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A 9 lettered word for a 9-month long process and doesn’t give a hint about the gigantic challenge it is.

Sex and related issues like bleeding, vaginitis, precum pregnancy and contraception are serious issues for many.

The next section talks of ovulation, TTC and early pregnancy topics for new parents. Pregnancy tips will get you to the morning sickness bliss – sarcasm intended!

Female reproductive health is beyond period and PMS. Abnormal vagina discharge, remedies, reversal of tieing tubes etc, all check.

Most women unknowingly have a miscarriage as a heavy period. Conceiving again is possible! Labor anxieties, contractions, and techniques for coping are a must-read for the best childbirth experience.

Post pregnancy struggles such as postpartum depression, husband’s stitch or VBAC have been carefully researched and talked about.

Lastly, the Pregnancy FAQs section covers anything that is left, and that is quite a huge chunk. Can you paint, tan, take hot bath, swim and be a unicorn while pregnant? All answers right there.

How To Create A Birth Plan: FREE Birth Plan Template

How To Create A Birth Plan: FREE Birth Plan Template

A birth plan is a list of preferences about the course of events during labor. First-time moms have to predict what all can possibly happen and plan accordingly. For this reason, expecting mothers should...
Delayed Cord Clamping And Risks

Delayed Cord Clamping And Risks

While writing your birth plan or counseling your doctor will ask about delayed cord clamping. Most people believe that the cord supplies nutrients until the baby is inside. So once the baby comes out...
Prenatal Tests: Genetic Tests, Screening Tests And Routine Tests During Pregnancy

Prenatal Testing: Genetic Tests, Screening Tests and Routine Tests During Pregnancy

Even before you are trying to conceive, you'll get to hear about the prenatal testing such as amniocentesis and CVS. For safety reasons, these common tests in pregnancy are best not skipped. Yet they...
First Trimester [Week 1- Week 13 Overview]

First Trimester Of Pregnancy: Weeks 1 To 13

The first trimester of pregnancy is from week 1 - week 13 of pregnancy. Physically you may not seem pregnant to others during this period but it is the most important part of gestation....
14 weeks pregnant: How Big Is The Baby At 14 Weeks

14 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

It is official! At 14 weeks pregnant, you have crossed a mark and entered the second trimester of pregnancy!! There are going to be many exciting developments in this supposedly "honeymoon phase" of pregnancy....
13 weeks pregnant: What to expect?

13 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

The last week of the first trimester is here!! You have almost made through 1/3rd of your pregnancy. Congratulations!!! There are just two more trimesters to go before the baby’s arrival. You can do...
12 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

12 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

After crossing the first three months of pregnancy, the changes in your body get prominent. You are almost past the first trimester and either you’re used to morning sickness or you’ve conquered it! Newer...
11 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

11 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

At 11 weeks pregnant, you are closely approaching the end of the first trimester. This means some of the symptoms typically associated with this trimester are about to subside. Though you will have to...
10 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

10 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

At 10 weeks pregnant, the baby is officially a fetus now and will remain so till birth. This means that all the major organs have been formed though they will continue to grow and...
Vaginal Birth After C-Section

Vaginal Birth After C-Section (VBAC)

Last time you went into the labor room pushing hard but got a C-section. Probably you resolved to never get pregnant again after C-section. But then as the memory faded, you got a positive...