Diarrhea In Early Pregnancy – Risk, Causes and Treatment

Most women complain about constipation during pregnancy. There is another group that has Diarrhea in early pregnancy.

What causes Diarrhea during early pregnancy?

Diarrhea during early pregnancy is because of your change in eating habits.

Constipation during pregnancy is mainly due to progesterone levels. But Diarrhea is because of external causes.

Your digestive system becomes sensitive and less efficient during early pregnancy. The conflicting nature of hormones in you causes digestion problems.

Cramping and Diarrhea during early pregnancy is a cause for concern.

And it is not only challenging because you need to sit for hours on the pot but also because it dehydrates you. 

Diarrhea In Early Pregnancy

Bowel movements along with more than three watery pass outs within 24 hours are Diarrhea. The main concern during diarrhea is to stay hydrated.

Diarrhea In Early Pregnancy - Risk, Causes and Treatment
Diarrhea In Early Pregnancy – Risk, Causes, and Treatment

Is Diarrhea during early pregnancy normal? 

If the Diarrhea lasts for a day or two or even three, then there is no major problem. It may be simply because you are now consuming more fibers. Fibers tend to loosen your stools.

The vitamin supplements you are taking may also be a cause of early pregnancy Diarrhea.

Another cause of Diarrhea during early pregnancy is stress.

The first trimester of pregnancy is the most challenging phase of pregnancy.

It is critical and fragile. Chances of undergoing a miscarriage are highest during the first trimester. Diarrhea during pregnancy is normal. 

Many changes are going on in your body during early pregnancy.

Sitting and worrying or over thinking can make the situation worse. It is essential that you relax and avoid emotional overeating. 

Some people start abusing food as a drug and stuff themselves when they are sad. It only will make things worse and cause even severe Diarrhea.

Diarrhea in pregnancy is because of water moving in the stomach due to inappropriate food. If you eat a lot of fried stuff, then you may have loose stools during pregnancy. 

Another problem is, during pregnancy some women might become sensitive to certain foods and have Diarrhea. 

Due to the interplay of hormones, your digestive system takes a back seat. Other things like the growing uterus and fluids accumulating compress the digestive system. 

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Diarrhea during pregnancy third trimester 

Diarrhea during pregnancy third trimester is because of other reasons. You may feel a lot of pressure in that area, and so you’d like to sit in the loo.

Nothing would come out, but you’d feel like being there. Diarrhea during labor similarly is because of the pressure applied on those areas.

This doesn’t mean that you are near your labor. It is false labor. If you have diarrhea during pregnancy with blood and mucus, then you must see a doctor.

It is not normal to give out blood and mucus from your rear under any circumstances. 

Diarrhea during pregnancy can cause borborygmus. In severe cases, if the bowel movements are vigorous they may affect implantation. Jerks increase the risk of miscarriage.

These movements can cause pressure to develop on the cervix and cause internal bleeding.

Internal bleeding during pregnancy is a serious issue as it can get in between the layers outside and placenta. It can cause other buoyancy problems. 

What are risks due to Diarrhea in early pregnancy?  

The possible results of Diarrhea in early pregnancy are: 

  1. Dehydration: Losing body fluid during pregnancy can harm the baby and you. The baby can suffer from kidney and bladder problems as a result. Other issues include feeling light-headed. You may faint due to dehydration during pregnancy.  
  2. Dilating cervix: Vigorous bowel movements and pressuring the anus can cause cervical cramping. Such cramping is harmful as it can cause internal bleeding. It is essential to stay calm in such a situation and talk to your doctor about it. 
  3. Pus and bleeding: Constant rubbing of the anus can cause wear and tear causing bleeding and pus formation. If you don’t maintain hygiene of that area, then you might even get blisters. 
  4. Fatigue: Feeling lethargic and irritable are expected results of diarrhea during pregnancy. Your body is already under a lot of stress. Anything extra to add on to the sufferings list can cause panic attacks. 
  5. Improper growth of baby: If your body does not absorb the nutrients then your baby will not receive them either. This way the growth of your baby will also not be proper. She may have kidney and bladder problems. 

Treating Diarrhea during early pregnancy?  

You need to see the doctor for severe diarrhea during pregnancy. You cannot take any analgesic because they are potentially harmful to your baby’s mental growth.

Aspirin during pregnancy has many side effects. You can try switching to a diet with more starch and fewer fluids.

Taking too many juices and fluids can cause your stomach to overload with fluids resulting in diarrhea because you have no solids. 

  1. You need to cut down on the energy drinks and juices. 
  2. Instead, eat fruits and veggies. 
  3. Eat potatoes and bananas. Rice and other starch sources will make your stools solid. If you are a person who did not eat much fruit before pregnancy, then you must start gradually. 
  4. Steps like sudden cut off from caffeine and soft drinks can also cause diarrhea. It is important that you gradually switch your body from a different diet plan to another. Any sudden change will always fire back. 
  5. You may develop an allergy to certain foods during pregnancy. Carefully take note of what goes into you and causes what. 

Traveler’s Diarrhea and Pregnancy 

Traveler’s Diarrhea can happen to anyone. If you are going to travel during, then you must be careful.

Eating from vendors and drinking tap water can cause Diarrhea.

During pregnancy, you need to take extra care. As your body becomes even more sensitive your chances of getting Traveler’s Diarrhea go up.

You must not eat fruits that don’t require peeling. Also, avoid eating uncovered food.

Dietary precautions can help prevent traveler’s Diarrhea during pregnancy. 

If you get traveler’s diarrhea during pregnancy, then stay hydrated. Drinking fluids will prevent any harm due to diarrhea.

Another critical thing to remember is that you need to get specific vaccinations before traveling during pregnancy.

These vaccinations need a doctor’s consultation. Some vaccinations that may be suitable for non-pregnant women during traveling are not suitable for you. 

Diarrhea in early pregnancy is not uncommon.

Changes going in your body are mainly responsible for it. Food poisoning can also easily happen during pregnancy.

It is best to eat a balanced diet to avoid such digestive system problems during pregnancy.



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