOW!We have taken...
Reasons For Late Periods

Top 15 Reasons For Late Periods

So you're worried that you might be pregnant since you have a late period? Hold your horses... There can be many reasons for late periods!Missing periods is good news for some, and it scares...
Conception Calculator: Can I Find Out The Exact Day Of Conception?

Conception Calculator: Can I Find Out The Exact Day Of Conception?

A conception calculator estimates the day you had sex which led to pregnancy and also due date of arrival of your baby. In case a woman had sex with multiple partners she can find out the...
Spotting A Week After Ovulation

Spotting A Week After Ovulation

Ovulation is the release of an egg from an ovary every month. Spotting a week after ovulation is too early to be a period and impossible to be ovulation spotting.Bleeding after sex but before...
ovulation caculator

Ovulation Calculator

Once you've decided to have a baby, it's time to get busy under the sheets. If you want to be precise about when to have sex to conceive, an ovulation calculator can make your...
Cramps But No Period

Cramps But No Period: Am I Pregnant?

Cramps but no period what can it mean? There are many reasons for cramping such as food poisoning or even ovary pain. Appendicitis, tubal pregnancy, and cysts can lead to terrible cramping that brings...